Đồng nghĩa của flirtatious

Alternative for flirtatious

Đồng nghĩa: coquettish,

Tính từ

Of or pertaining to flirtation
amorous arch coquettish flirty teasing come-hither coy provocative come-on enticing dallying flighty frisky inviting kittenish playful seductive sportive cheeky cute libidinous philandering skittish spoony vampish lively frolicsome coltish demure gamesome frolic high-spirited flirting wanton fun-loving impish mischievous light-hearted spirited roguish flippant superficial trivial cheerful joyous frivolous naughty shallow ludic sprightly giddy dizzy puckish empty-headed feather-brained silly scatterbrained vivacious larkish childish elvish jaunty gay merry rollicking prankish jolly perky exuberant antic frolicky lighthearted full of beans jocular elfish fay sportful larky blithe peppy zippy bubbly waggish snappy full of fun in high spirits gleeful jokey funny game comical bouncy romping energetic tricksy rascally devilish animated sparky wicked zestful mirthful jocund airy espiègle pizazzy jazzy pizzazzy zesty excitable full of get-up-and-go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of joie de vivre feeling one's oats full of vim and vigour blithesome capering frolicking boon festive active happy fun jovial amusing droll witty jesting facetious animate springy spanking kinetic high brisk bouncing mettlesome vital pert racy jocose entertaining comic jumpy excited dashing pixieish whimsical sly leprechaunish risible flip scampish joking glib pixy humorous pixie bantering knavish tongue-in-cheek chucklesome fair sportsmanlike gentlemanly clowning in fun in jest good considerate sportsmanly decent generous honest honourable reasonable evenhanded square just devil-may-care wild honorable sporting square dealing straight shooting square shooting full of life good-humoured good-humored full of pep

Tính từ

Shy and fond of being on one's own
coy modest retiring shy bashful demure self-effacing arch coquettish backward diffident kittenish shrinking timid skittish simpering withdrawn aw-shucks introverted prudish recessive reticent sheepish overmodest blushing evasive humble rabbity reserved unassertive affected timorous quiet meek self-conscious unassuming apprehensive embarrassed nervous insecure fearful restrained hesitant inhibited silent reluctant unconfident constrained reclusive unassured seemly proper mousy chaste wary unsociable faint-hearted withdrawing abashed shamefaced nice undemonstrative introvert standoffish trembling quaking cowering media-shy weak-kneed decorous unpretentious unsure blushful sober decent suspicious easily frightened yellow cowardly uptight discreet ashamed unpresuming lowly chicken afraid scared repressed inward-looking virginal pure virtuous wimpish sissy gutless yellow-bellied uncommunicative unobtrusive mild private poor-spirited recreant tentative secretive retired chary cold thoughtful nongregarious cool solitary offish soft-spoken cautious mim declining costive doubtful subdued flushed reddening humiliated flushing uncertain self-doubting frustrated guarded docile uncomfortable uneasy apologetic distrustful dubious blenching flinching unpoised turning red red-faced taciturn distant unforthcoming tongue-tied aloof prim passionless unresponsive introspective severe ill at ease prissy remote hung up respectable strait-laced ladylike sedate staid lacking courage detached seclusive secret eremitic virgin vestal delicate clean innocent maidenly priggish unboastful indrawn self-contained temperate bottled up hermitic anchoritic eremitical socially inhibited stand-offish old-maidish down-to-earth straight puritanical goody-goody starchy weak spineless unaffable unexpansive niminy-piminy square immaculate mousey scary fearsome trepidatious tremulous fainthearted contemplative pensive self-absorbed self-interested unconcerned aseptic disinterested incurious retreated recluse uncurious casual uninterested indifferent uncompanionable daunted close earnest serious solemn meditative weak-willed reflective unmanly lily-livered collected boneless ruminative spiritless close-mouthed inner-directed craven self-centred pigeon-hearted not forward prim and proper moderate unpretending resigned prudent simple faint frightened shuddering jumpy chicken-hearted jittery soft irresolute feart half-hearted chicken-livered easily scared weakling nervy self-centered doubting G-rated verecund recoiling pusillanimous spooked wet wimpy candy-assed easily embarrassed funky

Tính từ

Very attractive or tempting
seductive alluring bewitching captivating tempting sexy fascinating ravishing attractive provocative come-hither enticing erotic immodest inviting irresistible sensuous shameless siren suggestive tantalising tantalizing amorous appealing beguiling charismatic charming come-to-bed coquettish elfin enchanting engaging entrancing fetching glamorous glamourous hot luring magnetic passionate raunchy sexually arousing sexually exciting slinky steamy sultry tarty attracting desirable drawing specious sensual voluptuous luscious provoking shapely beddable arousing nubile lush titillating fanciable fit sexually attractive foxy spunky cute bootylicious kissable bedroom feline dishy bodacious toothsome sexual curvaceous busty gorgeous handsome dreamy yummy dashing delicious inveigling witching naughty indelicate indecent pornographic stimulating piquant racy exciting juicy kinky encouraging intriguing cheeky intoxicating interesting heady beckoning peng beautiful pretty lovely stunning good-looking comely fair delightful tasty bonny taking striking knockout prepossessing beauteous smashing sightly pulchritudinous drop-dead winning adorable lovesome easy on the eye seemly drop-dead gorgeous pleasing aesthetic esthetic bonnie good likely arresting nice winsome well-favored fine nice-looking goodly sweet elegant dazzling adorbs divine exquisite heavenly eye-catching buxom well favoured as pretty as a picture graceful radiant delectable hunky out of this world babelicious sensational becoming fabulous stylish fine-looking easy on the eyes on fleek well-favoured studly curvy agreeable darling pleasant enthralling lovable wonderful likable scrumptious splendid sublime delicate wholesome blooming likeable personable very beautiful a ten well favored ripe marriageable saucy cuddly devastating eligible dainty phat sexually mature mesmeric breathtaking endearing dear beseeching lurid vixenish clean-cut top welcome grateful congenial delightsome blessed gratifying pleasurable palatable dulcet savoury enjoyable blest jolly felicitous savory satisfying ample trim dreamboat eyeful bijou jaw-dropping X-rated picture-perfect extremely attractive opulent full-figured full-bosomed angelic physically attractive grand Junoesque Rubensesque resplendent aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing statuesque fleshly carnal dollish superb classy symmetrical refined photogenic ideal well-formed gainly well-stacked well-proportioned well formed telegenic willowy fashionable dapper camera-friendly presentable prettyish showstopping sheen debonair well turned beaut flamboyant

Tính từ

Like (that of) a girl
girlish childish feminine youthful childlike immature coquettish flirty fresh girly hoydenish kittenish mincing naïve teenage unsophisticated young boyish juvenile adolescent pubescent youngish teenaged young-looking junior budding tender vernal growing fresh-faced inexperienced new undeveloped green innocent developing infantile callow babyish infant baby-faced wide-eyed underage blooming raw fledgling untried unseasoned unqualified younger unfledged full of life teen young at heart baby formative tenderfoot young looking prepubescent half-grown milk-fed beardless in the springtime of life unspoiled fresh-looking well-kept pubertal naive cute vigorous active spry untrained infantine sprightly child's well-preserved children's kid unworldly unpracticed artless ingenuous enthusiastic buoyant keen small underdeveloped undergrown bread-and-butter newly arrived uncultivated unversed wet behind the ears tenderfooted unskilled little unexperienced inexpert early newish newborn blossoming burgeoning not aged not far advanced in one's salad days ignorant unschooled unacquainted uninitiated amateur unfamiliar verdant rookie unaccustomed unconversant inept sophomoric undisciplined dewy uninformed untested unproven unripe unpractised naif untutored born yesterday prentice dewy-eyed unused rude lacking experience simple unfamiliar with spring chicken wet behind ears unformed puerile unripened unsuspicious unsuspecting uncritical amateurish uninitiate impressionable credulous nescient unwary simpleminded primitive naïf unknowing aw-shucks unrehearsed unlearned unskillful unprofessional nonprofessional jackleg gullible vulnerable just starting out spring incomplete unready unfinished unmellowed sour not ripe unattempted experimental prototype speculative unestablished trial exploratory test unproved pilot unsubstantiated novel conjectural unessayed in the experimental stage unexpert fond insensible unwise easy natural confiding jejune silly virginal uncorrupted virgin unstudied quaint shallow unjaded plain uneducated untaught countrified Panglossian like a babe in the woods starry-eyed simple-minded as green as grass

Tính từ

Suggestive of immorality
uninhibited promiscuous immoral impure indecent lewd lustful rakish unchaste bawdy debauched depraved dissolute fast lascivious lecherous libidinous licentious loose profligate sinful wanton easy of easy virtue raffish incontinent dissipated libertine abandoned degenerate corrupt decadent wicked reprobate unprincipled perverted shameless wild concupiscent unrestrained intemperate salacious unclean debased lubricious raunchy degraded prurient randy unconstrained horny obscene carnal coarse goatish dirty sensual warped demoralized unwholesome sick rakehell jackleg perverse filthy rakehelly demoralised crude swinging hot disreputable pervy satyric passionate lubricous hypersexual itchy louche lickerish uncontrolled whorish pornographic smutty gross vicious ribald voluptuary X-rated naughty sybaritic unvirtuous fast-living vulgar evil blue unbridled vile lax immodest light foul iniquitous vitiated nasty wayward trashy profane stag porny gutter unprintable voluptuous fleshly gay locker-room low-down unrestricted high living self-indulgent in the fast lane fast and loose gone bad roundheeled careless fallen erotic corrupted hedonic unconventional bad sleazy nefarious riotous incorrigible ungoverned ruttish indulgent defiled sordid villainous unscrupulous suggestive base low violated deteriorated drunken open miscreant rotten lusty orgiastic scurrilous off-color raw pleasure-seeking night owl hard-core lacking restraint in the gutter gone to the dogs unimpeded free untrammeled unhindered unconfined hedonistic uncontrollable ardent freethinking offensive dubious prodigal uncurbed animal amoral unruly unmoral desirous relaxed scabrous disorderly hot and heavy unblushing rough soft-core bodily evil-minded steamy unethical untrammelled impious dishonest tarty slack slaggy wrong riggish unconscionable wrongful dishonourable fraudulent philandering morally wrong unfair devious underhand indelicate racy dodgy black crooked shady unlawful cutthroat unrighteous unsavory dark Machiavellian bohemian dashing jaunty casual sporty indecorous tasteless unseemly imprudent heedless rude disgusting spicy saturnalian unsavoury dishonorable unjust graceless not cricket arousing earthy taboo sexy off colour titillating devil-may-care inconstant irresponsible deviant gamy off-colored salty gamey explicit off risqué adult porno nudge-nudge dapper near the knuckle foul-mouthed scandalous near the bone in bad taste questionable improper brutal flagitous twisted criminal kinky unnatural sicko unhealthy mean flashy out of control no better than one should be dirty-minded flash tawdry colourful unusual free-spirited individual colorful sexual venereal wolfish hircine hot to trot

Tính từ

Brazen or flashy
brassy loud blaring harsh noisy strident brazen grating jarring bold brash piercing raucous saucy booming cacophonous deafening dissonant impudent insolent jangling shrill thundering arch audacious blatant bold-faced brassbound brazen-faced cheeky cocksure cocky discordant ear-splitting flashy forward fresh gaudy impertinent nervy pert pushy sassy vulgar wise barefaced garish jazzy loud-mouthed obtrusive showy tinny arrant arrogant forceful hard high-pitched loudmouthed metallic overbearing overbold rude shameless unabashed unblushing presumptuous flip immodest smart-alecky bumptious smart contumelious malapert overconfident disrespectful lippy self-assertive unashamed flippant hubristic assumptive flagrant unembarrassed irreverent brass-necked haughty bold as brass pompous presuming supercilious overweening assuming high-handed lordly lofty uppity smug disdainful uppish discourteous boldfaced mouthy procacious self-asserting conceited sharp boastful opinionated defiant patronizing blustering cavalier insubordinate self-important familiar outrageous cool patronising imperious vainglorious high and mighty snippy proud egotistical pretentious self-confident vain superior unmannerly hoarse ill-mannered hifalutin undisguised highfalutin huffy chesty sniffy huffish brazenfaced toplofty toploftical swollen-headed rasping screeching unrepentant facetious high-and-mighty stiff-necked high-hat off-base scratchy inconsiderate squawky ear-piercing cute squawking raspy mischievous crude clamorous confident contemptuous overfamiliar tumultuous insulting swaggering overt mannerless smarty-pants smart-aleck peremptory affected riotous hardened abandoned snobbish impolite bald-faced smart-arsed depraved profligate improper resounding unconcealed bad-mannered snobby elitist dissolute incorrigible unprincipled clangorous full of oneself smarty reprobate snotty egotistic snooty condescending unchaste lewd immoral toffee-nosed hoity-toity stuck-up know-it-all self-assured smart-assed full of yourself as bold as brass out of line wise guy croaky assertive husky croaking without shame unmelodious rough gruff squeaky fearless glib offhand pontifical egoistic egoistical narcissistic prideful egocentric aggressive unharmonious superficial impetuous hotheaded impulsive impolitic playful unconcerned jokey rash open penetrating scornful grinding unmusical thoughtless self-affected bloated selfish self-promoting self-serving self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-opinionated self-centered self-righteous self-contented self-adulatory swellheaded biggity self-glorifying mocking self-conceited self-centred unshrinking important wanton indecent transparent hotshot scoffing bigheaded orgulous sneering naked in-your-face masterful gritty earsplitting snippety dictatorial shocking fancy-pants big-headed bragging biggety cold-shoulder bossy autocratic breezy meretricious puffed up stuck up ostentatious jumped up on an ego trip too big for your boots gravelly brave plucky crass throaty gravel rusty coarse amoral bell-like ringing resonant unpleasant clanging corrupt bullish naughty ballsy presumptive impenitent remorseless feisty flighty impish free unreserved domineering ill-bred officious abusive temeritous bantam spirited thrusting remote swanky tony pushful persnickety aloof intrusive meddlesome combative volatile weisenheiming sure uncivil positive tawdry spunky gutsy smart-mouthed guttural certain jaunty self-satisfied high-flown throwing one's weight about putting on airs effervescent trashy pushing heedless precipitate headlong untactful incautious bright hasty vivacious maladroit coming on strong undismayed undaunted frank temerarious not backwards in coming forwards lacking civility bad mannered offensive smart aleck smart guy smarty pants out-of-line imperative magisterial ungracious growling stridulant growly stridulous jangly tuneless clashing caterwauling creaking astringent unawed unflinching put down obvious out-of-tune out-of-key off-key poised composed forthright abashless unaffected unshamed unrestrained patent glaring manifest evident palpable fortissimo rackety unmistakable pronounced conspicuous sheer clear clattering clattery thunderous reverberating blasting uproarious dinning amusing jocular brass whimsical tongue-in-cheek straightforward bald outright sarcastic frivolous witty noticeable undeniable flaunting inharmonious rank indisputable cut-and-dried striking unmitigated egregious gross ear-popping loudmouth jumping strepitous rambunctious disorderly blusterous bronze unsubtle shallow irresponsible carefree insouciant snazzy protrusive deliberate glitzy prominent screaming crying in plain sight dismissive raising the roof raising Cain turned up humorous funny comical absonant throwing one's weight around atonal puckish acute light-hearted stertorous braying made of brass authoritarian tyrannical assured despotic complacent authoritative commanding dogmatic grandiose strutting tyrannous autocratical tyrannic consequential arbitrary la-di-da oppressive above oneself aristocratic inflated doctrinaire inflexible dominating portentous puffed-up rigid imperial wilful sententious self-loving uncompromising posh potty stuffy ritzy holier-than-thou pleased with oneself pontificating withering obstinate unyielding puffy repressive draconian willful on high horse insistent severe stiff adamant bombastic imposing indifferent full of contempt prejudiced on your high horse opinionative opinioned ambitious vaunting bigoted derisive iron-handed exclusive obdurate heavy-handed intolerant dogmatical obnoxious slighting self-aggrandizing undemocratic autarchic pigheaded boasting disparaging anti-democratic jeering peacockish strict stubborn abhorrent scathing self-regarding self-absorbed braggart self-admiring self-applauding belittling pleased with yourself firm in love with oneself too big for one's boots coercive biased absolute full of hot air high foolhardy controlling brusque abrupt highhanded emphatic dominant derisory regnant crowing inappropriate totalitarian egomaniac careless iron-fisted summary gracious flatulent windbag illiberal high-minded la-de-da wisenheimer single-minded demeaning degrading derogative snide depreciative denigratory detractive derogatory decrying pejorative uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory denigrative definite bull-headed demanding highfaluting sardonic dictative of fixed views opprobrious too big for one's breeches think too highly of oneself think a lot of oneself self-approving goody-goody have an excessively high opinion of oneself well pleased self-complacent self-flattering extraverted braggy self-pleased self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted uninhibited proud of oneself too big for one's britches puffed standoffish elitist refined airy powerful casual curt cliquish masterly bullying poncey windy disciplinarian honourable honorable silliness giddy dizzy uninterested offensively self-assertive ironhanded overproud high falutin reserved distant detached selective self-obsessed decisive wiseguy self-willed unceremonious lording it stooping insufferable ranting terse cursory off perfunctory preponderant ascendant prevalent majestic regal august judicial stately dignified blowing one's own horn partisan self-opinioned driven grand spectacular magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated priggish wrapped up in oneself take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish la-dee-da complaisant blowhard overhasty previous premature sure of oneself compulsatory obligatory mandatory exacting required compulsory indulgent overindulgent over-free relaxed highbrow discriminatory daredevil reckless madcap brisk fustian swanking big-mouthed high-pressure enterprising fierce go-getting militant too big for your breeches swollen with pride on a high horse on one's high horse self-respecting nose in the air riding for a fall overoptimistic Neronian cynical hypercritical tactless big of preconceived ideas exultant denigrating monocratic sharp-elbowed crack-the-whip stern throwing weight around tolerant free-and-easy despicable malicious stuck on oneself compelling rigorous decided fixed stringent finished think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift think one is the cat's pyjamas downright unchallengeable entrenched narrow-minded unquestionable categorical unbending pleased rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic unsympathetic scouting repudiating content absolutist small-minded flushed brag boast hot stuff conceity ham phony gall phoney fascistic fanatical one-sided unequivocal tenacious determined wrong-headed formal bullheaded prying nosey interfering busy meddling intruding snoopy over-assertive nosy uncontrolled one-party unaccountable unconstitutional single-party sure of yourself heading for a fall taunting undiplomatic on ego trip ruthless tsarist czarist merciless go-ahead turning up your nose at looking down your nose at subjugating hard-nosed temperamental disapproving upstage I'm all right, Jack well-pleased proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary flushed with success like the cat that's got the cream strong-willed snot-nosed devastating high hat dog it big talking blowing one's own trumpet humiliating in driver's seat crack the whip solemn stinging biting mortifying blistering searing ponderous snubbing blighting hurtful sonorous grandiloquent declamatory crushing rhetorical overblown oratorical overripe apostolic serious grave headstrong pig-headed

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