Đồng nghĩa của recoup

Alternative for recoup

recoups, recouped, recouping

Đồng nghĩa: deduct, recover, recuperate, reimburse, withhold,


To compensate (someone) for money lost or spent
compensate remunerate indemnify recompense requite satisfy make up for make redress for reimburse repay refund pay pay off return pay back make good settle balance settle up with restore make amends to make restitution to square reward redress give back make restitution make amends pay up redeem remit offset guerdon award accord settle accounts with shell out spring for square up give payment to square accounts with pay something back rebate pay dues settle up relinquish honor a claim make repayment restitute pay compensation pony up pay damages pay costs fee tip vouchsafe grant countervail counterpoise counterbalance make up ante up dish out meet equalize foot discharge clear balance out even up disburse liquidate reciprocate fix close equalise end atone respond retaliate repair pay in full clear up tide over make reparation for pay for take care of make reparation dispose of compensate for match get even quit make restitution give in return pay someone back in his even the score return like for like get your own back give tit for tat atone for make amends for expiate make restitution for correct make recompense for propitiate rectify replace right mend make reparations recover give money back make good for put right counteract neutralize cancel out answer nullify reconcile cancel honour apologise appease apologize annul negative make redress make recompense pay one's dues pay the price pay the penalty do penance redeem oneself absolve oneself say sorry take one's medicine even out equilibrize obviate decorate be equivalent charge outweigh allow for negate neutralise set off equal equipoise counterpose counterweigh account recognize recognise honor stroke comp overcompensate give a present to give a bounty to make something worth someone's while pay money to give an award to make reparation to


To become sound or healthy again
recover recuperate convalesce heal rally mend gain snap back pull round come back improve get better get well bounce back pull through get back to normal be on the mend be on the road to recovery rehabilitate revive rejuvenate get over something regain your health turn the corner get back on your feet rehab rebound restore pick up renew perk up return to health be cured return to form take a turn for the better feel yourself again restore your health get back on feet regain one's health feel better regain one's strength regenerate revivify resuscitate resurrect rest become healthy show improvement make a recovery be restored cure remedy knit be on the path to recovery set up draw together be all right be well make progress get stronger come round feel oneself again respond to treatment grow overcome refresh increase better shake something off get in shape get over get out of the woods start anew take turn for better forge ahead sober up be out of woods come around get out from under ameliorate get back on one's feet regain health snap out of it restore your form build up your strength make a comeback be out of the woods look up pull out of it buck up survive come along take on a new lease of life turn a corner invigorate envigorate come through gain strength make headway become livelier be heartened brighten up cheer up enliven take heart liven up pep up move take steps forward strengthen become better be on the up and up grow better assuage make it weather triumph advance progress develop echo reflect become more cheerful feel happier get through ride out get well again be take on a new lease of life be given on a new lease of life recuperate quickly pull around wake up animate spice up shake get into the mood awaken be refreshed brighten cheer reform renew one's strength surge endure get beyond live through pass though shake off get back in shape emerge from something brace up come up smiling get your second wind come from behind be given a new lease of life regain strength get act together regain your strength get it together turn things around get second wind turn around grow stronger shape up


To earn through work or effort
bring in earn get gain acquire obtain make secure procure realise realize attain win draw reap bag land garner capture fetch carry produce yield gross return bring bear pay cost accrue sell come by pull down knock down take home get paid be worth net receive score collect achieve pick up pull in clear pocket rake in derive rack up get hold of gather grab cop snag take chalk up have be paid glean haul in raise accumulate sell for reach hook find go for clean up amass accomplish give take in clinch access nab wangle pull annex be given notch up clock up annexe command bring home scrape together bank seize buy afford effect purchase profit collar log hit appropriate carry off come to have hustle get possession of arrive at pay out ring up corral provide make a profit of generate supply effectuate consummate swing induce grasp be priced at get your hands on bring about bring forth come into possession of come to take possession of amount to receive a salary of take home earnings of gather in pull off beget scoop engender create snare establish catch retrieve cull harvest compass be awarded furnish occasion tender catalyze bestow recover fulfil walk off with snap up nail sell at be turn come away with possess oneself of catalyse be marked at turn out run at snatch have a price of conquer fulfill bring on be valued at cash in on scare up build up set back win possession of result in lay hold of get hands on latch onto lock up solicit get one's hands on command a price of translate into blag walk away with accept rake something in profit with adopt assume claim record knock up polish off manage glom onto reify draw in trap be appointed to glom canvass ingather get in get as a result hold be presented with have conferred on one make a profit get one's mitts on come into come in for take receipt of realize a profit of retail at be found for be trading at source locate trace track track down buy out latch on to lay hands on manage to get prevail upon buy up make a haul bring around possess retain enjoy own tie up encounter market for attract make a killing show profit pay off pay dividend repay contribute prompt spawn cinch pot come across come upon happen upon luck into fall upon stumble upon offer proffer draw on do discharge admit give off breed invoke work beam cause blossom guarantee ice ensure make sure make sure of assure guaranty give security insure wrap up advance enlist complete ameliorate merit justify deserve warrant set one back knock someone back charge develop bring to fruition fructify form give forth propagate price at grow into wax run into bring home the groceries be deserving of pay one's dues be entitled to be worthy of be gainfully employed have a right to perform make it big bring home the bacon eke out make fast buck be in line for wrangle sock demand hoard drum up schlenter scrape up get at salvage occupy inherit make use of beg borrow or steal save lay up gobble up value at impose levy ask fix price at take over commandeer expropriate arrogate usurp confiscate preempt wrest hijack sequester requisition take control of convert press pirate experience sequestrate impound elicit steal lay claim to incur extract contract sustain help oneself to strike evolve meet with attach bring off carry out disseize distrain poind misappropriate lay one's hands on pre-empt take on accroach be subjected to pay for invade be elevated to feel succeed originate take up take away run up take control understand know stem splash out on succeed in get done carry through endure add increase overrun arouse suffer undergo invite meet be provided with arrange formulate face prehend get into one's hands get one's fingers on gather up be in receipt of liberate swipe redeem execute corner bring upon yourself expose oneself to bring upon oneself lay yourself open to conclude accede to fix invest in shop for engineer borrow knock off search out perpetrate make a purchase of put money into make the purchase of put on arrive contract for sign for get in exchange actualize hit up make good on fall into turn in follow through with sew up deliver on grab hold of prosecute follow through on bring to completion pierce gain possession of extricate captivate colonize sense reserve come up with overcome walk away garrison presume accept delivery of take into one's possession agree to receive spring assimilate market get a hold of be one's lot fall to the lot register tally prevail assume responsibility for take command of take charge of gain control of assume control of colonise take delivery of maneuver manoeuvre make claim to hold out for succeed in making bargain for go shopping barter for succeed to deprive of property notch make it to maintain be sent make free with claim unduly subjugate finalize wind up go through come into contact with partake in finalise finish off go through with provoke stockpile accede kipe fix up sort out bear brunt take possession be granted fall heir take responsibility for moonlight requisition arrogate to oneself grow deduce judge infer reason decide extrapolate tot get fingers on clap hands on become indebted with become liable to pay have to bear have to endure be the object of welcome filch finish take something over shoplift purloin pinch abstract excogitate make out elaborate determine educe follow snaffle use rob snitch lift nick negotiate bear the brunt of have to put up with mount up half-inch scrump take for oneself abscond with bone nobble heist whip honor conduct commit honour be subject to expose yourself to be liable to give rise to lay oneself open to bring down on organize grip do justice to take care of pull something off live up to make it nail it put it over do the trick get there keep faith with put the tin lid on do a bang-up job get someplace fulfill one's potential make hay perfect do one proud put through be true to satisfy pilfer tief snavel clutch clasp work out put together become liable to contact speak to become subject to call write to gain access ascertain intercept clench pluck simulate glove grow in pick patronize take hold of reach for seize hold of hang on to fasten on patronise take out organise add on increase in trade for deal in set up make a purchase make a buy go shopping for acquire more of something sponge appeal for ask for lobby for beg for implore for dig up petition for ask people to give plead for call on pass the hat panhandle for accept donations

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