Đồng nghĩa của at odds

Tính từ

Very dissimilar
very different a far cry from as like as chalk and cheese contrasting disparate dissimilar distinct distinctive mismatched poles apart very inconsistent very unalike very unlike incompatible inconsistent different divergent unalike unequal at variance unlike conflicting discrepant differing unrelated incongruent deviating contrary contrastive nonidentical clashing incongruous opposed contradictory discordant variant incomparable uneven antithetic distant distinguishable irregular other unconnected non-identical otherwise like night and day not the same irreconcilable incommensurable another differentiable differential unsimilar not as such not so other than supposed separate incommensurate unequivalent uncoordinated inconsonant far cry inharmonious ill-matched ill-assorted unsuited diverse varying misallied lopsided asymmetric inequitable unreconcilable one-sided unjust off-balance various out of keeping particular offbeat like chalk and cheese altered streets apart single distinguishing unassociated contradistinctive contradistinct unmistakable foreign oppositional discriminable alternative alternate disproportionate individual unique weird specific precise discrete detached disconnected sole unattached separated remote unequal to incomparable to inconsistent with irrelevant to removed incompatible to immaterial to incongruent with unrelated to disunited sui generis heterogeneous assorted miscellaneous varied manifold sundry multifarious unmatched not similar unidentical fluctuating variable opposite divers myriad antithetical mismated antonymous march to a different drummer not alike far from not capable of comparison changing unsteady unsymmetrical unbalanced erratic asymmetrical unstable random odd not uniform not matching inequal

Tính từ

(of two or more things) Contrasting or conflicting with each other
opposed conflicting contrary antithetical clashing incompatible opposite contradictory contrasting irreconcilable opposing different disagreeing divergent adverse counter differing dissimilar antipathetic dissentient oppugnant polar allergic antonymous at variance battling combating confronting controverting crossing defending defensive denying disparate disputed disputing enemy exposing facing gainsaying in opposition objecting obstructive protesting repelling restrictive rival warring poles apart at cross-purposes up against inconsistent incongruous discrepant unalike discordant separate dissonant contrasted unlike contrastive diverse antagonistic distant unequal variant hostile paradoxical diametric antithetic antipodal antipodean diametrical converse reverse distinct independent inconsonant mismatched distinctive diverging deviating nonidentical disharmonious varying unrelated anomalous unsimilar inharmonious inimical diametrically opposed anti non-identical ill-matched incomparable incongruent distinguishable incommensurate heterogeneous uncoordinated discrete other cross obverse bipolar unconnected competing inverse reversed averse adversarial against the grain oppositional contrapositive violative not alike nothing like like chalk and cheese streets apart flip-side repugnant ambiguous ornery against nullifying counteractive con contradictive negating agin self-contradictory out of step untypical atypical irregular unnatural off-key factious factional various out of line not in keeping out of sync no go out of harmony in disagreement out of tune on the outs at outs out of keeping at loggerheads unfriendly irresoluble reluctant hateful mutually exclusive

Tính từ

Tending to obstruct or harm
inimical hostile adverse contrary destructive harmful hurtful opposed injurious antagonistic detrimental pernicious unfavourable unfriendly antipathetic damaging dangerous deleterious prejudicial ruinous calamitous counter disadvantageous negative unfavorable unsympathetic untoward ill-disposed malefic maleficent unwelcoming disaffected ill inimic inimicable not conducive noxious oppugnant repugnant opposing averse anti against adversarial aggressive resistant jaundiced inhospitable down on uncooperative disobliging cold cool belligerent dissenting combative militant angry oppositional spiteful contentious bellicose confrontational wrathful conflicting disapproving virulent dissident vitriolic incompatible mortal adversary unreceptive pugnacious argumentative reluctant quarrelsome difficult opposite uncongenial unwilling adversative oppugning accusatorial unsociable truculent agin allergic set against in disagreement with dead set against at variance at variance with dissenting from at odds with on the warpath unkind malicious malevolent bitter rancorous hateful malignant sour nasty vindictive surly vicious mean catty frosty venomous unpleasant ornery rude acrimonious antisocial critical disagreeable cross scrappy bad chilly icy unpropitious unsocial viperous malign glacial poor aloof distant disavowing indisposed low discouraging warlike harsh naysaying bad-tempered ill-tempered cantankerous frigid uncharitable unneighbourly foul disinclined menacing furious poisonous resentful inconsiderate haughty withdrawn reserved ill-natured loath stand-offish uncivil indifferent unapproachable threatening hesitant cold-eyed backward reticent ill-humored afraid perverse remote vengeful alien uneager ill-humoured intimidating biting obstructive inauspicious dour unflattering uncomplimentary unaffable obnoxious cruel wintry disparaging grouchy churlish disdainful misanthropic tetchy irascible gelid unforthcoming abusive offensive testy discourteous ungracious uncommunicative hard-eyed chill brittle clammy cold-blooded wintery frozen antiseptic arctic coldish uncordial joyless sulky narky rebellious unpromising filthy ratty ominous asocial unneighborly stroppy shirty troublesome standoffish querulous objectionable dubious cagy cagey mean-spirited inapproachable lawless hostile to opposed to inaccessible evil-minded not in the mood unenthusiastic about behavioural contra ungenerous in opposition offhand xenophobic rotten recusant impeding hindering wretched vile behavioral brusque short irritable acting in opposition wounding contradictory refractory inimitable wayward impossible resisting contemptuous withering seclusive unemotional emotionless snappish grumpy snappy sullen disruptive disorderly cranky peevish fractious petulant heated splenetic peckish liverish crotchety chippy soreheaded huffy miffy grumbling curmudgeonly waxy unprepared unamiable slow loth annoyed vexed indignant displeased irate irked piqued aggrieved exasperated irritated untimely unlucky detached solitary reclusive remiss chary wary unforgiving revengeful galled crabby provoked dark waspish unacceptable distasteful unhelpful fiery not ready inopportune outraged private taciturn retiring introverted avenging short-tempered quick-tempered on a short fuse uncaring not in favour of not disposed nervous about not minded not keen uninclined regrettable evil wicked undermining invalidating impassioned unclubbable mopey mopish offish sociopathic baleful hot-tempered short-fused intractable defiant glowering louring moody unenthusiastic fromward disliking acrid violent bristling inflammable spirited intolerant lively embittered passionate manic hysterical uncomfortable tempestuous disputatious ugly uneasy quiet nongregarious brooding dry distrustful silent scowling unbending secretive standoff discrediting vexatious derogatory contrarious fierce eggy black enraged implacable grudge-bearing relentless punitive suspicious uppity buttoned-up stuck-up intransigent recalcitrant antagonistic to resistant to antipathetic to ill-disposed to evil-intentioned hate-filled infelicitous corrosive abrasive caustic retaliatory having no use for unfavourably disposed to beyond the pale thirsting for revenge out for revenge disobedient inimical to challenging averse to unyielding unsatisfactory tardy unfit inconvenient ill-advised unadvantageous discommodious inexpedient unfortunate late malapropos wrong inadvisable improper unseemly unseasonable unsuited disinclined to accept reluctant to accept unwilling to accept unamicable severe supercilious stern stiff impersonal impolite unmannerly Olympian starchy competitive estranged censorious grudging gruff not on speaking terms

Tính từ

Prepared for, or engaged in, warfare or fighting

Tính từ

Not in accordance with accepted standards, especially of morality or honesty
improper inappropriate unsuitable incongruous unfit incorrect irregular wrong inapposite inapt infelicitous malapropos unacceptable unwarranted amiss corrupt dishonest dishonorable dishonourable graceless illegitimate ill-timed immoral inapplicable indecorous inept inopportune perverse unapt unbecoming uncalled-for unethical unhappy unprofessional unseasonable unseemly unsuited untoward crooked erroneous false inaccurate unscrupulous abnormal awkward discordant discrepant ill-advised imprudent inadequate inadmissible inadvisable inexpedient inharmonious ludicrous odd off-base out-of-place out-of-season preposterous unbefitting uncomely undue untimely against the rules not cricket bad form not suitable out of place unfitting indelicate indecent immodest naughty out of line ill-suited unladylike ungentlemanly unworthy discreditable out of keeping disreputable tasteless undignified shameful unfortunate unrefined disgraceful incompatible ineligible undesirable in poor taste in bad taste regrettable ignominious injudicious ignoble tactless unfavorable unfavourable ill-judged misplaced ill-considered lacking in propriety ill-fitted ill-adapted demeaning debasing cheapening inconvenient unceremonious belittling lowering mortifying shaming indiscreet inelegant degrading humiliating scandalous inglorious vulgar low base offensive tawdry cheap crass rough ungodly misguided impolite clumsy wretched gauche maladroit malodorous disadvantageous disproportionate irrelevant mistimed unworthy of out of order unfitted not proper not good enough ill-chosen objectionable not up to scratch ineligible for unequipped for unprepared for unsuited to inadequate for ill-suited to unsuitable for unfitted for inappropriate to not designed not designed for ill-adapted to infra dig disappointing sorry abject beneath you lacking dignity coarse deplorable dreadful unmannerly unqualified poor rude uncouth ruffian raffish crude rowdy unwelcome stupid slow incompetent dull beneath your dignity unhandsome unfair tacky unlovely salacious inexpert not up to snuff not qualified clashing unmatched disparate dissident dissonant disagreeable inconsistent jarring interfering senseless inexperienced unhandy unfacile flat jejune inadept unmeet undexterous unproficient insipid banal premature out of character out of the way lax early hasty unprincipled bothersome misjudged intrusive sordid incommodious inauspicious negligent badly timed discommoding unpropitious adverse discommodious troublesome uncomplimentary difficult detrimental unprofitable unhelpful dodgy shady unsavoury inefficient uncool useless ineffective louche seedy seamy shoddy sleazy foul vile not equal to not good enough for no good debased depraved degenerate nasty low-minded outrageous odious despicable contemptible abhorrent abominable sleazoid disgusting inapropos squalid unsavory insensitive inconsonant off left-field foot-in-mouth way off

Tính từ

Not forming or contributing to a pleasing whole, especially to the ear or senses
inharmonious discordant cacophonous dissonant unmelodious unmusical harsh jarring tuneless grating jangling unharmonious strident off-key raucous screeching unvocal absonant horrisonant disagreeable unpleasant at variance lacking harmony unmelodic shrill disharmonious sharp blaring inharmonic noisy loud irritating inappropriate annoying unsuitable vexatious atonal screechy jangly out of place rasping ear-splitting piercing incongruous disharmonic offensive maddening displeasing irksome grinding rough grotesque unaesthetic squawky squawking tumultuous ear-piercing stridulent flat uncongenial deafening thunderous booming cacophonic cracked ill-sounding clinking immusical sour out of tune out of keeping harsh sounding twelve-note twelve-tone infuriating fierce rabid rugged ferocious boisterous rankling galling exasperating aggravating troublesome niggling tiresome explosive forceful convulsive furious gruff paroxysmal turbulent volcanic blustering forcible buffeting clashing insensitive stridulous ill suited dry vexing harsh-sounding incompatible conflicting contrasting scraping squeaky hoarse husky unbearable upsetting uncharacteristic scratchy penetrating brassy riotous clamorous acute blatant stertorous braying tinny stridulant metallic caterwauling droning monotone monotonous plinky jingling jingly stentorian guttural croaking raspy croaky stridulatory stentorious growling growly creaking astringent earsplitting baying persuasive vociferous vocal vociferant obstreperous out-of-tune out-of-key clinker off-tone divergent off-pitch abnormal irregular anomalous unnatural deviant untuned sour note out of key not harmonious out of pitch

Prepositional phrase

Not in agreement, especially in musical pitch

Trái nghĩa của at odds

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