Đồng nghĩa của pursuing

Alternative for pursuing

pursues, pursued, pursuing

Đồng nghĩa: chase, follow, go after, heel, hunt, quest, seek, shadow, trail,

Trái nghĩa: flee,

Tính từ

Very durable
perdurable enduring permanent perennial abiding lasting persistent persisting durable chronic advancing maintaining persevering progressing sustaining old long-lasting long-standing long-lived carrying on long-term extended long long-drawn-out long-drawn far marathon lengthy great longevous ongoing full of years prolonged old as Methuselah perpetual immortal imperishable undying ageless timeless dateless everlasting eternal sustained constant current unending remaining in progress continuing fixed ceaseless lifelong endless immutable unfading unchanging continual stable never-ending deep-rooted indestructible deathless firm steady steadfast sempiternal continuous ineradicable surviving established changeless unceasing incessant fast invariable ingrained unvarying inveterate infinite settled deep-seated uninterrupted incurable forever inbred indissoluble tenacious consistent unabating indefinite prevailing inborn ever-present unfailing never-changing recurrent confirmed lingering secure without end unwavering rooted recurring reliable usual stubborn obstinate standing interminable regular immovable unchangeable unchanged habitual unremitting set routine unyielding unmitigated amaranthine unfaltering unalterable protracted irreversible inextinguishable dependable continued undeviating undestroyed static boundless resolute long-running long-established never dying unbroken undiminished strong uniform living in existence indelible longstanding inexhaustible invariant unshakable accustomed non-stop stationary returning classic immemorial traditional inflexible illimitable always in for the long haul habituated termless solid never-ceasing set in stone same long-l nonstop running extant never-dying resilient existing about around unended unspoiled youthful fresh lifetime livelong unforgettable lifetime's even irreparable decided incommutable cast-iron limitless slow dragging still existing all-time for life annual yearlong yearly seasonal predictable for all your life in circulation inevitable inalterable hard-and-fast entrenched agelong atemporal perduring time-honoured year-round repetitious repeating reoccurring intermittent unabated unrelieved monolithic open-ended unmovable unmodifiable death-defying ever living for keeps sound relentless incorruptible phoenixlike undeadly set in concrete spun-out drawn-out haunting serious going on forever and a day hard and fast rigid equable stabile unfluctuating that will never die that will live forever anti-aging unvaried severe unaltered on an even keel acute dangerous frozen unaffected hard-core intrenched deep bred-in-the-bone deep-set alarming extreme dire grave congenital irredeemable unmodified unbothered unmoved untouched indurated sworn adamant radicated customary innate seasoned sure infallible certain never-failing fail-safe loyal unlimited surefire faithful can't-miss unerring true unflagging staunch bottomless tried and true diligent tried and tested unrelenting straight assiduous absolute dyed-in-the-wool tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy counted on rock solid inexpungible till the cows come home

Tính từ

Looking for

Danh từ

Engagement in an activity or course of action
pursuance achievement discharge execution implementation accomplishment fulfilment performance prosecution commission completion conduct conducting doing effecting enactment fulfillment perpetration carrying out dispatch enforcement following acquirement undertaking effectuation fulfilling realization finishing realisation carrying through performing administration attainment consummation engineering completing application imposition fruition success procurement operation reaching gaining production conclusion reification closing close concluding pursuit winning successful completion winding up putting into practice observance accomplishing committal committing redemption exercise contrivance effect rendering practice exertion employment action responsibility transaction carrying off bringing about play bringing off nuts and bolts acting playing portrayal staging personation representation depiction appearance personification play-acting impersonation playacting presentation administering acting out insistence exaction obligation reinforcement requirement enforcing prescription spur whip pressure duress necessitation lash compulsion impulsion coercion compulsory law martial law actualization triumph feat masterpiece conquest actuality coup maneuver exploit act effort deed manoeuvre polishing off sewing up master stroke successful resolution successful consummation successful fulfillment tour de force successful finalization positive result successful execution successful conclusion perfection crowning pass end acquisition discharging culmination gratification gain satisfaction resolution baby maturity achieving implementing acquiring obtaining finish procuring materialization kick contentedness contentment materialisation self-realization self-fulfillment self-actualization acquittal getting hold of pulling off kicks observance you got it just the ticket finalization ending capping perfecting finalisation exploits feats getting securing realizing reaping acts work profit carrying-out serenity nirvana joy realising succeeding arrival bringing into being bringing to fruition purchase honoring honouring arrival at satisfying carrying into action inner peace meeting retrieval collecting amassing collection obtainment appropriation maturation ripeness enjoyment salvage recovery ripening making good pleasure readiness fruitfulness adherence to

Trái nghĩa của pursuing

pursuing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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