Đồng nghĩa của gauge

Alternative for gauge

gauges, gauged, gauging

Đồng nghĩa: appraise, assess, estimate, judge, measure, rate, size up,


To judge or assess (a situation, mood, etc.)
estimate guess judge assess evaluate reckon appraise adjudge rate analyze analyse calculate call conjecture determine figure make place put suppose guesstimate weigh up size up get the measure of form an impression of form an opinion of gage consider count deem esteem regard hold value think believe view account surmise class look upon see deduce look on set measure valuate regard as peg set down check hold to be predict look on as compute rank imagine weigh conceive approximate fix grade assay find interpret as see as feel sum up suspect infer survey classify establish class as ascertain take for view as expect think of as check out work out discern think of make an estimate of put down as gather conclude understand reason allow size divine appreciate figure out price categorize position set at calculate roughly categorise forecast extrapolate decide review assume presume derive examine discover postulate speculate hypothesize inspect order contemplate group distinguish read anticipate fathom hazard foresee theorize daresay visualise visualize venture sort check up on stand interpret arrange predicate suggest eye up assign pick hypothesise theorise look over treat take to be roughly calculate score list index take account of put a value on go out on a limb take a shot at pigeonhole dare say take a stab at make a guess at line up typecast make of mark hazard a guess put down for range think likely button down jump to a conclusion budget explain apprise repute make rough guess confirm identify recce take measure of eye audit prophesy verify quantify dope out count up number put a figure on admire find out revere figure in respect say compartment brand compartmentalise distribute separate assort type break down compartmentalize codify put in order have one's number provide for factor into allow for factor in vet learn calibrate take detect pick up chart purpose draw tell test investigate intuit perceive run over think through look into budget for account for decide on maintain resolve apprehend tab tag premise glean scan scrutinize reckon to be guess at deem to be mark down as think to be judge to be find to be consider to be predetermine contrive opine savvy recognize presuppose grasp cognize fancy come to the conclusion make out comprehend tumble to prevision realize get imply suss foreknow twig forefeel rank as rate as form the opinion realise recognise diagram project image vision envisage feature delineate foretell envision criticize look at criticise make up one's mind about diagnose scrutinise screen latch on to take for granted take a stab cook up be given to understand have a sneaking suspicion of get the picture pick out take a shot dare-say cotton on to catch on to dream up be of the opinion take measure pass judgment assess the worth of price out check something out solve select chance put a price on happen upon sense credit know be afraid estimate as set store by conceive to be believe to be feel to be calculate to be imagine to be


To check or adjust by comparison with a standard
calibrate adjust attune fine-tune gage measure rectify regulate standardise standardize tune bring into line modify rearrange straighten adapt set tweak readjust alter change manipulate realign harmonize correct rejig harmonise revamp reconcile reform fix grade balance settle normalize overhaul coordinate jigger twiddle normalise align set right make good tune up patch up set to rights see to put right put in working order reorient restore reorganize methodize reacclimate redistribute reshuffle modulate pitch synchronize autotune reorganise program synchronise programme perfect hone collimate make improvements polish up proportion graduate mark off measure something off measure out divide into degrees convert tailor customize arrange order shape accommodate rework conform reshape improve revise repair transform enhance vary fit edit fashion amend condition remodel doctor put redress square recast organize focus tighten troubleshoot suit sharpen customise mend quadrate sort organise fix up tailor-make fiddle with make conform control acclimatize integrate moderate acclimate acclimatise manage dial string time cut style mould accustom temper tone gear trim inflect dovetail custom-build personalise custom-make mold personalize design make key assimilate conciliate familiarize accord shift curb lessen reduce lower transmogrify restrain switch cut to fit make to order make to measure shape up counterbalance compensate familiarise tone down play down make agree be in tune with become used to be in harmony with grow accustomed to be in accord with


An instrument that measures and gives a visual display of the amount, level, or contents of something


A means of estimating something
indicator basis measure standard guide model criterion guideline pattern test barometer rule sample touchstone yardstick benchmark example exemplar index par formula metre meter litmus test point of reference norm gage mark archetype paradigm prototype specification bar ideal scale metric grade gold standard precedent convention guiding principle signal level marker canon principle template clue blueprint reference average paragon sign design omen pointer type law original mean warning bellwether beacon hint median rule of thumb lodestar hallmark check indication mirror beau ideal ruler reference point optimum classic example target tape measure inspiration master display standards morality ethics principles morals ethos symbol epitome perfection required standard ensample signpost framework medium custom guide to last word mould stereotype guiding spirit version style archetypal classic mold idea setup eidolon game plan foundation point of comparison instruction procedure advice protocol suggestion direction proposal prescription requirement counsel limit guidance policy parameter recommendation constraint precept regulation key directions code ground rule standard procedure specimen instance essence quintessence embodiment illustration normal representative exemplification usual practice representation midpoint case centre middle center copy authority tradition control lead avatar role model proof perfect example form apotheosis textbook example antecedent method typical example precursor forerunner exhibit sampling typical case demonstration portrayal representative case case in point variety exhibition golden mean personification tenet measurement frame of reference assize maxim system units ordeal referral acme byword definitive example shining example parallel case rulebook rules mock-up standard of comparison source icon torchbearer pioneer trailblazer measuring stick expectations assumptions representative example ancestor predecessor granddaddy grandaddy first foregoer daddy polestar focus cynosure luminary compass diagnostic zero appreciation occasion occurrence first model first example aim guiding light expression manifestation exposition exponent antecessor case history detail situation evidence image portrait item way baseline real McCoy genuine article guiding star nonpareil routine patron saint normality habit order nonesuch interpretation wont normalcy rubric heritage formality condition predictable typical unexceptional starting point starting position reference line point of departure praxis course mode expected compromise typification order of things previous case previous instance prior case prior example prior instance previous example balance run intermediary centermost intermediate mid midway equidistant medial central halfway midmost middlemost happy medium middle path middle way mid point middle ground central point middle course to be expected par for the course prime example arithmetic mean perfect specimen classic exemplar only to be expected what one would expect typical amount common run general run


The thickness, size, or capacity of something, especially as a standard measure
measure size capacity degree extent scope span bore depth height magnitude thickness width area breadth caliber calibre diameter measurement length dimension gage broadness spread dimensions beam wideness reach expanse latitude module distance scale girth stretch confines distance across cross measure bulk mass amplitude quantity volume proportions strength space weight proportion extension amount intensity tremendousness compass admeasurement range sizableness largeness greatness bigness ambit sweep level vastness measurements realm hugeness orbit radius total number extensiveness portion immensity limit aggregate field body bounds sphere gamut purview spectrum quota gradation quantum pitch sum enormity figure substance extensity footage acreage tonnage content capaciousness grade value comprehensiveness severity part coverage limits fullness ratio rate territory play substantiality matter massiveness significance order province point stature highness voluminosity density domain cubage abundance parameters jurisdiction ampleness division circle diapason totality mileage vicinity neighborhood rank spaciousness ken swing leeway earshot panorama run equation apportionment cubic measure allotment load lot horizon real estate run of consignment neighbourhood group dose dosage register region interval sum total importance square footage avoirdupois expansion dimensionality all-inclusiveness gigantism immenseness vastitude enormousness giantism prodigiousness room supply quality statistic inclusiveness pale standard complement bulkiness mark poundage portliness heaviness influence contents spatial extent stratum stage collection shade command boundaries retention sufficiency accommodation share thoroughness cubic content determination analysis valuation metage frequency time judgement calibration judgment survey altitude spacing remove way lead high point data net sway margin confine outlook remit competence count tally bracket holding ability holding power cut segment piece percentage authority power control hearing tune profusion sphere of influence terms of reference field of reference longitude score standing room fraction grasp variety budget batch multitude whole elbowroom number of allowance take end bit slice section mastery ability completeness richness plethora distance lengthwise linearity ranginess extent lengthwise longness linear measure continuance generosity heft bounty plenitude copiousness plenty comparison large size

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