Đồng nghĩa của nobble

Alternative for nobble

nobble /'nɔbl/
  • ngoại động từ
    • (từ lóng) đánh què (ngựa thi) bỏ thuốc mê (cho ngựa thi)
    • lừa bịp, xoáy, ăn cắp
    • bắt, tóm cổ
    • đánh vào đầu
    • dùng thủ đoạn đề tranh thủ (ai)


To cheat, deceive or defraud someone for personal gain
cheat defraud con swindle fleece stiff bilk diddle sting sucker gyp cozen skin hustle rook do bleed flimflam victimise victimize shortchange screw fiddle squeeze hose stick short mulct chisel skunk ream gaff thimblerig chouse euchre pluck beat rip off shake down do in deceive trick dupe take for a ride bamboozle gull hoodwink fool take to the cleaners scam mislead exploit hoax finagle milk take advantage of shaft pull a fast one on hornswoggle bunco clip double-cross delude put one over on burn sell a pup to steal snooker sell a bill of goods to swizzle gouge sandbag sharp embezzle gazump have rob overcharge rush snow string along take in pull a swifty on beguile chicane swizz extort take short-change sell a pup stitch up rope in pull a fast one take someone for a ride double-deal wring goldbrick sell illude gip humbug soak fudge trim shuck lead up the garden path jerk around do the dirty on sell down the river overreach screw over give someone a bum steer suck dry run a game on sell a bill of goods put one over on someone pull a fast one on someone give the shaft have on set up do out of do someone in the eye jiggle fraud penalise punish penalize baulk fine balk forfeit extract wrest expel force wrench betray pigeon bluff grift pilfer outwit misguide misinform rip-off frame bilk of lead somebody down the garden path pull something prey on jive circumvent ruin frustrate thwart foil disappoint be sold a pup take to the cleaner's do number on pull fast one sucker into spoof blackmail gammon pauperize impoverish buffalo cross juggle catch lirt blench rogue belirt crib tear from bleed someone of something strong-arm put the screws to suck in fake out suck the life out of plunder despoil pull one's leg do a number on give bum steer fast talk take out break the rules inveigle wheedle entrap kid cajole lure coax sweet-talk outmaneuver outmanoeuvre outfox lead on manipulate outsmart seduce impose on pull the wool over somebody's eyes two-time fox let down ensnare befool fail outslick be disloyal to be unfaithful to outthink sell out defeat stab in the back pull the wool over someone's eyes abuse fake baffle juke use break faith with make a fool of lead astray wangle caboodle outjockey step out outplay play away outdo trap cuckold jockey catch out outguess top misuse disinform outgeneral finesse goose worst jip confuse cap bewilder lie mousetrap put on take someone in play false get the better of end run figure out play on pull the wool over one's eyes lead one down the garden path walk all over charge too much intimidate maneuver manoeuvre backstab be untrue to feign play take to cleaners tempt entice play someone false out-think enslave impose upon lie to bully bait four-flush double deal distort have someone on ill-treat walk over run rings round treat unfairly be cleverer than make rings round lead up garden path step on cash in on live off the backs of ill-use throw dust in someone's eyes pull wool over eyes play trick on withhold rights from steal a march on do someone dirty duck weasel dodge stretch the rules bend the rules pull something funny stack the cards hit below the belt sell someone down the river surcharge dispossess slip out cop out worm one's way out of beat around the bush impose molest play dirty filch stump dust defy harass hound outperform heist fix pretend extortion pad overtax nick welsh elude rebel against disobey belie sham trip up sway contrive steer evade hook falsify throw cuck cheat on impress give away rat on blag terrorize attack pick on wind up challenge best overcome take for cross up bleed dry lead down the garden path bias play a jest on play a prank on play a joke on murphy go one better than flam play a trick on play joke on beat out of take for ride make a sucker of split pass off psych out misdirect play a practical joke on cuckoldize play-act con out of pull wool over enchant entrance charm attract pull someone's leg gaslight misstate prevaricate dump on prey upon play upon play for a fool mock be a Judas to hypnotize woo bewitch dazzle blind mesmerize captivate spellbind be inconstant to play games with hocus-pocus win over doublespeak misrepresent terrorise soft-soap steal someone blind rook out of pervert bunk propagandize fabricate decoy allure solicit entangle enmesh propagandise butter up play games stage-manage pull strings pull wires put on the wrong track put on an act cover up wrong steer put on false front bait and switch double-talk give wrong information to send on a wild goose chase throw off the scent put up smoke screen give the wrong impression hypnotise mesmerise shave horn put horns on hornify twist around your little finger play for a sucker exact crowd swag graft boodle loot oppress be unfaithful coerce go back on mistreat patronise capitalize on profit from treat lightly take liberties with trifle with maltreat leverage trade on control play with target patronize play someone for a sucker use for one's own ends be disloyal hack machinate rig be dishonest rack affect doctor engineer influence demand ice secure pinch get obtain mastermind cook worm something out of someone put the bite on someone for blackmail someone for hold up obtain under duress obtain by force put screws to obtain by threats make pay through nose obtain by threat put the arm on game interfere with find a loophole in tinker with fudge with fiddle with exploit a loophole in tamper with


To dope something or someone, especially by giving it a drug


To capture someone or something
seize capture nab catch bag grab snare collar get net hook nail land trap snatch snag cop glom corral grapple rap apprehend arrest pinch nick abduct kidnap run in snap up pull in take into custody bring in pick up take in take ensnare entrap bust detain grasp enmesh entangle restrain lasso lay hold of take hold of grip take prisoner tangle wrest ensnarl mesh entoil immesh pluck yank prehend catch up take captive place under arrest hold clench clasp secure swipe jag snap wire springe catch hold of commandeer appropriate decoy get hold of get hands on round up pick off take possession lift beach haul in reel in feel someone's collar get one's fingers on pounce on take hostage clutch pull wrench gain win extricate prise grab hold of lay hands on seize hold of take a grip of grab away get fingers on take by force clap hands on go for obtain acquire attain achieve earn procure score clinch come by garner reap draw swing collect pull down realize wangle receive have gather realise rack up knock down glean access carry off notch up chalk up accomplish buy amass come to have come into possession of purchase be given possess oneself of make build up snarl annex annexe carry latch onto lock up clock up arrive at walk off with walk away with come into come in for take receipt of take possession of stick derive find wedge reach scoop fulfil log get one's mitts on get one's hands on pull off hit reify strike fulfill come away with ring up cling to feel your collar get your hands on catch at blag hustle trammel tree corner pot harvest establish scare up walk away be awarded clear clutch at advance consummate enlist complete ameliorate be appointed to conquer effectuate fasten round clean up wrap up stretch for go after get a hold of cling manage maneuver manoeuvre work lay fix polish off glom onto latch on to grasp hold of cinch bring to fruition guarantee ice ensure assure guaranty insure arrange bring about get possession of make sure make sure of win possession of give security do gaol toss in jail throw in jail roust take in for questioning put in jail put the cuffs on jail book incarcerate imprison put the arm on fix up sort out embrace knock off succeed in bring off harbour put the snare on hang on cherish hang on to harbor fasten catch in get caught in get caught on inherit


To defeat or frustrate the attempts of
frustrate thwart foil defeat prevent check snooker baffle baulk balk stop block scotch derail stymie dash obstruct scupper forestall do for put paid to hinder impede hamper put the mockers on smash curb circumvent restrain counter disappoint discomfit checkmate outwit put the stopper on put the kibosh on put a stop to put a spoke in someone's wheel foul up oppose ruin cramp beat spoil crimp upset crab cross root bilk stand in the way of upset the apple cart upset one's apple cart give the slip louse up trammel nullify traverse halt rattle snafu mess up screw up hold up take down cook someone's goose nip in the bud play off queer someone's pitch spike someone's guns take wind out of finish something finish off make an end of put an end to bring to a close neutralize contravene debar scuttle obviate overturn invalidate bar confound suppress repel squash deter repress repulse undo parry cripple neutralise counterplot blank bury elude cause setback get the better of put end to beat down take wind out of sails queer faze skip promote dodge shake ditch duck disconcert juke buffalo bollix give the run-around hang up halt in its tracks run rings around throw a spanner in the works run circles around throw monkey wrench in throw a monkey wrench in the works shake off shuffle off confuse skin inhibit hold back arrest interfere with fetter retard avert head off restrict encumber hamstring stave off hobble handicap delay shackle wreck ward off disrupt cumber avoid stall counteract destroy interrupt handcuff throw a spanner in the works of slow down fend off intercept clog throw a monkey wrench in the works of hog-tie prohibit escape stonewall sabotage preclude evade quash manacle embarrass shut out stump constrain short-circuit tie up cramp one's style deflect damage devastate undermine hold off impair mar forfend shatter get in the way of get in the way defend against sidestep set back skirt resist subvert put a brake on stifle bridle threaten dish demolish limit discourage injure slow divert interdict steer clear of bork pre-empt interfere bypass turn aside overcome entangle annul mystify cut off harm rule out crush blight puzzle throw curtail flummox smother nonplus chill blow torpedo botch anticipate help brake withhold forbid reduce choke bind debilitate put the lid on ward be a hindrance to defy circumnavigate shut off terminate eradicate perplex attack bewilder withstand negate get out of break obliterate extinguish prejudice cancel disable annihilate conquer affect dampen weaken influence abolish corner suspend discontinue decimate stay shun offset be beyond keep lid on banjax hurt challenge clobber squelch discombobulate eschew remit pause muck up save cancel out preempt inconvenience fox shelve gravel maze bottleneck keep compromise intermit put at risk disturb second-guess floor hold wilder obfuscate sap bamboozle play havoc with work against outmanoeuvre dumbfound give the run around be detrimental to rein in outmaneuver shirk obscure destabilize choke off get ahead of get in before cool chain diminish put a damper on be disadvantageous to dam provide against steal a march on pick off get around put off sandbag keep back hold in hold down drag one's feet blow a hole in stem the flow of throw cold water on close off beat someone to the draw keep at bay beat someone to the punch bring to naught pour cold water on beat someone to it give a hard time keep off shut down destabilise countermove worst buck subdue crash unsettle act against throw a curve sink stultify miss blast vanquish triumph gain surpass spike hit freeze burden muzzle poison damp dissuade bring an end to inc stave cork leash tie forefend bring to an end let endanger commandeer exceed postpone euchre nix saddle with bit taboo outlaw enjoin disadvise scare detain retardate cheat weigh down jeopardize imperil desist cease defer protract tie one's hands put the brakes on take out of play cruel wreak havoc on box in throw a spoke in the wheel of put on brakes put an stop to keep in prorogue be early put the damper on pigeonhole dead-end beggar confront turn off be one step ahead of beat somebody to it act in advance of prepare for head off at pass cloud bodge topple confine prolong talk out of act like a wet blanket slow up crool jeopardise keep from happening hang fire lick bog down wreak havoc with bulwark fence defend guard shunt look away shove aside turn turn from veer be prejudicial to burst one's bubble put back back off hold off on bring to screeching halt make late hold over put on hold make a mess of render ineffective tamper screen trouble discommode jam incommode conflict put on back burner be deleterious to dash one's hope upset the applecart wrack have impoverish raze craze overthrow unbuild overreach vitiate outfox abate outsmart cover fend shortcut throw a monkey wrench into minimize undercut detract belittle lessen chip away minimise demean dispatch balls up count inspire work weigh incapacitate ravage outflank bemuse bring down make waves control end eliminate rain on someone's parade shield against safeguard against secure against stand up for defend oneself against fight off guard against protect against keep at arm's length skirt round stem render null and void preoccupy monopolize foresee predict forecast project expect envision quell tend to prevent go against militate rein pose kill monopolise contain cut short catch still muffle swallow abort find a way round govern staunch fight back moderate break down break up get round find a way around get past end-run go around befog addle fog befuddle disorient muddle get muddy vex fuddle operate against act on tell against tame rebuff choke back bottle up regulate intrude on enfeeble draw up keep in check pull up keep a lid on pull in keep under control slacken pace bite back fetch up distract psych out mull snow complicate stumble get to amaze make someone scratch their head set someone thinking wonder stir profundicate flabbergast have an effect on eat away whittle away disempower bring to a standstill drag through the mud emasculate clip one's wings mine dig out chip away at dig demoralise soften tunnel knock the bottom out of queer the pitch of demoralize blunt dent poke full of holes attenuate corrode hollow out wear bring up short stagger stick play for time flee lose be all Greek to be too much for put at a loss bring someone up short scape outrun body-swerve stay shy of fly weasel out of shy slip away from give the slip to give somebody the slip run from slip through the net slip through someone's fingers throw off the scent be beyond someone run around get away from escape from run away from shuffle out of double get away finesse give the runaround shuck

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