Đồng nghĩa của ending

Alternative for ending


Đồng nghĩa: close, closing, conclusion, end, finish, termination,

ends, ended, ending

Đồng nghĩa: cease, clean up, close, complete, conclude, discontinue, finish, halt, quit, result, stop, terminate, wind up,

Trái nghĩa: begin, beginning, commence, start,

Danh từ

An end or final part of something
close end finish conclusion finale closing resolution termination cessation denouement consummation wind-up capper completion culmination endgame finis homestretch mop-up stopping summing-up windup wrap-up discontinuation catastrophe desistance dissolution epilogue epilog final scene grand finale last act omega outcome period summation summing up terminus upshot wane breaking off last part winding up closing stages swan song coup de grace closure expiration stop cease halt stoppage discontinuance arrest coda result consequence arrestment shutdown fulfilment shutoff surcease lapse payoff cutoff expiry fulfillment climax peroration accomplishment achievement end of the line finishing execution check closedown realization adjournment issue perfection bitter end curtain realisation fruition attainment finalization death breakup stay determination retirement curtains success wrap tail end stopping point end result sign-off finalisation last word bottom line limit breakdown desuetude suspension solution final curtain clarification unravelling final act cutting short unraveling end of the road last running out final stage sewing up polishing off halting ceasing twilight decline pay-off outro eventuality completeness hips integration final word demise final thoughts lapsing cleanup afterpiece closer chaser button blow-off final point last stop finishing point monolog afterword speech postscript discharge dénouement end piece end-stage end-stages liquidation disbarment disbandment winding-up crowning glory pass effectuation actualization actuality performance last stage to a finish doing it to a T winter final part concluding discontinuing sequel postlude follow-up cancellation offset carrying out capping crowning perfecting abortion cesser fag end cut-off cancelation kiss-off ballgame effect run-in cut-off point concluding speech tag end recapitulation recapping reiteration crumbling collapse monologue destruction crackup recap disintegration dispersal target final section closing remarks settlement answer rectification settling diagnosis elucidation dissection resolving solving explanation analysis cracking interpretation recommendation disentanglement exposition quick fix working out sorting out

Danh từ

The ending of an activity
end cessation finish termination conclusion close stoppage halt discontinuation stop arrest discontinuance closure expiration shutdown cease arrestment lapse cutoff closedown surcease shutoff check stay offset suspension interruption stopping pause break closing halting standstill freeze desistance ceasing disruption intermission grinding halt screaming halt respite interval rest finishing abeyance hiatus breather abandonment downtime layoff break-off breaking off failure delay winding up deadlock time-out letup discontinuity screeching halt blockage let-up expiry severance breakdown remission separation recess breakoff gap disjunction adjournment concluding blackout cutting short withdrawal curtailment desuetude alternation time off folding cloture shutting shutting down closing down suppression obstruction hindrance inhibition staying prevention restraint checking stalling restraining disconnection disconnectedness disjointedness wait incoherence occlusion winding-up dead stop full stop completion culmination finale end of the line brick wall wrap-up wind-up roadblock lull dead end interlude block desisting remaining hesitation terminating deterring holding stalemate impasse disunion logjam gridlock standoff cutout lack of coherence lack of unity stand Mexican standoff breathing space time out lessening abatement relaxation slackening reduction diminution decrease decline interregnum relief moderation ebb entr'acte easing weakening waning breath interim dwindling moratorium coffee break diminishing lightening alleviation ebbing parenthesis hiccup hiccough shrinkage easing off breathing spell smoko caesura hush silence stillness contraction drop time lacuna tranquillity tranquility repose spell hold-up pausation comma interstice mitigation modification attenuation subsiding quiescence subsidence intermezzo diminishment decrement tailing off depression release loss falloff depletion cut dent fall drop-off step down dying down dropping off discount petering out de-escalation slack leave episode holiday vacation time away vacay meanwhile idyll meantime loosening qualification dilution cut-off tea break sit-down lunch break pause in the action diversion quiet calm stopover jollification recreation entertainment brightening amusement jollity spell of inactivity beat calmness ten forgiveness deliverance discharge five truce exculpation immunity letting up leisure pardon ease acquittal protraction lapse of time hitch refreshment quietness break off happy hour rest period awkward moment breathing room postponement deferment deferral modulation prorogation peace peacefulness pausing palliation deadening appeasement damping allaying cushioning assuagement dormancy suspense quiescency abeyancy doldrums latency dip rescheduling shelving placation quelling softening soothing stilling tempering pacification calming dulling descent plunge disbandment pigeonholing dissolving dissolution lowering slump tabling mothballing plummet deterioration downgrade dive mollification extenuation declension continuation put-off putting off declination downswing degeneracy degradation degeneration devolution erosion crash declivity nosedive decadence tumble slowing knocking off let up suspension of proceedings temporary cessation taking five recession falling off fall-off downhill trend nose dive sinking fading wane fade dying away declining amelioration minimization slowing down relenting dropping away dying out retardation cutback cooling off saving taking away subtraction detraction deduction tapering off

Danh từ


Danh từ

The action of formally ending or dismissing an assembly, partnership, or official body
dissolution end conclusion finish cessation discontinuation disbandment termination disbanding dispersal dismissal expiration scattering expiry suspension curtains closure separation disestablishment disunion adjournment prorogation recess defunction disappearance evaporation release silence solution wind-up break-up winding up split-up winding down stopping breaking off close stoppage halt closing arrest finale cutoff completion finis windup wrap-up desistance period cutting short outcome terminus dissipation dispersion disbarment concluding discontinuing resolution denouement consummation homestretch mop-up culmination capper endgame summing-up closing stages summing up summation grand finale swan song upshot epilogue omega wane last part epilog final scene catastrophe last act coup de grace stop discontinuance lapse surcease offset check shutoff cancellation shutdown arrestment closedown stay cease abortion cesser issue ballgame breakup effect cut-off result cancelation kiss-off consequence payoff cut-off point end of the line fulfilment fulfillment climax accomplishment execution achievement coda curtain realization determination retirement perfection peroration realisation sign-off wrap bitter end bottom line last word finalization fruition attainment death desuetude finalisation winding-up end result last final act stopping point final curtain sewing up polishing off limit target final word final point last stop dénouement liquidation eventuality outro afterpiece closer chaser blow-off button last stage clarification unravelling final part final stage final thoughts to a finish doing it to a T cleanup end piece run-in end of the road unraveling crowning glory standstill breakdown freeze crumbling collapse finishing break disruption pause destruction crackup blockage screaming halt occlusion grinding halt dead stop time-out deadlock screeching halt interruption dead end brick wall letup roadblock lull integration completeness success hips disintegration full stop finishing point

Danh từ

A rendering void and of no effect, or of no legal effect
nullification repeal abrogation annulment cancellation abolition voiding invalidation rescindment revocation quashing negation withdrawal dissolution cancelation repudiation avoidance rescission abolishment rescinding abatement defeasance elimination overturning termination eradication destruction obliteration end annihilation suppression extirpation overthrow subversion voidance wiping out removal extermination vitiation discontinuation stopping stamping out doing away with scrapping retraction countermanding suspension axing ditching extinction dumping deracination chopping downfall collapse displacement riddance taking away overriding reversal overruling vetoing disaffirmation setting aside extinguishment purging erasure disposal junking effacement excising scrubbing banishment closure annulling expunction blotting out weeding out ruin rout defeat fall finish ruination closing down undoing extinguishing cessation demise break-up death decimation liquidation devastation demolition demolishment wreckage desolation crushing wastage loss havoc mincemeat deletion excision slaughter dissolving abolishing wrecking invalidating rooting out murder massacre rubbing out killing ravaging disintegrating expunging canceling shattering effacing cancelling sacking ejection carnage slaying assassinating crashing erasing subjugation discharge clampdown recall repression dismantling crackdown smashing expulsion blighting damage subverting clearance zapping disrupting evacuation wipeout bane eviction purge deleting striking out scoring out blanking out crossing out ridding snuffing out scratching out expurgation clear-out wreck disintegration genocide assassination abandonment retirement perdition wrack calamity editing recalling retracting reversing withdrawing revoking abandoning expungement utter destruction. blocking out total destruction dying out inking out oblivion disappearance vanishing neutralization dedomiciling disannulment split breakup excretion butchery butchering massacring slaughtering overwhelming wiping obsolescence finishing off neutralisation killing off discarding taking out putting down no life split up going phfft thing of the past end of life wiping off censoring censorship bowdlerization erasement blankness vanquishing squashing quelling subduing conquering jettison putting to sleep defacing prevention prohibition check cowing levelling spoliation spoiling razing disposition wasting marring impairment scarring felling disfigurement halting arrest liberation injury dynamiting harm leveling torpedoing blasting violation bombing dismissal subdual conquest suppressing dominance overpowering stop breaking up pulling down tearing down knocking down blowing up throwing away laying waste firing ouster ousting razing to the ground unseating dethroning dethronement deposition dislodgement curb restraint getting tough squelching embargo crush restriction stern measures strike severe measures shutdown dislodgment replacement dispatch defenestration throwing out

Danh từ

Something that takes place as a result of an earlier event
sequel consequence outcome result effect aftermath corollary upshot issue product conclusion outgrowth aftereffect backwash fruit development precipitate sequence resultant fate end child eventuality termination causatum payoff sequelae success sequent finish spin-off after-effect pay-off follow-on repercussion ramification reaction event denouement matter of course by-product fallout offshoot end result end product future destiny destination impact culmination implication finale doom lot dole due reverberations fruits climax completion concomitant produce final result follow-up side effect ripple out-turn ripple effect chain reaction side reaction blowback reverberation waves aftershock backlash trail response flak follow through wake can of worms legacy pursuance yield reflex results effects afterglow hangover residual realization profit harvest consequences echo footprint realisation spinoff byproduct being actualization followup sequela creation accompaniment emergence fulfillment inference externality induction deduction correlate reward residuum remainder consummation materialisation materialization benefit return analogy final outcome delayed response knock-on effect trickle-down effect advantages fulfilment flow-on effect dénouement afterclap deserts advantage output labor labour handiwork influence sway mark aftercome payback maturing fruition pay work returns affair recoil rebound result of artifact brand artefact gain crop amount bottom line feedback kickback follow-through imprint re-echo side effects shock wave

Danh từ

A change in the form of a word that reflects a change in grammatical function

Danh từ

The conclusive victory in a game of chess that occurs when an opponent's king is threatened with unavoidable capture

Tính từ

Furthest to the rear

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ending Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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