Đồng nghĩa của reassurance

Alternative for reassurance

reassurance /,ri:ə'ʃuərəns/
  • danh từ
    • sự cam đoan một lần nữa, sự đoan chắc một lần nữa
    • sự làm yên tâm, sự làm yên lòng; sự làm vững dạ
    • sự bảo hiểm lại


Help or encouragement given to someone or something
lift aid encouragement help fillip stimulus succour succor abetment assistance hand impetus push spur support backing boost comfort kick relief secours tonic assist buzz leg up pick-me-up gee-up helping hand shot in the arm facilitation cooperation promotion reinforcement service backup sustenance incentive inspiration motivation endorsement uplift stimulant incitement goad impulse abettance furtherance advocacy espousal favour favor kindness guidance good turn bolster accessory instigation yeast crutch contribution advancement furthering security momentum provocation complicity incitation benefit kick-start hand-holding sanction care giving deliverance salvation alleviation advice rescue attention approval collaboration prod inducement stimulation spurring on blessing championing seconding goodness grace consolation use nourishment good deed maintenance a helping hand a leg up reviver spice prompt guide influence compensation championship patronage zest commendation accompaniment auspices secondment adherence moral support agreement permission authorization consent ratification confirmation concurrence approbation OK go-ahead acceptance assent licence authorisation green light acquiescence leave okay clearance validation thumbs up seal of approval imprimatur recommendation O.K. warrant stamp of approval mandate license nod permit rubber stamp say-so allowance authority affirmation countenance sufferance granting concession accord services testimonial certification dispensation compliance accreditation good wishes intervention carte blanche authentication benefaction fiat solidarity nurturance credentials mentoring easement ministrations liberty verification freedom understanding offices admission harmony tolerance yes acknowledgment endorsation acknowledgement say so abettal wingman mediation indulgence intercession abetting accession aegis intermediation agency ministration ease helpfulness consensus love recognition participation wingwoman office reserves right on blank check regard assenting acceding ratifying stamp responsiveness word reinforcements auxiliaries valediction investment sponsorship Godspeed good offices documentation substantiation finance additional resources head start palliation donation counsel charity attendance access right evidence proof attestation privilege power entitlement exemption prerogative condonance discretion empowerment avowal impunity sanctification pass latitude run charter order toleration decree passage condonation seal admittance command establishment all clear character blank cheque green-light free hand free rein testament voucher testimony witness alignment forwarding goodwill partiality unity fellowship demonstration bolstering weight circumstantiation sustainment association union affiliation unanimity oneness alliance tribute reference certificate philanthropy corroboration like-mindedness esprit de corps sympathy good word character reference a kindness a hand a lift a favour a good turn a break upholding signature subscription superscription comment countersignature qualification hubba-hubba commercial stroke subscription to the nod pat on back


Protection from harm, damage, loss, or theft
safekeeping care custody guardianship keeping trust ward charge custodianship protection supervision aegis assurance certainty cover guarding insurance preservation protecting refuge safeguard safety security shelter surveillance tutelage good hands defence guard screen invulnerability shield salvation strength defense sanctuary safeguarding armor shielding fortification indemnity immunity barrier buffer conservation surety armament armour safeness stability ammunition wall self-defense safe keeping asylum haven buckler support bulwark egis stronghold retreat safe haven bastion harbour harbor upkeep protector rampart maintenance provision hiding place guarantee indemnification hideout fastness supporter defender precaution resistance shade fence buttress earthwork mainstay prop weapon port in a storm safe house safety net coverage arms warranty embankment hideaway upholding bumper freedom barricade breastwork parapet safe harbor precautions cushion harborage safety measure battlement safety device continuation continuance weaponry preparation munitions unassailability escape retainment inviolability backing deterrent deterrence concealment solace defences fort saving warrant impregnability peace redemption comfort relief stockade keep palisade sanctum preserving conserving defenses safety measures pad secret place citadel fail-safe oasis den outwork perpetuation sustentation bolt-hole foxhole defensive wall preserval shock absorber port bartizan hole mound preventive measure ivory tower bank shadow hidey-hole a roof resilience welfare lee insurance policy mail absorber compensation payment safeguards endorsement hermitage cloister apron mask exception untouchability impenetrability imperviousness reimbursement preventive well-being fender barbican backstop privacy secrecy seclusion palladium caution prophylactic hiding housing allowance guards measures freedom from danger protective device hill vallation ridge circumvallation vallum elevation convoy escort public safety zoar covert querencia life assurance life insurance financial protection warfare resort church convent safety guard fallback midst buildup disarmament ordnance hardware deployment rearmament mobilization arming dike dam head castellation battlements preserve hole-up evaporation storage tanning refrigeration heart prolongation continuity sustainment sustaining something to fall back on care and feeding material gun heat centre partition protective wall buffet sustention circle core safety plug protective umbrella sheet anchor safety valve keeping going keeping alive keeping up carrying on carrying-on place of safety pledge embrace center bosom levee breakwater mobilisation collateral redoubt castle fortress pawn bond underwriting gage hostage blockhouse earnest guaranty bail hold ravelin fieldwork fortalice covenant gauge contract embattlement presidio outpost block entrenchment garrison building up


Psychological support


A statement or assertion intended to inspire confidence
assurance guarantee promise oath pledge vow commitment word affirmation statement assertion avowal bond declaration profession parole protestation troth undertaking lock shoo-in support warrant lock on sure thing rain or shine word of honor word of honour covenant contract agreement asseveration pact warranty attestation swearing deal guaranty compact stipulation obligation proclamation avouchment engagement pronouncement averment announcement solemn word claim security insistence swear espousal promissory note surety sacred word testimony charter affidavit certificate sworn statement maintenance affiance pawn understanding contention bargain settlement plight arrangement treaty deposition bail certification testament acknowledgment solemn oath gentlemen's agreement solemn promise testimonial disclosure acknowledgement report okay allegation stamp of approval betrothal token earnest insurance consent marriage gage transaction decision persistence concordat accord gauge stress emphasis reiteration resolution resolve confirmation adjuration collateral debenture convention ratification verification faith committal binder task solemn declaration sworn declaration written promise green light verbal agreement handshake concord concordance acceptance health toast meeting of minds gentleman's agreement meeting of the minds submission postulation thesis opinion argument utterance communication defence predication vindication stressing explanation articulation account asservation defense mouthful divulgence communiqué evidence revelation presentation recitation comment formulation promulgation expression positive statement say so two cents' worth verbalism verbalization narrative ventilation dictum observation speech wording bulletin recital vocalization rundown remark relation phrasing mention expression of facts charge vocalisation picture manifesto voice presentment reckoning blow-by-blow aside expounding description expression of views ejaculation confession representation plea pretence admission pretense document witness accusation legal instrument official declaration case sworn testimony narration story recognition pretension averral view stand position version belief sworn evidence written testimony notarized statement interpretation information intimation imputation hint implication indication insinuation suggestion idea hypothesis impeachment crimination overment censure maintaining discussion advancement contestation hurrah demurrer rumpus ground making out exposure unbosoming concession self-confession allowance telling enumeration revealing squeal assenting disclosing squawk song exposé publication owning up acceptance of blame acceptance of responsibility making public

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