Đồng nghĩa của equipped

Alternative for equipped

equips, equipped, equipping

Đồng nghĩa: costume, fit, furnish, prepare, provide, rig,


Having the relevant or required qualifications or skills
qualified fit capable trained able competent chartered experienced licenced licensed accomplished certificated expert practised seasoned adept certified knowledgeable proficient efficient practiced professional skilful skilled talented eligible equal good prepared skillful suitable authorised authorized pro accepted adequate disciplined instructed proper proved tested tried vet veteran up to snuff up to speed appropriate apt fitted suited worthy ready bred schooled educated aimed right fitting desirable preferable ideal well suited well qualified satisfactory good enough empowered up to scratch masterly clever gifted effective brilliant intelligent powerful adroit virtuoso savvy tasty masterful cunning easy keen knowing ingenious bright alert effectual endowed effortless genius strong smart responsible learned sharp dextrous deft artful agile dexterous highly endowed with it au fait know the ropes know one's onions up to it know backwards and forwards polished handy useful on the ball deadly nifty mean crackerjack great crack ace habile dynamite impeccably credentialed well credentialed quick accurate reliable very well multiskilled multitalented versed consummate balanced adapted like a pistol having the goods having the right stuff knowing the score having know-how up there knowing the ropes old hand has what it takes green thumb like a one-man band able to perform old-timer equal to the task right on errorless sure-handed dead-on sporting all-round exact refined workmanlike all-around spot-on on-target precise thorough taught first-rate trustworthy well-rounded stringent topflight serviceable tutored sure-fire master well hardy excellent wicked wizard magic sufficient crisp complete know the answers know one's business know ins and outs know the score know one's stuff all around no slouch


Having the appropriate qualities or skills to do something
fitted right suitable appropriate suited fit applicable apt becoming befitting felicitous fitting good happy ideal meet pretty proper adapted conformable matched qualified tailor-made well suited cut out cut out for adequate destined good for competent designed seemly able correct apposite capable prepared feasible functional worthy acceptable relevant pertinent deserving ready due rightful expedient useful decorous decent employable apropos available serviceable exploitable usable useable correspondent operable preferable practicable convenient equitable just equal good enough comme il faut -worthy germane congruous opportune timely to the point satisfactory related in keeping to the purpose material seasonable reasonable kosher right on on the nose on the button perfect favourable propitious deserved connected pat helpful significant fair well-suited favorable requisite well-timed appurtenant ad rem sufficient legit belonging advantageous condign well-chosen auspicious pertaining conforming compatible desirable agreeable commodious correlated salient relative applicatory valid congruent nice linked well timed comfortable consistent spot on handy on target having direct bearing on having to do with well-matched justified fairy-tale harmonious relating conducive accommodating welcome admissible judicious beneficial pointed conformed reconciled accommodated relatable important inspired unique peculiar that's the ticket just what was ordered neat choice pertaining to just right made to order well chosen fortunate lucky golden promising telling fortuitous well put well expressed convincing joyous associated with providential benign ripe done beseeming behooving associable comely best trained likely eligible of use apropos of advisable okay merited presentable heaven-sent user friendly fit for purpose righteous right up someone's street up to standard in keeping with politic swell copacetic in character up to snuff equal to up to in the running capable of in line for what the doctor ordered according to Hoyle well judged enough ample commensurate commensurable abundant proportionate sufficing plenty tolerable average plentiful passable plenteous bounteous necessary enow as much as is necessary minimal unobjectionable aplenty copious as much as you need bountiful satisfying all right


To have furnished with, or caused to be present
provided furnished prepared implemented made available planned accommodated arranged for procured readied added advanced allocated allotted anted up assigned brought forth came up with distributed donated extended fit fitted fitted out forked out issued laid out lay out lent lined parted with ponied up put forward put up spared turned out accoutred afforded apportioned armed arrayed attired ceded dealt out deeded doled out fixed up gave granted handed kitted out made over meted out offered organised outfitted parceled out parcelled out plied with portioned presented prorated provisioned purveyed ran rendered rigged rigged out staked stocked supplied transferred yielded came with catered to gave out handed out lined up made up raised rigged up rustled up set up stocked up stumped up installed managed organized geared accoutered girt girded fitted up endowed kitted up appointed made ready trained qualified set primed groomed prepped seasoned refitted bestowed arranged loaded kitted suited given got ready geared up decked out sold traded conferred invested favored fixed enabled favoured packed empowered delivered decked filled dispensed served clad clothed coached facilitated educated provided with put on the market put together yolden yold awarded catered gifted blessed blest refurbished graced accorded retailed endued reconditioned disseminated circulated indued replenished stockpiled stored brightened handled auctioned carried poised left apparelled appareled braced regaled refilled restored tailored renewed conditioned improved restocked contributed touted peddled victualed dispatched flogged hawked toted come up with manned fed feed blended harnessed blent fortified laid assembled smartened up passed out tricked up warmed up dished out dispersed passed around upskilled taught slapped together rehabilitated made suitable trafficked in divvied up enhanced adorned got up armed oneself dealt in packed a rod rationed disbursed forearmed made plans for paved the way diffused gussied up begifted come with vended consigned traded in had for sale assisted rodded up stashed turned over given out furbished heeled up spruced up paid out appropriated loaded up trapped out administered sent tricked out rearmed partitioned filled up shelled out handed over lugged iron gotten up got set gotten set given away begave begiven gave away shared out shared divided up dealt meted divvied devoted divided split up passed round imparted lotted measured out spread cut divided out set aside proffered portioned out rationed out committed allowed entrusted kicked in put out volunteered passed on designated chipped in pitched in bequeathed handed round admeasured parcelled parceled presented with earmarked payed paid conveyed split tendered passed forked over coughed up presented to gifted with sliced endowed with set apart let someone have cut the pie carved up dished up pledged vested lavished sacrificed surrendered transmitted bestowed on conferred on awarded to laid on measured pieced up furnished with payed out come through bequoth bequethen sent out inflicted reserved expended produced outlaid applied subscribed spent vouchsafed dropped splurged doled bequested served up budgeted subsidized saved brought put forth put at someone's disposal put at disposal obliged defrayed ministered made a donation of let oneself in for honoured with cut in put a ceiling on set out decorated with allotted to sent on imparted to sweetened the kitty handed down handed out to lashed out assigned to let have put in subsidised let shifted vested in cut up donated to footed the bill sliced up sweetened the pot set by cast put oneself down for equipt lay on came through given over made known gave over dedicated submitted consecrated fixt lodged determined scooped spooned ladled discharged rewarded ventured imposed affected registered sponsored funded kept stipulated specified decreed sprung delegated hypothecated assessed beared acquitted acquited given a donation of gave a donation of regulated extended to decided on relegated paid down plated up carried out sanctified apportioned to paid up catered in entered sprung for ladled out sent in contributed to relinquished proportioned enshrined granted to made a contribution of supplied with brought forward injected conceded heaped on sharked partitioned out committed to fed the kitty indicated blest with bequeathed to hallowed trusted confided appropriated for budgeted for pieced out distributed to honored with lotted out passed the hat signed over laid on one curbed earmarked for concerned oneself loan sharked come across with allocated to got it up consigned to settled splashed out lavished on conferred on someone spent money vouchsafed to permitted knocked down crowned showed rendered to spooned out setted aside for invested in nursed forked up designated for enriched made a gift of disposed of dowered vowed parted afforded to entrusted to prescribed lent-lease gotten rid of got rid of blew blown sprang bore borne broke up broken up sprang for shown gave up given up letten leet given with gave with came across with thrown threw gave to given out to given to gave out to gave up to occupies oneself given up to occupied oneself given of gave of did one's part done one's part gotten in the act got in the act gotten it up


To have created by training or teaching
developed cultivated educated fostered prepared trained guided nurtured instructed taught tutored coached drilled enlightened honed indoctrinated molded moulded primed promoted schooled shaped shope supported put someone through their paces inured seasoned disciplined fit exercised inculcated practised conditioned put through the grind whipped into shape put through the mill sharpened licked into shape practiced adapted habituated groomed accustomed reared led improved readied mentored lessoned piloted fitted upskilled leaded qualified rehearsed ground edified grounded got ready toughened up hardened worked out cared for shaped up worked over tamed warmed up updated loosened up made ready drummed into demonstrated something to made something clear to made fit showed the ropes given lessons to broke in gave lessons to shown the ropes wised up broken in got used to gotten used to got into shape gotten into shape informed bettered civilized uplifted elevated civilised directed acculturated refined polished sophisticated humanized reclaimed socialized versed illuminated advised advanced illumed formed illumined inspired humanised socialised counseled counselled worked softened wrought helped enriched acquainted ennobled spiritualized idealized ethicized aided mellowed matured helped forward shepherded briefed assimilated managed rubbed the rough edges off homeschooled sponsored showed idealised explained things to made suggestions to given instruction to bred explained tempered made recommendations to brainwashed gave instruction to taught information brought up equipt shown given character gave character gave direction to given advice to given information to gave someone tips given someone tips given counsel to gave counselling to gave information to gave advice to shown the way to gave pointers showed the way to gave someone hints given direction to given pointers gave counsel to given someone hints given counselling to


(archaic) Past tense for to render accomplished


Past tense for to equip with wires for use with electricity

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equipped Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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