Đồng nghĩa của hiding

Alternative for hiding

hides, hid, hiding, hidden, hided

Đồng nghĩa: cloak, conceal, cover up, mask, pelt, screen, skin, veil,

Trái nghĩa: display, expose, reveal, show,


Hiding out


A state of concealment
beating battering smacking spanking thumping cuffing drubbing hammering pounding pummeled pummelling slapping thrashing caning clubbing cudgeling cudgelling flaying flogging lashing mauling pelting thwacking walloping whacking whipping bashing belting birching caching clobbering concealment larruping lathering licking pasting secretion stashing biffing bopping horsewhipping tanning whaling smack spank thump wallop whack defeat trouncing buffeting punching knocking lambasting slugging doing-over beating-up flagellation duffing-up scourging assault rout boxing plastering shellacking striking chastisement attack working-over slaughter slap leathering overthrow hitting birch cane loss trimming lump bludgeoning bullwhipping kicking punishment going-over pummeling corporal punishment doing over beating up rough handling roughing up flailing belt strap impact force switching strapping rough treatment scourge castigation lash switch violence aggression harm offense offence abuse impugnment vilification assaulting jumping violation ruin totaling battery oppression the strap mugging denigration downfall conquest rape hurt annihilation setback strike harassment molesting dirty deed physical attack physical violence physical assault sexual interference sexual assault violent act totalling sexual misconduct act of violence grievous bodily harm act of aggression actual bodily harm threshing welting paddling maltreatment mistreatment misapplication misuse mishandling manhandling injury damage misusage misemployment ill use ill treatment ill-treatment bad treatment ill-use ill usage rod the lash the cane the belt the birch


A decisive defeat
rout defeat trouncing beating drubbing licking whipping thrashing overthrow loss shellacking debacle massacre pasting fiasco hammering annihilation washout plastering trimming lump caning clobbering demolition vanquishment pounding embarrassment trashing waxing ruin landslide walkover romp going-over overwhelming defeat crushing defeat slaughter downthrow crushing routing subduing collapse conquest fall reverse subjugation whitewashing killing destruction triumph blow extermination repulse rebuff lacing mastery ambush scalping paddling defeasance KO wipeout vanquishing conquering battering domination coup quashing defeating downfall whitewash trap setback nonsuccess break count check failure insuccess breakdown discomfiture whaling walloping thumping mauling worsting besting overpowering thwarting pulverizing flattening subjugating quelling suppression squashing takeover elimination overcoming victory pulverising breaking extinction sweep foil dominating pwnage ownage win over success over victory over triumph over game, set and match glory over supremacy over clean sweep grand slam displacement win subversion dissolution dusting toppling success decisive victory runaway victory ending decisive defeat waterloo demise break-up flogging smackdown subjection subjecting murder score subdual splash game big win superiority advantage overwhelming majority reversal ousting undoing unseating end deposition feat removal disestablishment supplanting dethronement surprise victory upset major defeat unexpected result defenestration dispossession master stroke removal from office removal from power tour de force sudden change


Life as a recluse
reclusion solitude privacy retirement privateness separateness sequestration aloneness retreat withdrawal separation quarantine remoteness concealment reclusiveness detachment aloofness desolation shelter beleaguerment blockade seclusiveness isolation seclusion segregation insulation solitariness secludedness sanctuary loneliness obscurity Quran retreat prayer retreat meditation retreat bible retreat self-sufficiency exile purdah spiritual retreat closeting insularity protection disconnection partitioning shielding peace peacefulness secrecy quietness monkhood confinement keeping apart setting apart quiet peace and quiet ivory tower an ivory tower lack of disturbance freedom from interference lack of interruption lonesomeness silence loneness exclusion singleness friendlessness waste wilderness wasteland desert emptiness cordon sanitaire detention solitary confinement defence defense screen lazaretto safeguarding shield cushion apartheid safe keeping division partition discrimination dissociation confidentiality clandestineness ghettoization disunion sorting out exlusion penetralia space discretion splitting up time alone one's space distinctiveness individuality uniqueness character distinction originality particularity peculiarity singularity selfhood individualism difference identity oneness discreteness oddity dissimilarity humor idiosyncrasy temper ipseity air singularness humour eccentricity disposition temperament makeup disconnectedness manner independence selfdom habit seity unlikeness selfness rarity unity nature complexion way


A dull, heavy blow with a person's fist or a blunt implement


The act of concealing the truth or one's true nature
dissimulation dissembling deceit duplicity pretense pretence deception dishonesty guile misrepresentation feigning hypocrisy subterfuge faking falsification lying shamming artifice bluff bluffing cant cheating concealing counterfeiting cozenage craft craftiness crookedness crookery cunning cunningness deceitfulness deceptiveness disguising dupery fakery foxiness fraud guilefulness insincerity masking piousness posturing sham wiliness codology concealment kidology shrouding veiling wile camouflage disguise suppression double-dealing play-acting trickery chicanery deviousness fraudulence slyness artfulness underhandedness treachery hanky-panky jiggery-pokery chicane mendacity sharp practice monkey business falseness funny business knavery skulduggery perfidy wiles falsity management hocus-pocus trickiness subtlety monkeyshines imposition slickness sneakiness subtleness two-facedness perfidiousness untruthfulness falsehood legerdemain canniness imposture cageyness caginess shenanigans flimflam hoax stratagem shadiness dissemblance faithlessness dirty pool dirty dealing smoke and mirrors knavishness shrewdness fabrication skullduggery defrauding gamesmanship tricks scheming fourberie invention two-timing ruse con mendaciousness shiftiness improbity prevarication betrayal swindling hoodwinking duping feint cleverness sophistry ploys schemes manoeuvres stratagems lack of veracity jugglery intrigue trapping ambidextrousness ambidexterity ruses scheme trick contrivance perjury maneuvers simulation fibbing cozening entrapping overreaching criminality acting disingenuousness unscrupulousness unjustness untrustworthiness unfairness corruption equivocation embezzlement double-crossing treacherousness unfaithfulness disloyalty treason infidelity hokum telling stories subterfuges astuteness tactics spuriousness evasion strategy graft dirty tricks beguilement ingenuity sleight of hand dodge racket snow job fast one dirty trick dirty work scam stunt double-cross fast shuffle every trick in the book foul play stab in the back delusion illusion fiddling deceiving misappropriation white lies fakeness lies lip service distortion perspicacity illegality little white lies affectation unlawfulness nefariousness dubiousness back-stabbing bad faith art inveracity ability make-believe corruptness fraudulency dishonourableness twoness one-upmanship dualism duality disingenuity breach of trust persona finesse manipulation manoeuvring pretending covering palace intrigue Punic faith act unprincipledness unscrupulosity questionableness questionability misleading Judas kiss self-deception posture posing pose imagination jive run-around sellout humbug footwork stab in back attitudinizing sting joke cheat quackery surreptitiousness escamotage conjuration prestidigitation magic charade specious reasoning maneuvering artful argument hoky-poky extortion barratry string skunk song blackmail shakedown sell line bamboozlement smoke simulacrum putting on an act dishonour malfeasance bait and switch shell game phoniness speciousness unrepresentativeness inaccurateness unreliableness illusoriness inaccuracy unreliability rascality snake oil wooden nickel song and dance gambit device knack sleight ploy manoeuvre play jig gimmick fetch juggle shenanigan dishonor insidiousness lawbreaking misconduct infamy bunk lawlessness swindle false colours obfuscation blarney untruth boondoggle defraudation disinformation sophism dirt circumvention juggling trumpery maneuver horseplay slant plot setup allurement lure angle twist game switch little game stealing indirection fickleness inconstancy disbelief skepticism doubt traitorousness false-heartedness scepticism villainy fallaciousness lie fiction fictitiousness hollowness unveracity wickedness depravity turpitude mischief misleading talk devilry fib furtiveness story whopper fallacy erroneousness backstabbing tale taradiddle tarradiddle fable business porky fairy tale terminological inexactitude canard charlatanism pork pie double cross slipperiness suspiciousness truthlessness hocus wire-pulling waffle talk verbiage nonsense machination machinations misbehaviour hot air fixing immorality jobbery gerrymandering tiff quibble squabble fuss spat goings-on hokey-pokey misbehavior monkey tricks carryings-on hankie-pankie carry-on inexactness unreality vice perversion roguishness economy with the truth incorrectness uncandidness fake devilishness pettifoggery flagitiousness roguery baseness venality bestiality bribery badness iniquity vileness delinquency evil viciousness evasiveness profiteering yarn murder wrongdoing evil-doing villainousness false statement hob impishness deviltry waggery waggishness devilment mischievousness diablerie crime trumped-up story fairy story misstatement tall tale fake news made-up story piece of fiction white lie half truth barefaced lie red herring flight of fancy cock and bull story false report figment of the imagination little white lie untruism hogwash fibbery cock-and-bull story cover-up porky pie figment departure from the truth tall story alternative fact blood slaying rubout homicide criminal activity felony bad deed dirty deeds criminal action criminal violence cruel act wrong a criminal offence

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