Đồng nghĩa của screeching

Alternative for screeching

screeches, screeched, screeching

Đồng nghĩa: cry, howl, scream, shout, shriek, squeal, yell,

Tính từ

Resembling a squawk
squawky strident grating discordant raucous sharp rasping jarring hoarse cacophonous dissonant stridulous unmelodious noisy croaking raspy rough jangling guttural coarse rusty unmusical scratchy earsplitting clashing rugged astringent caterwauling creaking tuneless acrid asperous bitter bleak cracked craggy disagreeing disturbing dry flat glaring grim hard incompatible jagged rigid severe sour uneven unlevel unrelenting off-key out-of-key out-of-tune not smooth harsh shrill unharmonious piercing blaring ear-piercing inharmonious squawking gruff husky absonant croaky brassy loud tumultuous squeaky ear-splitting clamorous unvocal unmelodic jangly horrisonant gravelly throaty gravel penetrating grinding riotous out of tune stridulant boisterous screechy forceful blatant stertorous out of key tickly uncomfortable metallic tinny growling growly maddening irritating annoying vexatious stentorian fierce rabid ferocious lacking harmony unpleasant disagreeable at variance at odds deafening thunderous booming explosive convulsive furious stridulatory stentorious paroxysmal turbulent volcanic blustering stridulent forcible buffeting disharmonic ill-sounding clinking immusical baying persuasive vociferous vocal vociferant obstreperous harsh sounding atonal acute braying clinker off-tone divergent off-pitch abnormal irregular anomalous unnatural deviant sour note not harmonious untuned out of pitch thick deep low creaky disharmonious inharmonic ragged choppy uncongenial abrasive rough-sounding snarling squeaking unoiled brittle harsh-sounding scratching croupy breathy whispering indistinct plinky jingling jingly inarticulate glottal sepulchral gular jugular cacophonic roily inclement dirty stormy violent raging tempestuous heavy blustery squally ugly agitated wild jaggy rocky scraggy stony roughened bristly roiled hairy glary strong blinding intense dazzling unaesthetic bad grotesque displeasing unlovely unwelcome unpleasing nasty

Danh từ

A mix of discordant sounds
cacophony din racket discord discordance dissonance noise stridency babel blare bluster bowwow brawl bruit caterwauling chatter clamour clamor clangour clangor decibels disharmony katzenjammer rattle raucousness roar grating harshness jarring loudness rasping unmelodiousness unmusicality jangle tumult uproar clatter clash pandemonium crash sound row lack of harmony bang clang commotion hurly-burly hubbub atonality hullabaloo jangling tintinnabulation boom blast outcry inharmoniousness vociferation ruckus howl peal clinker loud noise charivari turmoil shouting confused noise hue and cry decibel serialism twelve-tone scale tolling ringing knell ding-dong chime bedlam sour note confusion twelve-note scale disorder babble clank clink chaos babbling yelling screaming stramash rumpus clanking jingle honk thunder jingling clashing clinking clanging chink chinking tower jargon ring thud shot sonance rumble wail bellow fireworks eruption drumming detonation explosion car crash roaring jar reverberation rattling resounding burst screech thundering blasting loud sound stridor bellowing booming shrieking honking shriek hubba-hubba upheaval brouhaha remonstrance hassle hoo-ha shout lament to-do exclamation bustle agitation protesting convulsion complaint buzz ferment furore furor ado ruction fuss stir welter clutter riot disturbance mayhem kerfuffle bother ballyhoo hoopla pother fracas storm blather whirl moil bobbery shindy foofaraw stew squall williwaw hurly splore corroboree hurry hurricane zoo coil do fun helter-skelter hoo-hah hurry-skurry hurry-scurry hubble-bubble alarums and excursions turbulence maelstrom anarchy frenzy havoc bangarang melee free-for-all disarray madness shambles disquietude disquiet strife trouble all hell broken loose big scene baying blaring ululation madhouse unrest bagarre craziness outburst lawlessness broil roughhouse shivaree bickering violence snafu ructions palaver hype talk all hell breaking loose song and dance carry-on cry chaotic situation uproariousness fanfare squawk lamentation bewailing boisterousness yelp disorganization muddle disorderliness perturbation untidiness mess disarrangement consternation disruption entropy dishevelment disorderedness wilderness complication jumble imbroglio muss misorder disorganisation hell intricacy tumble rout dislocation haze messiness mix-up a three-ring circus mare's nest a madhouse slip-up affray outbreak altercation quarrel unsettlement dither lather wildness seething upturn excitement fight

Động từ

Present participle for to make a loud, and usually emotional, cry
shrieking squealing howling yelling screaming squawking wailing yelping bellowing caterwauling hollering shouting squalling bawling shrilling yawping whooping calling out careering crying crying out juddering outcrying shuddering skidding roaring yowling calling baying ululating barking vociferating thundering clamouring hallooing hooting clamoring creaking rasping holloing cheering growling yammering sounding off whining grating squeaking groaning moaning yapping croaking jarring whimpering keening scraping complaining cawing crowing weeping grumbling carping griping muttering bleating grinding whingeing lamenting murmuring maundering singing out inveighing yipping repining grouching nagging mewing yauping exclaiming blustering cackling greeting hailing sobbing grousing beefing sniveling snivelling cooeeing bellyaching blaring snarling kvetching grizzling crabbing kicking grumping fussing scratching braying routing hissing raising your voice deploring screaking mourning wauling blubbering mithering grieving belling bemoaning bewailing hurrahing booming proclaiming singing trumpeting shouting out speaking loudly raising voice calling at the top of your voice purring gritting scrunching clucking woofing clacking meowing huzzahing announcing hooping huzzaing rumbling neighing whispering brawling calling hello to voicing lowing peeping cheeping whinnying giving tongue sorrowing bellering puling pleading jowling miaowing screaming bloody murder kicking up a storm raising a ruckus carrying on crying the blues crying loudly hee-hawing bickering quarrelling quarreling fulminating railing declaiming cursing threatening gnarling making screeching heehawing hinnying whirring uttering a hoot ejaculating yelling at uttering threat declaring rubbing sounding snorting gabbling trilling sighing grunting wheezing whizzing hollering out chirring crepitating uttering bolting blatting whistling uttering suddenly figuring asserting blurting emitting blurting out stating putting up a howl claiming raising Cain agitating appealing debating insisting raising the roof disputing dinning demanding coming out with bursting out with calling aloud bursting out saying loudly rending the air kicking up a fuss chuntering protesting objecting criticizing finding fault creating criticising cavilling caviling chirping going on finding fault with kicking up a stink scolding nattering cribbing knocking condemning remonstrating denouncing reproaching expostulating making a fuss taking exception objecting to speaking out against plaining over running down mewling decrying censuring upbraiding disparaging berating mumbling raising objections expressing disapproval nitpicking demurring trashing opposing taking a stand making a stand picking on putting the boot in railing at nit-picking lodging a complaint making a complaint putting up a fight picking holes in picking at inveighing against quibbling excepting anathematizing execrating sniffling niggling blubbing sulking hypercriticizing taking on blowing off crying softly panning objurgating pecking splitting hairs bothering picking holes rubbishing slandering sniping maligning badmouthing sorrowing for sorrowing about sighing over grieving over sputtering muddling swallowing slurring droning burbling wittering bad-mouthing slagging off pulling to pieces taking apart speaking ill of talking under your breath moaning and groaning casting aspersions on doing a hatchet job on charging dissenting fretting contravening indicting defying accusing laying differing deprecating twining disagreeing ascribing imputing gainsaying disapproving refuting attacking harassing harrying badgering taking exception to looking askance going on about impugning lashing admonishing castigating reviling lambasting ranting vituperating hounding recriminating roasting blasting vilifying henpecking chivvying hassling storming abusing denigrating raging blaming scorching pestering persecuting worrying bullying needling pecking at dogging plaguing vexing keeping on at riding tongue-lashing grouching about laying into ripping into laying out going on at carping at keeping after jumping down one's throat sounding off about working over beefing about kicking up a fuss about kicking up a stink about cracking down on letting have it bellyaching about complaining vehemently about going after having at urging baiting eating grumbling at teasing heckling disturbing moaning at harping on at importuning prodding provoking hectoring nudging goading distressing egging moaning on at keeping complaining to working on taking it out on breathing down someone's neck bending someone's ear giving a hard time

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