Đồng nghĩa của dying for

Động từ

Desiring or being on the lookout for (something)
spoiling for after craving desiring fancying eager for itching for looking for raring for bent on crying out for desperate for feeling in need of feeling like hankering after hankering for having a fancy for having a need for having an inclination for hoping for hungering for keen to have longing for pining after pining for set on thirsting after thirsting for wishing for yearning for on the lookout for wanting coveting desiderating sighing for aching for yenning for lusting after needing aspiring to hungering after setting one's heart on lusting for jonesing for requiring panting after salivating for having a yen for repining for liking choosing having one's heart set on dreaming of seeking preferring caring for relishing envying hankering panting for setting your heart on having eyes for having an urge for inclining toward burning for having need of having as one's aim having as one's goal wishing to have wishing praying for asking for looking forward to begging taking a fancy to feeling inclined to feeling the need for feeling a need for feeling up to having the inclination for eating one's heart out over having a passion for suspiring eating your heart out over eating one's heart out giving eyeteeth for dreaming jonesing suspiring for desiring intensely feening favouring favoring loving electing endorsing rathering leaning toward taking to feeling inclined toward taking a shine to welcoming going for taking a liking to suggesting approving of opting for having a preference for selecting leaning towards begrudging having hots for having eye on having your eye on yearning pining longing hungering aching thirsting lusting wishing to missing expecting sighing lacking panting aiming for desiring to awaiting anticipating zealously anticipating hungrily anticipating vigorously anticipating intently awaiting regretting the absence of energetically awaiting vigorously awaiting waiting for actively awaiting aspiring spiritedly awaiting expectantly awaiting seeking to longingly anticipating awaiting with anticipation thirstily awaiting thirstily anticipating having an eye on enthusiastically awaiting anticipating with pleasure longingly awaiting actively anticipating breathlessly anticipating enthusiastically anticipating earnestly awaiting fervently awaiting anticipating with enthusiasm impatiently anticipating earnestly anticipating intently anticipating counting the days until fervently anticipating expectantly anticipating zealously awaiting spiritedly anticipating licking your lips over eagerly awaiting hungrily awaiting ardently awaiting awaiting with pleasure energetically anticipating ardently anticipating breathlessly awaiting regretting the loss of awaiting with enthusiasm really wanting eagerly anticipating impatiently awaiting awaiting with gusto anticipating with gusto craving for anticipating with anticipation counting the hours until itching yenning having a yen having a longing languishing lamenting crying for carrying a torch dreaming about shedding tears for enjoying adoring savoring digging savouring fantasizing delighting in having a craving for falling for having a yearning for rejoicing in reveling in getting off on sanctioning daydreaming contemplating imagining finding sexy visualizing visualising envisioning aiming romanticizing musing contriving finding sexually attractive having a thing for leching after leching over having the horn for having a thing about having the hots for drooling over longingly remembering feeling nostalgic for longing to see feeling the loss of grieving for woolgathering idealizing conjuring up pictures setting your sights on building castles in air picturing conceiving of living in a dream world ideating idealising fantasising romanticising necessitating having use for having to have feeling a dearth of having occasion for having occasion to feeling the necessity for standing in need of having need for pursuing aiming to longing to hoping to hankering to yearning to wanting to licking one's chops wanting more expecting to trying hungering to striving struggling hoping having the objective of expecting more raising expectations raising standards raising the bar pushing the envelope

Trái nghĩa của dying for

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