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The alleviation of a disease's symptoms without a cure
palliation alleviation abatement mitigation comfort mollification reprieve appeasement assuagement cure balm ease easement solace release allayment softening amelioration lightening succour succor comforting remission palliative rest satisfaction deliverance refreshment respite assistance consolation support sustenance cheer extrication restfulness break breather contentment diversion fix hand happiness help letup lift maintenance load off one's mind relief easing lessening soothing allaying dulling reduction moderation diminution quelling remedy weakening slackening deadening extenuation relieving pacification decrease placation cushioning modification quenching calming attenuation blunting improvement tempering slaking alleviating mitigating assuaging salving slowing diminishing relaxation allowance cutback decline ebb modulation subsidence contraction waning aid care curtailment easing off damping repose tailing off stilling let-up well-being conciliation concession propitiation accommodation acceding reconciliation quieting vindication qualification justification peace-mongering peacemaking acquiescence dovishness lulling compromise peace offering tranquillization sweetening restoration settlement amends reparation adjustment accession tranquilization grant compassion pity encouragement sympathy commiseration reassurance fellow feeling restorative condolence healing moral support condolement optimism secours reassuring medication consoling peace solacing medicine cheering up anodyne curative salve tranquilizer soother tranquillizer medicament corrective concern kindness empathy fortification something soothing lenity understanding warmth kindliness grace gladdening benevolence inspiration tenderness


Financial or practical assistance given to those in special need or difficulty
relief aid help support assistance succor succour care rescue sustenance charity benefit donations alms benefaction gifts redemption salvation subsidy fix maintenance reinforcement a hand a helping hand a leg up financial assistance debt remission comfort service backing boost abetment hand favor favour assist lift helping hand kindness leg up guidance encouragement blessing furtherance good turn solace grace abettance boon attention refuge facilitation ease patronage mercy ministration good deed goodness shot in the arm convenience benevolence treatment contribution benison cooperation deliverance reprieve welfare benediction advantage compensation services promotion push satisfaction easement ministrations enjoyment good backup advancement interest secours consolation mitigation helpmate benefactor rescuer provider endorsement use nourishment collaboration furthering security intervention reassurance complicity reserves offices a kindness fillip stimulus godsend luxury accommodation asset facility spur impetus hand-holding reinforcements auxiliaries a lift a favour a good turn a break tonic kick amenity supervision therapy buzz espousal giving alleviation advocacy advice stroke of luck piece of luck preservation tending pick-me-up gee-up spurring on additional resources solution plus well-being ministry rehabilitation respite remedy betterment greater good conservation edge resource treasure value helpfulness devotion TLC looking after tender loving care joyfulness sake pleasure felicity melioration utility delight avail manna anodyne joy happiness prosperity growth safekeeping lifeline recovery courtesy bounty indulgence turn philanthropy dispensation honour honor gift deed endowment funding largesse donation grant handout offering subvention sponsorship allowance bursary reward kind act hand-out act of assistance act of kindness goodwill gesture championship auspices aegis protection recommendation defence defense approval championing auspice guardianship favouring favoring financing expertise time ward sanctioning trusteeship boosterism sanction nurture skills cavalry agency abetting guide egis accessory moral support influence acceptance crutch guaranty upholding urging espousing countenance supporting propagation protectorship endorsing promoting promulgation recommending tutelage cultivation fostering activism boosting sponsoring pushing for pressing for arguing for calling for abettal wingman mediation intercession shelter proposal participation intermediation argument for approving justification responsiveness charge keeping umbrella inspiration campaigning for support for aftersales service upkeep post sales service wing safeguarding patronization wingwoman office spokesmanship pleading for adoption supplementaries extras uplift patron finance angel sponsor embracing bolster development good offices profit advising in favour preferment progress welcome taking up preference exaltation ennoblement head start prelation taking to siding with wholehearted reception preferring enthusiastic reception go-ahead contribution to seconding break windfall resort pointer recourse ascendency lead investment aftercare commendation accompaniment vouching for counsel vantage leverage ascendancy secondment adherence side aiding and abetting counseling counselling advance opportunity upper hand kick-start flying start dominance chance opening behalf concern representation place part cause stead account advancing campaigning teaching direction advantageous beginning forestart advantageous position start expediency stimulation strengthening forwarding fuelling input fueling advising in favor

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