Đồng nghĩa của at hand

Alternative for at hand

Tính từ

Only a short distance away or apart in space or time
near nearby close immediate proximate nigh neighbouring neighboring around by hard in close-up next-door adjacent handy adjoining convenient accessible close by close at hand local near at hand close-by within reach just round the corner contiguous next imminent impending abutting not far from in close proximity beside within spitting distance at close quarters within sniffing distance under one's nose not far off alongside near-at-hand a hop, skip and a jump away available warm next door not far away close-at-hand approaching nearly ready upcoming flanking to hand about nearly here get back on one's feet almost practically regain one's health coming neighbourhood community vernacular in the area neighborhood bordering in the neighbourhood of within reach of around the corner hard by within close range of within earshot in spitting distance in the vicinity of in the ball park cheek by jowl within sight within striking distance on the doorstep a stone's throw away nearest within walking distance across the street give or take a little walkable on your doorstep abreast conterminous vincinal touching not remote within stone's throw approximal proximal within range coterminous side-by-side easy to reach within walking distance of just around the corner from reachable on deck a stone's throw from in neighborhood within easy reach of well placed for close to at close quarters to well situated for near to adjacent to central next to within spitting distance of a hop, skip and a jump away from handy for juxtaposed joining fringing connecting verging skirting conjoining flush vicinal closest connected approximate attached bordering on surrounding direct interconnecting edging bounding joined impinging meeting on the edge of next door to contactual against in contact juxtapositional neighbouring on peripheral approximate to cheek by jowl with abreast of by the side of proximate to contiguous with attached to on the side intimate back-to-back side by side circumambient fringe circumjacent encircling circumferential outlying enclosing border circumforaneous encompassing very near in the vicinity

Tính từ

Happening or appearing in the relatively near future
approaching imminent impending forthcoming coming upcoming nearing pending proximate oncoming future to come in the offing looming threatening advancing close expected in the wind about to happen on the way on the horizon near in store in the air close at hand in the pipeline on the cards gathering prospective anticipated next immediate in the cards on tap on hand brewing menacing upon us fast-approaching overhanging handwriting-on-the-wall nigh looming large inevitable inescapable drawing near on us just around the corner see it coming just round the corner in prospect coming up in view onrushing approximating arriving hovering happening soon about to be portending awaiting ominous waiting to looking to in the near future emerging in preparation resulting supplied predestined awaited fated destined convergent potential around the corner appearing rising eventual gaining upon almost on one near-term subsequent up-and-coming unborn getting near to be converging en route progressing due moving closer fast approaching near-at-hand inevasible likely probable following unescapable possible expectant unavoidable ineluctable on its way on the verge in the stars on the agenda ensuing succeeding consequent successive subsequential later consecutive coming after next off directly after coming next downstream rushing surging -to-be after latter successional resultant posterior consequential postliminary pursuing succedent sequential running sequent supervenient late serial later on in line following after on the trot next up

Tính từ

Being at or within a specified space or place

Tính từ

Achievable or able to be attained
attainable achievable accessible obtainable possible practicable realisable realizable feasible potential reachable workable manageable securable viable accomplishable doable likely probable procurable realistic reasonable winnable acquirable available conceivable imaginable within reach get-at-able gettable graspable easy cherry pie duck soup no problem no sweat up for grabs piece of cake within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility on hand convenient ready handy on tap at your fingertips on deck employable unused usable exploitable utilizable to hand utilisable serviceable functional getatable within your grasp useful free fit applicable open to forthcoming untaken open ready for use at one's disposal spare expendable consumable prepared purchasable offered derivable on offer derivable from vacant idle practical operable unoccupied operative at your disposal valid current running in hand unengaged disengaged unemployed utile profitable instrumental valuable wieldy subservient good helpful advantageous exhaustible adaptable beneficial at one's fingertips easy to get to at disposal in order not in use in reserve not occupied nearby come-at-able approachable working local unrestricted present public leisure in season in circulation inactive off pushover on the market easily reached operational disposable functioning wide-open own to be had ultrapractical applicative applied actionable close at hand easy to use easy to access in stock on a plate standing by ready to be drawn up and running available for use fit for use in working order operating in running order for use when needed in readiness on call set aside there for the taking obtained given vouchsafed to someone in evidence made available at someone's disposal empty useable relevant around existing unreserved unfilled uninhabited untenanted for the taking tenantless spendable

Tính từ

Bodeful of bad or unfortunate consequences
minatory baleful threatening menacing minacious ominous dangerous minatorial admonitory cautionary comminatory dire direful doomy foreboding ill ill-boding inauspicious intimidating portentous sinister warning aggressive alarming apocalyptic baneful black bullying close fateful forthcoming grim imminent impendent impending intimidatory looming loury lowering lowery near overhanging portending scowling terrorising terrorizing ugly unlucky unpropitious unsafe upcoming glowering forbidding brooding dark gloomy heavy evil thunderous wintry unpromising pessimistic unfavorable unfavourable bodeful ill-fated hostile nasty wintery adverse bad unfortunate disadvantageous harmful untoward negative damaging malignant perilous calamitous inopportune hurtful malefic detrimental frightening harsh injurious malevolent prejudicial destructive infelicitous unfriendly malicious wicked pernicious poisonous venomous deleterious untimely ill-omened malign deadly worrying fierce terrible bleak mischievous disastrous inexpedient maleficent inhospitable bitter severe noxious disturbing parlous painful unhealthy inconvenient antagonistic hazardous unwholesome dismal ruinous unseasonable virulent nocuous premonitory unsuited troublesome critical undesirable inimical ferocious dreadful objectionable discommodious unpleasant vindictive regrettable precarious sinistrous tough louring moody angry unhappy unsuitable glum catastrophic improper crippling woeful toxic morose fatal subversive cataclysmic unseemly devastating lethal inapt inappropriate prejudicious dour brutal unfit malapropos cancerous counterproductive disagreeable dicey wounding nocent opposed wrong corrupting corrosive grave corroding incendiary inadvisable ill-suited undermining annihilative eradicative extirpative suicidal ill-advised very bad wild hard scary doomful disquieting augural suggestive prophetic doomed haunting inconducive treacherous awful counter spiteful acrimonious savage vitriolic violent vicious fearsome murderous rough significant evil-intentioned terrifying hate-filled rowdy indignant aggrieved sulky disparaging discouraging crabby contrary uncontrollable grievous troubled poor sour serious disheartening enraged horrible austere ghastly life-threatening distressing cheerless sombre morbid somber depressing sobering difficult exacting extreme upsetting corruptive mean-looking precursive malificent presaging clouded prescient fearful approaching troubling ill-starred wretched sullen unchancy doom and gloom frowning momentous foreshadowing unsatisfactory tardy unadvantageous late low raging monitory predictive prognosticatory important crucial stern frightful horrendous horrifying fiery stormy uncomfortable daunting rugged grumpy temperamental aggravated surly cantankerous admonishing exemplary cautioning risky creepy eerie tragic exciting intriguing fated exhilarating extraordinary inspiring remarkable phenomenal destined thrilling turbulent volatile unwelcoming jarring stark cross evil-looking spooky eldritch intense harrowing straitened hard-pressed lurid joyless hopeless unwelcome shadowy tortured full of hardship doubtful miserable gray mournful strained doleful chilling grey oppressive nightmarish pressing comfortless desolate exigent messy jeopardous solemn rocky sad feral resentful murky tumultuous considerable acute furious barbarous untamed dodgy brutish vile barbaric mean suggestive of evil dishonest perverse obnoxious blackhearted hair-raising lethiferous pestiferous wrackful noisome insalubrious pestilential internecine harassing wreckful sinful slaughterous annoyed vexed displeased irate irked piqued exasperated irritated consequential major unsettling sickening galled testy tetchy provoked waspish irascible monstrous desperate depraved uncivilised rancorous viperous cruel nefarious villainous fiendish abhorrent serpentine uncivilized abandoned monitorial exhortatory environmentally unfriendly weighty arduous big intensive strenuous toilsome peracute punishing excessive grinding taxing unruly lawless belligerent outraged narky criminal disorderly ratty eggy stroppy shirty callous hardened ruffianly lawbreaking bad-tempered ill-tempered unmanageable

Tính từ

Certain to be or do something
destined fated certain foreordained ordained bound doomed meant predestined preordained predetermined assured designed foredoomed guaranteed intended sure brewing closed coming compelled compulsory condemned directed forthcoming impending ineluctable inescapable inevitable inexorable instant looming menacing near overhanging predesigned sealed settled stated threatening unavoidable very likely in the wind nailed on hanging over in prospect in store in the air to come in the cards que sera sera that will be written in the cards that is to be way the ball bounces expected imminent ineludible unescapable anticipated planned unpreventable necessary required sure to happen bound to happen in the bag set predictable proposed calculated scheduled determined prospective future prearranged pre-elected fixed predicted ineliminable in the offing slated envisioned advised automatic mandatory natural undeniable impreventable unalterable promised projected due clear inevasible targeted arranged to be anticipated to be expected hoped-for asked for pinned counted on wished-for determinist foreseen deterministic prophesied prophesized predestinated prejudged meant to be obvious patent manifest appointed returnless infallible inerrant mapped out in advance definite trusted out of one's hands all sewn up doubtless nailed-on decided by fate in the stars next likely to be assured of doing something approaching ultimate nearing upcoming up and coming oncoming just around the corner in the course of time advancing pending close awaited proximate unfolding in preparation close at hand resulting on us supplied on the horizon on the way about to happen in the pipeline on the cards purposed foreseeable decreed reliable obligatory fateful prescribed unfailing decided irrevocable effective binding dependable irresistible agreed without recourse all locked up for sure for certain no ifs ands or buts certain to happen open and shut preset pre-agreed pre-planned pre-decided preplanned pre-established cut and dried set up programmed encoded established in advance premeditated foredestined arranged in advance precogitated forethought decided beforehand deliberate

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