Đồng nghĩa của unfavourable

Alternative for unfavourable

unfavourable /'ʌn'feivərəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không có thiện chí; không thuận, không tán thành
    • không thuận lợi
    • không hứa hẹn tốt, không có triển vọng
    • không có lợi, không có ích
      • unfavourable to us: không có lợi cho chúng ta

Tính từ

Likely to lead to an adverse or bad outcome
unfavorable adverse unpropitious untimely inauspicious inopportune disadvantageous inconvenient untoward ominous unfortunate unlucky inexpedient prejudicial regrettable calamitous negative inconducive troublesome unseasonable counter harmful infelicitous threatening bad destructive detrimental improper unpromising unsuitable damaging harsh unseemly objectionable unhappy unsuited discommodious malapropos unfit disparaging ill inappropriate inapt opposed wrong gloomy inadvisable ill-advised very bad ill-suited baleful dangerous deleterious injurious inimical dire ruinous baneful hurtful pernicious sinister disastrous evil menacing awkward foreboding ill-timed hostile nocuous undesirable ill-fated noxious direful malefic portentous disturbing forbidding ill-boding unhealthy prejudicious nocent deadly wicked unwholesome difficult bleak maleficent minatory unfriendly poisonous doomy ill-omened malignant mischievous mistimed black jinxed doomed grim counterproductive cancerous hopeless ill-starred bodeful malign unwelcome cursed perilous bothersome unpleasant badly timed distressing corrupting contrary poor discouraging wretched catastrophic disagreeable disheartening unbecoming fatal unsympathetic lethal painful toxic apocalyptic ill-chosen wounding inhospitable dark malicious virulent dismal dreadful fateful parlous luckless hazardous hapless undermining venomous annoying crippling irritating hard problematic devastating cataclysmic tough corroding austere corrosive star-crossed worrying sinistrous minacious discommoding nasty unconducive deplorable woeful environmentally unfriendly afflicted troubled out of luck subversive unmanageable terrible premature disruptive early critical unwelcoming dicey unbefitting incommodious severe aggravating incendiary incommoding impending vexing annihilative eradicative extirpative suicidal pestiferous malevolent depressing alarming inept uncomplimentary cheerless frightening lamentable forsaken destitute unprosperous unsuccessful uninviting lowering undue refractory abusive in a bad way willful intractable unruly ungovernable wilful wayward recalcitrant antagonistic headstrong incontrollable uncontrollable creepy doubtful froward off-putting unsafe risky vexatious stubborn unyielding disquieting premonitory dour wintry ugly disappointing precocious pestilential horrible warning ghastly unprofitable stark daunting desolate pessimistic noisome precarious unhelpful augural suggestive prophetic haunting miserable perverse awful doomful wintery repugnant ruining destroying sombre somber intrusive sad glum bitter testing upsetting morose desperate ruined pained stricken shattered broken burdened corruptive unsynchronized bringing bad luck cruel pestilent dubious unhopeful tiresome hasty murderous antipathetic unchancy too bad foul vile unhandy lethiferous wrackful insalubrious internecine harassing wreckful sinful slaughterous nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing indecorous injudicious tactless insidious nefarious miasmatic offensive miasmic mortal spiteful misjudged ill-judged obstructive unwieldy aching hurting afflictive misplaced incongruous unfitting ill-fitted iniquitous cantankerous reprobate eerie ill-disposed doom and gloom killing worrisome cumbersome empty lonely barren dyslogistic depreciative slighting downside derogatory detracting pejorative debit-side depreciatory unacceptable unanticipated unexpected sorrowful scary evil-looking spooky eldritch trying challenging prohibitive not conducive oppugnant inimicable inimic disaffected at odds precursive malificent presaging clouded prescient fearful sterile bare impeding hindering minatorial unforeseen unpredictable unusual surprising unpredicted shameful disgraceful uninhabitable anti suggestive of evil dishonest obnoxious blackhearted disobedient balky brooding glowering momentous significant foreshadowing snakebitten snakebit blighted heavy thunderous predictive prognosticatory important crucial neutralising accident-prone pitiful on the debit side contumacious rebellious restive defiant rebel recusant insubordinate incompliant obstreperous bullying spartan godforsaken ill-considered disconcerting rough oppressive tough luck behind eight ball bad break down on luck hard luck intimidatory comminatory terrorizing dispiriting frightful horrendous horrifying misfortunate undisciplined unpliable fractious indocile wild harrowing exacting exigent solemn near aggressive close upcoming overhanging terrorising forthcoming portending impendent lowery loury scowling exciting intriguing fated exhilarating extraordinary inspiring remarkable phenomenal destined thrilling insubmissive obstinate cross peevish petulant horrific troubling displeasing dismaying joyless gray doleful grey comfortless fearsome fierce intimidating uncomfortable rugged melancholic shocking unnerving at hand hard-pressed shadowy mournful chilling nightmarish morbid terrifying jarring ferocious straitened lurid tortured full of hardship strained treacherous pressing messy jeopardous rocky grave irritable bewildering poignant distressful perturbing agonising depressive frustrating macabre irksome disobliging mephitical hellish unkind dreary repellant repellent loathsome agonizing appalling abhorrent sullen galling perplexing distasteful unpalatable melancholy revulsive unamusing uncongenial unpleasing distressed tragic advance too early early on anachronistic out-of-date too late soon a bit previous before time overearly too soon early bird bright and early previous oversoon abortive hair-raising

Tính từ

Expressing or showing a lack of approval or support
unfavorable hostile adversarial negative unfriendly adversary antagonistic critical unsympathetic adverse contrary damaging disapproving disavowing discouraging inimical injurious opposing poor uncomplimentary unflattering antipathetic bad inhospitable jaundiced low prejudicial counter naysaying ill-disposed untoward mortal disadvantageous uncongenial unkind disparaging harsh enemy repugnant recusant competitive rival inauspicious oppositional unpropitious alien cutthroat destructive unwelcoming cool unsociable unneighbourly unsocial ungenerous cold antisocial chilly distant frosty stand-offish disdainful glacial haughty aloof remote discourteous xenophobic indifferent uncivil ungracious offhand unreceptive rude brusque short frigid cold-blooded reserved standoffish withdrawn gelid cold-eyed uncordial clammy antiseptic brittle hard-eyed icy uncommunicative unpleasant opposed solitary nasty unemotional unapproachable stiff wintry wintery coldish frozen chill arctic emotionless unaffable stony disagreeable unresponsive detached unfeeling misanthropic impersonal stern against forbidding unamiable unforthcoming reclusive dispassionate offish malevolent unenthusiastic asocial unclubbable unbending dry standoff formal buttoned-up ill-natured averse combative uncharitable Olympian unneighborly cold-hearted anti lukewarm hateful hard supercilious reticent apathetic set against dead set against obnoxious undemonstrative unamicable unsavoury passionless callous sour wooden impolite malicious spiteful unmannerly hardhearted surly confrontational severe suspicious unconcerned cross distrustful aggressive unsavory impertinent inconsiderate insensitive grouchy fierce quarrelsome agin inhuman inhumane insolent impudent gruff starchy resistant malignant thoughtless opposite down on dissenting from at odds with in disagreement with at variance with on the warpath malign objectionable unattractive ungenial unlikeable uncompanionable steely uninvolved unhappy depressing half-hearted uninterested tepid bad-tempered off-putting off ill-tempered unenthused belligerent contentious incurious annoyed offended procacious muted cold as ice taciturn private retiring introverted cynical oppugnant acting in opposition mopey mopish allergic quiet silent inaccessible nongregarious brooding inapproachable scowling secretive incompatible sceptical uppity argumentative adversative accusatorial at odds stuck-up at variance pessimistic distasteful displeasing disrespectful selfish hating egotistical egoistic narrow-minded misanthropical sarcastic sardonic eremitic bad-mannered churlish ill-mannered menacing cruel mean uncouth skeptical estranged censorious unpromising grudging disaffected warlike vengeful conflicting acrimonious uncaring uninviting businesslike unladylike boorish gauche ungallant cavalier ill-bred vicious mean-spirited icky rotten unpalatable yukky yucky bitter discordant unlovely unwelcome unpleasing wicked unsentimental pitiless hard-hearted brutal snide heartless ruthless compassionless curt unhandsome terse ungentlemanly unmannered uncalled-for sharp blunt not on speaking terms shabby wounding hurtful merciless upsetting savage neutral restrained rigid matter-of-fact self-controlled stilted unkindly bureaucratic clinical offensive unfortunate unchristian beastly catty featureless depersonalized uncolored strictly business impassive gray colourless straight impartial depersonalised faceless candid grey equal measured nondiscriminatory cold turkey unpassioned colorless abstract anonymous poker-faced careful soulless monolithic coldhearted sadistic ill barbarous phlegmatic austere affectless spiritless stony-hearted not nice

Tính từ

Inclined to express negative or disapproving comments
critical censorious condemnatory condemning castigatory reproving denunciatory deprecatory disparaging disapproving scathing criticising criticizing fault-finding judgemental negative unsympathetic hypercritical overcritical pedantic pettifogging cavilling carping quibbling niggling nitpicking pernickety picky belittling calumniatory cavillous censuring cutting cynical griping hairsplitting unfavorable bellyaching captious caviling faultfinding judgmental rejective whingeing derogatory reprobatory reprobative nit-picking nit-picky pass-remarkable ultra-critical damning reproachful pejorative denouncing incriminatory damnatory accusatory vituperative withering accusing proscriptive querulous nitpicky frowning discouraging berating dissatisfied disapprobatory boot-faced hostile knocking displeased harsh slating stern full of reproof precisionist scrupulous punctilious perfectionist finicky exact fussy overscrupulous over-exacting precise dogmatic literalistic literalist purist fastidious formalist meticulous finical casuistical casuistic sophistical hair-splitting scholastic sophistic overnice demanding nagging over-particular hard to please exacting particular over-rigorous over-strict over-censorious petty trifling severe exceptive sarcastic overprecise tricky difficult trivial persnickety overexacting nice demeaning difficult to please overexact deprecating complaining on someone's back impossible to please irritable crabby testy perverse thorny unfair contrary unjust touchy cantankerous peevish acrimonious petulant cross very critical evasive elusive prevaricative dainty choosy over-fastidious faddish painstaking careful trying uncompromising old-maidish faddy fussbudgety delicate finicking choosey importunate strict intractable clamorous tiresome tough obstinate rigorous dictatorial detailed fiddly fine overbearing unaccommodating inflexible insistent unmanageable hard imperious troublesome stringent unbending exigent unamenable fractious overparticular hardheaded firm sticklerish stiff obdurate needy possessive unsparing stubborn unflinching unreasonable scolding humbling diagnostic discerning biting discriminating analytical lowering critic judgy trenchant sharp penetrating contemptuous choleric satirical serious tyrannical sophisticated subtle mean high-maintenance hard to satisfy piddling insignificant paltry hard-line unimportant picayune equivocating minor

Tính từ

Tending to cause great distress or anxiety
lamentable tragic woeful dreadful terrible awful wretched dire deplorable distressing appalling miserable unfortunate grievous heartbreaking sad rotten disastrous pitiful regrettable hopeless calamitous shameful execrable heartrending harrowing upsetting unlucky mean distressful egregious grave sorrowful mournful dirty tragical unfavorable ignominious intolerable melancholy desperate afflictive inexcusable meager meagre hurting gut-wrenching god-awful unwelcome cataclysmic catastrophic ruinous untoward devastating fatal adverse cataclysmal destructive harmful damning fateful undesirable inopportune ill-advised disappointing blameworthy reprehensible inauspicious detrimental disgraceful injurious unpropitious too bad deadly black crippling bad shattering frightful ill-fated annihilatory devastative sorry unhappy pitiable wrong regretful a pity direful blighting earth-shattering pernicious messy undesired unpopular ravaging ill-starred unacceptable shocking displeasing unpleasant objectionable distasteful offensive unpalatable disagreeable horrible unsuccessful dark untimely abortive ill-boding sinister hapless luckless doomed disadvantageous unadvantageous tough hostile unsought unwanted unpromising inimical catastrophal infelicitous hard damaging outrageous insupportable pathetic poor indefensible lousy unsatisfactory unjustifiable scandalous contemptible unreasonable exceptionable atrocious insufferable unforgivable inferior inadequate unsuitable unpardonable out of order beyond the pale crummy not on abysmal dismal grim unbearable unwarrantable diabolical inexpiable substandard nasty despicable cruddy improper lame paltry very bad faulty inadmissible unconscionable God-awful repugnant below par impermissible inappropriate too much off out of line a bit much heinous scurvy monstrous iniquitous troublesome horrifying chronic detestable dishonourable dishonorable unseemly gross sickening opprobrious uninviting abject stinking abominable deficient loathsome abhorrent disturbing disquieting odious vile disgusting mediocre insufficient unworthy suboptimal subpar dissatisfactory imperfect excessive wanting out obnoxious condemnable defective wack crumby punk over-the-top bush rude untenable unpermissible unallowable censurable not cricket impolite not up to scratch over the fence not up to par bush-league not the done thing not quite the done thing sneaking ratty grubby scabby cheap scummy indiscreet irregular downer overwhelming bummer godawful dolorous glaring unremittable nefarious flagrant flagitious dreary serious irremissible bleak depressing weighty villainous taxing heart-rending uncool senseless inglorious preposterous critical dangerous desolate mortal not acceptable squalid godforsaken unspeakable ridiculous foolish sinful hazardous precarious perilous acute risky not forgivable gloomy sombre drab sordid cheerless immoral discreditable wicked ignoble disreputable dissatisfying not quite the thing unpleasing disheartening piteous uncomfortable joyless sullen morose solemn drear somber weak base disrespectful parlous lacking revolting criminal ill sour glum indigent scungy depressive impoverished forlorn sepulchral comfortless thin disconcerting junky amiss schlocky damaged derogatory discourteous for the birds no great shakes not good enough not much cop no good leaving a lot to be desired insolent provocative impudent hurtful impertinent affronting a bit off OTT a bit thick over the top irredeemable irretrievable beyond contempt degrading wounding provoking insulting slighting out of bounds not okay uncivil vexing unmannerly unwarranted unjustified uncalled-for unprovoked criticizable gratuitous blamable without justification without cause without reason amateurish unimpressive dodgy dubious shoddy laughable low questionable trashy horrendous damnable grotty garbage tatty scurrilous horrid crude cheapo irremediable rubbishy stinky worthless inacceptable unappealing reject won't do low-quality tenth-rate below standard less-than-stellar from hunger below average poor-quality not up to snuff second-class poor quality low-grade half-baked second rate second-rate two-bit of poor quality not up to standard of low quality third-rate under par

Tính từ

Tending to derogate, or lessen in value of someone
derogatory disparaging belittling demeaning denigratory deprecatory slighting damaging depreciative depreciatory pejorative uncomplimentary detracting offensive unflattering critical defamatory deflating diminishing dishonouring disrespectful injurious insulting disapproving discrediting negative spiteful abusive calumnious hurtful mean nasty personal rude slanderous vilifying vituperative calumniatory contemptuous contumelious decrying degrading denigrative derisory derogative detractive discreditable disdainful libellous libelous mud-slinging scornful scurrilous traducing catty aspersing censorious deprecating despiteful dishonoring fault-finding humiliating malevolent malicious maligning minimising minimizing opprobrious reproachful sarcastic unfavorable scathing unsympathetic uncharitable derisive dismissive snide detractory epithetical judgmental sneering blunt harsh honest candid attacking straightforward hostile biting realistic stark outspoken warts and all faultfinding straight from the shoulder unappealing mocking insolent jeering scoffing vulgar deprecative invective scandalous ridiculing withering vituperatory vitriolic taunting sniffy denigrating supercilious debasing reviling scurril truculent scurrile jibing condescending sardonic snotty caustic full of contempt affronting sarky depreciating foul mortifying cynical discourteous uncivil unmannerly obloquious obnoxious aspersive impertinent calumniating patronizing haughty arrogant shaming patronising abhorrent cheeky teasing pillorying snooty lampooning satirical unpleasant blasphemous unkind scolding shameful undignified muckraking wounding snidey violent berating slurring venomous lowering superior defaming hateful castigating vicious false misrepresentative irreverent damning upbraiding coarse proud disgraceful untrue impolite dirty indecent ignominious abject unworthy outrageous downgrading offending cheapening inglorious malign infra dig dishonourable contemptible menial despicable overbearing egotistic cavalier sharp-tongued snobbish dishonorable bringing shame uppity cool high and mighty on your high horse repulsive virulent familiar intrusive lying maledictory scandalmongering backbiting acerbic smearing poisonous disadvantageous sniping dyslogistic maledictive perfunctory ranting denunciatory aspersory unfriendly bitter sharp unenthusiastic dimissory defiant libeling injuring excoriating hurting abasing libelling vile malignant reproaching disgracing abrupt curt brusque gruff short surly ungracious shrewish vain imperious hypercritical insinuating bad-mannered ill-mannered objectionable snippy hard-nosed bold hard audacious temperamental upstage cold-shoulder irritating annoying reproving castigatory snarky ill-natured mordacious pathetic silly ridiculous cockamamy absurd ludicrous laughable risible cockamamie comical farcical preposterous offhand displeasing rough high hat dog it on high horse cutting ribald groundless obscene low infamous salacious gross scabrous gally out-of-line flip cocky fresh smart-alecky smart sassy nervy crusty exasperating raunchy lewd vituperous smutty filthy shameless exceptionable provocative impudent embarrassing vexing provoking galling corrupting wretched unbecoming Rabelaisian censurable shocking unacceptable crude reprehensible lordly aloof for the birds detestable upsetting improper foul-mouthed hoity-toity indifferent hifalutin prideful lofty highfalutin uppish rejecting antipathetic contemning averse high-and-mighty scouting despising repudiating toplofty turning up your nose at looking down your nose at

Tính từ

Having a somber or dismal atmosphere or nature
bleak black dark depressing dismal gloomy cheerless dreary unpromising discouraging grim sombre disheartening joyless hopeless miserable unfavorable unpropitious wretched adverse comfortless disadvantageous inauspicious uninviting chill Cimmerian cloudy cold darkening depressive desolate dire disconsolate drab drear dreich elegiac elegiacal forlorn funereal glum godforsaken gray grey lonely lonesome lugubrious morbid morose murky plutonian portentous saturnine sepulchral solemn somber sullen sunless tenebrific tenebrous foreboding ominous hard melancholy mournful oppressive sad dispiriting disappointing saddening daunting demoralizing upsetting pessimistic dejecting demoralising distressing disenchanting unhappy off-putting downbeat suspicious heartbreaking bad crushing painful heart-rending harrowing pathetic doleful teary heartrending sorry tearful grave sickening acherontic acheronian blue lachrymose distressful unpleasant melancholic looking on the black side skeptical sceptical dim dampening defeatist negative despairing depressed fatalistic dejected gloom-ridden cynical repressing inopportune dismaying hindering deterring dissuading bearish demoralized despondent distrustful doubting alarmist not encouraging not hopeful unhopeful dispirited demoralised given to looking on the black side desperate unlikely unencouraging unoptimistic poor squalid pitiable foul sordid despicable contemptible disgraceful tragic vile piteous uncomfortable shameful pitiful deplorable execrable lousy trashy rotten disagreeable abject rueful terrible lamentable grievous filthy shoddy inferior displeasing detestable derisory low indigent scungy scurvy impoverished destitute poverty-stricken

Tính từ

Having a repugnance or opposition of mind
averse antipathetic disinclined loath reluctant unwilling backward against allergic anti hostile ill-disposed indisposed inimical opposed afraid agin antagonistic contrary disliking fromward hesitant nasty opposing perverse uneager unenthusiastic unfavorable unfriendly antagonistic to antipathetic to down on hostile to ill-disposed to opposed to resistant to unfavourably disposed to having no use for uncooperative disobliging unsympathetic unwelcoming cool cold negative aggressive at odds resistant slow set against dead set against reticent not in the mood unprepared dubious cagey cagy adversarial loth inhospitable hesitating hesitant about chary of adversary jaundiced recalcitrant mortal not disposed wary chary remiss scared discouraged disheartened uninclined shy of at odds with dissenting from in disagreement with at variance with on the warpath not in favour of diffident about resisting counter adverse contra embarrassed afraid of in opposition not ready frightened incompatible confrontational combative uncaring not minded not keen ashamed belligerent nervous about unenthusiastic about opposite contentious at variance balking quarrelsome oppugnant dismayed suspicious nervous averse to acting in opposition sticking objecting shying protesting shy doubtful grudging cautious with baulking circumspect about queasy about involuntary forced laggard enforced demurring refractory unwishful unaccommodating unobliging begrudging indocile squeamish queasy cautious calculating afraid to bashful about shy about coy about hanging back ashamed to

Tính từ

In conflict
conflicting clashing discordant incompatible inconsistent contradictory contrary disagreeing discrepant incongruous opposed opposing irreconcilable opposite adverse antithetical at odds contrasting different differing divergent inconsonant inharmonious paradoxical repugnant varying antagonistic antipathetic at variance contrariant disconsonant dissonant incongruent oppugnant unfavorable unmixable mutually exclusive in opposition at odds with dissimilar disparate counter mismatched polar antipodal unalike poles apart converse diverse quarreling reverse distinct quarrelling in conflict unlike diametric in disagreement unrelated contrastive at loggerheads unequal diametrical variant hostile dissenting antipodean separate deviating nonidentical ill-matched unharmonious irregular antithetic non-identical distinctive distant warring out of keeping out of sync rival contrasted incomparable unsimilar enemy inimical distinguishable diametrically opposed disputing competing unsuitable oppositional out of step jarring fighting independent disharmonious unconnected incoherent uncongenial not in keeping dissentient alternate disproportionate alternative battling combating unsuited antonymous out of line anti arguing other protesting allergic ill-assorted not the same at sixes and sevens inverse uneven obverse frictional acrimonious cross unfriendly diverging incompatible with conflicting with various combatant inconstant inconformable repelling self-contradictory feuding streets apart anomalous contrary to opposed to foreign dissident against heterogeneous factious particular in conflict with discrete unassociated discriminable reluctant offbeat otherwise facing controverting disputed crossing defending restrictive exposing denying confronting defensive objecting obstructive gainsaying differentiable another incommensurable differential at variance with distinguishing wrangling adversarial up against at cross-purposes estranged like night and day like chalk and cheese oppugnant to repugnant to locking horns at cross purposes at outs at war at each other's throats on the outs in contention complementary disputatious nonmatching inappropriate bickering squabbling incommensurate disjoint antipathic hateful irresoluble uncoordinated exclusive ill suited mutually incompatible bipolar respective omnifarious indiscriminate mixed diversified unique misallied one-sided inequitable asymmetric off-balance lopsided unjust unreconcilable especial express individual polar opposite varied manifold eclectic out of place sundry motley contrarient ambiguous nullifying ornery con negating contradictive counteractive agin resentful tense bitter uneasy averse against the grain counterbalancing extreme antitypical altered single untypical atypical unnatural off-key factional oppositive dichotomous contrarious unadapted as like as chalk and cheese unmistakable contradistinctive contradistinct no go on a sour note nothing like not alike contending whale of difference irreconcilable with differing from different to disagreeing with alien corrival antagonistic to adverse to unacceptable to unusual for antithetical to in disagreement with in opposition to discrepant with discordant with incongruous with not so not as such other than supposed hostile to foreign to inimical to reversed emulating competitive vying cutthroat contesting in competition challenging emulous equal striving heretical contrapositive violative heterodox nonconformist alien to changeable unorthodox diametrically opposed to disconsonant with inconsonant with not in accord with unpredictable unstable variable unconventional flip-side erratic capricious fickle iconoclastic out of step with out of place with not in keeping with not in harmony with out of keeping with unsteady fluctuating maverick mercurial unsettled nonorthodox heretic changing volatile like cat and dog at daggers drawn negative whimsical changeful unreliable flighty fluid flickery temperamental ever-changing undependable uncertain mutable protean chameleonic skittish chameleon-like belligerent aggressive vagarious fluctuant labile shifting lubricious illogical angry combative militant unsympathetic out-there up and down bellicose confrontational resistant contentious spiteful blowing hot and cold inhospitable wrathful disapproving vitriolic jaundiced virulent unwilling adversative accusatorial quarrelsome difficult unsociable argumentative truculent unreceptive pugnacious oppugning ill-disposed

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