Đồng nghĩa của aegis

Alternative for aegis

Đồng nghĩa: auspices, breastplate, egis, protection,


The protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization
backing sponsorship patronage protection shelter support auspices care charge guardianship guidance keeping umbrella agency auspice championship defence defense favor favour protectorship safeguarding supervision trusteeship wing advocacy aid assistance guaranty ward tutelage custody control promotion egis help management superintendence wardship financing surveillance responsibility safe keeping trust safekeeping oversight funding custodianship administration grant handling keep subsidy recommendation direction stewardship government regulation superintendency espousal governance intendance operation headship presidency mediation intervention finance authority intercession cover encouragement investment patronization ministration refuge benefaction running preservation conduct hands inspection influence countenance funds money providence lap contribution philanthropy possession furtherance services intermediation escrow safe haven conservation observation watch salvation command overseeing guard check managing maintenance benefactor angel sponsor patron office involvement arbitration safety protecting reassurance safeguard insurance assurance guarding security certainty instrumentality interposing good hands parenting mothering good offices fathering provision of care looking after leadership organization rule orchestration organisation controlling governing manipulation coordination supervising execution directing regulating conducting ruling commanding administering orchestrating treatment masterminding instruction approach wardenship caretaking tutorship tutelarity performance regiment mastery moment store liability account sway containment reins prosecution comanagement generalship codirection coadministration plan policy tactics regimen strategy carrying out transaction wielding red tape monitoring policing saving ordering arrangement upkeep preserving adaptation classification alteration reorganisation systematisation settlement regimentation reorganization reconciliation responsibility for standardisation organizing codification standardization organising systematization moderation conservancy husbandry preserval conserving sustentation sustainment cherishing storage keeping going care and feeding careful management keeping alive keeping up


A measure, means or method to protect someone or something
defence protection security guard shield safeguard armour armor cover defense screen ward wall ammunition buckler egis shelter buffer safety safeguarding fortification shielding guarding bulwark armament sanctuary immunity refuge bumper fence preservation stronghold weapon conservation haven salvation resistance safekeeping deterrent deterrence surety safeness insurance barrier mail indemnity rampart cushion fastness shock absorber safety device shade invulnerability protector support protecting strength pad fender absorber guardianship protective device safety guard reassurance stability assurance self-defense safe keeping weaponry warfare munitions asylum hiding concealment housing citadel arms harbour harbor retreat plate breastplate panoply reinforcement safe harbor hiding place harborage precaution upholding upkeep preventive saving palladium fail-safe caution prophylactic provision chain mail flak jacket armor plate suit of armor coat of mail suit of armour protective clothing bulletproof vest body armor body armour convoy escort safety measure escutcheon targe safety net hielaman target hedge mudguard barricade cocoon cushioning bastion preventative apron mask curb keep fortress sanctum hideaway hideout bolt-hole foxhole preventive measure resort querencia den zoar port covert hole safe haven splashguard safe house ivory tower flap port in a storm mud flap shadow resilience a roof lee insurance cover wing splashboard frame fireguard defenses defences maintenance buttress fallback keeping curtain hindrance fort garrison wheel arch fire screen preserving care conserving sustentation ark block perpetuation hide-out stockade bastille outpost divider prevention protective obstruction remedy impediment safety plug protective umbrella sheet anchor safety valve expedient outlet bolthole stopgap recourse escape bolt hole safe place home place of safety exit ambush resource anchorage preserve way out makeshift opening place of shelter preserval evaporation care and feeding storage tanning refrigeration restraint check precautionary measure obstacle neutralizer palisade parapet disincentive protective measure oasis purdah anticipatory measure church convent hole-up

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