Đồng nghĩa của polish off

Alternative for polish off


To eat up as food
eat consume devour bolt gobble wolf swill demolish down finish eat up scarf down finish off put away gulp ingurgitate gulp down guzzle scarf swallow snarf shift scoff scarf up snarf down sink snarf up ingest wolf down scoff down inhale gobble up tuck into gollop pack away shovel down stuff down gorge neck cram drink get outside of gorge oneself on pig oneself on gormandize partake of gorb dispose of stuff gormandise quaff sup drink up munch nosh slop murder tuck away pig out on swig feast on take sip chow down raven glut eat greedily eat hungrily chug kill knock back feed on drain drink down chomp slug gorge on imbibe hoover tuck in toss down snack on get one's laughing gear round gobble down bolt down slurp stuff oneself with dispatch cram in put down graze on get down toss off cram down bib clean out make short work of lap have partake attack lap up stuff one's face with chew champ swallow hurriedly get stuck into gluttonize gourmandize Hoover feed absorb suck pig out glug bevvy toss make a pig of oneself stuff yourself with bevy tipple empty swill down manducate take in get outside englut stuff one's face mow down hit indulge exhaust use up eat heartily eat quickly guzzle down slosh swallow whole stuff your face chow nibble meal on snack wash up binge-eat cram oneself with gourmandize on drink in delight in overeat wash something down with take a drink ram down jam pack cloy congest binge jade eat voraciously eat like a horse blimp out ruminate bite digest masticate engorge drink like a fish force down take alcohol slug down pound down overdrink overindulge take a drop bend one's elbow hit the bottle carouse tope sot belt down take to the bottle hoist crack a bottle throw back swallow down booze get tanked up drop take over belt chugalug destroy assimilate wash down engulf dispose swallow up feed one's face peck at pork out on dig in feast upon toss something off gorge oneself pig oneself hork suck up dine banquet feast satiate regale fill gnaw taste lunch fare victual grind refresh sate choke breakfast crunch junket surfeit chumble choke down chaw have dinner graze munch on chomp on have supper dine on wine and dine eat to excess devour greedily gorge oneself with put pig beat chow on stuff oneself to the gills scarf out dive in stuff oneself pork out load up on chew noisily gasp indulge in pour shovel it in stuff yourself eat one's fill of fare sumptuously make a pig of oneself on binge on eat sumptuously eat to your heart's content overindulge in eat your fill drain one's glass consume food supper take nourishment drink milk partake of food have a meal devour food break bread fall to eat out do lunch subsist have breakfast have tea lunch on have lunch breakfast on tuck on pick at eat between meals fare on subsist on exist on prey on rely on for nourishment take as nourishment live on sustain oneself of triturate tear gnaw on crunch on crush rip rend scrunch gum chavel squash bite on chew up


To put to death
kill murder destroy dispatch execute assassinate slay terminate croak liquidate eliminate whack off ice neutralise neutralize cool euthanize finish get snuff take out knock off rub out bump off do away with put away do in dust off put out of its misery put to sleep dispose of get rid of top finish off exterminate do to death stiff waste slaughter wipe out put to death take the life of smoke blow away butcher eradicate end the life of shoot down mow down cut down massacre scrag annihilate erase decimate extirpate cause the death of make away with cut to pieces put an end to do for put down snuff out zap give someone the works terminate with extreme prejudice cancel abolish guillotine hang obliterate fell blot out carry off hit claim put somebody out of their misery crucify knock someone off take someone's life wax rub someone out grease deep-six take put end to kill off silence remove cause to die vaporise purge vaporize expunge sweep away blow someone's brains out send to the gas chambers stamp out efface ethnically cleanse extinguish send to kingdom come clean up put to the sword root out black out blackball nix wipe from the face of the earth suffocate garrotte smite lynch down sacrifice asphyxiate strangle immolate garrote send to the chair stone to death electrocute behead decapitate send to the gas chamber shoot put before a firing squad send to the gibbet string up send to the electric chair gas send to the gallows stone carry someone off quash end annul nullify abate delete strike down void gun down undo rescind invalidate negate disannul revoke raze abrogate repeal wipe off the face of the earth vacate countermand demolish axe avoid scrub null ax reverse total roll back dissolve excise ruin retract squash devastate withdraw put paid to smash set aside wipe off the map nuke defeat declare null and void recall trash chill obviate wreck crush render invalid vitiate shatter desolate wash out blue pencil render null and void bring down take care of overturn discard overrule scratch cross out cut suppress strike out torpedo bring to an end bag blank out X-out smother cut out cancel out stretch out blast pulverize wrack cream choke head overwhelm drop stop abort overthrow put a stop to pulverise scrap blue-pencil tear down neck pull down override veto repudiate trim gut dele score out strike dust ink out quell make void discharge KO call off put a line through cast aside incapacitate mutilate lop squelch incinerate overcome decollate obscure gibbet put out beat uproot burn exclude scratch out bowdlerize exsect edit out take away sink amputate take back renege edit censor discontinue hang by the neck elide bowdlerise launder dispense with dump put the lid on declare invalid backpedal dismantle lift renig cut off the head of give something the chop block out weed out remove all traces of bring to the block X out banish fix stun stab clear bowstring fry poison depopulate bomb disrupt mass murder murk upset maim vanquish stick torture mangle see the back of do knife garotte rout overpower drag sterilise sterilize check worst kill in cold blood kayo disable best declare plug pot clear away take down drag down break off redact wipe off carry out a sentence of death on disallow take a life get off the hook cut off somebody's head blank blot scrape off burn away deprive rule against weasel out opt out stand down throw over back out worm out blow string someone up take off cork up hush up watergate bottle up shut down put damper on drive to the wall move in for the kill disclaim call abandon renounce recant omit douse quench disown dismiss deny black abjure counterorder forswear expurgate pump full of lead pick off put a bullet in cry off back out of x out stroke out call back white out cost make swing downstroy administer the coup de grâce hunt down give the coup de grâce cross through counteract ditch blow up junk make ineffective countervail rebut turf shed level contravene countercheck frustrate ding break with impugn traverse stonewall cross oppose belie turn thumbs down disprove redress turn down fly in the face of counterbalance restrict compensate limit forget it nig bring to naught call all bets off confine offset cull cover ravage benothing jettison blow out dampen exscind slash throw out cause the loss of result in the loss of cause the sacrifice of lead to the end of knock out wipe off face of earth blow to bits blow sky-high mark out destroy root and branch take apart rub off subvert mop up clear up deal with thin out chop scissor out cut up lop off deracinate turn out detect stub out damp down close down supersede disestablish prohibit put kibosh on inhibit knock something on the head put the kibosh on account for strangulate throttle stifle thin out the population of reduce the numbers of put out of action make an end of truncate offer constrict drown put on the block chop off one's head offer up protest offer as a sacrifice commit suicide make an offering of choke to death kill as a sacrifice


To carry out an action to the end
complete finish accomplish conclude consummate achieve finalise finalize fulfil fulfill nail polish cap crown do effectuate execute perform settle complement realise realize end perfect actualize terminate add the final touch to add the finishing touch to bring to a conclusion bring to an end bring to fruition bring to maturity call it a day carry off carry out do thoroughly finish off get through go the limit go through with go whole hog make good make perfect make up put the finishing touches on put the last touches on put to bed round off round out set the seal on sew up sort out top off wind up wrap up establish engineer deal with clinch effect attain pull off put the finishing touches to carry through bring about bring off mop up reach make tie up bring to a close ultimate secure work out negotiate discharge put into effect close hit take care of determine follow through with see to dispose of set up get something done stop cease wrap something up halt bag be done with refine make short work of put the final touches to get out of the way knock off put lid on put the tin lid on fold up put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to call a day button down wrap put away clean up can top it off decide rack up log notch up ring up chalk up clock up implement confirm resolve seal enact agree broker administer prosecute enforce perpetrate make it commit hack score do the job come through do to a T administrate cut sail through put on act out swing stage meet play out take care of business transact compass put through present do the trick acquit oneself of render put into practice put over apply earn wings get there make happen reach terms on shake hands on put the icing on the cake come to terms on hammer out shake hands firm up reach an agreement agree on complete the arrangements for thrash out manage conduct operate exercise produce work impose handle use contrive undertake put into action employ succeed in ply run practise observe create utilize engage in practice wield engage organize manipulate organise utilise fix wreak bring to bear exert cause succeed put into operation maneuver inflict bring into effect manoeuvre follow institute dispatch deliver engender exact draw on result in begin bring on translate into go through bring into play pilot control arrange pursue command fashion construct assemble put in force act upon occasion set generate compose deliver on initiate live up to bring direct act catalyze procure have originate win form give rise to harness process catalyse put to use bring to pass satisfy design pull something off mete out fabricate carry on shape machinate frame set in motion mould launch constitute develop follow through on put in motion put together cast lay on mold affect dispense start act on tackle put in place breed prompt invoke yield beget spawn induce bestow exploit land build give gain actuate carry to completion commence turn out be responsible for deliver the goods take acquire introduce survive ordain authorize pass strike decree dole out forge be guilty of craft drive instigate materialize materialise steer be to blame for embark on do justice to authorise run with the ball get done arrive at devise make good on nail it lay down wreck serve out deal out piece rig author model take on see through make it through devote oneself to dictate throw together appoint come up with undergo put something into effect actionize follow up on bring something off bring something to bear exhibit enable pull work on put into force trigger transgress find deal issue expedite start in on action take action on press bring forth serve follow up follow out follow through provide the means for make ready make work set off tick accelerate be behind obtain annex activate annexe bring home the bacon abide by stand by up and do work at specialize in live out make the grade gain fulfillment fulfill your potential bear out do proud unleash be successful score a success turn be engaged in put screws to reach the summit of idealise bring to perfection idealize vent go that route push through reify deploy tap do to a turn incarnate grasp honor honour conquer seize earn wage fight apportion mete distribute allocate dole indulge express visit net wrest snag make real put into place reorganise make concrete reorganize corporealize gratify proceed with put to work mount force get someplace latch onto bring to completion go on with call upon make a reality coordinate invent keep faith with fulfill one's potential make hay be true to capitalize on put forth play on make use of call into play make the most of avail oneself of avail yourself of force upon give free rein to give vent to set down offer carry plan put it over do a bang-up job do one proud plan for schedule orchestrate do business button up show play install instal found advance draft choreograph put up plot draw up brew draught start up run up conceive compound comprise drum up outline diagram throw up cook up conjure up carve out dream up lay out order oversee provoke TCB ratify sanction legislate throw make arrangements for pencil in fix up provide make preparations for prepare for prefabricate arrange for call forth open wangle finesse mastermind finagle steward overlook approve knock up knock together erect bring into being bring into existence inaugurate mass produce mass-produce validate field bring out put before the public precipitate germinate charge accept cause to occur cause to happen prefab carve mill fudge together synthesise machine tool cobble synthesize manufacture put out assign levy address juggle legalize proclaim rule kindle lay turn the trick put across OK make law cope with fit in play games elaborate cogitate angle engineer a way wrangle shift work it project jockey swing it find a way hit upon put vote in legalise give the seal of approval to give the green light to get the floor give the thumbs up to make laws make into law vote favorably steamroll jam through give the go-ahead to endorse give the OK to formulate railroad railroad through preside over be at the helm of be in charge of watch over hold down tend to attempt fine promulgate slap gather collect demand assess tax require oblige saddle clap place prescribe launch into commit oneself to set about go about commit yourself to endeavour to do take part in set out with commit to get cracking on enter upon get down to address oneself to enter on concentrate on take up endeavor to do get to grips with


To receive or procure
attain get gain obtain win acquire secure earn procure fulfil garner grasp land score draw receive appropriate collect establish gather hook log net reap amass bag capture clinch glean hit snag conquer effectuate grab make reify wangle access collar cop fulfill have manage nab come by arrive at chalk up clock up come into possession of come to have get hands on notch up bring in get hold of possess oneself of rack up ring up glom onto latch onto knock down pull down achieve realize realise reach pick up accomplish carry take derive find be given record take possession of produce come into swing seize get one's hands on inherit lay hold of purchase be awarded snap up annex annexe scoop buy walk off with register assume get one's mitts on walk away with carry off pocket take receipt of do take home pull off accumulate touch fetch pull in snare get to come to come away with clear corral clean up hustle pull retrieve accept strike get your hands on succeed get possession of recover consummate nail take in effect build up come in for profit be presented with lay one's hands on lay hands on get at knock up turn in have conferred on one scare up make it to compass develop lock up understand bring home be paid cover wrest meet tally pot wrap up discover elicit bring accrue return catch get into one's hands get one's fingers on gross prehend adopt extract snatch harvest cull rise to haul in form gather up blag locate notch get paid be provided with scrape together claim take over set foot on be in receipt of learn assimilate come across come upon cultivate get as far as end up at wind up at fetch up at land up at rake in arrive trace be elevated to win possession of get up to total latch on to take up extricate contract go pierce notch something up steal captivate know walk away bank feel clock sense come up with mark up feel for advance complete ameliorate enlist accede to bring to fruition glom trap hold succeed in making bring about search out possess retain enjoy own maneuver manoeuvre work merit justify deserve climb to encounter get a hold of be one's lot meet with fall to the lot make a profit actualize profit with warrant source command come at accept delivery of take into one's possession agree to receive fix cinch be appointed to track track down yield cash in on corner realize a profit of take delivery of be sent make a profit of guaranty guarantee ice ensure assure insure save hoard schlenter salvage occupy luck into fall upon happen upon stumble upon hit up hold out for lay claim to carry out get done wind up arrange induce solicit make attain bear pay drum up scrape up lay up gobble up ingather turn perform wrangle be deserving of sock cost make use of fix up sort out recoup sell tie up have a right to make sure of give security make sure buy out manage to get make a haul prevail upon buy up bring around beg borrow or steal be entitled to be worthy of knock off get in make fast buck pay one's dues be gainfully employed make it big get as a result be worth be in line for bring home the groceries bring home the bacon succeed in bring off eke out soar to embrace breed undertake take to nurture engage in sustain take on plummet to dive to sink to foster join contact speak to call write to gain access ascertain deduce judge infer reason decide conclude extrapolate bump into blunder on run against chance on run across go to stumble on happen on light on turn to come find by chance run into get down to accede excogitate make out elaborate determine evolve educe formulate follow try to develop try to acquire work out put together enter upon ascend to succeed to

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