Đồng nghĩa của begrudging

Alternative for begrudging

begrudges, begrudged, begrudging

Đồng nghĩa: envy, resent,


Feeling or showing anger, hurt, or resentment
bitter resentful embittered rancorous sour aggrieved sore sullen acrimonious hurt angry choked discontented disgruntled dissatisfied grudging indignant morose offended wounded acrid churlish crabbed hard jaundiced miffed spiteful splenetic peeved peevish petulant piqued caustic crabby cynical hateful irreconcilable sardonic sulky vehement hard done by grudge-bearing with chip on shoulder ill-disposed put out with a chip on one's shoulder reluctant unwilling hesitant unenthusiastic half-hearted forced envious disinclined jealous complaining loath cross surly cantankerous irritable testy irascible ill-natured huffy tetchy bad-tempered waspish disagreeable ill-tempered choleric bilious crotchety fractious hostile grumpy ill-humoured vitriolic grouchy querulous ill-humored moody soreheaded cranky snappish dyspeptic ratty liverish narky touchy malevolent eggy miffy curmudgeonly snappy malicious chippy pettish peckish scratchy fretful prickly crusty malignant unfriendly venomous snaky peppery impatient whingy antagonistic on edge mean whingeing catty annoyed sorehead edgy wrathful aggressive nasty shirty belligerent short-tempered vindictive perverse ornery furious irritated irate unkind exasperated pugnacious displeased fiery quick-tempered stroppy miserable unsociable snippy malign unpleasant bellicose irked unsympathetic out of sorts uncongenial harsh snarky poisonous snippety stuffy acid raspy scrappy like a bear with a sore head captious waxy enraged filthy vicious incensed aggravated mad outraged inhospitable virulent combative confrontational vexed militant galled out of temper in a bad mood truculent hurtful tart brusque antipathetic difficult maleficent malefic bearish viperous in high dudgeon dour upset livid infuriated narked hot-tempered affronted inimical angered insulted ireful riled bothered critical apoplectic provoked curt gruff ruffled adverse grumbling wroth nettled rankled roiled ticked troubled foul shrewish whining steaming ballistic rabid contentious cheesed off tough contrary negative dirty carping argumentative teed off trying fussy steamed up browned off ticked off cussed acerbic waspy grousing mardy at daggers drawn hot under the collar as cross as two sticks fault-finding dark malcontent unforgiving fuming bad pernicious uncharitable rude tooshie unwelcoming black inconsiderate wicked antagonized huffish censorious vinegary warlike disapproving alien adversary adversarial abusive envenomed maddened baleful temperamental joyless glum frustrated hacked off cruel unpropitious intimidating biting unreceptive perturbed disgusted seething ropeable misanthropic obstinate pertinacious uptight chafed enflamed snarling unhappy cold bloody-minded antagonised boiling unglued whiny gloomy worked up up in arms beside oneself foaming at the mouth gnashing one's teeth hopping mad in a frenzy in a lather bent out of shape short out of humor mumpish growling sharp caviling saturnine passionate blunt awkward fretting childish cavilling chuffy full of hate mean-spirited sharp-tongued on the warpath fit to be tied ugly on a short fuse evil-intentioned hate-filled thin-skinned evil-minded nasty-tempered cross-grained out-of-sorts short-fused scathing savage ferocious vengeful smouldering disobliging atrabilious obnoxious rotten arsey menacing wretched vile contemptuous scornful disdainful sarcastic ill tempersome wounding threatening spunky acute smoldering evil crook aerated implacable begruding agitated plaintive murmuring sharp-tempered glowering louring tense slighted dishonored humiliated fierce sensitive feisty bristly volatile revengeful hotheaded pouty oversensitive quarrelsome umbrageous dishonoured uncooperative hypercritical crybaby ungracious grumbly salty moaning bemoaning whimpering wailing crying deploring lamenting full of dislike snuffy iracund brooding iracundulous pouting disputatious griping hasty obstreperous disillusioned disaffected out of humour in a huff alienated soured fed up huffy irascible hard to please having got out of bed on the wrong side in a mood foul-tempered hot-blooded having got out of bed the wrong side easily offended estranged nursing a grudge stung pained hot infuriate hopping horn-mad in a temper inflamed riley foaming grieved with a chip on your shoulder hoha steamed afflicted weighty grieving brassed off annoying distressing peed off not best pleased ungenerous


Feeling or displaying disappointment or a lack of contentment
dissatisfied discontented disgruntled displeased disappointed frustrated unhappy unfulfilled unsatisfied disquieted fed up malcontent aggrieved angered angry exasperated irritated ungratified annoyed disaffected disapproving discontent regretful resentful restive restless vexed bothered complaining crabby critical ennuied envious faultfinding fed-up fretful fretting griping grudging grumbling grumpy insatiable irked jaundiced jealous kvetching malcontented not satisfied offended picky plaintive put-out querulous snivelling sniveling sulky sullen unappeased unassuaged unsated browned off cheesed off brassed off out of joint not best pleased peeved piqued upset put out miffed narked indignant sore aggravated riled hacked off teed off cross irate nettled hurt disturbed peed off ticked off furious in a huff in high dudgeon enraged distressed disillusioned mad incensed embittered huffy tooshie steamed affronted eggy discouraged acrimonious troubled disheartened provoked fuming chagrined depressed perturbed wrathful infuriated inflamed in a temper saddened afflicted disenchanted galled sick testy rancorous cynical bitter ruffled let down miserable choked pained snuffy hoha choleric wounded wroth blasé ireful hot under the collar rebellious acrid ill-disposed sick and tired indifferent disgusted bellyaching bored petulant weary peevish churlish vex unpleased livid tired sour scunnered agitated crestfallen jaded spiteful worried harassed blue harried flustered maddened rankled rabid hot outraged roiled infuriate hopping steaming riley ticked ballistic shirty enflamed foaming apoplectic horn-mad wearied miffy glum tormented up in arms fretted down steamed up hard hot-tempered ill-humoured hateful crabbed grieving ill-humored hard done by thwarted factious stung dissentious troublemaking impatient grieved fault-finding carping nitpicking weighty annoying distressing defeated belly-aching anguished wronged sick to death gloomy surfeited satiated dismal sated injured harmed fed up to the teeth hung up carrying a chip on your shoulder up the wall ill-used woeful disapproving of morose heated splenetic with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth oppressed victimised persecuted victimized up to here vehement caustic sardonic irreconcilable soured unforgiving seeing red undeceived revengeful with a chip on one's shoulder with chip on shoulder grudge-bearing scornful boiling p.o.'d bugged surly confused going crook hopping mad huffish insulted perplexed grousing cranky irritable out of temper grouchy crabbing kicking uncontent vitriolic in a pet burned up in a fume disabused in a bad mood wrath off the air bent out of shape fit to be tied blue in the face sophisticated worldly mondaine sophisticate disenthralled knowing worldly-wise disentranced bad tempered foaming at the mouth out of countenance alienated set straight estranged disloyal antagonistic hostile seditious mutinous out of love sick of bored by unfriendly dissident insurgent insurrectionary uncompliant insubordinate renegade unsubmissive surfeited by weary of distressed by glutted by surfeited with jaded with jaded by satiated by glutted with apathetic downcast despondent downhearted have had enough disconcerted disconsolate have had a basinful of have had it up to here with have had something up to here dismayed dispirited discomfited melancholy forlorn dejected sad beaten hopeless aghast gutted cheerless worsted vanquished cast down baulked chapfallen objecting dolorous balked cut up low-spirited taken down shot down down in the dumps as sick as a parrot ratty crook snaky bad-tempered ill-tempered wound up ropeable seething in a lather worked up in a frenzy soreheaded tetchy snappy irascible touchy on the warpath beside oneself stroppy out of humour aerated waspish as cross as two sticks unimpressed fractious moody narky dark wild prickly short-tempered chippy chafed antagonized waxy raging incandescent raving frenzied out of sorts spare ranting needled antagonised gnashing one's teeth rattled crotchety snappish cantankerous crusty perverse glowering short mardy pettish slighted moping quick-tempered very angry in a paddy dirty unglued filthy in a bate storming with all guns blazing hot and bothered at daggers drawn blown a gasket beside yourself with rage goaded hassled reproachful wry snitty snubbed crazy concerned tense nervous anxious salty unamused crackers dishonored humiliated insane umbrageous dishonoured edgy curmudgeonly hacked rousted roused curt thin-skinned ticklish peckish whingy dogged uptight scandalized buffaloed frantic passionate shocked scandalised stewed sensitive like a bear with a sore head in a rage all steamed up overcome with anger bummed out at end of one's rope boiling mad pushed too far beside yourself at boiling point raging mad rubbed the wrong way in a filthy temper menacing threatening mopey belligerent aggressive malignant pouting malevolent evil wicked malicious vindictive maleficent baleful mopish scowling malign louring poisonous malefic mumpish pouty aloof fierce black venomous frowning withdrawn dour uncooperative brooding ornery obstinate sourpussed sulking unsociable gruff mean evil-intentioned hate-filled down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk in a mood in the sulks in a strop disagreeable captious dyspeptic fiery snippy snarky snippety liverish raspy stuffy jumpy caviling cavilling out of humor


Unnatural, artificial or fake in nature
forced artificial false strained affected contrived unnatural wooden feigned simulated stiff insincere laboured fake phoney pseudo stilted assumed bogus hollow mechanical mock overdone overworked phony plastic pretended put-on sham spurious studied unconvincing factitious mannered pretend binding bound coercive conscripted constrained fakey forcible grudging inflexible labored rigid slave stringent put on self-conscious awkward counterfeit faked imitation ersatz exaggerated fraudulent theatrical actorly fictitious manufactured make-believe cod forged stagy hammy ham heavy melodramatic elaborate faux difficult dummy unreal overripe substitute laborious synthetic ponderous campy pseud meretricious clumsy overwrought unauthentic deceptive inauthentic uneasy not genuine tortuous arduous leaden dramatic showy superficial pretentious actressy histrionic overacted staged stagey camp strenuous quasi- so-called snide imitative fabricated mimic man-made tortured over-elaborate over-the-top convoluted posed ornate intricate prolix uncomfortable inelegant ostentatious unspontaneous improvised specious theatric unrelaxed professed ceremonious misleading hokey ostensible imitated queer avowed imaginary flamboyant apish pirate quasi comic untrue rehearsed overblown over-embellished long-winded complex turgid planned farcical posey not spontaneous animated expressive apparent seeming surface mealymouthed facsimile reproduction replica manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche voulu reserved inhibited guarded manmade derivative counterfeited conceited playacting affectated fraud chemical cast model toy imagined reticent operatic splashy catchy invented concocted overly planned pseudonymous adopted trumped-up wreck wired put unglued uptight tight choked taut farfetched restrained tongue-tied distant embarrassed repressed fallacious invalid overplayed overacting thespian unrestrained adulterine tense phoney-baloney made-up phony-baloney virtual wannabe wrong would-be self-styled purported framed apocryphal deceitful bum ungenuine bent hard put nervous wreck strung out controlled cold cool subdued stand-offish aloof inept weighty hard operose effortful uphill toilsome maladroit without permission without consent in a state precarious arty-farty precious not fluent not real not legit not kosher at end of rope alleged simpering genteel highfaluting chichi airish conscious artsy as it were to all intents and purposes insecure unstable hypocritical ungraceful gauche graceless bluffing shammed falsified supposed masked lying impostrous in name only quack charlatan cheating covered concealed dissimulated imposturous fraught shaky pompous barnstorming stuck up gone Hollywood mincing rustic rustical formal emotional show amateur legitimate acting tragic schmaltzy dramaturgic vaudeville dud hoax trick austere punctilious nonconsensual prim rough-hewn not what it is cracked up to be correct proper decorous stuffy priggish starchy icy frigid nice stiff-necked delusory delusive copied deceiving unfounded fishy incorrect erroneous inaccurate unsound mistaken inexact dishonest faulty untruthful supposititious illogical misguided unoriginal illusory off chimerical worthless flawed baseless beguiling deluding imprecise suppositious sophistical pirated without foundation made up plagiaristic derived pinchbeck two-faced mimicked plagiarized Hollywood plant brummagem crock off beam unsubstantiated distorted groundless fictional full of holes fanciful aped nonnatural notional won't fly soft shell ideal fantastic visionary sophistic illegal cooked-up dicey iffy dodgy trumped up off target way out wide of the mark pseudo- mythical plagiarised illusionary crooked unproven fancied knock-off copycat copy casuistic hallucinatory non-existent dissembling truthless counterfactual falsie fictive duplicate fantasied chimeric phantom fantastical fabulous mythic phantasmal imaginal phantasmic bad plausible ill-founded hyped up double-dealing out foundationless unsupported nonvalid in error not accurate not exact askew cooked up devised nugatory ungrounded off base mad reasonless unreasoned representative way off way off beam not working practice trial bootlegged repro unqualified non-natural mimetic miniature echoic glib low-grade low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior made makeshift constructed machine-made unsatisfactory substandard adulterated delusional duplicated reproduced parodied parroted burlesqued caricatured mocked gingerbread experimental human-made misinformed prepared ostensive semi- nominal illusive near reported engineered knock off lookalike uncorroborated Barmecidal whimsical semblant Barmecide float weak economical with the truth mock-up fantasy without basis unwarranted inadequate untenable irrational erratic fantasized dreamed-up dream erring blue sky pipe dream unjustified unreasonable unscientific empty likely captious colorable vain presumable credible probable sophisticated flattering presumptive idle null fluffed illegitimate unreasoning absurd inconsistent inconsequent inconsequential nonrational preposterous off-target misfigured astray wide goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated seemingly correct wrongly inferred null and void void nonbinding inoperative not precise out of commission out of line on the wrong track at fault play-play improper unsustainable plausible but wrong apparently right misrepresentative colored not binding fantasised amiss uncollectible coloured underhand awry defective abroad treacherous duplicitous crafty disingenuous guileful wrong number all wet all off sly sneaky cunning untrustworthy scheming perfidious shady sharp Machiavellian subtle slippery foxy mendacious unprincipled unscrupulous tricky fast slim underhanded shifty hollow-hearted rogue double-faced Punic false-hearted insidious rascal roguish designing serpentine oblique slick devious astucious indirect unreliable wily


Done against someone's will
involuntary forced compulsory mandatory obligatory required coerced requisite coercive compelled exacted imperative unwilling binding constrained demanded imposed incumbent necessary nonelective ordained peremptory prescribed unconsenting grudging reluctant de rigueur will-less against one's will against one's wishes unavoidable inescapable enforced unintended essential unintentional stipulated compulsatory dictated needed indispensable statutory needful prerequisite integral necessitous compelling must-have called for vital necessitated contractual pivotal important recommended critical urgent crucial set forcible enforceable slave conscripted OB imperious the law obliged impelled pressed invoked charged executed advocated sanctioned established prevalent enjoined kept carried out forced upon commanding irremissible fixed called-for key consequential intrinsic central all-important core appropriate rudimentary innate inherent substantive high-priority quintessential expedient decisive prime momentous wanted fundamental specified pressing desired preferred exigent cardinal significant all important elementary bottom-line paramount basic proper principal chief vitally important incumbent on name of game life-and-death of the utmost importance of the essence of great consequence pre-eminent burning acute constitutive primary foremost leading capital heavy meat-and-potatoes conventional very important standard normal customary usual preeminent main major nitty-gritty radical deciding focal serious meaningful determinative great earth-shattering life-or-death much needed weighty lacking king lacked telling curricular right-hand basal number one assigned everything climacteric official strategic mission-critical business-critical underlined fatal acceptable correct fitting determining world-shaking name-of-the-game characteristic structural influential big dominant rudimental profound staple natural underlying coal-and-ice overruling primal premier overriding predominant foundational constitutional elemental constituent salient indissoluble irrevocable unalterable climactic grand supreme top ruling master connected component outstanding far-reaching grave desperate conclusive unbreakable at the heart of dire importunate emergency extreme immediate drastic intense sore impelling crying parlous emergent terrible clamant driving permanent regulation orthodox life and death top-priority very great done ubiquitous bounden comme il faut socially obligatory right a must au fait conforming to accepted standards counted upon most important

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