Đồng nghĩa của weigh down


To cause sadness or distress to
depress sadden afflict deject oppress trouble worry burden dash get down bum out dash the hopes of dispirit discourage dishearten cast down daunt dismay crush demoralize distress desolate demoralise dampen upset shake grieve make gloomy make despondent weigh heavily on make sad enervate hang over bring down knock the stuffing out of make unhappy knock for six put a damper on throw cold water on pour cold water on make someone fed up knock sideways give someone the blues sap subdue torment weaken ail chill humble cow make desolate perturb weary damp aggrieve abase bother debilitate chagrin haunt harrow dash someone's hopes break someone's spirit make your heart bleed turn one off cast a gloom upon break someone's heart bring tears to your eyes cause suffering to beat down dull bring tears to one's eyes dampen someone's spirit make one's heart bleed get someone down abash discomfort make miserable shatter floor try drain disturb mortify faze bring tears to someone's eyes drag run down dampen someone's spirits bear down harsh someone's mellow reduce to tears bug beat darken make someone's heart bleed keep under lower break suppress overwhelm subjugate stifle devitalize squelch smother diminish press deplore down pain curb overcome defeat deaden quell overpower extinguish dampen spirits put into a funk cast a gloom on break one's heart make blue bring one down drag down cast a pall over bear down on damp down harass vex lie prey on lie heavy on take the heart out of deter throw unman unnerve frustrate disappoint undermine humiliate indispose disincline make downhearted make dispirited make dejected make crestfallen disparage throw a pall over put down


To cause concern or anxiety
weigh burden oppress beset bother trouble worry afflict depress distress disturb grieve haunt nag torment upset cast down gnaw at hang over lie heavy on obsess perturb plague press down on prey on be a burden on be a burden to get someone down take over take control of prey on someone's mind vex annoy harass bug concern agitate discompose irk fret strain torture disquiet bedevil agonize irritate disconcert pester faze stress try get to agonise make anxious cause anxiety to sadden alarm harrow dismay fuss harry niggle hassle ail beleaguer perplex aggravate give a hard time burn up drive up the wall be a great weight on unsettle flurry discomfort deject distract rack frazzle distemper persecute besiege tax unhinge aggrieve badger hagride exercise rattle alarum derail undo pain hurt discombobulate gall make uncomfortable stir up weigh heavily on niggle at give a bad time make uneasy cause discomfort to cause concern to weird out freak out bum out weigh heavily on someone's mind unnerve work up cause anxiety possess discomfit weigh on grind at nag at mither inconvenience lie heavily on rankle with prey on your mind press incommode dash stew sweat fear dish it out overcharge cause trouble to stick it to give it to get down dish out cause suffering to curse hound spook puzzle anguish lie heavy on someone's mind grind weigh heavy on someone's mind hack you off flip out give someone grief make waves interrupt psych excruciate assail dog affect attack embarrass overwhelm entangle hamper aggress jump on one's case start in on ride give one the business put the squeeze on pick on fall on fall upon give the needle mortify dispirit dishearten bring down wound sting dampen spirits crush break one's heart bring one down discommode discourage put into a funk hack off make miserable make blue exasperate nark displease cause anguish to chasten put a damper on break the heart of rile make wretched cut to the quick drag down fluster scare throw despair tease frighten test importune chafe needle weigh heavily on one's mind mess with someone's head do someone's head in tear sweat out tantalise goad tantalize hector dun blight smite crucify provoke pursue wring molest nettle martyr grip mistreat punish ruffle cause agony to devil scourge put out confront face be a nuisance to victimize rend devastate pique injure convulse peeve buffet maltreat harm abuse frustrate suffer ill-treat taunt get preoccupy grate chivvy rasp eat bait frost gripe itch rule spite tyrannize heavy dominate heckle wrong infest victimise impose on bend someone's ear tyrannise get on your nerves hang up bedog petition solicit pressurize be in someone's way muse labor labour sear tear away at belabour gut pierce stab squirm buttonhole grizzle keep after shake cut up urge rock scorn bully rib chaff gnaw be prey to inflict anguish on cause pain to sicken be the victim of cause disquiet to get in your hair drive round the bend be on your back ruin destroy ravage hunt be afflicted with suffer from be plagued with be troubled by rag throw off psych out put off offend pressurise belabor bombard be blighted with be burdened with be bedevilled by be break bone goose thwart foil terrorize excoriate be unwell roust go on at miff be a pest to lead someone a merry dance play cat and mouse rub salt in wound put through wringer drive bananas harp on at be indisposed be crook upset the apple cart begrudge crab grudge get even cramp style put someone's nose out of joint louse up disrupt recur egg on accost pother encroach intrude obtrude confuse terrify terrorise be sick be wrong with feel pain be in pain feel unwell be ill be weak be the matter with appall madden appal discriminate against come back to disadvantage disoblige stay with break in inflict suffering on inflict pain on be ever present meddle cause someone difficulty discommodate interfere strike be a weight on one's mind take visit be a problem to put someone to trouble make someone go out of his way make it tough put in a spot put on the spot give someone bother put to trouble give trouble monopolize consume engross absorb suppress subjugate fascinate hold infatuate control fixate disgust rark insult subdue eat up monopolise chivy browbeat nudge bore repress enslave impede cross hinder master overcome hegemonize overpower rub up the wrong way become an obsession with be on your mind have a hold on be uppermost in your thoughts have a grip on exploit subject grate on intrude upon get on your wick keep down treat harshly breathe down someone's neck carp at make one's hackles rise get on someone's case encumber overload rule with a rod of iron trample on saddle rule over put down be cruel to hold sway over walk all over grind down tyrannize over bring under the yoke put screws to bring someone to their knees outrage ride roughshod over overthrow trample despotize tyrranize rule with an iron hand coerce trample underfoot weigh heavy upon force hold down smother put upon bring to heel handicap beat down be brutal to


To impede the work or progress of
encumber hamper cramp hinder handicap impede inhibit obstruct restrict clog inconvenience check retard trammel constrain delay embarrass fetter handcuff hobble hog-tie limit manacle overload restrain shackle short-circuit slow slow down stall stymie disadvantage incommode block bog down bother charge discommode hold back hold up interfere with oppress tie up hang up make difficult saddle with get in the way curb frustrate hamstring baulk bar cumber bridle bork balk get in the way of halt forestall interrupt derail prohibit stay stonewall interfere sabotage crab sandbag throttle screen obscure complicate put a brake on stand in the way of monkey with thwart foil curtail prevent set back cripple entangle tie bind baffle debilitate leash cramp one's style drag one's feet tie one's hands throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of stop arrest confine hold repress catch shut out counteract circumvent interdict nip in the bud still stem forbid preclude control moderate regulate suppress keep back draw up avert debar pull up fetch up choke hold off cut off intercept head off shut off disallow ban detain proscribe pause counter entrammel exclude brake withhold staunch contain freeze stifle straiten reduce oppose suspend deter bring up disrupt avoid burden keep waiting scotch shut down bring to a standstill stave off rein in dam defend against ward off close out put at a disadvantage keep lid on rule out place at a disadvantage tie someone down circumscribe end constrict ensnare enmesh net capture snag entrap impair hem in tether set limits on impose limits on idle cause to wait make late slow up cause to stay keep sideline tie down shelve hold captive clip someone's wings drag feet immobilize immobilise fix scrub sidetrack drop brace can give disadvantage take out stand fence put straitjacket on throw monkey wrench in cramp someone's style put the brakes on pick off take out of play put out of commission knock off put off bring to a screeching halt lock up turn aside stave ward fend off chill obviate keep off put a stop to put an end to forfend cool keep at bay cork anticipate bring to an end treat unfairly be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably do a disservice to tell against wrong inflict a handicap on give a disadvantage to treat harshly enjoin stand still plug come to a standstill not move stand off peter out outlaw rein neutralize caulk barricade seal get out of defeat temper stunt decelerate cut short terminate muffle squelch smother swallow jam clog up blockade block out close up fill up fill deny except eliminate blackball govern fight back bottleneck slacken escape put paid to bypass evade beat estop refuse reject ostracize repulse discourage bottle up tame rebuff choke back neutralise checkmate pack close close off jam up stop up block up stuff choke up bung up stanch lessen decrease mire abate lag retardate diminish circumnavigate nullify overturn override freeze out ostracise count out shut out of exile keep in check block off occlude bung reef quiet loiter qualify postpone procrastinate embog steer clear of sidestep deflect crimp skirt pull in keep under control slacken pace keep a lid on bite back hold in hold down bottle stopper muzzle gag congest choke off plug up stem the flow of crash wreck put the stopper on stump ditch take wind out of ruin spoil take down upset scupper do for outwit juke put the kibosh on unsettle put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps cut down wind down cut back back-water hit the brakes lose speed anchor it put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time

Trái nghĩa của weigh down

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