Đồng nghĩa của alienated

Alternative for alienated

Đồng nghĩa: anomic, disoriented, estranged,

alienates, alienated, alienating

Đồng nghĩa: alien, disaffect, estrange,


embittered bitter resentful rancorous acid angry disaffected disillusioned sour acrid acrimonious hard sore soured venomous cynical estranged irritated spiteful at daggers drawn full of hate nursing a grudge with a chip on your shoulder disgruntled aggrieved vitriolic indignant discontented offended dissatisfied peeved piqued miffed hateful exasperated hurt annoyed irked grudging displeased aggravated irate incensed narked nasty put out unpleasant wounded upset sullen vexed cross furious bothered enraged riled malcontent unforgiving sulky nettled splenetic mad crabbed infuriated wroth malicious vengeful inflamed tooshie afflicted fuming wrathful insulted virulent vindictive mean troubled huffy in a temper in high dudgeon antipathetic ill-disposed in a huff fed up ill-humored ill-humoured irritable acerbic scornful contemptuous disdainful disappointed vinegary harried perturbed flustered disheartened agitated disturbed harassed distressed discouraged revengeful worried maddened provoked tormented miffy surly testy unfulfilled defeated huffish snuffy malevolent malignant unsatisfied frustrated unsated ungratified fretted butthurt pernicious hung up carrying a chip on your shoulder hot-tempered up the wall baleful hostile angered malign maleficent catty malefic galled poisonous stung affronted ruffled pained implacable begruding ireful rankled rabid hot outraged roiled infuriate hopping steaming riley ticked eggy cheesed off livid ballistic shirty enflamed foaming choleric apoplectic grieved horn-mad ill-natured hoha teed off steamed evil-intentioned heated weighty grieving brassed off steamed up hacked off annoying browned off distressing peed off not best pleased ticked off begrudging morose choked fiery jaundiced churlish peevish petulant belligerent bad-tempered querulous unfriendly impassioned violent bristling argumentative inflammable icy vicious uncomfortable spirited inimical contentious intolerant tempestuous ill-tempered lively antagonistic lawless disagreeable antisocial disputatious quarrelsome ugly passionate manic hysterical uneasy crabby vehement caustic sardonic irreconcilable hard done by with chip on shoulder grudge-bearing hot under the collar bent out of shape hopping mad fit to be tied going crook in a fume in a pet blue in the face foaming at the mouth boiling raging seething up in arms beside oneself snaky on the warpath incandescent crook wild vex ratty frenzied in a frenzy ropeable beside yourself aerated raving in a lather as cross as two sticks ranting soreheaded worked up in a bad mood off the air swollen waxy red grumpy scunnered irascible unhappy impatient grouchy snappy touchy very angry wrath seeing red wound up short-tempered bloodshot chafed cranky antagonized frantic tetchy prickly stroppy antagonised in a paddy in a bate out of humour quick-tempered out of sorts with all guns blazing injured tender disgusted fractious chagrined hacked snappish fretful crotchety waspish chippy perverse reddened spare snarky pettish snippy snippety liverish stuffy painful filthy raspy bummed out out of humor boiling mad raging mad sensitive needled rattled berserk slighted bugged anguished cantankerous discontent desperate demented crazed maniac bent unreasonable smoking insane corybantic irrational critical roused captious dyspeptic uptight narky scandalized crusty grousing out of temper griping burned up dirty unglued shocked scandalised storming dark short gnashing one's teeth mardy caviling cavilling in a towering rage in a rage thin-skinned all steamed up overcome with anger pushed too far at boiling point blown a gasket in a filthy temper beside yourself with rage sombre somber pink scalding steamy piping unimpressed airborne air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air goaded excited burning with excitement anxious het up blazing raw infected reproachful confused hassled chafing septic snubbed salty rousted snitty bloody dishonored humiliated perplexed dogged buffaloed festered itching smarting stinging burning itchy angry-looking black flaming cray-cray blazing mad flaming mad umbrageous dishonoured wronged wry as black as thunder puffed up fevered festering p.o.'d very upset out of control at end of one's rope hot and bothered rubbed the wrong way harmed out of countenance raving mad in a wax blistered burnt scalded ill-used woeful saddened malcontented crabbing bellyaching uncontent kvetching kicking fierce persecuted oppressed victimised depressed victimized full-on all-out uncompromising energetic breakneck concerted frenetic rage bad tempered out of joint red-rimmed extremely angry severe gory exacerbated jumpy faultfinding bloodstained ensanguined tense temperamental feisty bristly glum curt moody unsociable gruff volatile whingy shrewish brusque misanthropic hotheaded pouty oversensitive ornery obstinate difficult bilious truculent harsh pertinacious uncooperative snarling contrary peckish whiny peppery hypercritical whining miserable grumbling curmudgeonly crybaby ungracious gloomy iracund tough brooding iracundulous edgy bearish pouting fussy scratchy waspy trying having got out of bed on the wrong side dour nasty-tempered mumpish growling tart sharp in a mood sorehead saturnine blunt cussed fault-finding on edge cross-grained carping awkward like a bear with a sore head on a short fuse complaining fretting whingeing childish foul-tempered out-of-sorts hasty hot-blooded having got out of bed the wrong side obstreperous short-fused chuffy easily offended


Not sociable or wanting the company of others
antisocial unsociable reserved misanthropic retiring uncommunicative unfriendly withdrawn asocial aloof buttoned-up cold cold-eyed cool detached distant dry frosty offish reclusive remote standoff standoffish unbending unclubbable unforthcoming ascetic austere cynical disagreeable eremetic hermitlike introverted shy solitary unwilling to mix with other people indifferent unapproachable stand-offish chilly haughty impersonal frigid stiff unresponsive unsympathetic unwelcoming inhospitable formal undemonstrative uncongenial unneighbourly reticent unconcerned unemotional disdainful unsocial forbidding uncordial incurious icy glacial dispassionate hostile uninterested supercilious apathetic uncivil uppity stuffy unfeeling clammy brittle antiseptic gelid cold-blooded unaffable hard-eyed lukewarm jaundiced antagonistic unkind unenthusiastic ungracious offhand unneighborly negative taciturn chill rude discourteous restrained emotionless starchy suspicious inimical distrustful impassive unamicable eremitic disinterested uncompanionable casual wintery unpleasant conventional wintry grouchy proud antipathetic mortal adversary adversarial severe stern snooty staid ill-disposed coldish frozen passionless arctic laid-back strait-laced insolent annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious wooden stuck-up laid back Olympian stuck up phlegmatic putting on airs keeping people at arm's length conservative unamiable ungregarious ungenerous half-hearted tepid snobbish stony superior uptight private clinical xenophobic off mopey mopish diffident abstracted unreceptive unenthused removed quiet silent inaccessible nongregarious brooding inapproachable scowling secretive rigid unexcitable preoccupied uninvolved introvert brusque short unfavorable unfavourable muted stolid outside unpassioned abstract spacey uncurious affectless spiritless hardhearted callous lofty cold-hearted stony-hearted sceptical poker-faced hard-hearted thick-skinned hard-boiled spaced-out on ice out of it malevolent cold fish lone wolf prim inhumane pessimistic exact precise correct proper selfish hating egotistical egoistic narrow-minded misanthropical sarcastic sardonic inflexible stilted starched affected seemly official serious skeptical polite surly sour straight arrow stiff-necked by the numbers aggressive ill-natured ceremonious quarrelsome insociable arrogant nasty menacing obnoxious impolite unmannerly mean-looking cross put on airs uncharitable opposite competitive estranged censorious unpromising combative grudging gruff malicious contrary disaffected against warlike malignant vengeful conflicting hateful acrimonious spiteful opposed not on speaking terms calm neutral nonchalant stoical unmoved impartial stoic numb impassible unloving objective uncaring insouciant self-controlled heartless pococurante relaxed unruffled careless businesslike unbiased sober unsentimental unprejudiced serene cool, calm and collected impervious controlled heedless blasé deadpan listless matter-of-fact flat guarded insensitive regardless uncommitted nonpartisan evenhanded unaffectionate nonaligned unworried collected carefree easy weary bored nonplussed steely composed tranquil candid equal rational unexpressive unconcerned about apathetic towards hard-headed inattentive offhand about uninvolved with nonchalant about uninvolved in dead blank bland vacant expressionless toneless hollow supine bored by nowhere imperturbable unimpassioned immovable unaffected nonemotional passive unresponsive to lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about unenthusiastic about repellent insensible perfunctory complacent cold-shoulder impotent cold as ice stony-eyed avoidant introspective self-contained contained unsavoury ungenial close objectionable unattractive hesitant abrupt analytic unlikeable hard fierce curt unhappy depressing unvexed not surprised undecided inactive inert flinty unsmiling cheerless lifeless glutted jaded bad-tempered placid terse dismissive logical level-headed cool-headed world-weary sexually unresponsive uninquiring unagitated ill-tempered unsavory cloyed unexcited equable unimpressionable easygoing neuter on sidelines nonparticipating nonbelligerent on the fence unincluded middle-of-road unaligned fair-minded noncombatant bystanding disengaged pacifistic ardorless inhibited loveless unromantic contemptuous withering seclusive coldhearted obdurate marble uncompassionate inexpressive blah non-emotional unsurprised bureaucratic inhuman along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches featureless uncolored straight depersonalised faceless colorless careful soulless depersonalized gray colourless grey measured nondiscriminatory anonymous monolithic going through motions aloof from could care less indifferent to bored stiff turned off detached from incurious about distant from untroubled pokerfaced unperturbed blithe strictly business cold turkey devil-may-care happy-go-lucky straight-faced unanxious lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome oblivious debonair unflappable deaf unbothered not bothered at ease hardened forgetful self-centered feckless undisturbed lackadaisical blind negligent undaunted self-centred hands-off laissez-faire noninterventionist without a care in the world not giving a toss equitable unimpressed casual about apathetic about uncaring about heedless of uninterested in frivolous about just reckless about dismissive of mindless of unimpressed by regardless of fair careless of cavalier about square oblivious to weary of unaroused highbrow scornful not giving a monkey's


Past tense for to cause to feel less close, friendly or caring
estranged distanced isolated detached disunited divided divorced parted separated aliened disaffected disgruntled severed soured turned away drove apart driven apart set against set apart antagonised antagonized cut off weaned set at odds sowed dissension sown dissension broke off broken off came between come between kept apart made hostile to made indifferent made unfriendly pushed away put at a distance setted at variance turned off drove a wedge between driven a wedge between turned your back on withdrew the affections of withdrawn the affections of split split up disenchanted disillusioned sundered set in opposition set as rivals disunified disjoined disconnected made hostile broke up broken up dissociated dissatisfied dissevered put on the outs disassociated ramified resolved decoupled unyoked uncoupled unlinked disjointed put at odds dissolved turned against pitted against put away interrupted interfered intervened interposed meddled withheld lost left diverted pulled apart severed connections between segregated destroyed the affections of setted at odds with caused antagonism between sown dissension between sowed dissension between driven away drove away dismantled disrupted partitioned disbanded pitted against one another setted against one another caused disagreement between embroiled dispersed rived disengaged unmarried withdrawn withdrew withholden burnt your bridges burned your bridges riven rove broke apart broken apart broke broken undone brake undid triangulated factionalized stirred the pot caused to disagree caused disagreement caused disagreement among caused a rift caused dissent splintered sown disaccord tore asunder sowed dissension among torn asunder sowed disaccord dichotomized sown dissension among


Past tense for to cause a friend to become unfriendly or hostile
angered annoyed antagonised antagonized estranged galled hassled irritated offended repelled disaffected hacked off lost the affection of envenomed embittered soured made bitter poisoned disillusioned empoisoned dissatisfied made resentful exasperated upset frustrated jaundiced aggravated disenchanted rankled made rancorous acerbated disgruntled vexed exacerbated discouraged worsened venomed bothered acidulated displeased discontented disquieted tainted coloured aliened turned off injured impaired harmed colored made sick infected hurt cut to the quick outraged irked riled put out affronted disturbed troubled mortified piqued nettled miffed disgusted bugged needled peeved worried perplexed disobliged fretted put your back up hurt somebody's feelings ticked off distressed provoked incensed infuriated aggrieved saddened dismayed maddened narked insulted agonized pained ailed shocked perturbed discomposed scandalized horrified depressed devastated grieved wound wounded plagued rattled repulsed excruciated pestered discombobulated slighted fazed afflicted dogged discommoded chafed sickened nauseated jarred curdled enraged roiled capped gravelled disappointed sounded revolted graveled mispleased winged chagrined cooled zinged made unhappy played dirty thumbed nose at pushed the buttons of caused offense bled scandalised got at bummed out mourned caused suffering got to wound up nagged at caused anguish agonised teed off caused sorrow lambasted hacked you off discomfited stung gotten at burnt up burned up eaten at gave offence to ate at given offence to gotten to


Past tense for to deprive someone of a franchise, generally their right to vote

Trái nghĩa của alienated

alienated Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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