Đồng nghĩa của equilibrium

Alternative for equilibrium

equilibria, equilibriums

Đồng nghĩa: balance, firmness, soundness, stability, steadiness,


A calm state of mind
composure calmness coolness equanimity calm collectedness serenity poise self-possession stability cool imperturbability sangfroid steadiness placidity tranquillity cool-headedness level-headedness aplomb composedness countenance impassiveness impassivity placidness repose self-command self-composedness self-control tranquility tranquilness unexcitability ataraxia ataraxy unflappability polish presence of mind self-assurance assurance sang-froid nerve nonchalance control confidence dispassion self-confidence dignity peace of mind phlegm patience levelheadedness contentment even-temperedness cool head peace even temper restraint stoicism sobriety ease balance coolheadedness self-restraint peacefulness content quiet assuredness indifference stillness fortitude sedateness imperturbation detachment togetherness untroubledness suaveness equability imperturbableness self-assuredness self-esteem self-trust elegance inexcitability tact sureness urbanity surety savoir faire self-composure mellowness steadfastness self-discipline style savoir vivre even-mindedness presence diplomacy tactfulness stolidity positiveness savoir-faire assertiveness conviction self-reliance certainty calm demeanor courage certitude faith security cocksureness boldness satisfaction face firmness doubtlessness belief in oneself faith in oneself aggressiveness audacity arrogance presumption effrontery impudence trust temerity bravery forbearance tolerance sufferance resignation endurance understanding longanimity persistence submission kindness toleration consideration lenience perseverance indulgence grit constancy passivity capacity backbone gutsiness bearing passiveness heart guts moderation nonresistance long-suffering intestinal fortitude temperance mildness quietude restfulness dispassionateness temperateness sereneness happiness unconcern self-mastery apathy insouciance quietness hush still disregard incuriousness incuriosity measure comfort rest heartsease well-being casualness heedlessness reasonableness fairness disinterest airiness contentedness joy bliss pleasure disinterestedness complacence torpor silence moderateness justice relaxation constraint carelessness felicity delight lull freedom morale noiselessness abstemiousness justness judiciousness inner peace non-indulgence inactivity inaction lenity sedation high spirits fulfilment reposefulness strength of mind order fulfillment golden mean peace and quiet law and order philosophicalness philosophy peaceableness leniency equableness temper carefreeness relaxedness quickness gumption common sense sense alertness quick-wittedness self-respect harmony light-heartedness willpower calm bearing cool demeanor reliability chill demeanor good humour good humor stolidness frivolousness jauntiness breeziness lack of emotion cheer inner strength positive self-image high morale exuberance abstention self-containment continence will self-government nirvana soundness ecstasy good sense easy-going attitude lack of concern numbness coldness emotionlessness insensibility affectlessness elation euphoria reassurance ataraxis unwinding frostiness will power comity compatibility strength of will dullness uninterest aloofness insensibleness unresponsiveness listlessness halfheartedness lethargy insensitivity lassitude soothingness clear conscience quiet mind mental freedom mental repose leisure mettle élan resoluteness resolution pluck brashness fearlessness tenacity spirit dash prosperity enjoyment sufficiency determination daring intrepidity positivity elan hardihood buoyancy spunk winding down calming oneself loosening up easiness relish wealth gratification prosperousness cosiness idleness easefulness plenty affluence gladness luxury self-efficacy can-do attitude opulence coziness decompression self-content free time bed of roses freedom from hardship freedom from troubles


A state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced
balance equipoise counterpoise symmetry evenness stability equality equilibration parity poise stasis steadiness equipollence counterbalance equivalence correspondence equity uniformity agreement consistency proportion similarity harmony parallelism levelness stabilization stabilisation congruity consonance regularity conformity sameness coherence comparability form coequality symphony unity consonancy congruence order concinnity coordination equivalency orchestration concord coordinateness calming maintenance arrangement adequation equatability par steadying evening out status quo even balance equanimity homeostasis likeness identity footing equalness model usual level median compatibility accord identicalness alikeness equalization equalisation accordance conformance congruency synchronization resemblance blending integration commensurateness the usual sense of balance togetherness unison concordance blend equal footing attunement integrity fitness suitability synchronisation articulation orderliness shapeliness centrality finish proportionality rhythm even-steven antithesis hang constancy tension symmetrical balance analogy similitude affinity oneness indistinguishability homogeneity correlation analogousness interchangeability homogeneousness standardization relationship selfsameness closeness comparison semblance standardisation match unvariedness association uniformness simile comparableness Xerox ditto reproduction effigy copy photocopy no difference lookalike equal terms knock-off dead ringer parallel nearness tie draw rapport counterpart union compliance image facsimile clone carbon double monotony tedium repetition predictability community photograph representation portrait guise study picture appearance delineation replica depiction coincidence equation level pegging agreeing affiliation alliance complying smoothness similar nature duplication interchangeableness synonymy approximation exchangeability synonym quits rendering empathy unanimity alignment concession concert reconciliation concurring congeniality amity compromise verification accession accommodation invariability proportions assenting acceding acknowledging ratifying standing equating harmoniousness invariableness concurrence dead heat same score conformability relations position equability balancing equableness evenness of form apposition identification matching pairing likening connection lack of variation status even tenor lack of change reckoning terms mathematical statement



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