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disqualifies, disqualified, disqualifying

Trái nghĩa: qualify,

Tính từ

Not having or showing the necessary skills to do something successfully
incompetent incapable inept unfit unfitted inexpert unable useless bungling ineffectual blundering unprofessional deficient floundering ineffective inferior substandard unqualified unskilful unskilled cowboy incapacitated lacking lacking ability unsuitable wanting amateurish cack-handed clumsy ham-fisted inadequate inapt inefficient no good pathetic skill-less unproficient unskillful amateur awkward bush-league helpless hopeless ineligible inexperienced insufficient maladroit raw unadapted unapt unequipped unhandy uninitiated untrained not good enough undependable unreliable a dead loss less capable not much cop leaving much to be desired not equal to not have it not up to it not up to scratch not up to snuff out to lunch not cut out for unable to do something for toffee not up to unprepared ill-equipped not cut out feeble non-qualified untaught bush inefficacious weak not prepared unpracticed uncool butterfingers losing inproficient vulnerable poor dependent frail unsuited naive impotent unequal to the task not up to something not equal to something out of one's depth incapable of unqualified for untrained for unable to do something not know one's arse from one's elbow incompetent at out of one's element can't make the grade bad lousy shoddy dilettante slipshod crude dilettantish bumbling terrible awful sloppy nonprofessional unsatisfactory dreadful gauche jackleg rotten careless faulty duff worthless rubbish defective atrocious powerless appalling frightful abysmal pants unpractised unworkmanlike botched miserable a load of pants dire second-rate execrable bum green half-baked slapdash can't hack it ham-handed unacceptable wrong lame fumbling suboptimal subpar wretched dissatisfactory mediocre very bad crummy dismal slovenly slack deplorable laughable horrible punk poxy junky rubbishy trashy cheap trumpery sucky low-grade hapless bodged lay butterfingered unaccomplished imperfect ignorant heavy-handed unsuccessful incompatible untalented off feckless hamstrung inexpedient counterproductive wack uncultivated very poor sour diabolical fumbled unschooled negligent all thumbs crumby disappointing low-rent cheesy common schlock schlocky gimcrack coarse all fingers and thumbs lamentable sleazy cheapjack grim cut-rate bargain-basement chronic el cheapo broken disorganized extravagant prodigal shooting blanks improficient improvident hack inadept backwards insipid rude botching unsophisticated loser disorganised talentless unstudied inoperative handless graceless left-handed unequal regrettable meager unco inelegant mutton-fisted immoral unfitting dishonourable dishonorable nonexpert unsound unfortunate can't cut it disgraceful abominable impaired amiss sorry stinking low quality low meagre unpolished without finesse woeful ropy pits pitiful God-awful paltry lacking finesse egregious couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery not much chop ill second-class no great shakes not up to par third-rate untutored unproductive ill-suited flimsy junk not proper unadvantageous futile inconsistent improper inappropriate limited desperate unspeakable two-bit piss-poor dime-a-dozen unversed unacquainted uninformed non-technical tinhorn bodger unchartered uneducated unlicensed uncertificated stupid outrageous for the birds unwelcome harmful non-professional new unable to do something to save one's life of a sort untamed illiterate undisciplined novice nescient wild strictly for the birds not trained

Động từ

Past tense for to make ineligible, as for entry to an examination
banned prohibited debarred forbid forbade forbidden barred disentitled excluded precluded unfitted blocked interdicted disabled incapacitated invalidated bated disenabled disfranchised eighty-sixed eliminated excepted impaired nixed paralysed paralyzed ruled out suspended weakened declared ineligible not made the cut shut out prevented rendered declared incapable blackballed rejected stopped blacked disfellowshiped disfellowshipped kept out counted out locked out expelled refused closed out vetoed deprived denied said no to refused entrance to refused admission to stood in the way of left out in the cold frozen out froze out gave the cold shoulder to given the cold shoulder to ostracized proscribed ostracised disallowed repudiated embargoed removed blacklisted boycotted evicted banished dismissed snubbed ejected set aside outlawed put an embargo on shut off left out ousted omitted shunned spurned disregarded avoided ignored kept off cold-shouldered kept at arm's length passed over closed one's doors to obstructed canceled cancelled exiled voted against killed discounted cut off limited cut out obviated estopped threw out thrown out forced out cast out put out tabooed sent to Coventry warded off shut the door on put down put paid to shut out of placed an embargo on put on hit list steered clear of rusticated gotten rid of got rid of denied admittance to unchurched denounced covered masked hid concealed interrupted veiled anathematized shrouded downed drummed out cashiered negatived bounced disbarred secluded overruled closed blockaded screened beleaguered discontinued counteracted discarded disowned rebuffed countermanded curst quashed cursed takfired overturned reversed enjoined locked someone out occluded denied access to sidelined discluded inhibited shot down disclaimed squashed abjured disavowed missed out refused to admit not counted restricted censored excommunicated disacknowledged zinged refused admittance prevented from entering forfended forestalled abolished revoked averted recanted inveighed exempted checked thwarted blocked out deterred struck fenced off circumvented declared null and void passed on turned down kept back withheld patronage considered undesirable gave the cold shoulder given the cold shoulder staved off imposed sanctions had nothing to do with washed one's hands of weeded out marked off refused to employ turned your back on brushed off handed someone the frozen mitt refrained from refused to take part in iced out passed by stove off not considered passed up left in the cold held aloof from left out of account stayed away from hidden threw thrown coldshouldered driven out drove out overridden overrode stricken abstained from forgot about forgotten about gave the thumbs down to given the thumbs down to given a wide berth to gave a wide berth to

Động từ

Past tense for to remove from employment or office
dismissed sacked fired discharged cashiered removed axed ousted released terminated retired canned expelled bounced displaced deposed unseated booted defenestrated unfrocked suspended bumped impeached defrocked deponed deselected disemployed disfrocked furloughed pensioned recalled shelved booted out kicked out threw out thrown out pink-slipped laid off lay off made redundant got rid of gotten rid of let go mustered out sent packing turned off turfed out showed the door shown the door gave someone the boot given someone the boot gave someone their notice given someone their notice gave someone the sack given someone the sack gave the heave-ho given the heave-ho gave someone the bullet given someone the bullet paid off gave someone the push given someone the push gave the elbow given the elbow gave someone notice given someone notice gave someone their cards given someone their cards gave someone their marching orders given someone their marching orders gave walking papers given walking papers binned off gave the old heave-ho given the old heave-ho gave notice to given notice to gave someone his given someone his gave warning given warning let out shut out turned away washed out gave someone the air given someone the air kissed off gave notice given notice gave the ax given the ax gave the gate given the gate gave someone the big E given someone the big E excommunicated demoted drummed out put away deprived uncrowned unmade dethroned unthroned dropped shown the door one showed the door one gave someone the ax given someone the gate gave someone the gate gave someone the pink slip given someone the ax given someone the pink slip gave someone his or her walking papers given someone his or her walking papers ejected evicted put out dislodged turned out toppled cast out forced out supplanted chucked out outed brought down overturned banished removed from office overthrew overthrown usurped heaved out driven out drove out upset pushed out run off removed from power put out in the street deported routed exiled discrowned dispossessed thrown someone out on their ear threw someone out on their ear given the bum's rush gave the bum's rush sent away thrusted out relegated chased rejected slanged moved degraded shifted chucked slung out flung out defeated dislocated succeeded dispelled extruded unhorsed ran off replaced chased out brought low come after stepped into the shoes of crowded out barred banned debarred blackballed purged excluded blacklisted eliminated blacked transferred repositioned abolished pulled evacuated detached expunged relocated downgraded busted expulsed abstracted budged shipped slang unsettled asked to leave subverted discarded disenthroned disthroned stripped of rank overwhelmed triumphed turfed emptied overcome yeeted thrown out on your ear threw out on your ear threw out on ear thrown out on ear disturbed expropriated tossed out knocked over run out of town uprooted extricated disentangled stepped into shoes of tossed out on ear handed someone his hat threw out on the streets removed by force thrown out on the streets showed the door to shown the door to forced to leave heave-hoed freed chased off dug out brought about the downfall of knocked loose knocked out of place came after knocked out of position fordrove fordriven taken down saw the back of took down seen the back of overcame broke broken brake drove away driven away taken over took over shown you the door given the boot given the hook gave the hook gave the boot showed you the door froze out given heave-ho frozen out gave heave-ho gotten out got out gave one the gate given one the gate shown out showed out given somebody the push given somebody the boot gave somebody the push gave somebody the boot ran out of town ridden out on rail rode out on rail

Động từ

Past tense for to exclude (someone or something) from consideration or further participation

Động từ

Past tense for to deprive someone of a franchise, generally their right to vote

Động từ

Past tense for to have a diminishing effect on
impaired damaged harmed marred spoiled spoilt reduced injured undermined vitiated weakened blunted decreased diminished hindered lessened worsened debilitated deteriorated compromised enervated enfeebled blemished bloodied broke brake broken crabbed crippled defaced disabled disfigured endamaged flawed hurt impeded threatened blighted cheapened debased destroyed devaluated devalued dinged invalidated prejudiced queered ruined tarnished totalled totaled tweaked unfitted crossed up fouled up lost strength made useless messed up roughed up put the kibosh on mutilated lamed incapacitated maimed put out of action hog-tied put out of commission wound wounded hamstrung hamstringed mangled mauled deformed massacred crushed castrated dismembered lacerated gimped truncated hacked battered disarmed disenabled clipped wings layed up laid up taken out took out sabotaged sapped ravaged tainted wrecked corrupted subverted sullied eroded defiled smashed trashed shattered annihilated infected dismantled corroded shrunk degraded dented stained besmirched devastated dirtied demolished polluted disrupted destabilized desecrated lowered vandalized blotted gutted razed vandalised wasted smashed up destabilised caused detriment to consumed influenced befouled discoloured discolored warped jeopardized contaminated cut checked curbed limited perverted smirched impoverished dilapidated devitalized contracted shocked split scorched withered undercut touched cracked poisoned watered down shrank shrunken jeopardised torpedoed cost interfered with knocked gnawed constricted mucked up wreaked havoc on adulterated offset abated loused up depleted cut down cut back pulled down sapped the strength of used up emasculated led astray unsettled soiled shaken shook worn away wore away distorted blotched speckled whittled eaten away ate away despoiled disturbed fouled depreciated demeaned nicked atrophied blackened afflicted depressed curtailed disfeatured diluted wrenched encroached on infringed disintegrated rotted scathed scratched abused rusted wronged burnt maltreated teared burned disgraced inconvenienced blasted crashed depraved manipulated pruned bruised debauched bleached stabbed faded handled roughly tampered with banged up caused injury shrivelled exhausted drained emaciated shriveled screwed up restricted narrowed downscaled downsized detracted from played havoc with extinguished decimated nuked desolated pulverized wracked costed gnawn wrought havoc on wrought havoc played merry hell with dissipated tempered soothed calmed mitigated deflated extenuated offsetted rarefied thinned assuaged lightened vaporized shipwrecked pared down retrenched darkened effaced vaporised pulverised done harm to did harm to dumped on run onto the rocks festered caused the loss of damaged beyond repair knocked down leaded to the end of de-escalated etiolated left in ruins took the edge off made weaker cracked up dashed to pieces had a negative effect on wracked up caused the sacrifice of piled up resulted in damage to resulted in harm to disempowered attenuated placed a limit on had a bad effect on tired eased reduced to rubble taken the edge off rubbed out undone undid torn tore done damage to did damage to shaken up shook up did mischief to done mischief to creamed drove a nail into the coffin of driven a nail into the coffin of worn out wore out thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into tore up wrote off broke up broken up teared up torn down did in written off done in ran onto the rocks taken apart tore down took apart

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