Đồng nghĩa của make up for


To improve, refine, or add the finishing touches to
amend change alter improve reform revise correct enhance fix modify edit remedy repair ameliorate better rewrite update adapt adjust qualify rectify copy-edit emend recast redraft rephrase rescript reword rework debug enrich help meliorate mend perfect red-pencil refine revamp tweak upgrade clarify rebrand redraw elevate lift put right raise right set right square pay dues redress make good retrieve resolve sort out deal with recalibrate put to rights restore cure settle make right straighten out dial back compensate for fix up clean up shape up make amends for harmonize heal harmonise solve balance patch up scrub launder doctor recompense turn things around pick up clean up your act make restitution for make reparation for turn around set to rights make better put in order mitigate aid renew attend to square up take care of ease regulate relieve cancel vindicate countercheck negate compensate neutralise annul frustrate counteract negative neutralize straighten avenge recompense for even up redeem patch recondition reward reconstruct overhaul balance out even out make restitution level out restore the balance pay for make amends make reparation make good for atone for make redress for expiate requite make recompense for turn over new leaf fiddle with do justice set straight go straight go over straighten up set the record straight polish touch up renovate retouch refurbish remodel boost develop advance brush up hone rejuvenate cultivate redo refresh modernize reinforce emendate augment modernise censor finish redact do up revive cut blue-pencil revivify reorganize revitalize reorganise resurrect revitalise rehabilitate heighten reshape progress rebuild increase clear up iron out rehab purify bring up to date expurgate add to face-lift fine-tune beef up remake benefit refashion streamline contemporize bowdlerize redevelop transform make over service bowdlerise regenerate reenforce rehash tighten uplift innovate freshen redecorate stimulate promote sleek slick round abridge reanimate strengthen sort assuage smarten up work on see to spruce up tidy up bring up to code amplify smarten retread finish off set up remediate fortify tune up step up jazz up brighten up subedit rise sharpen recuperate revolutionize say differently remap technologize turn the corner make perfect make strides perk up take off make an alteration make an adjustment juggle play around with jiggle around reindustrialize revolutionise optimise optimize build on refit fettle facilitate bolster vary become better make improvements to customize transcend excel change for the better improve on put back together make as good as new restore to working order get something working maintain customise paraphrase appreciate further save sustain diagnose untangle troubleshoot delouse unscramble unravel compare scrutinise restyle scan scrutinize reexamine forward embellish repaint groom tidy complete consummate finalize civilise explain civilize smooth gloss go through look over bone up reclaim review beautify put in other words express differently put differently put another way sanitize remove errors finalise practice make improvement practise put the finishing touches to put the final touches to mature improve performance restitute replace make tidy posh up make smarter tart up doll up make neater neaten spruce make a change gussy up check do over remaster temper moderate change around work the bugs out of fine vitalize get with it condense make clear sharpen up purge make improvements round off give a face-lift freshen up put finishing touches on add a rider to make conditional add reservations to make additions to assemble emasculate resuscitate annotate shorten treat rationalize re-equip complement re-create kick-start rekindle reawaken sanitise make presentable approve rationalise supplement deepen aggrandize reproduce recharge doctor up recreate rewaken reinvigorate rewake refreshen re-establish invigorate prepare analyse trim draft splice publish assign strike out boil down prepare for publication draught compose analyze check over report delete fly speck compile write over discard style excise feature butcher make up massage prescribe proofread medicate alleviate make cuts to make deletions in make palatable make acceptable water down delete parts of inspirit endow parlay exalt intensify build palliate salve exhilarate envigorate produce change radically reestablish restart pad pyramid spike up sweeten allay cleanse nurse bring into the twenty-first century get the latest version of dose make well build up give a shot in the arm raise from the dead give a shot in the arm to breathe new life into jack up hike up add value run up make richer hop up soup up flesh out treat successfully make whole restore to health minister to make healthy


Make an emotional appeal
plead beg implore petition request beseech entreat importune solicit supplicate appeal ask crave adjure obsecrate appeal to ask earnestly crawl entreaty intercede pray pray to apply to call on square things cop a plea impetrate conjure sue plead with urge besiege plead to press seek obtest demand call invoke requisition bid exhort enjoin call upon desire put in for require apply lobby call for ask for invite advocate raise order cry inquire propose proposition bespeak canvass quest appeal for enquire request earnestly insist pester invocate ask urgently hit up hit on beg for petition for go on bended knee to clamour clamor prig refer blandish plague wheedle coax persuade make a plea to push stipulate promote present one's suit to mobilize encourage direct challenge submit call forth send for reference recite brace say expect tell command nag abjure woo worry call to advance address contest go on bended knee crave of work on insist on cry for request urgently wish file for count on look for resort to make a plea make an urgent request make an earnest request fundraise mobilise hustle sponge speak put in place an order put in an application hold out put in an order put in a plea induce provoke incite bring to pass bring on inspire claim exact postulate question query pressure bum cadge plead for press for sue for apply for speak for drum up pray for whistle for pass the hat summon obtain suggest compel instruct pose oblige bid for get gather collect force propound attract push for posit put forward charge assert beckon put clamor for stipulate for round up prefer secure engage proffer necessitate acquire present hypothesize offer dictate tender decree mandate state volunteer yield warn make fetch appoint inquire about buy nominate affirm try to obtain clamour for badger for hypothesise lay claim to pester for nag for bay for insist upon accost take approach prearrange please drum something up extort extract impose file elect order beforehand hail constrain bear aspire bark canvas spiel page arrogate coerce obligate cause assert oneself summons put in a claim for put dibs on tout hold out for explore investigate make an entreaty enquire after make application drum up support make a pitch for go after book submit an application make a claim reserve campaign for go in inquire after discover commission presuppose assume hire dig up lobby for implore for suppose write off for contract for send off for send away for put in an order for place an order for accumulate amass ask people to give accept donations presume panhandle for realize predicate theorize premise hypothecate ordain net procure discuss vote contend introduce set forth bounce moot mention broach peddle need prescribe task succeed in finding recommend promulgate adduce name spitball counsel propone advise kibitz spread realise garner authorize subpoena rule authorise estimate guess speculate take for granted choose figure select aver take as a hypothesis theorise put forth bring up bring in scrape together welcome receive entice call the shots give the command to give orders to put your foot down boss around give orders force upon lay down the law impose on give the order to give directions lay on the line move for put up set out make a motion put to speak one's piece lay down lay before come up with bring forward make a pitch table allure entertain pitch have over send invitation have someone round extend throw up ask about ask over request the pleasure of someone's company include as guest get the answer to seek the answer to ask out invite out take out

Trái nghĩa của make up for

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