Đồng nghĩa của inoperative

Alternative for inoperative

inoperative /in'ɔpərətiv/
  • tính từ
    • không chạy, không làm việc, không sản xuất
    • không có hiệu quả
      • an inoperative medicine: một loại thuốc không có hiệu quả

Tính từ

Not working or taking effect
broken broken-down defective down unserviceable faulty kaput useless ineffective invalid non-functional bust ineffectual inoperable jiggered kaputt knackered malfunctioning nonfunctional nonfunctioning nonoperating not functioning not working out of order shot unworkable wonky acting up conked out in disrepair inefficacious nonactive gone haywire gone kaput gone phut not in working order null and void on the blink out of commission out of service broken down hors de combat out of action out of whack out of use on the fritz busted damaged non-functioning unsound done for out of kilter playing up duff inactive dud on its last legs finished unusable dead conked-out imperfect ruined out disabled incapacitated not in use haywire unoperational up the spout non-operational worn-out had it idle unavailing off not functional inoperational impaired flawed not in operation unavailable for use jammed gone spent worn out bonkers kerflooey run-down fallen apart not in service gone to pieces in the shop on the shelf in need of repair given up the ghost gone bust stopped working packed up S U failed done bad in repair decommissioned sunk doomed blemished buggy done in old worthless futile unavailable dilapidated unfunctional valueless crashed inefficient wracked rumpty unproductive exhausted unsatisfactory weak feeble dysfunctional scrap bootless abortive clapped out silent turned off in a state of disrepair no good doesn't work coming unglued screwed up coming unstuck gone to pot wrecked smashed injured hurt spoiled marred destroyed spoilt toast totaled wiped out beat-up dashed lost defeated devastated tumbledown ramshackle crumbling harmed in ruins in flames gone to rack and ruin at an end washed up falling to pieces down the tubes down for the count down the drain past its best scratched dented darned debilitated dinged snafued bent flubbed loused up messed up glitched in smithereens in poor condition fouled up mucked up wounded no go on the bum shattered through crushed over bankrupt beaten undone drained thwarted empty liquidated over with in pieces dead and buried over the hill played out gone to the wall past it washed-up wound up derelict in shreds in tatters in ashes dead in the water ruinous disintegrating decaying neglected shambly uncared-for decrepit deteriorated munted shacky blasted decayed run down battered botched mutilated robbed uninhabited plundered pillaged harried abandoned falling apart defaced ill-maintained badly maintained poorly maintained worse for wear defunct cooked ended extinct floored on the skids out of circulation burned out belly-up out of business down and out all washed up

Tính từ

In an idle state due to not being used or employed
inactive dormant idle unused inert free vacant off latent dead fallow quiescent suspended sleeping unemployed untapped out of commission abeyant at rest on the shelf unreserved resting unutilized unexploited not made use of untried stagnant unspoilt down mothballed sidelined not in service non-functioning going begging closed down not in use out of use out of action turned off invisible hidden concealed lurking undeveloped inherent veiled unseen immanent unexpressed secret undiscovered unrevealed unrealized unapparent indiscernible imperceptible masked unfulfilled subconscious inchoate underlying innermost unacknowledged repressed suppressed covert buried torpid inferred potential vestigial intrinsic involved underdeveloped inferential tacit embryonic immature unconscious implied smoldering unexposed passive unripe contained likely rudimentary possible smouldering in abeyance not activated shrouded deep personal obscure out of sight private intimate inner camouflaged undisclosed covered cloaked undercover out of view disguised quiet obscured internal surreptitious deepest imperceivable clouded inward undetected individual screened inmost not visible under wraps bottled up prepatent indirect unobserved unnoticed undeclared unnoticeable confidential deep-seated true undetectable indistinct eclipsed privy underground inconspicuous hinted at unobtrusive honest real impalpable imaginary not in sight in the dark unidentified unbeknown unknown unbeknownst unrecognized implicit relapsing retreating lowering receding regressive ebbing declining falling unrecognised deducible suggested not obvious withheld sheltered undivulged profound snug tect hinted hard to find secluded not on view recessive heartfelt sincere in-depth unspoken darkest nonpublic unvoiced guarded unseeable sequestered entombed clandestine reserved closed sneaking secretive indistinguishable deeply felt discreet hushed closet esoteric tight-lipped non-public top-secret far-off far-removed faraway beneath below sunk nonexistent unperceivable shadowy inappreciable intangible unobservable ghostly insensible perdu ethereal vaporous not in view unviewable imponderable gaseous impossible to detect interior inside unperceived psychological religious within intellectual inner-directed spiritual impenetrable occult unsuspected curtained imagined dark ill-defined vague unclear oblique unrecognizable shielded unrecognisable hooded roundabout

Tính từ

Not fulfilling or not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome
inutile futile unproductive fruitless vain unavailing ineffective profitless ineffectual pointless unprofitable bootless worthless abortive valueless meaningless purposeless inept feckless hopeless counterproductive idle unpurposed weak nonfunctional unfunctional unusable impractical dysfunctional expendable scrap incompetent waste unavailable unworkable disadvantageous stupid impracticable good-for-nothing no good of no use unsuccessful useless inefficacious inefficient otiose barren empty nugatory non-successful impotent inadequate failed feeble lame unfructuous unfruitful unable forceless void withered neutralised null defeasible spineless innocuous inferior limited paltry neutralized indecisive anticlimactic to no avail to no effect emasculate slack-spined not effective no go no way unsuitable unserviceable stillborn nonpractical pants pathetic junky broken unuseful inoperable in vain not useful to no purpose Sisyphean hamstrung inexpedient invertebrate powerless null and void trifling insignificant sterile trivial inconsequential poor miserable trashy unimportant wretched bogus mediocre abandoned nothing unessential ignoble measly no-account negligible petty piddling senseless wanky no-good despicable contemptible base cheap abject drossy ne'er-do-well bungled bungling insufficient unimpressive uneconomic unrewarding nominal niggling piddly slight footling picayune pimping piffling inconsiderable chicken peanut minute unremunerative frustaneous unlucrative dry gainless de minimis Mickey Mouse aimless needless unnecessary goalless vacuous unreasonable nonsensical designless purportless mindless thoughtless witless illogical frivolous irrational wanton indiscriminate vapid desultory brainless random inane motiveless unhelpful no use unsatisfactory insubstantial hollow deficient defective undirected ridiculous floundering haphazard drifting silly chaffy poxy rubbishy nickel-and-dime banal of no benefit wishy-washy uncalled for uncalled-for without rhyme or reason hit-or-miss rubbish not worth a hill of beans a dime a dozen a dead loss two a penny not much cop

Tính từ

Having faults or errors
imperfect faulty flawed defective damaged broken impaired shoddy unsound inferior second-rate substandard unfit unsaleable unsellable warped below par blemished cracked deformed limited partial scratched shabby torn amiss bad below standard crummy deficient immature incomplete lousy malfunctioning patchy tenth-rate unfinished duff inexact ropy rubbish rudimentary sketchy undeveloped bottom-of-barrel disfigured dud fallible faultful garbage inadequate injured junk lemon low marred minus not functioning not working schlocky sick two-bit unsatisfactory vicious out of order few bugs not much cop not up to scratch not up to snuff in a state of disrepair weak buckled non-functioning knackered in disrepair gone wrong on the blink distorted chipped inconsistent buggy seconds poor unhealthy abnormal subnormal unreliable on the bum useless worthless hopeless ineffectual incompetent botched frail incorrect broken-down slipshod tainted crippled off split fissured hesitant faltering halting disjointed fractured splintered cleft crazed ruptured slit non-fluent unsuitable ineffective unacceptable amateurish dreadful negligent careless deplorable awful disgraceful laughable abominable terrible frightful atrocious execrable miserable rotten lamentable diabolical sorry inefficient ill-suited inappropriate insufficient inefficacious unsuited abysmal pathetic bum woeful appalling unproductive inapt futile impotent incompatible flimsy powerless not good enough improper unable not proper unadvantageous no good pits God-awful dire poxy pants chronic pitiful egregious inept inexpert second-class third-rate not up to par a load of pants

Tính từ

Inactive, quiet, at rest
quiescent inactive dormant inert latent motionless quiet sluggish still lethargic peaceful resting serene silent smooth torpid asleep calm deactivated dull fallow idle immobile in abeyance passive placid sleepy slumbering stagnant tranquil undisturbed gentle lifeless unagitated unmoving unruffled at rest sleeping abeyant hidden lurking undeveloped inherent unseen untapped unexpressed unrevealed unrealized invisible concealed subconscious repressed veiled smoldering secret undiscovered unapparent masked underlying suppressed unconscious immanent unexposed potential smouldering suspended prepatent unused vacant free off dead not sounded out not pronounced indiscernible imperceptible unfulfilled inchoate innermost unacknowledged covert buried inferred vestigial intrinsic involved underdeveloped inferential tacit embryonic immature implied unripe contained likely rudimentary possible not activated out of commission on the shelf implicit undeclared unreserved unspoken understood unsaid constructive unuttered taken for granted complete total wholehearted firm steadfast full fixed entire constant unqualified unshakable unhesitating accurate inevitable implicative inarticulate definite virtual practical unquestioned certain covered camouflaged screened unfaltering unquestioning disguised unconditional absolute shrouded wordless unemployed undoubting undisclosed bottled up under wraps deep subliminal undetectable suggested indirect deducible hinted unoccupied imperceivable cloaked mothballed surreptitious stationary clouded undercover eclipsed undetected not in use out of use hinted at not visible out of sight in the dark out of view unwavering unidentified unbeknown unknown forthright rapid swift prompt confident lost covered up unbeknownst unrecognized resolute relapsing retreating lowering receding regressive ebbing declining falling unrecognised unswerving inbuilt obedient unthinking automatic larvate cryptic incognito cabalistic ingrained fundamental incorporated disused prospective inner future not operating ticking over undivulged probable budding inmost gathering dust unutilized no longer in use fallen into disuse mental recessive unexploited conceivable developing imaginable not made use of untried obscured inconspicuous going begging not in service unspoilt non-functioning in the making unseeable unnoticeable unnoticed indistinguishable unobserved disengaged restrained unobtrusive discreet indistinct nonexistent obscure unperceivable shadowy inappreciable stopped static stifled intangible unobservable ghostly insensible perdu impalpable ethereal vaporous imaginary not in view not in sight unviewable imponderable gaseous impossible to detect turned off on hold low-key in holding pattern insinuated smothered muffled unstated inhibited oblique unvoiced not obvious withheld sheltered pent up bottled-up blocked held back curbed held in allusive adumbrated occult indicative signified figured symbolized foreshadowed significative assumed indicated perceptible meant connoted parallel intended snug tect underground symbolised kept in check not spelt out alluded to taken as read tacitly assumed not on view

Tính từ

Out of action
in abeyance in limbo in remission on ice out of action pending suspended withdrawn withheld unresolved undetermined incomplete unfinished unattended to ongoing outstanding awaiting action hanging fire up in the air on the back burner deferred postponed put off undecided in cold storage unsettled betwixt and between open uncertain unconcluded in a state of uncertainty in a state of suspension awaiting decision still open in the air awaiting attention in the balance put to one side in no man's land in suspension undone remaining left indeterminate in line awaiting around the corner dependent to be done ominous in the works on board continuing pensile in reserve not done on line pendent hanging forgotten abandoned neglected left out on hold unsure unknown debatable doubtful in doubt unconfirmed ambiguous open to question iffy vague indefinite moot equivocal unclear yet to be decided unanswered open to debate questionable irresolute dodgy dubious problematic unestablished unascertained inconclusive speculative to be decided tentative up for grabs hairy unsolved arguable chancy incalculable unpredictable confused undependable dubitable dicey omitted disputed borderline unperformed disputable untrustworthy unreliable unforeseeable controversial unfulfilled hesitant vexed unspecified wavering vacillating ignored indecisive undefined unfixed clouded passed over in question in a state of limbo not completed in hand insecure uncommitted at risk unquestioned unnoticed unrefuted unchallenged inexact suspect of two minds doubtable not fixed not settled hazy contingent open for discussion not yet settled not definite touch-and-go yet to be settled up for discussion risky pendant waffling precarious sketchy indistinct conjectural open-ended half-done not decided unaccomplished unexecuted hanging by a thread touch and go on thin ice secret disregarded unrevealed to be won or lost not started dark undisclosed hidden concealed uncompleted half-finished untold undivulged unidentified abeyant faltering hesitating unproven undiscovered unfamiliar mysterious obscure unapprehended unexplained unrecognized unheard of unnoted unrecognised unperceived noteless sitting on the fence open to doubt

Tính từ

Lacking the skill or ability to do a given task
unable unfit incompetent inadequate inapt ineffectual inept unqualified inexpert unskilled unskillful clumsy incapable inefficacious inefficient unfitted not equal to not up to no good not cut out for can't cut it can't hack it useless unskilful amateurish unprofessional bungling amateur inexperienced blundering substandard maladroit unequipped inferior floundering ineffective unproficient insufficient deficient wanting unsuitable untrained hopeless dilettante nonprofessional unapt dilettantish jackleg crude undependable ineligible bumbling skill-less cack-handed ham-fisted disqualified unsuited not good enough not up to scratch cowboy gauche unprepared incapacitated awkward unreliable lacking ability lacking bush-league pathetic unhandy botched shoddy incompatible a dead loss not much cop unworkmanlike leaving much to be desired not up to snuff not up to it hapless hack inadept ill-equipped loser unpractised non-qualified untaught bush feeble fumbled ham-handed heavy-handed lay bodged butterfingered unpracticed green not cut out not prepared sloppy slapdash slipshod all thumbs weak all fingers and thumbs losing poor dependent frail naive uncool butterfingers inproficient vulnerable unequal to the task not equal to something not up to something out of one's depth not know one's arse from one's elbow unproductive lousy ill-suited futile impotent broken flimsy inconsistent powerless junk improper defective inappropriate not proper unadvantageous limited worthless raw uninitiated helpless unadapted less capable not have it out to lunch unable to do something for toffee bad terrible awful unsatisfactory dreadful rotten careless faulty duff rubbish atrocious appalling frightful abysmal pants miserable a load of pants dire second-rate execrable bum half-baked unacceptable wrong lame fumbling suboptimal subpar wretched dissatisfactory mediocre very bad crummy dismal slovenly slack deplorable laughable horrible punk poxy junky rubbishy trashy cheap trumpery sucky low-grade unaccomplished imperfect ignorant unsuccessful untalented off feckless hamstrung inexpedient counterproductive wack uncultivated very poor sour diabolical unschooled negligent crumby disappointing low-rent cheesy common schlock schlocky gimcrack coarse lamentable sleazy cheapjack grim cut-rate bargain-basement chronic el cheapo disorganized extravagant prodigal shooting blanks improficient improvident backwards insipid rude botching unsophisticated disorganised talentless unstudied handless graceless left-handed unequal regrettable meager unco inelegant mutton-fisted immoral unfitting dishonourable dishonorable nonexpert unsound unfortunate disgraceful abominable impaired amiss sorry stinking low quality low meagre unpolished without finesse woeful ropy pits pitiful God-awful paltry lacking finesse egregious incapable of unqualified for untrained for unable to do something couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery not much chop incompetent at out of one's element can't make the grade ill second-class no great shakes not up to par third-rate untutored desperate unspeakable two-bit piss-poor dime-a-dozen unversed unacquainted uninformed non-technical tinhorn bodger unchartered uneducated unlicensed uncertificated stupid outrageous for the birds unwelcome harmful non-professional new unable to do something to save one's life of a sort untamed illiterate undisciplined novice nescient wild strictly for the birds not trained

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