Đồng nghĩa của lawbreaking

Danh từ

The breach of a moral or legal code, rule, or standard
crime breach criminality debt error lawlessness malefaction misdeed misdoing offence offense sin transgression trespass violation wrongdoing misdemeanour misdemeanor wrong fault delinquency felony lapse misbehavior misbehaviour misconduct infringement peccadillo malfeasance iniquity infraction villainy illegality vice contravention scandal dereliction immoral act wickedness cybercrime mischief criminal act e-crime failing guilt slip evil-doing improper act act of wickedness fall from grace misdemeanours misdeeds offences negligence misdemeanors offenses miscue dirt slipup abuse impingement evil deed injury evildoing rupture entrenchment obtrusion poaching corruption indiscretion dirty pool dirty deed criminal behavior job encroachment mischievousness peccancy veniality wrongful entry erring shenanigans impropriety incivility horseplay rudeness immorality indiscipline naughtiness insubordination act of evil atrocity outrage shadiness crookedness breaking bad behaviour malversation knavery assault arson rape robbery burglary murder unrighteousness dodginess racket breaking of the law neglect nonfulfilment non-compliance contumacy delict non-observance flouting acting up monkey business antisocial behavior foul play criminal offense unlawful act malpractice failure to observe faux pas tort disservice unlawful activity evil act evil injustice abomination depravity desecration miscarriage sinfulness oppression illegal act grievance unjustness maltreatment impiety caper delictum perversion bad unlawfulness profanity ill cruelty godlessness raw deal fast one inequity shaft irreverence hit blasphemy devilry petty larceny badness unfairness sacrilege damage railroad iniquitousness mismanagement vileness heinousness turpitude ungodliness obscenity profanation unholiness mortal sin unjust act dirty deal curse debasement infamy dereliction of duty dishonesty enormity roguery rascality misuse monstrosity wrongful act case baseness wrongness exploitation diablerie foulness degeneracy defilement evilness devilment affront roguishness profaneness corruptness pervertedness dissolution dissipation carelessness mockery impurity unprofessionalism brutality ruin sellout irreligiousness heresy persecution deviltry barbarity impiousness atrociousness crying shame inhumanity bad deed unprofessional behaviour bad behavior violence peccability maleficence discourtesy bad act act of brutality act of violence breach of ethics act of cruelty act of savagery indecency unethical behaviour petty crime disgrace omission wrongfulness indulgence perversity horror suppression tyranny repression charge penalty solecism break sneak vandalism maladministration affliction calamity moral transgression blow catastrophe misemployment misusage illegitimacy clandestineness illicitness evil behavior hideousness diabolicalness depravedness misutilization nefariousness violation of the law infraction of the law breach of the law odiousness egregiousness monstrousness outrageousness dreadfulness reprehensibility mishandling massacre killing act of barbarity ruthlessness venality foul bad action disrespect debauchery miscreancy hurt bias harm mistake slight malevolence slander prejudice insult spite imposition libel blunder unkindness breach of the rules prostitution profligacy lewdness disregard irreligion contempt dishonour misappropriation lechery sordidity lasciviousness decadence impertinence misapplication lecherousness libertinism libertinage licentiousness degradation mistreatment dishonor lack of respect incompetence decay lubricity malignance looseness sensuality carnality libidinousness squalor lust rot ill treatment ill-treatment oversight default failure misprision irresponsibility nonfeasance professional misconduct viciousness neglectfulness remissness double-dealing unscrupulousness devilishness recklessness nonobservance weakness barbarism personality fiendishness hob sacrilegiousness waggery waggishness impishness prankishness tomfoolery malignity cheekiness inhumane act trouble flagrancy malice devilishment witchcraft magic witchery high jinks mischief-making black magic evil magic inequitableness unreasonableness inequality excess travesty of justice

Danh từ

Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery
corruption dishonesty fraud unscrupulousness crookedness fraudulence profiteering duplicity shadiness venality crime criminality deceit deception delinquency fiddling misconduct bribery extortion graft jobbery malfeasance subornation villainy wrongdoing bribing demoralisation demoralization fraudulency knavery malversation misfeasance sleaze exploitation nepotism payola racket shuffle double-dealing dishonest dealings palm-greasing shady dealings breach of trust being on the take lawlessness treachery wickedness depravity sinfulness turpitude rascality wrong funny business foul play illegality culpability guiltiness murder sin rubout blood homicide slaying iniquity vice evil-doing immorality criminal activity disgrace roguery evil baseness artifice untruthfulness dissolution degeneracy dissipation heinousness devilry devilishness felony bad deed dirty work dirty trick criminal violence criminal action cruel act dirty deeds a criminal offence treacherousness guile chicanery cunning mendacity dissimulation misdeed bad offence evildoing atrocity badness vileness ill transgression viciousness deceptiveness untrustworthiness wiliness subterfuge deceitfulness improbity falsehood artfulness underhandedness falsity dissembling skulduggery mendaciousness deviltry scoundrelism slyness lying trickery foxiness unjustness cheating craftiness falseness cunningness unfairness knavishness guilefulness perfidy fakery dishonour offense dupery crookery perfidiousness deviousness cozenage shenanigans craft fourberie kidology codology dishonor insidiousness infamy monkeyshines chicane infidelity trickiness bunk faithlessness swindle flimflam management jiggery-pokery sharp practice dirty tricks monkey business hanky-panky hocus-pocus wile intrigue hoodwinking duping swindling legerdemain dirty pool ruse wiles hypocrisy skullduggery dissemblance imposture gamesmanship dirty dealing imposition scheme sophistry smoke and mirrors fast one mischief misbehaviour machinations two-facedness carry-on misleading talk pretence betrayal bluff feint plot jugglery machination carryings-on bluffing stratagems misrepresentation stratagem misbehavior manoeuvre dodge pretense goings-on maneuver embezzlement monkey tricks blackmail shakedown sell fast shuffle frame-up bad faith unfaithfulness twoness one-upmanship dualism duality disloyalty Judas kiss stab in back cozening defrauding trapping misleading two-timing ambidextrousness entrapping overreaching ambidexterity events business happenings behaviour conduct incidents affairs activity spuriousness furtiveness gambit wire-pulling surreptitiousness waffle talk double-crossing ploy verbiage nonsense hoky-poky barratry string skunk song line bamboozlement smoke insincerity obfuscation behavior fooling around playing around beguilement hokum blarney prevarication untruth boondoggle treason defraudation disinformation equivocation sophism dirt circumvention juggling trumpery snake oil wooden nickel song and dance conspiracy hot air high jinks art collusion snow job canniness ingenuity shrewdness ploys schemes ruses subterfuges manoeuvres tricks toing and froing comings and goings hustle and bustle sting subtleness cageyness subtlety slickness caginess sneakiness cleverness plotting scheming cabal planning conniving manipulation fiddle rip-off jive run-around maneuvers sellout astuteness double-cross maneuvering design scam con dealing complot contrivance covin cheat sham trick stab in the back swizz swizzle bunco hankie-pankie fix plan palace intrigue manoeuvring game hokey-pokey hustle bunko diddle gyp fastie con trick stealing confidence trick hoax double cross fake crooked deal shady deal shell game

Tính từ

Not governed by any law or legal authority
lawless unruly disorderly anarchic anarchical wild rowdy unmanageable boisterous violent disruptive rough undisciplined turbulent fractious riotous uncontrollable intractable troublemaking chaotic vicious rebellious contumacious unrestrained disobedient wayward tough refractory obstreperous ungovernable mutinous noisy intemperate out of control out of hand dangerous criminal antisocial ruffianly callous hardened troublesome unlawful insurrectionary uncompliant insurgent threatening rioting seditious indisciplined raucous termagant drunk out-of-order out-of-line out-of-control on-a-tear wilful insubordinate headstrong recalcitrant defiant attention-seeking irrepressible willful untoward froward difficult rebel rumbustious incontrollable lively rollicking recusant loud romping incompliant balky heedless reckless contrary restive incorrigible impulsive impetuous impervious bawdy ornery imprudent drunken forward inexorable unyielding assertive opinionated quarrelsome perverse rash mean out of line brutal aggressive belligerent pugnacious thuggish hard rugged two-fisted ugly radge badly behaved naughty errant uncontrolled uncooperative delinquent ungoverned misbehaving mischievous awkward self-willed trying limit untrained capricious unsteady unschooled stroppy bolshie noncompliant inconsistent upsetting unsettling disturbing bad unbridled lacking self-control distracting truculent misbehaved divisive unconventional stubborn unconstrained uncurbed immoderate unchecked rampant unhindered unbounded playful unbiddable exasperating impish unfettered extrovert uninhibited rude rascally roguish impolite wicked tricksy puckish annoying brattish scampish sinful prankish off-base disrupting licentious profligate irrational corybantic incautious uproarious wanton teasing gallus worthless fiendish wrong evil raving thrilled causing trouble giddy flighty bad-mannered ill-disciplined full of mischief

Tính từ

Of, relating to, being, or having the quality of felony
felonious unlawful criminal illegal illegitimate illicit lawless wrongful corrupt villainous evil base crooked delinquent wrong shady culpable bent against the law prohibited forbidden unlicensed banned unauthorized outlawed actionable proscribed contraband dishonest unsanctioned unwarranted black-market bootleg verboten miscreant under-the-table transgressing unauthorised sinful indictable under the counter unofficial interdicted malfeasant improper bad unruly guilty not permitted not allowed wicked immoral nefarious violating fraudulent offending dodgy disorderly taboo heavy anarchic rebellious under-the-counter off limits sinning aberrant mutinous disordered deviant under the table straying erring ungoverned disobedient turbulent deviating without law and order unethical barred dishonourable iniquitous unconstitutional unsavory clandestine vile furtive dark vicious unrighteous misbehaving racket anarchical rotten dishonorable devious wildcat insurgent flagitious unmanageable adulterous non licet reprehensible insubordinate dirty unsavoury seditious terrorist against the rules chaotic riotous disruptive insurrectionary naughty censurable mutinying revolting revolutionary out of line errant transgressive noncompliant nonconformist savage anarchistic barbarous uncivilised violent unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized nihilistic recusant uncultivated warlike infringing contumacious piratical traitorous fallible contrary to law uncontrollable in violation of law unorthodox out of control mistaken bogus hot prosecutable smuggled unwarrantable irregular extralegal blundering faulty not legal not approved sub rosa ungovernable outside the law in error wild unrestrained reckless unconscionable unprincipled unscrupulous blameworthy unfair unjust tyrannous untamed despotic heterodox uncontrolled terrorizing tempestuous fierce terrorising rioting disorganized despicable condemnable foul confused antisocial morally wrong risqué misruled misgoverned sacrilegious depraved dissolute dissipated profane reprobate amoral smutty ungodly unholy blamable profligate wanton salacious blasphemous indecent debauched disorganised in disorder in turmoil mischievous not cricket froward contrary troublesome difficult wayward badly behaved shifting erratic stray heretic off straight and narrow rowdy unreliable meandering errable impermissible black punishable unacceptable peccant sly racketeering excessive criminogenic tapu haram off base smoking gun ruled out not acceptable degenerate shameful contemptible ignoble heinous disreputable execrable mean disgraceful indefensible monstrous perverted low-down dastardly detestable odious outrageous abominable sordid low atrocious unworthy shocking unjustifiable scandalous fiendish inexcusable underhand discreditable infamous diabolical horrible debased warped irreligious impure unforgivable wretched egregious nasty ignominious hateful deplorable beastly stinking impious shabby diabolic unpardonable offensive peccable perverse reproachable abject disgusting unjustified godless obscene cruel snide paltry roguish currish unreasonable shameless at fault low-minded tainted loathsome abhorrent blameable devilish appalling unmerited degraded gratuitous deceitful abandoned scurvy rascally murderous uncalled for malicious fallen sinister corrupted sullied undeserved worthless answerable treacherous damnable responsible repugnant dreadful unseemly uncharitable black-hearted cutthroat Machiavellian lamentable decadent unbecoming scoundrelly objectionable regrettable to blame servile menial maleficent unpleasant groundless malevolent licentious in the wrong uncalled-for infernal undue irreverent inappropriate inequitable hellish terrible liable opprobrious inexpiable accountable ugly blameful reprovable remiss obnoxious demeritorious amiss underhanded pernicious insupportable injurious degrading unprovoked petty vitiated cheating lewd immoderate coarse chargeable intolerable two-faced rude unspeakable incorrigible unprofessional biased prejudiced demonic sick satanic cheap untrustworthy vulgar notorious shoddy partisan distorted harmful discriminatory partial undignified hideous insufferable spiteful awful unclean knavish misguided rancorous wrathful disagreeable slippery no good cowardly unsuitable inhuman undesirable exceptionable horrid squalid disproportionate loose rakish one-sided humiliating sorry inelegant defiled prejudicial bigoted venal weighted preferential ruffianly double-crossing libertine poor gross dirty-dealing two-timing slanted sadistic extreme deserving blame caught noxious sleazy unpermissible untenable unallowable annoying ungrounded undisciplined willful pitiful heartless impolite God-awful fractious playful conscienceless off-color refractory defiant without justification without cause wilful exasperating unbiddable recalcitrant obstreperous grisly gruesome impish without reason headstrong good-for-nothing tricksy intractable brattish scampish puckish prankish ill-disciplined gallus on one's head self-willed full of mischief beyond the pale rough erroneous vice-ridden intemperate atheistic shadowy bad-hearted incorrect blackguardly suspect thievish unregenerate unnecessary craven flagrant glaring putrid tricky unchivalrous accursed facinorous tawdry double-dealing mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing unchaste needless baseless injudicious unfounded insulting perfidious scurrilous mercenary faithless repellent nauseating repulsive shy unrespectable unfortunate louche irremissible sickening misbehaved caitiff peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain bribable slavish humble off-putting distasteful unvirtuous pornographic convicted deadly mortal discriminating unequal lustful whorish promiscuous bawdy beyond contempt criticizable awkward intolerant coloured trashy lowly indelicate common plebeian incriminated fast saturnalian graceless X-rated miserable yucky dangerous gut-churning icky sick-making teasing sneaky negligent ill-advised convictable impeached condemned deleterious damaging baneful hurtful nocuous adverse baleful vomitous bogging noisome lousy not forgivable tough bad-mannered attention-seeking detrimental ill loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary flimflam fishy scam slick censured ghastly yucko disgustful loathly abnormal twisted inordinate filthy ruthless brutal merciless accusable doomed false grievous unrightful non-objective colored vomit-inducing of easy virtue inhumane callous bottomless superfluous unfeeling unkind forbidding bloodthirsty tyrannical shifty brutish bestial unconscientious scheming inexorable fly-by-night sicko unwholesome demoralized deviate bad news malignant pitiless self-indulgent disparaging exploitative hard-hearted mean-spirited crafty scrofulous evil-minded self-seeking vengeful contemptuous cold-blooded scornful despiteful harsh virulent questionable vindictive disdainful grewsome horrific lurid unbearable horrendous macabre horrifying terrific nightmarish great nightmare off found wanting grotesque impaired unhealthy kinky unnatural vitiate pervy contorted jackleg irritating very bad a bit much a bit thick out of proportion out of order unbefitting influenced frightful calamitous demoralised rakehell rakehelly impeachable incongruous inconsistent unfitting incompatible caught red-handed hung up fixed undeserving beneath caught in the act ineligible caught in flagrante out of character unfit unfitting to not deserving not worth recreant valueless nothing below the belt improper to not good enough out of place with out of place out of character with no-good unbecoming to out of keeping unsuitable for no-account not fit inappropriate to artful badly-behaved ill-behaved bothersome raunchy kiddish impudent infantile ill-natured frolicsome foxy insolent thoughtless immature childish inconsiderate disrespectful

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