Đồng nghĩa của demean

Alternative for demean

demeans, demeaned, demeaning

Đồng nghĩa: degrade, disgrace, put down, take down,


To cause a severe loss in the character, quality or dignity of
degrade debase abase corrupt lower debauch humble bastardise bastardize demote deteriorate devalue pervert chasten deprave descend foul lessen profane smirch stoop subvert vitiate warp canker poison prostitute sink bemean dump on lower someone's dignity lower someone's status cheapen demoralize demoralise disgrace shame humiliate discredit take down dishonor dishonour pollute mortify defile cast down downgrade crush belittle taint contaminate embarrass bring down bring low abash cut down to size undermine deflate brutalize reduce put down bestialize subdue take down a peg brutalise squash damage denigrate blemish depreciate ruin discomfit break tear down lower the status of tarnish harm make a fool of put to shame take down a peg or two make someone eat humble pie make someone eat crow weaken abuse spoil sully put someone in their place embitter desecrate impair diminish own make degenerate shoot down flatten snub quash drag down lead astray bring shame to pull down show up settle someone's hash make ashamed disparage adulterate violate betray misuse relegate mar injure distort lower in rank blight declass blacken smear dilute debilitate waste disrate chagrin slam pan mudsling bust destroy dismiss infect confound detract kick downstairs bump demolish drag through the mud reduce the status of despoil run down cause to lose face set back reduce to the ranks get the better of have the last laugh on take the wind out of someone's sails deign condescend depress crawl seduce subjugate twist besmear blot expose soil colour bias mongrelize bend skew prejudice misemploy influence misapply alloy turn cow jaundice squander rot sell sacrifice sour curb stigmatize worsen reduce in value lower in status color sell out brand tame hurt be untrue to oneself let down take apart consume rust inflict reduce in quality show in a bad light stigmatise cripple discipline restrain soften go bad go to hell deface deform ravage disfigure blister wither rip discountenance cast a slur give a bad name live in the gutter afflict check repress confuse vanquish downplay corrode envenom take to bits take to pieces devaluate succumb undervalue scourge ulcer animalize sore stain revert put out of countenance play down cause to feel small put in your place mark down dehumanize desensitize dehumanise decry desensitise derogate waste away lower oneself demean yourself lower yourself debase oneself be reduced be reduced to demean oneself debase yourself cut down dethrone oust depose displace unseat silence overcome upset squelch demerit bench cashier scorn hoodoo blaspheme revile vice cuss flame swear voodoo befoul curse darn tar trash mock put away strike dumb move down drum out treat with disrespect pop one's balloon make eat dirt put one away threaten bring down a peg make one feel small cut to the quick put double whammy on commit sin do wrong commit sacrilege be evil talk dirty strip of rank reduce in rank hold back remove from office force to eat humble pie disrupt undo sabotage destabilize sap wreck minimize thwart undercut chip away minimise destabilise foil


To insult or criticize someone or something
discredit cheapen disgrace dishonor dishonour disparage shame belittle condescend contemn decry derogate despise detract humiliate insult pan scorn deign demoralise demoralize dis bad-mouth poor-mouth put down cast down take down knock down cut down to size diminish denigrate degrade lower depreciate defame deprecate minimize vilify debase minimise humble abase chasten detract from sink discount undervalue foul slur smear devalue smirch run down malign dismiss deride trash criticize ridicule dispraise criticise play down cry down trivialize take down a peg downgrade underrate sully slander marginalize vilipend revile mortify downplay rubbish diss marginalise trivialise dump on cast aspersions on trash-talk defile blot reflect badly on bring into disrepute write off drag through the mud talk down do a hatchet job on tear down show up shoot down kiss off give a black eye stigmatize stain taint tarnish besmirch censure knock understate abuse slate asperse embarrass reproach besmear mock reduce disfavor minify stigmatise disfavour scoff at attaint libel pooh-pooh sneer at drag through the mire pull apart own slag off bring shame upon put in a bad light have a go at speak ill of make someone eat crow take down a peg or two bring shame on put someone in their place lessen abash subordinate chagrin disconcert underestimate treat lightly condemn opprobriate downcry berate betray prostitute laugh off laugh at make uncomfortable make someone feel ashamed slam pour scorn on bash take away from drag down scandalize blacken sell out make fun of injure spot be untrue to oneself beat down scorch do down blister rip squelch roast squash misprize abandon one's principles snub disregard desecrate disrespect scandalise disconsider debauch corrupt disoblige take to pieces hold cheap hit out at pick holes in demonise demonize give a bad name to tar and feather cause to lose face lose face poor mouth pooh pooh take a swipe at make light of shoot full of holes sour grapes cut to the quick make lose face vituperate poormouth pull to pieces sling mud at give comeuppance knock off high horse speak badly of put away calumniate soil mudsling expose compromise disesteem give a bad name show in a bad light ruin the reputation of bring into disfavour blacken someone's name destroy someone's credibility damage someone's reputation deflate slight traduce attack disdain rap flame tear into impugn denounce sell short blast lambaste throw mud at do a number on spurn discountenance fault crush sneer comment negatively reject clamor against gibe gird twit jeer scoff taunt question find fault with mistrust repudiate look down on talk trash criticize unfairly bag pummel skewer object frown disapprove discommend expostulate make little of devaluate hammer monster pummelled think little of to denigrate find fault put hooks in spread lies about tear to pieces take a dig at blacken the name of sully the reputation of blacken the character of not go for take dim view of rip up bad mouth speak evil of throw brickbats at lay into blame give black eye pillory execrate rail against deplore inveigh against reprehend reprobate fulminate against excoriate carp at anathematize cavil at disapprove of animadvert complain snipe at hit rail hold forth against come down on tear to shreds befoul badmouth mark down take away spoil assail damage take swipe at throw stones at muckrake ruin blackguard blotch breathe on bring discredit to rip up and down spread scandal about drag through mud drag someone's name through the mud cast a slur on fling mud at sling mud run smear campaign


To disturb the composure of
embarrass mortify disconcert shame abash discomfit fluster humiliate discountenance nonplus chagrin distress faze confuse discompose rattle upset agitate appall appal crush horrify confound discombobulate discredit dishonor dishonour make ashamed make awkward make self-conscious make uncomfortable make uneasy own show up annoy bewilder bother bug distract disturb dumbfound irk perturb plague puzzle stun tease throw hang up let down catch one short give a bad time give a hard time make a monkey of put in a hole put in a spot put on the spot throw into a tizzy put out of countenance disappoint humble deflate vex abase affront displease harass degrade worry ridicule belittle disgrace take down put down put to shame put someone to shame get one's comeuppance make someone eat humble pie take down a peg take the wind out unsettle unnerve perplex dismay ruffle flurry disquiet throw off balance shake take aback put off put someone off their stroke set someone back on their heels trouble muddle frustrate discomfort unhinge demoralize demoralise psych out get to irritate put someone off their stride baffle alarm disorient undo mystify catch off balance flummox gravel make nervous psych addle cause to be at a stand make someone scratch their head stir up put out rattle one's cage work up exasperate discommode afflict aggravate peeve throw into tizzy dissatisfy concern ail exercise fuss hagride alarum frazzle distemper derail hassle nettle weird out freak out unbalance excite heat hurry surprise startle discourage deter intimidate daunt shock frighten panic bustle shake up scare disorientate hinder disarrange balk worst put someone off baulk take by surprise put on edge flip spook craze fuddle foul up stop someone in their tracks upset apple cart take the wind out of someone's sails throw into a tizz put into a flap make someone laugh out of the other side of their mouth put off his or her stride make waves send into a spin make someone laugh on the other side of their face

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