Đồng nghĩa của obsess

Alternative for obsess

obsesses, obsessed, obsessing

Đồng nghĩa: ghost, haunt,

Động từ

To be preoccupied with a single topic or emotion
rule bedevil consume dominate engross grip haunt hound monopolise monopolize plague possess preoccupy torment absorb beset control fascinate fixate harass hold infatuate prey on eat up take over take control of become an obsession with have a grip on have a hold on be on your mind prey on your mind be uppermost in your thoughts trouble worry disturb occupy enthral enthrall oppress burden immerse distract gnaw at lie heavy on engage involve weigh on concern overwhelm nag distress depress bother vex weigh heavily on affect engulf annoy hang over enrapture be a burden on be a burden to eat away at overcome devour be uppermost in someone's mind overpower overburden irritate overload throw enmesh hook lose connect assimilate mire anger grieve afflict upset burn up weigh down perturb press down on cast down grasp weigh get get down take in rivet arrest captivate intrigue interest mesmerize fix entrance fill spellbind enwrap take up all of someone's time take up someone's whole attention transfix bemuse amuse divert beguile bewitch charm entertain mesmerise busy hold your attention besiege torture beleaguer recur bug appall madden discomfit nettle infest disquiet nag at appal agonise harrow agitate agonize rack come back to stay with be ever present weigh heavily on one's mind be a weight on one's mind enchant attract hypnotize hypnotise allure magnetize delight catch up draw magnetise please grab dazzle bedazzle catch lure wile capture win hold spellbound entice wow titillate employ witch ravish excite ensnare seduce enamor turn on tantalize enamour thrill pique tantalise kill win over sweep off feet tickle pink appeal to transport tempt gratify rapture slay pull gladden take up tickle knock dead invite hold the attention of stimulate arouse take carry away bowl over knock out compel seize gain tie up bury enslave tickle your fancy woo solace vamp hog make a hit with keep busy put under a spell sew up hold in awe attach cheer corner commit delectate soak awe inspire regale appeal impress disport wrap inveigle recreate move send persuade catch hold of influence own rope in attend court satisfy make happy relax bind scintillate give pleasure to throw yourself into tickle to death draw attention arouse curiosity bring in pull in be of interest to be a hit with sit on catch your eye suck up light someone's fire float someone's boat own exclusively catch the eye of whet the appetite of maintain keep subjugate ensorcell keep amused envelop plunge concentrate keep alive keep up apply be unable to take one's eyes off animate fire intoxicate interest greatly kindle subdue stir provoke electrify use up root to the spot swamp sink drown induce prompt wrap up rap hold on to engross oneself lose oneself in get lost in become lost up on be hung forspeak voodoo trick elicit grab the attention of panic enlist beckon be concerned with be active with absorb yourself in secure obtain tickle the fancy of endear cajole call forth bring forth argue into bring around take your breath away send into transports send into raptures be attractive to perk up snare capture your imagination sit up be interesting to matter to touch engage one's attention whet one's appetite fracture break one up knock 'em dead put 'em away get one's jollies arouse the curiosity of engage someone's attention be a source of fascination to put under magic spell put horns on cast a spell on put the whammy on incline suck in pick up devote steer get under your skin ecstasize humour humor elate enliven comfort inspirit indulge exert a pull on make your mouth water exert influence on turn someone's head implicate associate embroil crack up make merry participate entangle entail impute inculpate link exercise utilise acquire exploit restrain exclude have exclusive rights in exercise a monopoly over corner the market manage copyright keep to yourself have sole rights in cartelize utilize have use exercise control lock up syndicate gain dominance over gain control over patent bogart

Động từ

To inspire with unreasoning love, attachment or enthusiasm
infatuate captivate enchant fascinate mislead beguile bewitch delude stupefy befool besot enrapture make a fool of sweep you off your feet charm entrance enthral enthrall attract please mesmerize absorb allure intrigue delight spellbind grip hypnotize magnetize lure seduce wile entertain enamor magnetise mesmerise hypnotise engross rivet transfix draw hook tantalize dazzle ravish entice amuse titillate gratify pique witch kill enamour win divert take gladden tantalise ensnare enslave put under a spell turn on sweep off feet win over carry away satisfy interest grab engage tickle pink occupy slay compel tickle your fancy tempt endear bemuse involve arrest bedazzle immerse busy enwrap catch up animate hold spellbound fire intoxicate interest greatly attach subdue arouse appeal overwhelm invite stir overpower thrill provoke kindle excite stimulate transport make hit with fall in love with hold woo vamp rope in make a hit with rapture wow appeal to preoccupy pull capture catch bowl over persuade tickle knock out knock dead exhilarate move elate impress inveigle coax send cheer astound monopolize rap make happy humor humour give a buzz cajole electrify give someone a kick distract monopolise inspire rouse content awe court suck in amaze enliven hold in awe stun indulge seize gain influence decoy delectate trick catch the eye of lead on affect betray bait solicit blow away elevate appease fill solace induce pleasure beckon fulfill fulfil regale whet the appetite of suit rejoice warm tickle to death refresh give someone a charge be of interest to bring in pull in glad hold your attention comfort hold the attention of take your breath away float someone's boat give pleasure to agree with strike overcome fix scintillate overjoy touch entrap astonish blind engulf fixate trance incline mollify placate galvanize invigorate charge subjugate sweet-talk send into raptures pacify soft-soap steer inflame assuage disport come on enthuse galvanise envigorate please greatly tie up draw attention catch your eye catch hold of pump up fire with enthusiasm brighten up be attractive to stir up hit the spot feast fire someone's imagination buck up make someone feel good light someone's fire gas make merry arouse curiosity make content turn one's head maintain keep ensorcell take somebody or something by storm bewilder snare dumbfound overawe quicken petrify be unable to take one's eyes off agitate floor gorgonize be interesting to concern perk up stagger confuse keep alive keep up paralyze root paralyse matter to envelop rivet the attention of root to the spot prompt call subject make an impression on soothe daze send into transports forspeak come on to control voodoo bedevil hold on to tickle the fancy of lead elicit grab the attention of stroke secure get obtain hog corner assimilate apply consume soak train rope drag employ bind own take someone's fancy whet someone's appetite recreate energize turn someone on fill with delight be a source of fascination to arouse the curiosity of engage someone's attention engage one's attention capture your imagination sit up whet one's appetite bring forth call forth argue into bring around satiate relax inspirit ecstasize crack up razzle-dazzle be a hit with keep busy pick up blarney blandish wheedle cast a spell on put horns on sate hit on draw in silence quieten still exert a pull on exert influence on become lost sew up up on be hung take up quench motivate frenzy jolt give great pleasure to give joy to put the whammy on put under magic spell get under your skin turn someone's head make your mouth water sweep someone off their feet flatter into smooth-talk commove dynamize jar energise suffice reconcile get someone going do one's heart good indicate bid sign summon demand ask command serve slake light a fire under meet feed oblige give the come-on to work up initiate get started show introduce provide for cloy accommodate fill the bill do the trick surfeit pander to satisfice sell flatter cater to treasure prize cherish value make your head spin go to your head hearten uplift arride groove convert party fracture nurture attract attention cheer up conciliate propitiate sweeten go over big do someone's heart good be the ticket give someone pleasure buoy up bring joy to give a lift warm the cockles of the heart get one's kicks have a get-together laugh it up treat to toss a party give a party fool deceive gentle con dupe hoodwink take in set at ease urge win the affection of put off guard convince unarm disarm undermine someone's resistance bamboozle gull double-cross string along cheat sucker snooker misguide shaft have humbug spoof juggle snow misinform burn buffalo gammon hornswoggle bluff cozen gaff hoax diddle butter up exploit flimflam rook manipulate gyp stick have on scam take advantage of jockey shave play fake out finesse chisel impose on put one over on lead up the garden path pull a swifty on pull a fast one on play for a sucker take for a ride

Động từ

Think deeply about something that makes one unhappy, angry, or worried
brood ponder muse think agonise agonize agonize over contemplate fret meditate mope dwell on fret about grieve over languish over moon over mope over mull over repine ruminate sulk about think about worry about bleed consider daydream deliberate despond dream feel despondent about gloom grieve lament languish meditate on muse on pore over reflect ruminate on sigh speculate sulk worry chew over puzzle over ruminate over weigh up chafe inwardly stew over sweat out sweat over think upon dwell upon eat your heart out be in brown study cogitate study cerebrate weigh revolve think over be in a brown study reflect on brood over turn over pore on rack brains debate question perpend moon entertain turn reason figure kick around wrestle with put on thinking cap eye examine brood on give thought to pine excogitate roll review be lost in thought evaluate mull wonder cogitate on brood about stew dwell puzzle deliberate about ponder over ponder on deliberate on be in a reverie brainstorm ruminate about judge appraise noodle around cogitate about use one's head hammer away at give much thought to ask oneself about think hard ask oneself woolgather regret yearn conceive be despondent be miserable give consideration to build castles in air pine away imagine intellectualize analyze discuss comprehend rationalize chew on speculate about look at logicalize consult chew the cud ideate debate with oneself argue analyse intellectualise figure out rationalise mind have in mind bat it around pour it on turn over in one's mind talk over knock around think on sort out wonder about beat one's brains out about muse over run up a flagpole be indecisive put on one's thinking cap about medidate upon think out recollect feel percolate mull over things pore chew over things stew about understand give some thought to be lost in contemplation mourn suffer discern lucubrate sleep on it cudgel your brains concentrate apprehend process chew plan design size up think of reflect upon scheme purpose intend bemoan devise digest project propose envisage envision rue plot view engage in contemplation track sorrow think deeply entertain idea be in a thoughtful state flash on estimate say to oneself fantasize swoon romanticize rhapsodize gush feel unhappy be unhappy appreciate resolve deduce infer regret the loss of cry over weep over languish for shed tears for romanticise rhapsodise fantasise be upset ratiocinate cudgel marvel stargaze stop to consider take under consideration feel despondent feel upset feel miserable chaw stare into space puzzle out think hard about space out zone out trip out tune out be inattentive be in cloud cuckoo land have your head in the clouds be in a trance be miles away pout let one's thoughts wander be preoccupied be abstracted indulge in wool-gathering be delirious idle despair grump be gloomy grumble be sad sink ache be dejected chafe hang around waste time lose heart be apathetic have a long face be in a funk be down in the dumps go about like a half-shut knife be down in the mouth wear a long face think through explore investigate assess scrutinize go over probe inspect research scrutinise go into deliberate over look into picture delve into meditate over think up inquire go through come up with consider the pros and cons of invent take stock of dream up formulate contrive survey conceive of cook up sum up trump up concoct dig into enquire conjure up pick at read contemplate on regard develop discover interpret hatch create dissect enquire into make up peruse determine soul-search self-reflect visualize visualise look inward audit theorize conjecture dive into construct observe introspect self-question clarify conceptualize make sense of take perceive compare anticipate check out manufacture decide on form frame behold hypothesize put together cerebrate on see conceptualise theorise work out meditate upon toy with draw up throw together dope out play around with hypothesise pioneer innovate look over drum up hash over kick about image have a think about spend too much time thinking about problem-solve spark go on about bat around head trip wallow in spark off linger upon keep thinking about linger on keep talking about parse winnow delve bethink monitor make balance contextualize contextualise entertain the thought of consider the possibility of moot get down to brass tacks reflect about register get a load of ruminate upon expect deal with take under advisement quest pick apart learn plunge dig cram coach tutor plug refresh grind assimilate accept experiment conduct research into canvass query check scan metabolise speculate on revolve in one's mind take in cool out aspire to entertain the idea of rate sweat rehash eye up take as an example consider as an example look at as an example intercommunicate eyeball deliberate upon make enquiries into do research conduct a survey of sense anatomize esteem treat assay cultivate communicate tackle scope out look scrutinate doubt pull an all-nighter elucubrate read up polish up learn the ropes burn the midnight oil apply oneself bury oneself in hit the books bone up crack the books burn midnight oil metabolize deconstruct cut make inquiries into suggest support moralize machinate originate mastermind craft bring to light uncover unearth be inquisitive be curious break down look upon look on guess find maintain bat back and forth bat about perform realise realize identify harbour hold foster harbor surmise brook countenance cherish tolerate share ideas put heads together free-associate pinpoint suppose trifle with flirt with play with NtRtain pronounce pontificate sermonize preach set down whip up map out recognise recognize heed presume assume suspicion suspect postulate daresay fancy agree to approve of take into consideration think idly about fantasy vision depicture figure something out find a solution to find an answer to draft bear in mind psych out hazard a guess guesstimate make guesses make suppositions form theories have a hunch run it up flagpole call it call the turn beat one's brains read between lines pipe-dream dope picture in one's mind's eye conjure up an image of bring carry out choreograph put up strategize thrash out model brew draught tailor start up run up hammer out grind out outline throw up coin turn out decide crank out cobble together get carve out arrange obtain work on lay out churn out allow yourself to consider entertain the possibility of have thoughts about argue the pros and cons of keep in mind philosophize moralise philosophise sermonise fabricate evolve educe derive vamp up sift inquire into experiment with

Động từ

Obsess, fawn

Động từ

To cause to become angry
rankle anger annoy irritate rile infuriate irk fester gall exasperate upset vex affront displease nettle offend provoke aggravate chafe embitter enflame enrage incense inflame ire mad madden miff outrage peeve pique roil cause annoyance to cause resentment to nark tick off bother fret gnaw gnaw at grate on harass hurt mortify needle pain pester plague steam up torment eat away at hack off eat up get your goat hack you off get on your nerves bug ruffle gravel wind up get rub up the wrong way antagonize put out ride get to grate antagonise rasp burn up drive up the wall get across hassle give someone the hump make someone see red exacerbate hump disturb gripe persecute drive crazy spite eat frost agitate drive mad goad get under your skin itch bum out rark rub the wrong way get your back up tee off make angry make your blood boil put your back up get in your hair get at drive to distraction disgruntle frustrate trouble get on one's nerves nag tease drive round the bend rankle with make cross make somebody's hackles rise give someone the pip send into a rage T-off worry drive round the twist distress raise your hackles ruffle one's feathers harry get on your wick perturb disgust burn get up someone's nose make waves give a hard time try your patience get your dander up insult wear on empurple badger abrade bedevil umbrage niggle cheese off stir up fire up acerbate put someone's nose out of joint egg on sour rattle get someone dissatisfy excite try molest get across someone jar on bait hack drive bananas eat at make you see red be at be on your back get your hackles up rub you up the wrong way be on the back of rattle someone's cage ask for it get a rise out of hit where one lives rouse poison envenom discompose disquiet alienate hound wound chagrin incite empoison jaundice mither bite sting make bitter criticize scandalize brown off try the patience of craze incommode stick in one's craw work up taunt concern bum wear set one's teeth on edge grill criticise cross give someone grief scandalise make rancorous turn off be a pain in the neck whip up be a thorn in someone's side drive you up the wall raise hell jar discountenance irritate greatly drive insane chide steam nudge break henpeck get on the wrong side of make an enemy of somebody distemper beleaguer dog inconvenience discommode make you angry bristle mess wig rile up cavil stroke someone's hair the wrong way push someon's buttons mess with make see red push button heat up work on wear out mist boil arouse huff stew snit pet tiff unhinge start pick on be a thorn in someone's flesh make sore lose one's temper blow up awake absorb quicken grab ignite goose attract interest motivate prick work into lather set on set off take a rise out of find fault with nag at fog mist up fog up cloud be like a red rag to a bull drive you crazy give the business slight possess distract shatter get on someone drive you to distraction make livid aggrieve appal haunt appall wrong drive you out of your mind drive you off your head drive out of mind drive you round the bend make somebody's blood boil drive you round the twist give offence to make indignant cloud over cause offence to be an affront to boil over become misty become misted cause offense to mist over torture colour taint oppress burden slap dis disrespect diss exercise smoulder disillusion disaffect put be bothered hang over beleague cause anxiety weigh heavily on someone's mind prey on your mind be a weight on someone's mind abuse confront dispraise slander injure make sick impair color harm infect brew intensify ferment make resentful put down dump on give a zinger give the cold shoulder become covered with condensation discourage worsen ulcerate gather blister canker ulcer smolder acidulate bitter estrange venom afflict cause annoyance cause vexation cause resentment cause bitterness fluster depress embarrass fuss eat away at one's mind gnaw at one's mind give a bad time mix up beset disconcert dismay perplex discomfit faze agonize rack devil unsettle agonise ail stress hector chivvy harrow heckle unnerve alarm bully grieve strain flurry confuse discomfort besiege pursue curse discombobulate confound excruciate frazzle anguish shock sadden importune freak out weird out rag derail heavy alarum hagride intimidate undo horrify keep after keep on at rib throw abash chaff go on at tantalize ridicule tantalise weigh down tax disoblige chivy sicken make uneasy make anxious cut to the quick crush rattle one's cage crucify mock cause offense browbeat humiliate cause suffering to razz nauseate affect haze hurt somebody's feelings lie heavy on prod nonplus dun be offensive disappoint frighten bewilder puzzle pother victimize josh shame bore repel banter weary blight guy smite dishearten terrorize tire scare quiz interrupt grind assail victimise lead on breathe down someone's neck martyr press shake scold terrorise tyrannize shake up throw off balance wring bend someone's ear harp on at rag on tyrannise take the mickey be on one's case make uncomfortable take the piss out of make miserable make a monkey of roast discontent stir bluster kid cow gibe deride dispirit curdle satirize attack zing jive joke test rally put off daunt twit sound grip thwart disgrace cause trouble to intrude upon demoralize fun floor chiack be a nuisance to make discontented overwhelm spook shuck put someone off their stroke bullyrag smoke jangle demoralise rot psych sledge mistreat make unhappy coerce demean satirise enslave push hang up laugh at infest muddle preoccupy put the squeeze on make someone fed up jeer at dumbfound scoff at flip out make fun of indispose jibe at poke fun at send up barrage ply weigh heavily on make jokes about goof on make things hot for someone make it hot for someone dominate cause anxiety to be sarcastic about poke mullock at make sport of sling off at make fretful flirt with put on have on flout at make self-conscious cause anguish to key up turn on put on the spot poke borak at weigh heavily on one's mind do someone's head in make a scene tyrannize over make wretched weigh on drive nuts face get someone's wick fool around spur tell off rattle someone's chain question tweak examine stress out scorn push one's buttons macerate noodge despoil foray misplease wing revolt cool cap insist remind kid around devastate foil impose upon startle give someone hell chill unman get on the nerves of jerk around cut pressurize run up the wrong way repulse breath down someone's neck pressurise get in the hair of play dirty stretch sap drain exhaust begrudge crab grudge pick at punish bone beat hunt dragoon expel exile damage traumatize scar despair jar upon grate upon tatter erode fray panic be hurtful to bleed mourn cause anguish cause suffering lambaste cause sorrow occupy disorder insist on wear upon peck at consume be in someone's way roust be prey to deject disarrange scratch around yap at rasp one's nerves unquiet get even louse up bulldoze search high heaven be disagreeable to push the buttons of turn incapacitate flip debilitate cramp call names be a pest to tear sweat fear single out arouse hostility in scour wear down lean on blackjack muddy foul accost encroach intrude terrify put pressure on obtrude impede hinder snub resent set someone's teeth on edge make nervous make restless bring pressure to bear on inflict anguish on lie heavily on cause agony to put through wringer bogart nit-pick strap desolate lay up be in someone's hair slur get the knife into stick the knife into be the victim of get on someone's back thumb nose at entangle hamper make someone scratch their head occupy thoughts upset the applecart aggress grind on grind at traumatise rock the boat mess with someone's head sweat out be a great weight on recur bring down lead someone a merry dance play cat and mouse rub salt in wound rage wear away stump furbelow frill flummox fuddle disrupt disaccord disharmonize discord deflate humble impose on do a number on cut up arouse anxiety in push buttons make it tough for lose patience entice titillate tire out come back to stay with prey on be a weight on one's mind be ever present cause concern to cause discomfort to carp at deter mystify disorientate take aback dampen spirits break one's heart cast down start on abase get on someone's case lash at do in tear to pieces hurt the feelings of menace make blue drag down put a damper on break the heart of chasten put into a funk jump on one's case put into a flap cause someone to lose their composure throw into a tizz become bored grate at have had enough exhaust someone's patience break in fall upon fall on threaten make demands on make severe demands on put a strain on be disagreeable give offence tread on someone's toes start in on scrape away bite into wear to shreds put someone off their stride worst make someone laugh on the other side of their face take the wind out of your sails make someone laugh out of the other side of their mouth set someone back on their heels throw into tizzy give the needle berate disparage dishonour discredit belittle degrade lie heavy on someone's mind weigh heavy on someone's mind tempt intrigue beguile fascinate lure allure lose the affection of make awkward make ashamed show up own gnaw away at reproach revile domineer hit a sour note dishonor stun put in a spot put out of countenance let down throw into a tizzy put in a hole catch one short baffle charm override upbraid mau-mau strong-arm take down get one's comeuppance make someone eat humble pie put to shame make turbid take down a peg take the wind out keep someone hanging on keep hanging make your mouth water strike be autocratic visit take buffet fulminate spout rant rave suppress subjugate maltreat subdue repress heighten compound magnify augment hegemonize overpower master overcome ill-treat complicate amplify exploit subject scourge slang increase keep down treat harshly encumber overload saddle be cruel to grind down bring under the yoke tyrranize rule with an iron hand trample underfoot weigh heavy upon hold down smother handicap beat down be brutal to rule with a rod of iron trample on rule over hold sway over walk all over put screws to bring someone to their knees ride roughshod over overthrow trample despotize rule force put upon bring to heel grumble complain spoof slam snap make matters worse to make matters worse go from bad to worse rub salt in the wounds feed the fire add fuel to the flames hit on make worse fan the flames compound the problem add insult to injury add fuel to the fire add to rub salt in a wound fan the flames of mess around pull someone's leg swipe at pull one's leg

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