Đồng nghĩa của derail

Alternative for derail

derail /di'reil/
  • ngoại động từ, (thường) động tính từ quá khứ
    • làm trật bánh (xe lửa...)
    • nội động từ
      • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) trật bánh (xe lửa...)


    To cause (a vehicle or object) to come off its tracks or railing


    To obstruct or stop (a process)
    obstruct thwart arrest block check foil halt hinder impede inhibit prevent stop avert curb disrupt frustrate hamper stonewall baulk balk fetter forestall hamstring interfere interrupt overturn restrain ruin encumber sabotage spoil nip in the bud interfere with hold up hold back stand in the way of stymie scupper defeat scotch cramp dash trammel circumvent counter put a stop to bar crimp do for baffle retard put paid to snooker put the kibosh on nullify oppose beat hobble discomfit outwit cripple smash restrict foul up disappoint prohibit nobble shackle stall checkmate slow put the stopper on put the mockers on slow down put a brake on upset delay quash repress counteract neutralize crab handcuff bilk cumber take down neutralise put an end to screw up put a spoke in someone's wheel hang up get in the way of limit handicap stave off cross stump root brake deter take wind out of bork annul rattle louse up upset the apple cart give the slip upset one's apple cart mess up hog-tie put the lid on shut down evade circumnavigate sidestep skirt ward off stay wreck head off avoid stifle defend against crush snafu manacle steer clear of dish ditch juke shut out negate traverse bridle embarrass pause confound obviate suspend shelve cancel queer clog freeze faze disconcert cook someone's goose play off spike someone's guns put off queer someone's pitch short-circuit tie up cramp one's style get in the way close off shut off throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of get out of finish something finish off escape bypass deflect interdict discontinue offset buck crash keep lid on hold off unsettle clobber make an end of bring to a close extinguish end dam attack spike hit quell destroy bind entangle chain shatter give a hard time saddle with cut off contravene debar scuttle invalidate still catch suppress repel squash repulse undo parry confront elude blank counterplot bury kill cease postpone crool banjax promote dodge duck skip shake buffalo bollix detain retardate overcome lick preclude conquer forbid defer withhold protract cause setback bring to an end get the better of put end to be the end of beat down take wind out of sails stand fence remit prorogue shake off shuffle off halt in its tracks run circles around throw monkey wrench in throw a monkey wrench in the works give the run-around run rings around throw a spanner in the works intermit choke confine hold prolong upset the applecart dash one's hope draw up render null and void give the run around bring up slow up set back pull up not move stand still come to a standstill stand off fetch up peter out bog down bring to screeching halt make late put back back off keep back hold off on choke off hold over sandbag throttle obscure screen complicate weigh down monkey with confuse skin constrain curtail impair tie intercept damage control mar decelerate reduce close injure hurt fend off jam keep smother weaken undermine diminish barricade compromise enfeeble harm rule out block off straiten clog up regulate moderate debilitate burden rein in subdue fill plug subvert hold down hold in blockade squelch forfend slacken constrict inconvenience disable vitiate resist stem contain break gag congest muzzle seal stuff block up occlude stopper ban cordon off isolate divert shut in stop up anticipate stultify turn off pick off outlaw bung up threaten plug up muffle deny stamp out disadvantage blight lessen decrease sap discourage mire withstand strangle blemish pre-empt govern tame bloody flaw endamage leash guard clot be a hindrance to choke back ward entrammel hem in put an stop to pigeonhole help cork cross up cut short stem the flow of defend cut out tie down put on hold gum up proscribe put on back burner disturb pour cold water on cramp someone's style put a damper on throw cold water on circumscribe sink estop exclude delimit swallow eat away incommode emasculate discommode stunt staunch deteriorate quelch capture bottleneck dissuade rein make illegal damp down wound deny access destabilize enjoin disallow enervate embargo nix blunt tarnish disqualify commandeer keep waiting taboo measure rule loiter overload disfigure deface challenge embog fill up charge corrode debase keep under control adjourn take out bung prejudice dead-end torpedo turn aside make impossible pull in keep in check fight back put at a disadvantage bottle up preempt deprive procrastinate block out close up close out destabilise second-guess table hang fire chill reschedule disadvise scare cool rough up box in drag one's feet quiet let up be detrimental to place at a disadvantage keep a lid on bite back mothball continue cut back lock up bring to a standstill put out of commission respite put over put the brakes on cool off do harm to get ahead of get in before extend lose speed throw a monkey wrench into talk out of keep within bounds lay on the table put out of action take a rain check on set aside put on the back burner beat someone to the punch beat someone to it put on ice beat someone to the draw put in cold storage provide against steal a march on give rain check head off at pass hold in abeyance close down switch off strangle at birth straitjacket erode consume tie someone down dissuade from use up wear away crack down on tie-up cap inc act against nip something in the bud cause to wait cause to stay net enmesh ensnare oppress bother puzzle caulk snag tie one's hands sideline mystify veto entrap whittle silence deaden pocket submerge prevent from making progress constipate nonplus make difficult tether affect boycott blacklist wall off choke up pack stanch jam up influence tamper impose limits on set limits on flummox quench mute overpower give disadvantage throw a curve trouble conflict put a crimp in forefend temper ostracize corner get bogged down put the brakes on take out of play keep at bay stave keep off jeopardize put the damper on obturate drag feet hold captive clip someone's wings criminalize garrote garrotte shush bring an end to worsen bottle terminate stand in the way impoverish ravage dam up glut silt up slam on the brakes ease up peg discipline hesitate dawdle down loaf falter bog flag poke beat somebody to it act in advance of prepare for be one step ahead of be early lag abate put straitjacket on discountenance gunge up censor afflict incapacitate taint annihilate devitalize depress trash dismantle corrupt not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of temporise temporize dally give a rain check take a raincheck keep in abeyance imprison incarcerate intern rebuff quit qualify reef bit ostracise disfavour disfavor warn indispose frighten deprecate gainsay duel contradict impugn combat negative disaffirm contest fight dispute hedge declare taboo criminalise clutter up scorch wither batter shock blast put a limit on throw a spoke in the wheel of make it impossible for make it impracticable for slacken pace give the thumbs down to declare illegal put the chill on give the red light to say no lock in coop up fence in jail necessitate gaol close in immure concuss shotgun keep in detract from shake up jeopardise smash up muck up wrong back-water cut down lose steam wind down anchor it cool down put on brakes devalue tweak unfit devaluate ding cheapen total be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to button up keep the lid on keep a tight rein on keep tight rein on hit the brakes let down flaps make impracticable cause detriment to wreak havoc on damp be deleterious to play for time treat harshly disarrange disorder disorganize have a negative effect on have a bad effect on hedge out save let make useless lose strength put half nelson on drive a nail into the coffin of do a disservice to tell against treat unfairly give a disadvantage to be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably inflict a handicap on convulse go against shutdown immobilize dampen derange turn upside-down refrain from cause confusion in throw into disarray cause turmoil in throw into disorder throw into confusion render powerless monopolize foresee predict forecast envision preoccupy project expect make a mess of devastate demolish monopolise carry over immobilise paralyse do in waive lengthen lay over act like a wet blanket bankrupt cruel make a hash of euchre seize put out of business bring to standstill bring someone to their knees bring to naught wipe out bring to a stop pull the plug on load blow a hole in play havoc with take withhold from stay away from refuse make up for deny yourself break the habit of skip out on kick get around steer clear shrink from abstain renounce keep from desist eschew shirk shun desist from stay away forbear give up abstain from restrain from counterbalance do without shy from leave off forgo forbear from paralyze expropriate grab snatch overwhelm saddle ambush botch strain shut disempower whittle away appropriate interlope shortstop accost interpose hijack tackle waylay buttonhole laden weight lumber demoralise demoralize attenuate mine dig soften tunnel dent wear rain on someone's parade pounce on take on lade pile freight drag through the mud dig out hollow out clip one's wings chip away at knock the bottom out of queer the pitch of poke full of holes swoop down on cut in take away yoke lock out make off with dump on snow under bear down on snow overburden make heavy


    To show, feel, or cause to feel, concern or worry
    fuss worry disturb upset bother distress perturb unsettle agitate discompose alarm disquiet concern dismay trouble flurry discomfort ail distract distemper frazzle unhinge alarum exercise hagride undo fret stress carp cavil niggle fear chafe stew sweat quibble nitpick bustle flap fidget freak out weird out be agitated take pains be in a tizzy be worried labour over be in a flap be in a stew get in a stew get worked up make a big thing of make a big thing out of make a meal of make a mountain out of a molehill make a thing of fluster disconcert rattle unnerve ruffle faze vex annoy perplex discombobulate confuse bewilder confound irritate make anxious pester discomfit hassle shake harass throw plague afflict irk make uneasy bug provoke get to frighten torment depress spook discountenance derange needle shake up throw off balance stir up excite embarrass disorder startle pain scare displease nonplus sadden grieve try harry disarrange sicken take aback bedevil dishearten beset torture hurt oppress gnaw at psych pother aggrieve put off give a hard time burn up destabilize daunt appal frustrate nettle gall panic rack chagrin work up curse strain abash unbalance weigh down rouse disappoint despair disorganize offend badger wound disarray disrupt anger peeve lie heavy on arouse beleaguer appall discommode miff turn tantalise tantalize make fretful agonize puzzle persecute indispose cause anxiety to craze psych out destabilise nag agonise throw off turn on make a scene get at tick off put someone off their stroke give someone grief make waves pick on push buttons egg on addle make uncomfortable frenzy mortify incommode exasperate aggravate cause disquiet to tax incite inflame unquiet muddle knock off balance set someone back on their heels besiege burden make restless inconvenience tease separate unhitch disconnect disengage uncouple unfasten detach test importune cause anxiety stimulate tear goad hector dun horrify nark hurry incapacitate flip cramp debilitate floor ferment flutter shock rock the boat get across get on someone's wick hack off hurt somebody's feelings get someone lay up flip out bum out fire up key up wind up hustle sweat out be a great weight on quicken weigh heavily on one's mind mess with someone's head do someone's head in drive insane examine ventilate move discourage dispirit unman surprise send over the edge dash bug up make flip work someone up be chill disillusion paralyse terrify demoralize daze suffer affect be unwell disenchant affright disgruntle amaze pique intrude tire outrage astound complicate interfere anguish hound snafu let down paralyze demoralise flummox dumbfound terrorize mystify terrorise be indisposed be crook injure knock sideways get in the way feel unwell be sick be ill be wrong with feel pain be weak be in pain be the matter with nit-pick strap prick push dog break desolate harrow martyr foul up screw up put the wind up someone throw into a tizzy mess up knock for six fill with consternation louse up give someone a turn muck up cause anguish to cause suffering to eat at arouse anxiety in make it tough for weigh on make miserable cut up do a number on be on one's case make wretched jolt jumble down rummage dement displace fuddle throw into confusion pull the rug from under pull the rug out from under throw into disorder throw into uproar rile put out get infuriate rankle ride gravel grate affront rasp incense rub up the wrong way madden disgust spite crush eat frost give someone the hump enrage gripe insult sting itch exacerbate roil antagonize drive up the wall devastate hump hack you off antagonise get on your nerves deject traumatize nauseate stun repel cast down rark intimidate traumatise cut to the quick turn off revolt disoblige molest rankle with overwhelm cow rub the wrong way baffle dissatisfy make someone see red haunt drive mad grate on repulse drive crazy tee off mix up make nervous petrify overcome slight humiliate gnaw get your goat drive to distraction stir browbeat awe sap get in someone's hair shatter jar put down knock the stuffing out of gross out pursue astonish get on someone's nerves stagger disorient drive round the bend stupefy mither get in your hair befuddle muddy embitter cause offense deter make unhappy shame put into a flap throw into a tizz put your back up bowl over get your back up make angry subdue get under one's skin get on your wick get one's goat excruciate ire enflame mad scandalize buffalo get on one's nerves be on your back dampen raise someone's hackles get someone's back up be repugnant to ruffle someone's feathers make someone's hackles rise weary steam up abrade sour enervate abase bamboozle consternate be offensive give offence to taunt scandalise bring down put out of countenance make sad scarify fright T-off overpower cause someone to lose their composure eat away at get under your skin reluct burn put the wind up hang up drive round the twist put someone's nose out of joint put someone's back up make someone scratch their head make someone's blood boil pressurize scare to death get under someone's skin get up someone's nose scare the bejesus out of get someone's dander up put on the spot sear crucify press strike interrupt weaken chivvy get across someone rock disaffect pressurise disrespect diss dis bully bait grind jar on flabbergast bemuse get down hurt someone's feelings beat rattle one's cage make cross electrify fox nag at put someone off their stride turn one off thwart beat down make your heart bleed send into a rage give a bad time cause discomfort to get your dander up drive bananas hang over disorientate get under skin put a damper on give a turn make despondent make gloomy scare stiff weigh heavily on prey on someone's mind give someone the blues make sick get someone down give someone the pip dump on do in cause to be at a stand break someone's heart hit where one lives try someone's patience abuse throw cold water on put in a spot rattle someone's cage pour cold water on scare the living daylights out of turn your stomach pressure damage disgrace zing hinder heavy alienate drain nudge scar chivy preoccupy harm foul bore bite stretch dizzy catch off balance undermine devil impose on cut demean lower enfeeble cause trouble to obsess touch meddle devitalize impede make your blood boil break the heart of stump prostrate reduce to tears slap galvanize dull criticize be at snub squelch possess jangle dampen spirits acerbate breathe down someone's neck maze dumfound make blue drag down be disagreeable to stop someone in their tracks estrange tangle chasten get in one's hair whelm overmaster swamp break one's heart bring one down humble cause concern to raise your hackles thunderstrike discredit galvanise befog own damp try one's patience snarl be a pain in the neck dishonour make self-conscious be a thorn in someone's side get up your nose try your patience wear on put into a funk cast a gloom upon criticise get your hackles up dishonor be a burden to numb be a nuisance to pose be offensive to keep on at get someone's goat go on at cheese off rub you up the wrong way bring tears to your eyes greatly upset get on somebody's nerves knock over be distasteful to cause offence to stick in one's craw give trouble set one's teeth on edge fog throw a curve bulldoze make it tough obfuscate snarl up keep after try the patience of make shudder be repulsive to fill with fear hurt one's feelings be on the back of be a thorn in someone's flesh get someone's hackles up get a rise out of deflate blow away snow under scare someone out of their wits make someone want to throw up make someone fed up strike dumb put somebody's nose out of joint turn one's stomach make discontented throw into a panic go to one's head make your hair stand on end strike terror into put the fear of God into make one sick get on nerves blow one's mind scare the pants off dash someone's hopes break someone's spirit put to trouble bring low take someone's breath away throw into a blue funk make someone's gorge rise fill with loathing wrong muddle up outface stare down outstare put off balance heat stand up to put on edge tear apart stress out mistake fester discontent deplore occupy misplease wing curdle cool sound cap be rude to psych someone out furbelow bluster frill wear bruise excoriate unstring be hurtful to bleed mourn cause anguish cause suffering lambaste cause sorrow exhaust send into a spin henpeck bum hack steam drive nuts cause resentment to cause annoyance to push the buttons of thrill roust push one's buttons play dirty balk throw into tizzy dislocate cast a gloom on motivate absorb grab attract awake goose ignite interest pierce work on push button heat up knock props out foil baulk take by surprise put someone off thumb nose at lie heavy on someone's mind weigh heavy on someone's mind cause to panic mistreat heckle accost encroach obtrude chide ruffle one's feathers mess infest ask for it get someone's wick impose upon knock for a loop arouse hostility in grill grind down put to some trouble overcharge occupy someone's thoughts start wind somebody up drive you up the wall stroke someone's hair the wrong way prey on press down on resent set someone's teeth on edge snit pet tiff huff weigh heavily on someone's mind niggle at grind at wring mess with push someon's buttons disaccord disharmonize discord begrudge crab grudge eat up give the business alien put upset apple cart worst inflict trauma deeply upset chill off frighten to death frighten the living daylights out of suppress subjugate stifle rile up make one's heart bleed bring tears to one's eyes dampen someone's spirit make awkward make ashamed show up hit hard disarm tire out wear out confront dispraise slander catch somebody off balance catch somebody unawares spring something on throw a curveball rub one the wrong way cause to lose your bearings find fault with envenom make turbid weigh be a burden on knock the stuffing out of someone cross put someone out get even cramp style smother diminish give a zinger give the cold shoulder wilder dash hopes surprize break in put off his or her stride make someone laugh on the other side of their face make someone laugh out of the other side of their mouth take the wind out of someone's sails disadvantage make demands on make severe demands on put a strain on make fed up make your gorge rise make someone feel nauseous tear to pieces work into lather set one off dish out dish it out set on give it to stick it to take a rise out of make blood boil upset the apple cart slur poison dash the hopes of have had enough become bored exhaust someone's patience grate at lose patience muss snow intrude upon disempower uncalm take over drive you crazy hurt the feelings of deaden defeat extinguish curb quell catch one short bend someone's ear muck put out of action hit like a ton of bricks hit bring around set thinking make punchy intoxicate bring up short inebriate stymie scare silly make jump carp at umbrage shatter the illusions of burst one's bubble dampen the spirits of blow out unzip send up make a monkey of disparage unglue put in a hole take steam out cripple blow up take apart make one's hackles rise hit a sour note get on someone's case clutter mess with one's head make someone's head spin be all Greek to set someone thinking ball up knock out squick drive you to distraction make livid cause someone difficulty discommodate take control of threaten menace set back impress raise someone's eyebrows bear down on damp down smite make someone's hair stand on end make your hackles rise drive you round the twist drive you round the bend shake out of your complacency hit like ton of bricks take the wind out of your sails completely surprise make someone's blood run cold be disagreeable be an affront to give offence tread on someone's toes disunify abominate cause to feel nauseous disunite pall divide cause aversion surfeit make someone's stomach rise cloy on offend morals of wean be repulsive be a problem to put someone to trouble botch bungle overstretch overtax tense blight drive you off your head make you see red lean on grip dazzle spellbind give someone bother put pressure on be in someone's hair bring pressure to bear on crawl knock the wind out of drive you out of your mind make somebody's blood boil drive out of mind cast a pall over visit take turn someone off be displeasing to victimize tyrannize buffet throw into panic harsh one's mellow jaundice empoison make resentful make bitter make someone feel sick drive somebody up the wall make emotional drive scare witless disburb stiff mau-mau strong-arm coerce drag darken turn stomach make your flesh creep give you the creeps make flesh crawl make someone go out of his way freeze your blood run down crunch overextend tyrannise make things hot for someone inspire panic in strike terror in frighten out of your wits dragoon bludgeon fill with terror make it hot for someone victimise put the frighteners on worsen wreck steamroller destroy kill run circles around hit for six downgrade leave speechless sweep someone off their feet render speechless subordinate turn someone's stomach give someone goose pimples give one the creeps chill to the bone get the wind up throw into a fright scare off make your blood run cold make someone jump out of their skin make blood run cold make one's flesh creep chill someone to the marrow make teeth chatter scare someone half to death give someone the heebie-jeebies scare away curdle the blood invigorate inspire whip up cause to feel emotional strain overdo cause to feel mental strain make tense tense up put in traction push to the limit put on trial make desolate keep under acidulate make rancorous bitter venom make a mess of spur energize pump up degrade harsh someone's mellow debase bring tears to someone's eyes bear down make someone's heart bleed dampen someone's spirits entangle sink juice up enliven inspirit foment energise envigorate trigger animate enthuse liven up activize work jazz up titillate make ill belittle reduce disagree embroil cheapen silence make a fool of pop one's balloon take down bemean make someone eat humble pie pull down make someone eat crow bring down a peg cause to lose face squash cut down to size put to shame take down a peg settle someone's hash tear down make one feel small put one away put someone in their place put away smirch take down a peg or two shoot down make eat dirt force to eat humble pie demote make unwell ravel complexify complex sophisticate be sickening be unsuitable cause illness to cause problems involve make difficult be injurious to be disturbing be injurious strike down multiply twist make intricate add fuel to fire make complicated handicap render unintelligible clog interrelate fold convolute interweave make difficulties mire elaborate intricate set hurdles combine open can of worms obscure make more difficult make complex interfuse infold snag go against the grain be distasteful have an adverse effect on


    To cause disarray or disorganization in the order of
    derange disorder disarrange disturb confuse disorganize discompose upset jumble muddle dishevel disarray muss disrupt tousle rumple shuffle unsettle dislocate scramble disjoint hash tumble ruffle confound rummage spoil shake displace interfere misplace wreck mess up mix up throw into disorder clutter agitate make untidy perturb scatter rattle fluster make a mess of throw into confusion bother muss up perplex distract distemper tangle throw into disarray worry distress dismay trouble throw disquiet disconcert bewilder discomfort flurry frazzle turn upside-down make a shambles of alarm discomfit convulse vex muddle up mix concern mess puzzle addle unbalance foul up fuss unhinge ail exercise alarum undo hagride jumble up weird out freak out destabilize disperse rearrange mistake afflict irk befuddle untidy embroil discreate pique provoke gall toss turn topsy-turvy nonplus riffle break up bring into disorder interfere with entangle unnerve complicate strew fuddle discommode litter change put out of place destabilise reorder daze turn psych out make uneasy put off get out of order get into a tangle shake up put out of order make disorderly destroy snafu dizzy wrinkle crumple overturn tamper distort meddle replace bring into disarray make hay of ravel snarl up torment throw into a state of disorganization harass rifle snarl mislay demobilize disband frenzy turn upside down louse up make a mess reorganize intermix gum up demobilise run one's fingers through excite tilt slosh reverse slop subvert mingle put in disarray throw into chaos break down shift startle frighten turn inside-out knock off balance reorganise transpose baffle annoy grieve amaze rouse arouse stir up scare intrude depress irritate pain tire dishearten outrage astound badger shift about faze burn up get in the way bestrew change the order break the deck daunt trash bemuse bamboozle make anxious jolt sicken down dement spook needle shower dirty besmirch discombobulate stop disorientate flummox disorient stupefy mystify bollix take aback throw off balance spread get to pull the rug from under throw off pull the rug out from under put someone off their stroke throw into uproar clutter up be scattered about drop litter be disarranged be strewn about get cause confusion in cause turmoil in play havoc with cut short intrude on screw up muck up rattle one's cage muddy the waters befog pose fox gravel beat buffalo upset the apple cart throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of

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