Đồng nghĩa của retract

Alternative for retract

retracts, retracted, retracting

Đồng nghĩa: annul, cancel, invalidate, recall, repeal, rescind, revoke, withdraw,


To take back or renege on an initial statement or stance
withdraw disown recant renounce abjure repudiate revoke unsay cancel disavow reverse take back disclaim repeal rescind deny recall abnegate annul foreswear forswear renege apologise apologize backtrack on countermand eliminate exclude go back on nig recede renege on retreat retrocede retrograde suspend welsh withcall back down back off call off do a U-turn on draw back eat your words fall back forget it reel in row back on rule out take in back out change mind change one's tune do an about-turn on back out of have change of heart backtrack reject abandon backpedal forsake change your mind do an about-turn do a U-turn do an about-face change go back break give up relinquish about-face wash your hands of row back discard spurn eschew desert reconsider refuse double back retire decline apostatize default on cast off drop pull out have second thoughts surrender turn back contradict rethink rebut gainsay abdicate quit disallow disaffirm climb down relent negative eat crow cast aside disacknowledge flip-flop fail to honour rat on dial back turn your back on refuse to acknowledge break promise do a volte-face shift one's ground break your word turn back on have nothing more to do with retrace your steps yield abrogate concede betray leave call back renig return kick alter defect default retrogress amend adapt refute negate disconfirm dishonor dishonour disinherit depart refrain shun say sorry drive back withdraw from weasel out cut off eat humble pie give in turn tail turn tergiversate tergiverse regress pull out of back away cop out of change opinion worm out of back divorce oneself from break with cop out think better of take it all back go into reverse sing a different song decide against go back on your word move back revisit repossess reclaim be unfaithful revert retreat from welsh on impugn sacrifice dissociate from forgo nullify void weasel out of drop out forbear abstain ditch break a promise change your decision back-pedal on abstain from refrain from swallow come around come round end relations with send packing back out on change your mind about change one's attitude concede defeat change one's plans throw off dispense with avoid cut off without a penny refuse to recognize turn the tables move backward set aside go backward move backwards back up drive backwards do away with pack in jack in go revolt swallow one's words capitulate abscond decamp rebel submit blink bow succumb escape divert compromise bend comply acquiesce knuckle under vary adjust run out go over the fence sell out fall away from walk out on change sides go over turn one's coat revise modify recast budge split recalibrate give way contravene shift make adjustments to separate disaffiliate subside abate flip-flop on change gears on yo-yo on resign ebb refuse to accept nix pass reprobate deselect disapprove lessen rebuff disprofess secede shrink sink demur throw out rat balk at banish flush oust cast turn down shed lay aside pass up dump throw over break from disaffiliate from split with become independent resign from defect from separate oneself from split from split off from sever relations with drop out of break away break away from form a splinter group separate from dwindle wane diminish be against not accept moderate fade drop back decrease taper pall lower remit fall ease de-escalate have no more truck with fly in the face of move away die away close taper off fall away drop off let up go away die down die out reduce go down ratchet down move further off die off draw away flow back drain away phase down


Draw or be drawn back or back in


To abolish, invalidate, or reverse (a previous system, decision, situation, etc.)
overturn cancel annul revoke nullify quash repeal invalidate rescind reverse overrule void countermand abrogate abolish veto negate overthrow override vacate withdraw repudiate disallow recall recant nix obviate alter upset change overset down prostrate set aside take back rule against throw out declare null and void bring down knock down disannul avoid undo dissolve null strike down roll back abate render invalid scrap remove dismantle wipe out vitiate render null and void obliterate lift terminate call off do away with drop end scrub discharge put an end to kill renege backpedal axe make void ditch abort call back stop eliminate dump ax renounce annihilate discard erase disclaim expunge black out abjure back out of disaffirm discontinue suppress backtrack on stamp out neutralize reject efface delete blot out rub out neutralise abandon make null and void cut dismiss forswear eradicate declare invalid cry off take out get rid of retreat disestablish chop subvert extinguish deracinate outvote supersede suspend renege on offset go back on make ineffective root out sweep away snuff out X-out unmake give something the chop zap ignore call weasel out knock something on the head bring to an end cancel out retire deny disown counterorder countercheck redress back out blue pencil take off stand down cast aside discount destroy refuse back-pedal on watergate exterminate go against disregard disobey dishonour junk bottle up cork up shut down hush up extirpate shed declare backwater forget do a U-turn on put damper on jettison trash dishonor get off the hook dominate flout prevail defy defeat predominate put the lid on excise refuse to fulfil trample underfoot ride roughshod over wangle out knock on the head liquidate dispense with clean up pull the plug crawl out of trample upon reorganize reorganise purge omit inhibit finish squelch prohibit edit black exclude censor abnegate bleep close down renig wash out worm out opt out shoot down KO blow throw over ink out cross out blank out block out strike out x out blue-pencil stroke out put a line through edit out elide X out dele white out put kibosh on put the kibosh on remit spool back back up wind back break off break disqualify withcall refute redline unsay call in counterpoise turf belay rule out render inert go back on your word wipe slate clean torpedo waive pull backtrack knock out finish off do in strike contravene oppose frustrate ding belie blackball disprove impugn traverse stonewall cross put down turn thumbs down break with turn down fly in the face of invert upend scratch pull out of extract bow out of draw out pull out rewind pull back take away draw back phase out demolish crush put a stop to squash decimate quell give up raze waste ruin wreck smash dispatch subdue slaughter repress check stifle devastate cease overcome quench interrupt thwart shatter cut out massacre total wind up knock off curb crack down on off beat nip in the bud pull the plug on banish quit cut off put paid to conclude halt pack in call a halt to wrack silence slay close weed out undermine break up wipe off the map put to death desolate dispose of wipe off the face of the earth nuke blow away put out expire vaporize croak conquer clobber assassinate butcher murder overwhelm leave off vaporise snuff clamp down on bump off slap down wipe from the face of the earth scotch pulverize impair cream die execute bring to a halt go smother get shot of uproot rout can pulverise ice tear down whack pull down desist top stiff elapse lapse smoke score out pass determine dead-end scrag do to death let up wink out wind down wrap up pack up take the life of lay off mow down close out do for bring to naught disrupt cripple spoil hamper hinder mar control foil counteract refrain from prevent ravage stymie postpone part obscure intermit harm overpower forget about counterbalance get shut of conceal obstruct cover mess up vanquish trim gut sabotage complete adjourn disunite relinquish prorogue screw up muck up disconnect queer scratch out leave out get shoot crack down sink end the life of desist from shut off give over cut down blow sky-high polish off wrap ultimate round off round out chuck in cut to pieces put away give someone the works run out cut short terminate with extreme prejudice bring to a close sit on remove all traces of blow someone's brains out call it quits slash bin take stamp something out weaken rid strip clear reduce drastically kayo withhold shelve scrunch squish disband exsect wipe unfit circumduct deaden cast out drive out cause the death of make away with expel snow under put out of your mind render meaningless put to sleep bring to a conclusion prorogate come to an end recess bring to an untimely end clamp down put an stop to bring to screeching halt countervail rebut erode fade redact wipe off bowdlerize split up disorganize loose collapse destruct sever level restrict compensate limit nig confine hit unload cover over blank bowdlerise blot scrape off launder wipe off face of earth blow to bits mark out destroy root and branch take apart rub off resolve damage smooth away wear away rub away forgo forget it fade out resolve into render void clear away sunder douse attack settle topple scupper pass over murk wax brush aside call all bets off cow shade obfuscate darken batten eclipse crown consummate hang behead decapitate chill do knife asphyxiate dust off garrote electrocute take a life garotte garrotte lynch guillotine cool strangle incapacitate dash put at risk triumph over arrest choke get done call it a day pack it in switch off sew up end up nip something in the bud wind something up top off botch put lid on bottle trample on keep inside clamp hold in shush bury keep in trample spike stem drive underground hold down beat down abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless disable threaten make a mess of render ineffective play havoc with block foul up blow out dampen skin crimp have impoverish throw a monkey wrench in the works of craze unbuild balls up injure blow a hole in overreach outmaneuver rain on someone's parade outmanoeuvre outfox work against throw a spanner in the works of cramp outsmart make waves louse up bollix interfere with break down cover up make dark pass out hold back keel over turn out detect stub out damp down intrude on put to the sword send to the gas chambers ethnically cleanse send to kingdom come benothing kick pause subjugate lay off of depart surcease disjoin dissever intervene separate interpose demise decease exit flatline perish fall succumb bag it blow off bar except debar avert forfend proscribe preclude forestall forbid wane ban deter bate stave off count out ward off not consider shut out freeze out close one's doors to kick in conk out pass on kick off peg out pass away step out pop off check out


State that one refuses to admit the truth or existence of
deny contradict gainsay repudiate negate oppose refute disprove negative rebut backpedal challenge contest debunk disaffirm discredit explode nullify controvert counter declare untrue disallow disavow disclaim disconfirm disown dissent from invalidate quash rebuff reject confute disagree with take back ban begrudge block contravene curb disacknowledge disagree disbelieve doubt exclude forbid forgo prevent recant restrain revoke sacrifice shoot down spurn taboo withsay call on enjoin from hold back keep back not buy shoot down in flames shoot full of holes say no to take exception to turn thumbs down stand in the way dispute belie call into question give the lie to question confound impugn show to be false resist cross argue break drive a coach and horses through falsify oppugn fight blow out of the water expose prove false traverse prove to be false debate query fly in the face of blow sky-high prove wrong combat take issue with demolish make a nonsense of knock the bottom out of withstand object to be at odds with blow sky high buck reverse assail overturn confront overthrow contend run counter to impeach argue against tear down call in question protest against take a stand against counteract hinder thwart obstruct brush aside check repel cancel conflict with argue with parry crush defeat take on squelch defy attack cancel out silence undermine answer go against discount address bust show up fight against declare to be untrue disapprove of battle stand up to argue about blow up quibble over face down put down set aside give thumbs down to dismiss renounce forswear annul prove unsound frustrate naysay impune deceive impede balk duel vanquish subvert puncture clash with baulk weaken bring to naught knocks props out from under shut up be inconsistent with discuss ridicule dare withspeak differ be at variance with deflate discard examine moot throw out knock props out poke holes in find unfounded shoot holes in knock bottom out of put under suspicion pooh-pooh raise doubts about poke full of holes shake one's faith in cast doubt on altercate canvass bandy counterclaim destroy thumbs down say the opposite of canvas wrangle prove impossible put paid to pick holes in pettifog refuse to accept cut down to size call in contend over have bone to pick denounce defend against plead against retaliate against pick a bone dissent against pick an argument with prove to be wrong hammer away at argue the pros and cons of show to be wrong bandy words concerning quibble about wonder about put up argument differ with have an argument about agitate against convict evert top abnegate burn demur against demur about enquire come to blows with be a dissenter from rebel against test face off tackle feud with call out inquire litigate rally against remonstrate throw down accost investigate interrogate rival defend oneself against be against zap smear blast slam traduce knock zing criticize tar trash burn down dispose of reply to bar counterattack face dislike be anti criticise contend with be hostile to take struggle against mistrust gainstay turn the tables dissent speak against frown at put up a fight against neutralize set your face against stand up and be counted against protest be in defiance of assault not countenance search out disapprove neutralise speak out against take issue bombard strive against quarrel with take a stand withstay encounter be in opposition to taunt run down come down on swipe at skin alive cast doubt upon throw doubt on cast aspersions upon stick it to cut to shreds throw the book at pin on thumb nose at suspect distrust scorn unbelieve not swallow scoff at be incredulous of be unconvinced about not believe give no credence to not accept be suspicious of


Beat a hasty retreat
pull back withdraw disengage flee retire retreat back off baulk balk draw back fall back give ground give way pull out recoil shrink shrink away take flight turn tail beat a retreat beat a hasty retreat recede move away leave back away bolt escape skedaddle vamoose split scram run away drop back take off beat it decamp back out run for it abandon run off scarper fly depart skip off quit peel out cut and run make off hook it leg it clear out go away shrink back run evacuate skidoo vacate levant go shy away hightail it show a clean pair of heels head for the hills cut out light out do a runner fly the coop make a break for it move back bug out exit make a quick exit bail out abstract oneself give up draw away do a bunk take a powder do a fade drop out make a run for it bow out absent oneself pull away yield surrender regress distance oneself make yourself scarce move out step back lose ground blench crawfish backpedal quake quail cower go backward make oneself scarce take a hike adjourn get away betake oneself take leave shut oneself away take oneself move out of draw retreat from seclude oneself absent yourself retire from blow check out repair remove go off clear get lost run along stop participating disengage from recede from resign step down from scratch from secede pack in resign from pull pull out of withdraw from back out of bow out of chuck walk away from forsake stop participating in get out detach yourself detach evade break fold elude go back take to your heels make a getaway clear off go through abscond shoot through do a disappearing act scoot make tracks push off shove off make an exit get going set off set out up sticks slope off disappear hightail begone be gone bug off take it on the lam start out vanish move lam get bail buzz off step along walk out be on your way sling your hook get under way break camp flit part book break out of push on dig out get off peel off sally forth step on it desert say your goodbyes pack your bags pack off hit the road pike off pack up pike out scat scamper make a move do a moonlight flit skip avoid shun bog off make your escape cut loose head off steal away run out on rack off be off make a break slip away hit the trail go out do a moonlight scatter have it away move along hasten away run from hide betake yourself step out have it away on one's toes skip out wend range mosey cruise walk off make for make one's way jump hotfoot advance absent go forth blast off move on say goodbye migrate start set forth move off proceed march out emigrate sally abdicate troop git hit the bricks make quick exit step on the gas cop out make a dash for it run like scared rabbit kiss goodbye ditch spring leave holding the bag walk out on leave high and dry opt out leave in the lurch dump leave flat pull stakes turn on a dime run scared make a U-turn desert under fire turn around scurry hustle hasten speed race expedite zip dart spur dash rush whiz hurry bust slip make good one's escape pass take French leave make a escape go on the lam break out emerge sneak away get out of someone's clutches do a vanishing act get free break loose wriggle out take on the lam break free do a Skase burst out double work out of elope play hooky duck out break away from get away with make go scot-free slip through your fingers make haste hurry up move fast kick rocks make time hamba naff off shoo get along voetsak hop it be off with you shake a leg go like lightning on your bike avaunt sod off haul off hurry away beat off nick off go jump in the lake go and jump in the lake get a move on sell sell out abandon ship sell up

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