Đồng nghĩa của contumacious

Alternative for contumacious

contumacious /,kɔntju'meiʃəs/
  • tính từ
    • bướng bỉnh, ương ngạnh
    • (pháp lý) vắng mặt; không tuân lệnh toà

Tính từ

Contemptuous of authority
balky contrary defiant disobedient froward incompliant insubordinate intractable obstreperous rebel rebellious recalcitrant recusant refractory restive ungovernable unruly untoward wayward wilful willful alienated disaffected estranged factious haughty headstrong inflexible insurgent intransigent irreconcilable mutinous obdurate obstinate perverse pigheaded seditious stubborn unyielding unmanageable difficult uncontrollable bolshie uncooperative disorderly undisciplined fractious self-willed stroppy mulish wild bloody-minded unbending turbulent cussed uncompromising awkward opinionated disruptive stiff-necked cantankerous dogged adamant bull-headed pertinacious riotous implacable unreasonable bullheaded determined unrelenting incorrigible immovable insurrectionary rowdy out of control hardheaded adamantine noncompliant troublesome delinquent persistent uncompliant belligerent tenacious ornery hard quarrelsome incontrollable dissident resistant naughty revolutionary firm argumentative boisterous contrarious tough ossified unbiddable inconvincible hardened non-compliant rigid badly behaved truculent relentless inexorable pat steadfast errant pervicacious mischievous lawless thrawn renitent hard-nosed self-opinionated cross-grained unrestrained subversive unaccommodating insurrectionist anarchic fixed out of hand pugnacious unmalleable dissenting unshakable unpersuadable roguish rascally indomitable ill-disciplined unhelpful strong-willed troublemaking dissentient rough strong-minded nonconformist single-minded obstructive stubborn as a mule chaotic annoying impish insolent persevering radical traitorous bellicose violent hostile undisciplinable pig-headed tiresome indurate uncontrolled irrepressible nonconforming exasperating aggressive malcontent renegade contentious iconoclastic disobliging negative confrontational unpredictable insubmissive rioting vexatious impossible iron mutinying capricious remorseless anarchistic unbendable peevish impudent treasonable unshakeable scrappy attention-seeking bad set in one's ways unbridled anarchical misbehaving iron-willed unrestrainable mean indocile rude badly-behaved crabby unwilling deaf to reason challenging dissentious obstinately disobedient resisting schismatic irritable disloyal antagonistic disagreeing lawbreaking treacherous resistive tumultuous disputatious sullen warring unadaptable adverse discordant resolved militant bold steely resolute loud brassbound unflinching noisy grim reckless petulant combative mule up in arms threatening erratic revolting malicious die-hard rumbustious trying rock-ribbed impetuous ill-natured playful problematic pesky tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish fiendish gallus wanton as stubborn as a mule wrong-headed wrong full of mischief locked in ill-behaved dead set on devilish nonobservant tetchy grouchy brutal stalwart heretical maverick vicious morose cross unfavorable unfavourable unorthodox apostate grumpy ill-tempered sulky unresponsive thuggish malign malevolent maleficent spiteful shrewish opposing withstanding fickle two-fisted rugged incurable untrained boneheaded unreceptive radge ugly divided split irregular restless individualistic armed sabotaging attacking narky bad-tempered ratty shirty choleric loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant impotent rampant unsteady unschooled proud aloof inflammatory agitational uncomplying unbearable undependable intolerable with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way extremist dysfunctional quarrelling insoluble hard-line thorny unpliable locked knotty inconsistent ungoverned immoral aberrant arbitrary stony without law and order crazy hysterical nuts outrageous madcap insurmountable berserk declinatory refusing divergent impatient objecting declining unimpressible stiff lacking self-control anarchist unrepentant uncompassionate impertinent hardhearted bullhead unemotional harsh vociferous tempestuous uproarious raucous disharmonious conflicting clashing sectarian tough nut hang tough paradoxical contrariant arsey whiny clamorous rampaging prickly excited strong overwhelming intense insuppressible freaked abandoned overpowering inimical wrongheaded antipathetic converse rambunctious tough nut to crack cold fish proof against persuasion hanging tough set in stone unalterable self-indulgent raunchy artful kiddish infantile sly frolicsome foxy bothersome ruffianly thoughtless immature childish inconsiderate disrespectful vexing touchy socially impaired hot-tempered disturbed fierce nasty loudmouthed demanding troublous maladjusted irksome uncontainable wearisome roisterous rackety misbehaved like a loose cannon beside oneself unmoved unbreakable dogmatic heady opinionative rabble-rousing rip-roaring chippy litigious divisive contending fighting controversial partisan rival convinced daring provocative audacious rampageous roistering complex bulky discommodious incommodious cramped disagreeable piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous wicked impolite hard to handle difficult to handle lively rollicking romping heedless sinful raising the roof raising Cain with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in teasing worthless quarreling at variance at loggerheads at odds feisty evil impulsive impervious rash intemperate imprudent forward assertive drunken bawdy bad-mannered disregardful cheeky dareful sassy gutsy ready for a fight out of line spoiling for a fight unwavering strict rigorous stringent severe hardline diehard stern oppressive hard-core draconian exacting staunch hard and fast unswayable pitiless tricky authoritarian irritating extreme unsparing drastic hard-boiled merciless austere importunate unsympathetic heavy-handed no-nonsense dyed-in-the-wool not giving an inch standing one's ground inconvenient purposeful blinkered picky dour undeviating insistent uptight disciplinary cast-iron immoderate heavy unmovable ruthless decided sharp solid unfaltering disturbing unappeasable dead set cruel domineering iron-fisted sensitive burdensome immutable delicate callous unsentimental tyrannical unforgiving cool stand pat hard-hearted hard-bitten irrational unconverted unreformed biased illogical inveterate unbudgeable intent assiduous indefatigable tireless forceful narrow-minded prejudiced intolerant stiffened decisive pushy mullish hidebound unregenerate durable immalleable ungiving unchangeable inalterable forbidding illiberal hard-shell locked-in problem puritanical invariable untimely unfortunate unflexible crisp doctrinaire set set in your ways stuffy unpermissive do or die hold one's ground dug in hold the fort standing pat hard as nails sticking to one's guns hold the line inopportune disciplinarian ascetical by the book absolute pressing astringent uncharitable imperious dire browbeating formidable ascetic autocratic grave anti overbearing unamenable hard to please fussy unexpected unanticipated ill-timed fastidious boorish finicky flinty hard-hitting against opposed categorical upsetting oafish bearish irascible discontented dissatisfied surprising unforeseen disastrous unusual unpredicted mistimed cold testy choosy snappy temperamental querulous critical grumbly worrying worrisome uncaring ferocious unwelcome infelicitous inapt unsuitable inappropriate unlucky inauspicious brick-wall taxing vexed captious disputative hypercritical huffy overcritical particular over-particular dictatorial ungracious finical invidious crotchety uppity sour hard to satisfy perfectionist desperate ramrod hostile to averse to inimical to opposed to unstoppable ticklish puzzling baffling stony-hearted hard-shelled malapropos badly timed unseasonable distressing perturbing nagging unfailing unquenchable undying perplexing sharp-witted clear-sighted shrewd smart canny savvy clear-eyed knowing astute unenthusiastic about niggling maddening infuriating grievous onerous misfortunate hapless luckless unpropitious unpleasant ill-starred star-crossed sticky intricate catchy pestilential plaguy pestiferous arduous concerning harassing everlasting enduring inextinguishable eternal unconstrained unfading undue punishing punitive inordinate crippling bitter hardhanded disinclined to accept reluctant to accept unwilling to accept dead set against discomposing aggravating discomforting unsettling disquieting troubling laborious problematical hairy mystifying exorbitant unconscionable swingeing towering excessive unmerciful searing murderous excruciating overweening steep imperishable lasting unremitting indestructible constant pestilent unconcerned indifferent oblivious overextravagant extravagant insane plethoric baroque overmuch overdue inhuman dodgy spiny murder uphill painful infestive dangerous alarming damaging repressive messy level-headed rational logical businesslike sober sensible robust great unhearing unmoved by unconcerned with insensible to unaffected by unconscious of impervious to dispassionate about oblivious to deaf unresponsive to unaware untouched by indifferent to unaware of unmindful of unaffected heedless of to listen blind

Tính từ

Relating to crime
criminal unlawful illicit lawless illegal prohibited dishonest felonious corrupt culpable illegitimate unethical villainous crooked disorderly indictable nefarious unlicensed wicked wrong clandestine contraband iniquitous unsavoury unsavory anarchic delinquent forbidden furtive lawbreaking terrorist wrongful actionable banned bent black dark fraudulent immoral impermissible outlawed punishable shady unauthorised unauthorized unruly unsanctioned against the law anarchical bad disruptive dodgy improper insubordinate insurgent insurrectionary interdicted mutinous mutinying proscribed rebellious seditious unacceptable unofficial vile adulterous anarchistic barbarous evil malfeasant noncompliant nonconformist peccant revolting savage sinful sly taboo unrighteous unwarranted verboten vicious bootleg criminogenic dirty disobedient disordered excessive flagitious guilty heavy infringing miscreant nihilistic piratical racketeering recusant rotten traitorous transgressing turbulent uncivilised uncivilized uncultivated ungoverned unpeaceful unregulated violating violent warlike wildcat haram tapu out of line black-market off base under-the-table smoking gun against the rules off limits ruled out not acceptable not allowed not permitted contrary to law in violation of law without law and order under the counter under-the-counter under the table riotous ungovernable revolutionary wild unrestrained reckless chaotic tempestuous uncontrolled fierce tyrannous unorthodox untamed uncontrollable despotic heterodox terrorizing terrorising unprincipled base depraved reprobate degenerate dishonourable reprehensible dishonorable unscrupulous shameful dissolute heinous foul erring atrocious perverted disreputable infamous scandalous abominable monstrous ungodly despicable outrageous shocking odious prosecutable blameworthy detestable warped scoundrelly unjust perverse egregious barred morally wrong dissipated unholy diabolical fiendish profane dastardly unfair rascally sacrilegious execrable blasphemous debauched hateful discreditable underhand mean chargeable impure unconscionable amoral offending devious contemptible sordid errant irreligious disgraceful indecent low impious low-down censurable malicious horrible unconstitutional fallen godless ignoble deceitful debased obscene responsible peccable shameless abandoned beastly sinning aberrant blamable deviant knavish condemnable diabolic murderous treacherous sullied tainted roguish profligate cruel wanton sinister underhanded decadent stinking wayward non licet licentious corrupted not cricket two-timing devilish indefensible maleficent answerable unmanageable appalling dreadful untrustworthy abhorrent irreverent straying degraded unspeakable naughty malevolent racket deviating ignominious tabu loathsome polygamous bigamous unhealthy not legal disgusting offensive incorrigible liable brutal libertine vitiated not approved pernicious injurious black-hearted blackguardly misbehaving terrible transgressive vetoed dangerous ruffianly unregenerate convictable reproachable rowdy opprobrious infernal notorious hot smuggled unwarrantable irregular extralegal undesirable condemned swindling inhuman deplorable blameful inexcusable undue intemperate blameable disallowed lewd inequitable mischievous lascivious raffish venal fallible wretched cheating unworthy repugnant callous double-dealing sick lecherous loose unwholesome rakish demoralized bribable unpleasant at fault prurient refused no-no louche damnable mercenary lowlife unclean rakehell jackleg prejudicial sub rosa filthy perfidious faithless outside the law rakehelly objectionable caitiff scurvy to blame snide demoralised defiled open nasty no go heartless harmful unvirtuous questionable in error two-faced out of bounds low-life in the wrong self-indulgent gone to the dogs fast and loose on the side secret undemocratic serious unapproved uncertified unaccredited penal mistaken deceiving malign rough intolerable vice-ridden atheistic antisocial inappropriate accursed facinorous groundless cutthroat Machiavellian imputable scungy buccaneering scurrilous satanic malignant embargoed faulty blundering unjustified flagrant glaring putrid gross restricted triable litigable tortious shy unrespectable shoddy unforgivable bogus unreasonable unnecessary undeserved beyond contempt pillaging plundering thieving exceptionable ill-famed hideous hellish no good convicted uncharitable undignified abject unbecoming sorry ill-reputed cowardly accountable hardened debarred uncalled for closed down good-for-nothing incriminated lamentable servile currish shabby inelegant menial paltry worthless rapacious wolfish impeached reprovable deleterious damaging demeritorious amiss baneful hurtful nocuous adverse noxious baleful detrimental ill tough threatening caught censured biased prejudiced off-color low-minded accusable doomed bad news discriminatory closed-up closed closed-down out on one's head ruthless merciless deserving blame partisan inhumane risqué contrary troublesome difficult froward unfeeling unkind forbidding slippery bloodthirsty tyrannical shifty brutish bestial unconscientious sadistic scheming inexorable spiteful discriminating partial unequal bigoted thievish smutty salacious not on corruptible pitiless rancorous disparaging exploitative hard-hearted mean-spirited wrathful demonic crafty scrofulous evil-minded self-seeking vengeful contemptuous grisly conscienceless cold-blooded squalid scornful despiteful harsh virulent vindictive gruesome disdainful grafting buyable gangland underworld weighted distorted intolerant coloured slanted preferential profiteering tricky obnoxious badly behaved shifting erratic stray heretic unreliable meandering errable unfaithful extortionate suborned loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary out of control hollow-hearted on the take unchaste false one-sided petty grievous unrightful non-objective uncalled-for colored off straight and narrow hedonic pervy sleazy libidinous fast lustful concupiscent promiscuous indulgent flagitous twisted unconstrained sicko sybaritic kinky unnatural swinging voluptuary violated easy drunken deteriorated dirty-minded fast-living in the fast lane gone bad pleasure-seeking night owl lacking restraint in the gutter high living

Tính từ

Obsessively concerned with something
fanatical enthusiastic fervent obsessive passionate wild frenzied keen ardent dedicated devoted eager fixated immoderate infatuated obsessed burning compulsive extreme fervid mad over-enthusiastic crazy dotty frenetic gung-ho hooked nuts potty visionary zealous bigoted overenthusiastic passional perfervid rabid wackadoo wackadoodle addicted biased bugged credulous domineering erratic fanatic feverish fiery headstrong impassioned impulsive incorrigible monomaniacal obstinate opinionated partial possessed raving stubborn unruly violent willful high on nuts for turned on intense vehement excited avid earnest spirited fierce energetic committed wholehearted warm enthused voracious heated flaming strong torrid pumped red-hot lively raring emotional manic charged delirious hot-blooded impatient warm-blooded radical revolutionary juiced demonstrative hungry consuming desirous vigorous athirst blazing glowing extremist incandescent superheated antsy religious solicitous gung ho hot revolutionist forceful excessive animated devout frantic agog anxious deep great ultra thirsty obsessional over the top furious unrestrained profound uncontrollable powerful heartfelt restless stoked assiduous driven hearty hysterical geeked raging intemperate all-consuming deep-seated inflamed fevered vivacious hopped-up mad keen acute hepped up fond uncontrolled keen as mustard heightened ready ferocious steadfast overzealous willing true intent infatuated with interested devoted to ambitious gone on diligent greedy carried away enamored sprightly overwrought keyed up as keen as mustard sincere true blue ebullient hyperactive enamoured urgent yearning exhilarated severe fired up longing motivated exuberant loyal faithful staunch serious zestful hectic high-spirited in love concerned thrilling tumultuous very keen on exciting on fire addicted to swivel-eyed dutiful appetent psyched hooked on deeply felt pious amped true-blue smitten hopped up rebel terrible crazed drastic militant feeling nutty extraordinary absorbed exceptional diehard industrious angry stirred game itching hellacious preoccupied maniacal blistering heavy inordinate explosive conscientious warmblooded engaged distracted determined forcible thrilled daft sentimental steamed up enamored of afire purposeful pleased raw animate unfeigned hung up messianic titillated expressive enamoured of smitten with melodramatic constant single-minded ecstatic tender responsive stirring craving active hot for unqualified desperate resolute steady card-carrying hyper nervous impetuous potent covetous crazy about mad about bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fast in love with good stanch breathless happy gotta have dying to ready and willing nuts about chomping at the bit raring to go inclined supportive disposed down-the-line given over to hopeful mighty wishing insatiable dying overpowering desiring engrossed involved rampant sexy titillating arousing intent on ravenous grasping acquisitive emphatic marked uproarious keen on occupied knee-deep temperamental avaricious rapacious penetrating piercing vivid allegiant untrammeled untrammelled nutso adoring big doting attentive intensified full prepossessed abject genuine entrenched habitual relentless in a frenzy overemotional emotive excitable susceptible towering exaggerated terrorist passionate about enthusiastic about clamorous vocal noisy vociferous outspoken loud compelling ghastly almighty sensitive very excited honest hard-core rooted intrenched admiring adherent consecrated hard major rebellious subversive outrageous strident forthright insistent warmhearted jumping up and down pushy loving heartwarming overcharged tempestuous roused exquisite mad on deep-rooted inveterate thorough bona fide rousing supreme grave full-throated concentrated pronounced berserk dreadful zealotic fired go-ahead wild-eyed itchy ripe fireball self-starting pyretic febrile unreasonable sentient verklempt sharp fearful mental ungovernable disorderly amenable restive hankering unreluctant pining glad fearsome significant silly thoroughgoing settled moving eloquent poignant high-pressure stimulated precipitate headlong high-powered inspiring hotblooded affecting quickened touchy-feely effervescent on the make vicious combative sweating intensive frightful high besetting nutso over shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about bred-in-the-bone confirmed excruciating critical stirred up high as a kite fraught dizzy coming on strong gripping tormenting neurotic haunting heavy-duty cut-throat dynamic flushed burning up febrific unchecked unbridled turbulent confused unbalanced fascinated dominating rhapsodic aflame wacky tantalized OTT chaotic demented furibund distraught insane corybantic phrenetic wired confusing unscrewed tantalised zesty gaga wigged-out irresistible fixed controlling addictive turnt dependent outre gone outré outlandish beside oneself fond of sweet on very enthusiastic hot to trot inescapable pathological out of control weirded out fast and furious wigged out lost it stalwart far-out over-the-top champing at the bit full of beans unrelenting unyielding agitated in a lather aggressive proactive bullish banzai all out too much unwavering sworn out of bounds firm take-charge can-do through and through studious extremely enthusiastic pledged dependent on predisposed attached imbued accustomed hyped habituated dyed-in-the-wool overactive out-and-out single-hearted old faithful deep-dyed true to the end hard-working given to under the influence strung out given to abusing jonesing for prone to spaced out used to given to using in the habit of using jonesing on wedded to busy worked up in a tizzy high-strung like one possessed

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