Đồng nghĩa của ballast

Alternative for ballast

ballasts, ballasted, ballasting

Đồng nghĩa: ballast resistor, barretter, light ballast,


To fill (a vehicle, ship, container, etc.) with a large amount of something
load pack stuff fill heap cram charge jam pile brim squeeze wedge stack stock lade store deposit stow mass place top choke freight bundle chock bear weigh flood swamp oversupply gorge surfeit arrange carry containerize glut jam-pack fill up pile up heap up put away load up top off ram in put aboard pour in pile it on crowd ram stockpile shove press thrust clog overfill compress stash push force squash crush fill to overflowing stick shoehorn top up restock hoard refill cache fill to the brim replenish put mound reserve throng sardine gather overcrowd treasure amass congest collect sandwich lay away lay by pack like sardines salt away put by squirrel away lay in lay up plug keep mob cluster bunch save accumulate deluge tuck tamp assemble garner warehouse overload compact rick wad provision hill squirrel tidy away cram full put in storage put aside set aside lay aside stack up clog up stock up keep in reserve make a pile of bank up put aside for a rainy day make a heap of make a stack of sock away stow away bung up smother arm pound layer cumber insert confine pack in pack it in pad line put things in overstuff upholster pack tightly reload refurnish drive prepare to fire thrust in drive in supply load with choke up stop make full become full brim over refresh recharge force into stuff to the gills close seal furnish caulk bung dam saturate equip stopper block scrimp husband inundate obstruct occlude plant cumulate put together cork hold archive preserve mothball conserve retain park stop up dam up block up sate supersaturate maintain bank hutch reposit hive hide bury pack up satiate get in supplies of put up put to one side stash away put down stock up on put into storage roll up save for rainy day pack away tidy up put in store lock up put away for a rainy day lock away stock up with save up elbow huddle muster justle flock stream congregate surge troop squish swarm fill to excess cloy hog make a pig of oneself overwhelm feast burden pall overstock jade overfeed put aside for rainy day tuck away put by for a rainy day buy up pack 'em in


To burden, load or encumber with

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ballast Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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