Đồng nghĩa của wean

Alternative for wean

weans, weaned, weaning

Đồng nghĩa: break of, cure, turn away from,


Change from breastfeeding to feeding solid food


To cause to feel less close or friendly
estrange alienate disaffect antagonise antagonize divide part separate withdraw disunite make hostile withhold alien disgruntle distance drive apart lose sour disenchant disillusion dissatisfy disunify divert divorce isolate leave set at odds sever split sunder drive away make unfriendly set against turn away break up keep apart make hostile to push away set at variance sever connections between turn off cause antagonism between destroy the affections of put at a distance set at odds with sow dissension between drive a wedge between put on the outs turn your back on burn your bridges detach set apart cut off sow dissension break off make indifferent come between upset discompose disturb agitate repel disquiet withdraw the affections of split up anger envenom embitter disengage make bitter make resentful poison segregate exasperate annoy empoison frustrate irritate disperse disconnect dissociate set in opposition part company set as rivals turn against pit against end on a sour note displease discontent kick down the ladder destroy relationships meddle intervene interpose interrupt interfere pull apart vex jaundice disjoin discourage exacerbate aggravate rankle worsen venom acidulate bother make rancorous acerbate bitter cause disagreement between set against one another put at odds pit against one another quit ramify disjoint partition disband dissever dismantle uncouple resolve decouple disrupt unyoke disassociate unlink rive embroil dissolve break undo offend hassle gall insulate sequester quarantine seclude break away cocoon dedomicile exclude cloister distance oneself hack off become estranged close off shut away be estranged lose the affection of cordon off seal off abstract confine rope off fence off island keep out screen off remove keep in solitude put a cordon sanitaire around form a ring around tape off block off shut off partition off curtain off go different ways reach a parting of the ways break it off get divorced go separate ways untie the knot stop living together get a divorce pull out


A young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority
child youngster baby infant juvenile bairn kid minor toddler newborn youth adolescent babe boy girl little one teenager tot brat kiddie neonate nipper schoolboy schoolgirl stripling whippersnapper young one fledgling junior chit laddie shaver sprog young lady young man young person young woman ankle-biter bambino kiddiewink lassie pickney suckling teen teenybopper tiny young adult bud chap chick cub kiddo kiddy lad lass moppet munchkin sprat sprout squirt urchin whelp youngling guttersnipe hobbledehoy littlie nursling tacker tiny tot anklebiter cherub imp innocent lamb mite nestling preschooler preteen pubescent rug rat spawn tadpole tyke little angel little darling little doll small fry babe in arms son offspring daughter descendant issue sonny puppy punk newborn child little guy small child young 'un successor heir young'un progeny scion pup lighty outjie angelface crawler pupil sapling student youngie babby papoose preemie bundle of joy bantling bundle little child young child boyo shaveling boychik fellow callant tad boychick young fellow ankle biter juvenile delinquent snotnose kid little kid young shaver half-pint mate guy cadet runt knave buck gamin master dude little shaver sweet sixteen buttercup dividend dumpling button deduction write-off under-five preschool child mollycoddle milksop weakling crotch fruit crib lizard woman milquetoast dog preadulthood preadolescent subteen preteenager hoodie chav teener biter leaf underage lineage seed children generation fry babies get produce stock fruit posterity litter family issues brood new growth young branch tots progeniture prepubescent successors scions kids babes tinies little ones kiddies nippers sons sprogs daughters ankle-biters sons and daughters fruit of one's loins young rascal spoilt child devil minx horror jackanapes wretch scallywag superbrat monster terror hellion spoiled brat badly behaved child enfant terrible wild one holy terror spoiled child impudent child unruly child little monster

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