Đồng nghĩa của select

Alternative for select

selects, selected, selecting

Đồng nghĩa: choose, pick,

Trái nghĩa: reject,

Tính từ

Singled out from a group as being of high quality or being catered to a particular taste
choice handpicked chosen elect favoured favored preferred recherché selected favourite favorite prize culled picked preferable recherche screened weeded hand-picked cherry-picked carefully chosen fine elite first-class excellent superior superb prime first-line first-rate exclusive superlative top-notch great marvellous sterling stellar top of choice finest exceptional marvelous cracking capital exquisite quality best rare top-quality blue-chip five-star splendid frontline grand unsurpassed fabulous premier outstanding fab fantastic elegant top of the line top of the range sensational out-of-sight fantabulous pre-eminent high-grade topflight popular cool supernal dainty terrific supreme famous slick mean awesome dope top-shelf magnificent phat precious boffo valuable high-quality distinguished classic jim-dandy special delicate blue-ribbon tip-top leading preeminent high-class peerless par excellence topping top-of-the-line first-string particular wonderful champion designated top-tier luxurious premium divine four-star heavenly deluxe lovely swell preferential tiptop beautiful upmarket neat radical dandy hot nifty groovy peachy immense righteous priceless elected dynamite optimal noble corking extravagant crackerjack bumper banner keen gangbusters gangbuster boss bonny primo brag bonnie foremost crucial dominant admirable gilt-edged bang-up notable A-OK unique gilt-edge number one peachy keen matchless refined high-end numero uno unequalled def top-end rad certain unparalleled very good nominated world-class schmick A1 lucky specially selected prizewinning privileged unequaled appointed named peak classy upscale major ideal of the first water top-drawer conscripted tabbed dear central costly high pricey expensive approved in recommended ace wizard hype spendy ultraexpensive pricy blessed well-liked bully down brave gone top-class singled out big-ticket highest quality high-ticket invited good vetted singular brilliant noted fave choicest standard primary worthy specially chosen flawless perfect default exotic mega sovereign exemplary wicked thoroughbred of the first order pegged called first-choice unexcelled brill meritorious estimable far-fetched esoteric arcane top drawer bodacious top-grade opulent exo sik chillin' fancied second to none crack with the nod lavish beaut belting barrie pearler endorsed A-grade tremendous topnotch winning star cream sanctioned adopted liked the dog's bollocks lead flagship pick fat lush fortunate prodigious incomparable settled upon decided upon best-liked sweetheart advantaged luxuriant consummate inimitable elaborate unrivalled surpassing unprecedented extreme amazing invaluable unexampled astonishing distinctive eminent providential incredible memorable noteworthy marked prominent phenomenal significant rich striking refreshing awe-inspiring very fine mind-boggling mind-blowing jammy enviable unrivaled bad nice 10 vintage plum unusual uncommon 24-karat grade A A-1 solid gold

Tính từ

Having exquisite qualities that appeal to a refined taste
exquisite fine premier superior top elegant elite prime quality delicate exceptional rare vintage best dainty excellent fabulous posh prize stellar sterling superb supreme boss cool eclectic finest topnotch tops winning first-class first-rate top-notch high-grade high-quality top-class A-list tip-top top quality top-quality world-class number one award-winning blue-chip first-line prize-winning top of the line top of the range grade A choice great splendid superlative marvellous marvelous capital outstanding wonderful unsurpassed premium super topflight grand admirable neat magnificent ace blue-ribbon high-class terrific fab sensational peerless cracking lovely fantastic primo slick par excellence awesome top-of-the-line hot heavenly incomparable prizewinning gilt-edged exemplary supernal unrivaled good perfect divine accomplished beautiful fantabulous topping unrivalled crackerjack sublime notable dandy out-of-sight unparalleled matchless top-drawer brilliant swell first-string peachy immense groovy nifty distinguished numero uno five-star gilt-edge frontline dope famous phat preeminent crack noble keen worthy tiptop pre-eminent estimable banner leading attractive radical bully top-shelf four-star transcendent dynamite greatest mean corking noted consummate bonny righteous commendable meritorious A-1 exclusive jim-dandy bang-up deluxe peachy keen striking brag dominant classic flawless illustrious wicked A-OK bumper gangbusters wizard top-tier hype gangbuster out of this world gone valuable very good eminent smashing impressive top-hole second to none extraordinary applaudable down brave bonnie boffo champion highest sovereign nice of high quality stupendous unequaled of the highest quality supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unequalled desirable invaluable honourable rad high priceless sound laudable amazing honorable glorious of the first water top drawer first stunning incredible gnarly phenomenal tremendous chief main foremost praiseworthy mega paramount of the highest standard star brill industry leading precious pleasing spanking enviable shipshape recherche delightful unreal spectacular lofty choicest cardinal ideal principal top-level apex optimal remarkable A1 head formidable prominent lead top-of-the-range uppermost schmick optimum unprecedented unexcelled primary certified unbeatable crucial inimitable number-one nonpareil highest quality a cut above the rest best possible without equal of the first order beyond compare on fleek too much first class luxury positive satisfying satisfactory agreeable acceptable favorable reputable welcome pretty super-eminent congenial super-excellent gratifying skilful skillful tasteful distinctive bodacious class ripping up to snuff refined bosting creditable charming special advanced crowning fancy ultimate tough peak fair predominant key unmatched gorgeous masterly venerable selected central comely cute really good favourable biggest spiffing model darling splendiferous deserving beaut meritable copacetic dazzling major complete belting sik pearler surpassing better barrie chillin' exo world class unsurpassable utopian dominating unexampled undefeated unbeaten number 1 top-grade in a class all by itself very best super-duper out of sight worthy of admiration of the highest order record-breaking of a high standard sans pareil piked state-of-the-art upmarket classy upscale unblemished tophole luxurious heavy world irreproachable exacting bad entire unbroken unimpaired undamaged uninjured whole intact unharmed unhurt banging not too shabby good quality high-caliber a cut above standout prodigious one-in-a-million crown Grade A big-time superfine top-flight pillar thankworthy senior larger higher greater bigger elder improved enhanced bright five star better than usual of the best quality better than average gifted expert of the highest type the dog's bollocks high quality highest-quality top grade best-quality arch- grade-A good-quality high-calibre noteworthy faultless dreamy deserving congratulations salt of earth cream unique amazeballs marvy quintessential untouchable magic def fabby bonzer effusive goodly beezer singular extreme excessive awesomesauce inflated lank renowned exaggerated kif worthiest bosker flagship signal the best prestigious up to par up to standard cordon bleu up to scratch archetypal pure mind-blowing far out too good to be true above and beyond of highest order unmarred worthwhile dream skilled talented golden essential traditional classical solid respectable ripe mature best ever ka pai worthy of commendation cat's pajamas zero cool hunky dory appealing pleasant likable enjoyable utmost reigning mild exhilarating joyous tempting comforting lovesome flashy affable pleasurable euphoric ravishing enchanting comfortable glamorous photogenic fascinating seductive presentable sunny amiable engaging hunky clear record regnant authoritative ascendant prevailing predominate ruling unassailable core resplendent dollish amusing glossy snazzy flamboyant fetching knockout blessed taking aesthetic pulchritudinous statuesque well-favored fun foxy hunky-dory showstopping OK cunning cheery drop-dead splashy eye-catching good-looking beauteous zingy soothing rapturous glamourous intoxicating hospitable showy sightly arresting in order dishy radiant prettyish relief unspoilt not bad glad maximum big presiding domineering commanding controlling prevalent supereminent overriding governing arch primal master paradisiacal grateful genial passable delightsome telegenic dulcet paradisal blest paradisaical calming paradisaic elating splendorous copasetic recreative paradisiac ecstatic alluring relishable esthetic savory overbearing overmastering furthermost sovran largest irie likeable savoury trim slight graceful petite slim airy subtle dinky nuanced soft sweet lacy well-made deft frail tender diaphanous thin ethereal light fragile feeble reliable mint fantastical legit outrageous most excellent most important most prominent most influential most outstanding

Tính từ

Elegant or stylishly luxurious
posh upmarket elegant ritzy exclusive classy chic fancy upscale swanky swish fashionable plush swank smart stylish luxurious deluxe trendy expensive sumptuous grand ornate plushy ostentatious showy snazzy modish rich tony lavish flash dicty swell luxury opulent chichi larney plummy schmick sprauncy swagger high-class high-toned up-market fancy-pants la-di-da top-drawer upper-class chi-chi superior choice special sophisticated nice glitzy refined quality graceful tasteful fine aristocratic handsome exquisite ornamented delicate courtly majestic stately dashing dainty rare recherche high class a la mode glamorous agreeable pleasant respectable leafy mod in cool sharp uptown high-status salubrious on fleek in vogue premier elite executive limited palatial splendid costly private magnificent cliquish Lucullan elaborate snobbish cliquey intricate luxe luxuriant silken loaded palace gorgeous pricey Lucullian Babylonian clannish voguish decorative high-end upper-crust palatian luscious splendiferous lush well appointed first-class super decorated upper crust embellished ornamental beautiful cultivated rococo gaudy baroque adorned artistic fussy flamboyant busy discerning polished A-grade resplendent flashy spiffy towering extreme devilish classic dignified prime fanciful jazzy urbane distinguished froufrou florid frilly fancible unusual cushy highfalutin custom beautifying aesthetic charming cultured lovely suave noble decorous high-quality genteel affected comely debonair OTT over the top august well-bred well-dressed well-designed esthetic overdone stylized extravagant grandiose civilized lavishly appointed pretentious civilised gracious gallant splashy affluent formal polite civil de luxe courteous prestigious lux indulgent fit for a queen fit for a king attractive well-appointed imposing swankish discriminating elitist chivalrous comfortable regal proper immoderate becoming gentle well-mannered snappy prestige gentlemanly snobby princely impressive superb highbrow ladylike cosmopolitan couth mannerly fastidious champagne prodigal lofty sensitive precise high well mannered well bred pompous restrained respectful exuberant royal aesthete seemly experienced in good taste developed highbrowed deep esthete yuppie peacocky with-it glittering high-hat toffee-nosed potty snotty persnickety snooty five-star poised appealing coffee-table notable esteemed prominent important stuffy hedonistic arty high fashion handy well-made clever ingenious heavenly renowned reputable eminent famous sybaritic pampered glossy well produced sensuous ceremonial with good taste abundant well-off voluptuous comfy harmonious profusive velvet upholstered riotous epicurean self-indulgent overindulgent intemperate hedonic profligate valuable precious in the lap of luxury pleasing correct well-behaved impeccable de rigueur befitting pleasure-seeking fit fitting pretty beyond price quiet unobtrusive pure chaste unaffected gratifying classical subdued evolved airy close accomplished progressive advanced improved forward rigorous accurate pinpoint spot-on late higher mathematical tasty monumental aesthetically pleasing sublime punctilious high-brow high-minded worldly ceremonious glorious worldly-wise striking awe-inspiring smooth imperial large heroic heroical magnific epic massive proud baronial Homeric enlightened honourable obliging honorable affable svelte knowledgeable jet-set intelligent citified blasé erudite mondaine knowing mature adulatory complimentary high-bred conventional highbred prim flattering preux studied unfathomable complex cosmic impenetrable theatrical overwhelming fustian lordly bombastic purple vast egotistic high-falutin' high-flying worldly wise been around media-savvy world-weary

Tính từ

Used to emphasize that something belongs to a particular person
own personal distinct particular distinctive idiosyncratic individual respective specific characteristic distinguishing peculiar personalised personalized separate special disparate distinguished express individualistic particularised particularized private signature unique especial essential exclusive identifiable identifying independent individualised individualized inherent innate intrinsic patented representative subjective emblematic endemic resident singular very own privy idiomatic original claimed single lone sole isolated solitary autonomous discrete unitary diacritic only selfstanding definite typical proper different discriminating appropriate symptomatic classic restricted diagnostical one-to-one unmistakable diagnostic intimate differentiating customized marked one-on-one reserved customised precise set uncommon concrete notable inimitable extraordinary symbolic local indicative inborn inbred discriminative individualising individualizing peculiar to particular to found only in usual impressionistic regular internal monogrammed tailor-made patent determining several relevant corresponding various noteworthy privately owned privately-owned selflike categorical natural fixed conspicuous remarkable quintessential archetypal prototypical exceptional recognizable recognisable each unofficial ingrained typical of native exclusive to characteristic of unconventional informal off-centre quirky odd abnormal queer irregular anomalous weird aberrant strange eccentric bizarre outlandish freakish non-official non-public all your own face-to-face direct head-to-head

Tính từ

Of or relating to the process of selection
selective choosy demanding particular picky cautious critical exacting careful discerning discriminating discriminatory fastidious fussy pernickety astute choosey faddish tasteful choicy eclectic faddy judicious nice persnickety scrupulous hard to please finicky finical dainty over-particular over-fastidious delicate fussbudgety finicking old-maidish overnice prissy difficult to please overparticular sensitive keen refined cultivated perspicacious insightful shrewd discriminative perceptive discriminational acute cultured differential aesthetic artistic wise individualizing opinionated esthetic prudent sharp individualising with good taste meticulous punctilious nit-picking squeamish pedantic nit-picky nitpicking inflexible difficult hypercritical perfectionist exact analytical diagnostic penetrating painstaking overdelicate assiduous captious hair-splitting pass-remarkable stickling prim puritanical precise overcritical sticklerish tough impossible to please obsessive fretful fuddy-duddy rigorous differentiating sedulous mincing fussbudget rough queasy thorough strict overfastidious heedful picky-picky conscionable trivial old maidish punctual very careful easily disgusted old womanish choosing selecting uncompromising methodical conscientious fine stiff mathematical stringent prudish pure stuffy proper priggish rigid fixed scientific cavilling schoolmarmish strait-laced fault-finding carping Victorian prejudicial picking and choosing prejudiced discriminate intolerant biased partial bigoted excludent quibbling over-censorious faultfinding overscrupulous hairsplitting rejective judgmental caviling over-exacting scolding critic humbling demeaning judgy calumniatory harsh exceptive reproachful nagging belittling trenchant sarcastic severe censorious cutting niggling disparaging biting contemptuous choleric condemning withering cynical censuring derogatory disapproving satirical cavillous lowering stern

Động từ

To choose from a set of options
choose pick take name adopt elect handpick nominate specify appoint decide favor favour prefer set stipulate cull designate tag cap determine optate peg opt for cherry-pick decide on hand-pick pick out settle on single out go for fix on pin down settle upon plump for make a choice make a selection vote for agree on opt resolve establish mark conclude fix settle return decide upon assign cream off identify arrange indicate allot tap agree ordain pitch on figure take up decree fix upon embrace make a decision come to a decision put in power finger accept make skim off sift fancy vote plump on arrive at prescribe desire plump vote into office vote in sift out resolve on commit oneself to make your mind up employ recognize install delegate commission detail tick define recognise schedule point out impose instal elect to choose dictate confirm like make up one's mind on denote discriminate between come down in favour of rule lay down make a decision on make a choice on cinch incline towards sort out pick and choose cast one's vote for have as a favourite lean towards think more highly of lean toward be partial to like better show favouritism towards cotton to have a preference for mark off come to a conclusion have a bias towards treat with partiality hold in higher regard side with go in for check off pull out hive off narrow down vote someone in recruit want to make a choice to feel disposed to advance winnow thin discriminate come to see fit predestine coopt short-list exercise choice help yourself move for set aside make choice include call for end up settle for allocate want wish forechoose distinguish make up one's mind limit design put in receive admit ballot judge spot prearrange finalize instruct elect for clinch cite choose by ballot make a selection on pinpoint make the choice of cast see fit to make the decision to fix up nail close complete weigh finalise solve work locate achieve seal ID determine on declare announce order agree upon give the nod go down the line ponder deliberate on take a stand on come to an agreement on reach a decision on come to a decision on consider come to a conclusion on work out nail down come to a decision about call the shots come to an agreement set a date for assign the part to give the part to brand place require command peach authorize authorise constitute propose tab classify slot mark out flag up recommend direct enjoin cross pronounce set down formulate point to put down for put finger on sign up take on promulgate demand particularise write prescription make provision for guide write a prescription for particularize check stroke dot sign line tick off aim reach plan purpose guess surmise conjecture mediate poll award will settle on a plan of action arrive at conclusion have in mind come to decision come to agreement reach a conclusion have the intention reach a decision commit yourself reach decision commit oneself form opinion have final word draw a conclusion make up your mind end with come to conclusion cast the die go down line take a stand call shots make up mind

Động từ

To establish what something or who someone is
identify establish ascertain describe determine distinguish recognise recognize discern discover finger know locate recall recollect remember certify confirm corroborate decide deduce divine fix intuit learn settle substantiate validate verify name pinpoint place spot flag analyse analyze call to mind detect diagnose ferret out figure out find find out formal get a fix on isolate know again know by sight label make certain of mark out pin down point out put a name to put the finger on single out card decide on key key out make certain make up your mind on peg put your finger on separate settle on suss out tag work out button down determinate diagnosticate ID make out pick out put one's finger on tab differentiate set apart mark pick on pluck out choose pull out sift individuate demarcate estimate judge qualify specify singularize collate extricate classify part signalize discriminate divide categorize characterize tell from mark off set off tell apart sort out tell between categorise individualize signalise characterise individualise indicate signal wave gesture motion hail beckon tick stop note docket salute warn signpost highlight wave down give a sign to see perceive get comprehend appreciate grasp realize realise understand apprehend catch on conceive uncover pick up read notice observe cognize register tell savvy sense twig fathom suss size up catch unearth behold dig descry get to know come to know tumble to become aware of catch on to take in cotton on to nose out hit upon hit on check check out assimilate double-check decipher pick up on make sure check up on compass decode seize make grok become cognizant of have a hunch be aware of become conscious of become aware get the picture cotton to fathom out wise up stumble on mention list figure glean add up contrive clinch be sure come upon get wise to see through be certain catch on to the fact know for certain feel suspect scent guess taste apperceive smell infer deem believe think hold consider credit anticipate just know be cognizant of be conscious of get the impression of get vibes have a funny feeling feel in bones feel in gut get the drift get the idea catch the drift be with it have a feeling feel in your bones get the impression dig up dig out look-see scare up get down pat run down hunt up latch on to turn up hunt down get on to get the hang of scout up dredge up root out track down rout out get down cold

Động từ

Take out residue
sort through examine go through go through with a fine-tooth comb scrutinise scrutinize sift investigate screen probe explore analyse inspect sieve separate work over turn over enquire into research conduct an enquiry into review fathom go into pan look into inquire dig into pore over sort comb size rootle around in analyze grade ferret in look through evaluate rummage through ferret about in conduct investigations into root around in drain search search through fossick through enquire delve into put through a sieve clean prospect assess root about in dissect colander roust around in ferret around in poke around in study go over survey dig check out audit scan delve look over consider scour rummage vet hunt forage fossick dredge check inquire into go over with a fine-tooth comb turn upside down query ransack look rake seek scout case reconnoitre reconnoiter hunt through check over check up on question appraise eyeball scrutinate canvass interrogate troll rifle search into recce check into look-see dig through conduct an investigation into turn inside out take stock of check up feel out give something the once-over subject to an examination peruse view test follow up burrow inquisite root make enquiries about skirr rummage in rummage around in rummage about in make inquiry weigh up scrabble about in dig in scrabble around in fish around in grub about in fish about in rifle through suss out grub around in pry into probe into leave no stone unturned sound out scope out run down size up cross-examine chew over inquire about poke around look at carefully look at stake out nose around give the once over try to get to the bottom of sweep ask oversee overlook con weigh pierce penetrate enquire about pry excavate brainstorm pursue quiz catechize verify bug tap poke spy frisk mine find out about ask questions about tunnel turn grub shovel forage through excogitate delve in sift through rummage round in read into deliberate on listen in search for leave no stone unturned in look around poke about in mull over brood over read up on dive into sift the evidence concerning do research into put questions to ask questions of put to the test be all ears find out gouge out scoop out test the waters ferret out dig down search the evidence concerning make inquiries about conduct an inquiry into ask about judge discuss wiretap muckrake underseek estimate interpret ponder sound balance talk about anatomize spy on make an observation of make a recce of go report look around in make enquiries snoop plumb dowse drill finecomb beat take stock give something a going-over tip over give something a once-over shuffle through sit in search high and low conduct an enquiry shake down knock grill roast hit request think about experiment with pick at go through with fine-tooth comb look high and low beat the bushes search high heaven make a survey of go after put out a feeler carry out an inquest into seek out discover deconstruct assay seek an answer canvas track down scratch jump into trowel dig deeper rootle burrow in really get into scrabble spade dig deep unearth request information request information of seek information of make inquiries hit up seek information cut resolve decompose decompound watch examine carefully scope stare peg contemplate perlustrate candle smoke hunt for rake up quest run reconnaissance give a look-see give a going-over give the once-over pioneer break down rake over take apart fine-comb fine-tooth-comb look up and down ferret divide swing examine closely burn up remove fan track move bore get a load of put under a microscope take the measure of winnow quarry circle poozle hoe plow look round get rid of sort out pick over scoop depress channel bulldoze pit rout plough dig out concave deepen enter hollow out sap swing round wash traverse follow get back to make sure make enquiries into make inquiries into chase up

Động từ

To gather or collect, typically what is left over
glean gather cull garner reap accumulate harvest amass collect derive draw extract get obtain pick take sift winnow pick up pluck crop stack pile ingather heap take in pick out acquire gain procure attain secure land bag receive bring in net earn win make realize come by realise pull down knock down get hold of capture score achieve pocket hook produce clinch carry hoard grab wangle access nab cop collar have gather in notch up chalk up arrive at bring home excerpt pull pull in mow take home rake in store cut fulfil log find appropriate save snag retrieve hit recover annex scoop be given reach clear accomplish annexe fulfill round up rack up come away with ring up clock up lay up come to have come into possession of elicit profit with distill distil dig make a profit of realize a profit of be paid pot swing carry off be awarded source advance consummate enlist complete ameliorate cash in on clean up build up get possession of locate trace track track down walk off with walk away with grasp establish profit effectuate reify conquer manage glom onto get hands on possess oneself of latch onto polish off abstract get in get as a result cite reserve stockpile purchase bin plough cache squirrel stow strip harrow plow stash seize fetch buy quote compass schlenter corral effect salvage occupy blag inherit pile up stow away hive husband lay by stash away preserve cumulate put away put by treasure lay in lay hold of espouse choose make use of beg borrow or steal drum up get your hands on scrape up get at get one's hands on gobble up scrape together tap into

Động từ

To separate, used especially of social policies that directly or indirectly keep races or ethnic groups apart
segregate isolate separate dissociate divide insulate sequester closet cut off detach disconnect exclude partition protect quarantine seclude set apart sever shield choose divorce ghettoise ghettoize island sort out discriminate against keep apart single out close off separate out set aside split up sunder out part remove cordon off sunder seal off close distinguish decouple fence off disassociate seal screen off partition off tape off disjoin disengage disunite separate off uncouple shut off curtain off break up split free block off rope off alienate unlink unyoke dissever resolve disjoint ramify enclose encircle surround abstract split off cordon put to one side shut demarcate undo differentiate sift section off fence disaffiliate withdraw divide off unfix tape blockade filter out form a ring around mark off put a cordon sanitaire around weed out confine bound circumscribe leave cocoon cloister unfasten mark rend loosen estrange distance unhitch disband disrupt loose disentangle walk away move away dismantle break break away disassemble delineate dismount tear off withdraw from break with break off take apart sort maroon restrict abandon barricade cordon something off strand extract cut turn off disperse rive embroil bar rope dissolve set something apart avoid sieve get rid of set at odds unhook unzip unbutton untie stop halt move off encompass circle set at variance unbridle clip off chop off hack off nip off pull off prune off break from place far off put at a distance keep at arm's length strip off shut something off cushion rip off shelter defend screen engird gird girdle compass save safeguard delimit keep safe divide up treat wad inlay fill coat keep from harm line winnow out sift out tear diverge spread define form a ring round form a barrier around cleave determine shut away come apart dichotomize open particularise split in two segment itemise factor slice put asunder itemize portion draw apart divide in two move apart section strip particularize articulate subdivide delink scatter keep out wrap up in cotton wool fix demark terminate limit quit defect keep in solitude individuate individualize draw establish discriminate characterize mark out individualise singularize characterise differentialize become estranged secede from make unique make something stand out make distinctive make different distinguish between bust up part company with sever connections with reach a parting of the ways break off relations with release extricate unloose unclasp unbind pull out liberate take off set free unclick unfetter untangle amputate unlock unstrap disentwine unbuckle excise untether let out unbolt disarticulate unleash take out unchain dismember unlace clear unloosen unlash unshackle dissect unstick unravel lop off break apart unmanacle hew off shear off slice off let go pull let loose unpin pluck out unscrew prune trim disembarrass uncork unsnap discharge come away untwine emancipate dock unwrap unknot deliver manumit rescue enfranchise uncage disenthral disenthrall spring ransom cut out set loose cut in two splinter dig out skim unpeg solve end things snap off come off disembed unmarry yank out prise out tug out unmoor unpen luxate put away shy dislocate draw back ease carve out unpick break open wedge apart bisect rupture bifurcate unseal stand between group go your separate ways part company go separate ways truncate hoick out cast off set adrift uncombine carve pull apart disburden discumber unshut unclose unblock unstop enlarge redeem eliminate abscise remove surgically lop curtail unplug cut loose free up give rights to bail one out save one's neck befree get out from under become disconnected become detached saw off unlatch take something out cut away pump suck tap mitigate unbar untighten expel work free work loose draw off take away come loose become unfastened slacken off clip allow to leave set at large bail out turn loose set at liberty cast loose alien turn away sour disgruntle disaffect tear out snip out drive apart set against antagonize antagonise wean sow dissension make indifferent push away come between make unfriendly make hostile to turn your back on withdraw the affections of drive a wedge between

Động từ

To consider to be true without evidence
postulate assume hypothesise hypothesize presuppose suppose advance posit presume propose suggest hypothecate predicate premise say theorise theorize put forward affirm assert aver choose claim estimate figure guess nominate solicit speculate submit take for granted take as a hypothesis pick name present recommend put up put down elect invite conjecture calculate predict fathom judge reckon gauge surmise approximate deduce guesstimate gage put hazard evaluate rate place make determine call reason venture infer appraise solve survey chance size up make a guess at go out on a limb hazard a guess take a shot at weigh up work out make an estimate of think likely happen upon form an opinion of jump to a conclusion take a stab at imagine think consider believe suspect gather fancy deem feel expect assess conceive conclude value opine understand be of the opinion divine hold maintain count weigh sense regard daresay compute discern take it glean esteem measure ascertain see appreciate perceive adjudge propound figure out number allow suspicion dare say dope out have a feeling observe ween rank philosophize set fix philosophise anticipate intuit analyse class forecast apprehend read recognize comprehend grasp distinguish get savvy cognize tally take a stab analyze take a shot cast twig quantify have a hunch tumble to valuate recognise have the feeling be of the view take contend catch on to form an impression of count up cotton on to be convinced peg put a figure on take account of be of the conviction establish contemplate pretend deliberate cogitate reflect brainstorm excogitate cerebrate dope realize tell derive form a theory formulate a theory view total enumerate review cipher come to the conclusion discover notice note classify make out trust call it realise chew over detect have a sneaking suspicion call the turn beat one's brains get the measure of tot cypher sum register tot up assimilate calibrate add up build castles in air decipher dig decode know check assay grok credit get the picture size tote up keep tabs check out hope bet make rough guess project formulate give propone broach declare comment remark blue-sky wonder sum up air volunteer moot calculate roughly envisage muse repute decide take it as read meditate foot tote square apprise editorialize draw extrapolate scheme ruminate make suppositions ponder form theories pipe-dream study run down look upon count noses tick off think of count heads resolve eye up take measure of make guesses editorialise weigh in foresee prevision imply test quantitate meter eye look over have one's number figure in metre scale suss foreknow forefeel reflect on psych out kick around head trip visualize visualise read between lines regard as rate as form the opinion class as see as rank as see as being set a figure on think of as being regard as being look on as being class as being form opinion view as being run it up flagpole look on as take to be look at dare-say express an opinion latch on to cost dream up construe be given to understand pick out cook up have a sneaking suspicion of totalize grade add adjust divide multiply foretell subtract add together account identify pick up risk assuming group venture a guess compass scent catch seize order categorize apperceive learn taste smell behold become cognizant of find sort just know be cognizant of come to know get to know be aware of become aware of become conscious of be conscious of arrange get the drift take in get the idea feel in bones have a funny feeling catch the drift cotton to get the impression get the impression of feel in your bones get vibes catch on feel in gut be with it assign score compartment pigeonhole compartmentalise list assort line up break down index position codify put in order brand distribute put down as separate categorise typecast mark type compartmentalize put down for range button down offer

Danh từ

The best or most desirable among a category, kind or class
pick best cream choice elite prime flower pride elect royalty fat aristocracy prize pink illuminati jewel finest priesthood treasure top preference option gem pearl selection choicest discretion tops volition druthers alternative bet election liberty chosen way choosing aces bag A-list upper crust jewel in the crown corps d'elite crème de la crème cream of the crop best choice top choice cup of tea pick of the litter favoured favored nonpareil quality first class select few four hundred paragon ideal epitome acme embodiment prototype height perfection apotheosis archetype quintessence Hall of Fame exemplar shining example masterpiece catch glory model personification nobility trophy ultimate gentry plum favorite essence favourite leading light upper class pick of the bunch ne plus ultra standard wonder paradigm zenith peak classic crown jewel perfect example utmost taonga peach trump core pride and joy beau ideal highest level outstanding example beauty something else one in a million perfect example of its kind top drawer gold upper-crust skim nominee draft piece excerpt subset draught culling most select source of envy envy object of envy plan appointee candidate substance essentiality spirit first stuff lifeblood heart soul gentility nonesuch norm stereotype picture criterion good example idea eidolon pattern angel cynosure representation type byword course of action crackerjack champ lovely champion love sublimation original beautiful people jet set haut monde blue blood high society patron saint boast showpiece last word typical example head finest example honour darling honor credit finest specimen find pinnacle lead best example best specimen choicest specimen choicest example acme of perfection specialty charm genius phenomenon rarity speciality prodigy phoenix leader bonus limit meridian pièce de résistance extremity extreme summit apex bloom uttermost greatest ceiling success capstone climax culmination chief top form blossoming upper limit flowering windfall meed dividend premium reward asset nugget award carrot utmost extent highest rank first place high-water mark crowning point high point trim verdure fitness full flowering peak of perfection good health best condition star humdinger godsend chef-d'œuvre

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