Đồng nghĩa của newborn

Alternative for newborn

  • tính từ
    • mới sinh
      • a newborn baby: trẻ sơ sinh

Danh từ

A recently born child or animal
babe infant neonate baby bambino child young bairn bantling bundle kid new baby nursling suckling tiny baby tot newly born child young baby little one small child toddler nipper youngster chick cherub little doll little angel little darling angelface sprog tacker crawler papoose preemie tad wean bundle of joy tiny buttercup dividend dumpling deduction button write-off rug rat babe in arms young child munchkin ankle-biter innocent littlie boy tiny tot newborn child tyke juvenile minor youth mite teenager adolescent whippersnapper kiddie brat stripling shaver teenybopper teen young one preschooler moppet cub bud urchin squirt sprout nestling tadpole pubescent anklebiter imp lamb preteen little child small fry mollycoddle weakling milksop milquetoast joey babby issue offspring descendant progeny ankle biter young 'un girl schoolgirl schoolboy junior fledgling young person young lady laddie chit young woman young man young adult pickney kiddiewink lassie sprat chap whelp lad lass kiddo youngling kiddy guttersnipe hobbledehoy spawn daughter son under-five preschool child boyo shaveling sonny boychik callant boychick heir successor scion young'un young fellow crotch fruit crib lizard lighty outjie curtain-climber carpet ape crumbsnatcher carpet rat rug ape biter rascal lineage seed pup children generation fry babies get produce stock fruit posterity female child fellow litter family issues brood scamp tots progeniture puppy knave punk gamin dude half-pint mate guy cadet runt buck master successors scions kids babes tinies little ones kiddies nippers sons sprogs daughters monkey little shaver little guy ankle-biters sons and daughters fruit of one's loins tearaway little dear pretty child cupid innocent child lovable child amoretto putto well behaved child beautiful infant

Tính từ

(of a child or animal) Recently or just born

Tính từ

A very young person or animal
baby infant young budding developing immature fledgling unfledged growing small embryonic up-and-coming youthful new little juvenile early adolescent junior childlike pubescent undeveloped infantile inexperienced babyish burgeoning childish underage in the springtime of life growing up dawning nascent emergent emerging initial teenage teenaged fresh girlish boyish unqualified untried unexperienced raw youngish unseasoned inexpert young-looking green young at heart newish callow teen tenderfoot not aged half-grown in one's salad days not far advanced vernal blossoming tender blooming fresh-faced prepubescent younger innocent incipient formative preteenager preteen naive inchoate wide-eyed preadolescent unsophisticated minor bread-and-butter beginning beardless promising aborning inceptive rising baby-faced full of life youth milk-fed young looking virginal smaller boylike underaged childhood jejune impressionable pubertal unspoiled fresh-looking well-kept pre-adult vigorous untrained active infantine spry unworldly unpracticed artless ingenuous sprightly child's children's spring verdant kid newly arrived uncultivated unversed wet behind the ears tenderfooted unskilled enthusiastic buoyant keen underdeveloped undergrown feminine well-preserved evolving potential primordial unevolved flirty kittenish naïve girly mincing hoydenish flirtatious coquettish advancing naissant just beginning future aspiring coming unripe unactualized abortive germinal flowering prospective sprouting germinating vegetating pullulating maturing would-be wannabe opening in its infancy in the making with potential half-baked bursting forth shooting up

Trái nghĩa của newborn

newborn Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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