Đồng nghĩa của partial

Alternative for partial

Đồng nghĩa: fractional, fragmentary, limited, partly,

Trái nghĩa: total,

Tính từ

Relating to only a part
incomplete fragmentary limited imperfect restricted unfinished deficient fragmental half halfway qualified uncompleted fractional half- part sectional unperformed half done patchy unaccomplished sketchy half-done undone unexecuted wanting lacking piecemeal insufficient scrappy bitty inadequate undeveloped immature not completed abridged under construction broken unpolished incoherent fragmented crude rough unwhole short not whole not entire meagre not finished rudimentary meager ongoing unassembled truncated unfulfilled unconcluded unperfected half-baked not done in progress in the making unrefined moderate part-way half-completed half-finished disconnected awaiting completion scattered unsystematic disjointed not concluded partially finished partially complete discontinuous discrete untidy inconsistent uneven superficial outline broad-brush inconclusive jumbled perfunctory thumbnail in pieces skeletal lacking in detail compartmented dismembered dispersed compartmental parceled apportioned frationary divided constituent segmented parcelled finite slight small minimal poor scanty tiny lean insubstantial sparse little paltry measured circumscribed defined miserly definite determinate basic defective scant unsatisfactory faulty reduced in short supply set ineffectual diminished mean shortened half-pie inchoate rude not total curtailed expurgated underdone unconsummated garbled inferior flawed impaired substandard unsound scarce shoddy shy low second-rate needing shabby skimpy not up to scratch leaving much to be desired weak disorganized duff unsuitable exiguous unworthy slipshod undersupplied injured amiss damaged infrequent unequal rare underprovided marred cursory vague second string second fiddle found wanting outta gas third string not enough patchwork disorganised not make it imprecise not cut out for thrown together hurried hasty fuzzy provisional preliminary cobbled together woolly uncritical shallow coarse wooly unclear hazy introductory on the back of an envelope depthless disappointing unsatisfying unacceptable pathetic absent not good enough missing not up to standard bodger not acceptable deprived failing omitted empty cooked less gone away needed destitute bereft bankrupt devoid below par not up to par burned out in default cut off out of gas not up to expectations not much cop too little too late

Tính từ

Favouring one side in a dispute above the other
biased partisan prejudiced one-sided discriminatory unfair unjust interested jaundiced preferential coloured inequitable influenced parti pris skewed slanted predisposed tendentious unbalanced colored disposed minded prepossessed subjective unindifferent warped favorably inclined bigoted distorted intolerant weighted narrow-minded chauvinistic racialist racist sectarian chauvinist blinkered sexist prejudicial small-minded anti-Semitic opinionated twisted xenophobic parochial loaded anti-gay homophobic heterosexist narrow illiberal dogmatic unequal uneven lopsided discriminating non-objective inflexible false misleading factional limited hidebound provincial insular myopic jingoistic diehard unethical arbitrary swayed misrepresented perverted petty inclined falsified blind rigid ageist disablist invidious wrong fanatical uncompromising classist wrongful preconceived uncharitable discriminative tampered with imbalanced embittered provocative argumentative questionable doubtful angled favouring ill-disposed undemocratic obstinate favorably unrepresentative favourably favoring discriminational racially prejudiced racially discriminatory racially bigoted differential discriminate exclusive devoted overzealous cliquish unreasoning accessory sympathetic fanatic zealous denominational conspiratorial adhering petty-minded localist restricted small-town inward-looking conventional excludent short-sighted set dyed-in-the-wool close-minded ethnocentric flag-waving isolationist misreported inaccurate garbled unjustified nationalist nationalistic jingoist superpatriotic unsympathetic constricted entrenched parish-pump one-eyed misstated resentful undeserved unmerited unforgiving dictatorial woman-hating anti-feminist excessively nationalistic excessively patriotic misogynist cynical bitter jealous jerkwater claustral blimpish shabby fixed unrighteous excessive underhand unforgivable low-down doctored changed altered envious male chauvinist irritable unwilling outraged short-fuse obdurate antipathetic indignant unindulgent individualistic snappy irate averse upset worked-up waspish contemptuous unforbearing hateful fractious stuffy disdainful tilted suspicious iniquitous unwarranted unprincipled male supremacist sceptical undue dishonorable dishonest unlawful discreditable devious improper fraudulent cheating tinkered with disenchanted soured disillusioned hostile pessimistic below the belt bad blameworthy culpable unrightful immoral deceitful dishonourable inexcusable vicious cruel injurious shameful base low vile criminal grievous wicked shameless distrustful disappointed misanthropic green-eyed covetous spiteful uncalled-for yellow unenthusiastic skeptical grudging tainted jaded opprobrious disapproving unobjective conditioned fattist extreme presupposing closed-minded intransigent doctrinaire leaning picayune Lilliputian small little reactionary conservative extremist strait-laced moralistic prim puritanical prudish priggish starchy prissy shockable pigheaded unimaginative puritan borné inexorable ungenerous closed selfish mean circumscribed clannish contracted secluded sequestered confined separated set in one's ways schismatic ultra-conservative religious sectional nonconforming dissident nonconformist local splinter unenlarged manipulative propagandist polemical adamant assertive pontifical arrogant cocksure dogmatical overbearing pompous imperious opinionative domineering opinioned of fixed views single-minded self-important bull-headed self-assertive stubborn of preconceived ideas self-opinionated

Tính từ

Having faults or errors
imperfect faulty flawed defective damaged broken impaired shoddy unsound inferior second-rate substandard unfit unsaleable unsellable warped below par blemished cracked deformed inoperative limited scratched shabby torn amiss bad below standard crummy deficient immature incomplete lousy malfunctioning patchy tenth-rate unfinished duff inexact ropy rubbish rudimentary sketchy undeveloped bottom-of-barrel disfigured dud fallible faultful garbage inadequate injured junk lemon low marred minus not functioning not working schlocky sick two-bit unsatisfactory vicious out of order few bugs not much cop not up to scratch not up to snuff in a state of disrepair unformed green unmellowed raw crude unripe premature not mature not matured not ripe on the blink kaput busted knackered weak in disrepair broken-down on the fritz non-functioning incorrect down bust unreliable conked out done for on its last legs buckled chipped wrong distorted hurt spoiled run-down shot gone wrong gone inaccurate buggy useless fallacious erroneous out of kilter awry wonky unusable false confused spoilt screwed up out of whack in need of repair out of commission haywire botched frail playing up gone haywire acting up gone phut tainted not in working order failed poor abnormal seconds unhealthy subnormal worthless dented smashed inconsistent slipshod valueless on the bum ineffective crippled off debilitated harmed dinged totaled snafued bent flubbed sunk split no good beat-up loused up messed up glitched in smithereens out of action in poor condition fouled up mucked up wounded no go fissured crazed fractured splintered cleft inoperable ruptured slit disabled ruined out finished invalid imprecise spent wracked exhausted feeble worn-out embryonic non-functional inappropriate gone to pieces had it fallen apart in the shop coming unstuck on the shelf conked-out coming unglued gone to pot untoward improper unsuitable debased rank unretentive insufficient contradictory adulterated malformed blamable leaky maimed incoherent lame primitive obsolete abortive rotten mistaken inept unapt astray indecorous infelicitous perverse adrift malapropos inapposite graceless incongruous inapt unbecoming unhappy unseemly vestigial erring crooked unlawful unfair foul glitched up

Tính từ

Making superficial, obtuse contact with something

Tính từ

Of descriptions or distinctions based on some quality rather than on some quantity

Tính từ

Obsessively concerned with something
fanatical enthusiastic fervent obsessive passionate wild frenzied keen ardent dedicated devoted eager fixated immoderate infatuated obsessed burning compulsive extreme fervid mad over-enthusiastic crazy dotty frenetic gung-ho hooked nuts potty visionary zealous bigoted overenthusiastic passional perfervid rabid wackadoo wackadoodle addicted biased bugged contumacious credulous domineering erratic fanatic feverish fiery headstrong impassioned impulsive incorrigible monomaniacal obstinate opinionated possessed raving stubborn unruly violent willful high on nuts for turned on intense vehement excited avid earnest spirited fierce energetic committed wholehearted warm enthused voracious heated flaming strong torrid pumped red-hot lively raring emotional manic charged delirious hot-blooded impatient warm-blooded radical revolutionary juiced demonstrative hungry consuming desirous vigorous athirst blazing glowing extremist incandescent superheated antsy religious solicitous gung ho hot revolutionist forceful excessive animated devout frantic agog anxious deep great ultra thirsty obsessional over the top furious unrestrained profound uncontrollable powerful heartfelt restless stoked assiduous driven hearty hysterical geeked raging intemperate all-consuming deep-seated inflamed fevered vivacious hopped-up mad keen acute hepped up fond uncontrolled keen as mustard heightened ready ferocious steadfast overzealous willing true intent interested ambitious gone on diligent greedy carried away sprightly overwrought keyed up as keen as mustard sincere true blue ebullient hyperactive urgent infatuated with yearning exhilarated severe fired up longing motivated devoted to exuberant loyal faithful staunch serious zestful hectic high-spirited concerned thrilling tumultuous exciting on fire swivel-eyed dutiful appetent psyched hooked on deeply felt pious amped true-blue enamored hopped up rebel terrible crazed drastic militant feeling nutty extraordinary absorbed exceptional diehard industrious angry stirred in love game itching enamoured hellacious preoccupied maniacal blistering heavy inordinate explosive conscientious warmblooded very keen on engaged distracted determined forcible thrilled daft sentimental steamed up afire purposeful pleased addicted to raw animate unfeigned hung up messianic titillated expressive melodramatic constant single-minded ecstatic tender responsive stirring craving active hot for unqualified desperate resolute steady card-carrying hyper nervous impetuous potent covetous bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fast good stanch breathless happy gotta have dying to ready and willing chomping at the bit raring to go inclined supportive disposed down-the-line given over to hopeful mighty wishing insatiable dying overpowering desiring engrossed involved rampant sexy titillating arousing intent on ravenous grasping acquisitive emphatic marked uproarious keen on occupied knee-deep temperamental avaricious rapacious penetrating piercing vivid allegiant untrammeled untrammelled nutso adoring big doting attentive intensified full prepossessed abject genuine entrenched habitual relentless in a frenzy overemotional emotive excitable susceptible towering exaggerated terrorist clamorous vocal noisy vociferous outspoken loud compelling ghastly almighty sensitive very excited honest hard-core rooted intrenched in love with admiring adherent consecrated hard major rebellious subversive outrageous strident forthright insistent warmhearted jumping up and down pushy loving heartwarming overcharged tempestuous roused exquisite mad on deep-rooted inveterate thorough bona fide rousing supreme grave full-throated concentrated pronounced berserk dreadful zealotic fired go-ahead wild-eyed itchy ripe fireball self-starting pyretic febrile unreasonable sentient verklempt sharp fearful mental ungovernable disorderly amenable restive hankering unreluctant pining glad crazy about mad about fearsome significant smitten silly thoroughgoing settled moving eloquent poignant high-pressure stimulated precipitate headlong high-powered inspiring hotblooded affecting quickened touchy-feely effervescent on the make vicious combative sweating intensive frightful high besetting nutso over nuts about shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about bred-in-the-bone confirmed excruciating critical stirred up high as a kite fraught dizzy coming on strong gripping tormenting neurotic haunting heavy-duty cut-throat dynamic flushed burning up febrific unchecked unbridled turbulent confused unbalanced fascinated dominating rhapsodic aflame wacky tantalized OTT chaotic demented furibund distraught insane corybantic phrenetic wired confusing unscrewed tantalised zesty gaga wigged-out irresistible fixed controlling addictive turnt dependent outre gone outré outlandish beside oneself fond of sweet on enamoured of smitten with very enthusiastic hot to trot inescapable pathological enamored of out of control weirded out fast and furious wigged out lost it stalwart far-out over-the-top champing at the bit full of beans unrelenting unyielding agitated in a lather aggressive proactive bullish banzai all out too much unwavering sworn out of bounds firm take-charge can-do through and through studious extremely enthusiastic pledged dependent on predisposed attached imbued accustomed hyped habituated dyed-in-the-wool overactive out-and-out single-hearted old faithful deep-dyed true to the end hard-working given to under the influence strung out given to abusing jonesing for prone to spaced out used to given to using in the habit of using jonesing on wedded to busy worked up in a tizzy high-strung like one possessed

Tính từ

Being a part of a whole
constituent component integral basic elemental essential inherent integrant composite divisional formative fractional fundamental ingredient principal combinative constitutional factorial part constituting intrinsic elementary rudimentary underlying primary rudimental meat-and-potatoes composing primordial primitive basal abecedarian beginning introductory radical primal root original key necessary major significant vital crucial indispensable requisite quintessential required consequential paramount critical needed mandatory central imperative pivotal important core focal substantive characteristic structural staple prime natural profound necessitous chief compulsory all-important foundational needful obligatory cardinal salient burning constitutive innate connected prerequisite all important must-have at the heart of high-priority called for pre-eminent vitally important urgent of great consequence pressing of the essence foremost compelling of the utmost importance acute life-and-death leading preeminent dominant capital serious main influential momentous big premier exigent predominant demanded grand far-reaching prominent powerful top overriding supreme notable commanding great decisive noteworthy incumbent heavy outstanding weighty bottom-line high-level first de rigueur considerable eminent distinguished grave celebrated meaningful seminal stipulated material wanted deciding noted reputable illustrious nonelective imposing mighty forced peremptory ruling involuntary superior intense noble honoured compulsatory determinative heavy-duty honourable honorable deep-seated honored highly regarded major-league called-for high profile high-powered high-ranking big league high-up telling highest native desired number one organic inborn inbred determining dire respected instrumental connate renowned immanent arch recognized famous eventful recommended monumental master immediate trusted ponderous head top-level senior well-known famed deep-rooted binding overruling prestigious large-scale esteemed dignified ingrained inescapable top-ranking of note unavoidable ultimate formidable top-priority almighty iconic hard-wired distinctive historical resonant nitty-gritty life-changing of consequence big-league big-time life and death recognised of influence puissant well known earth-shattering life-or-death much needed deep king real prescribed greatest lacking inner nuclear everything climacteric strategic conspicuous right-hand underlined lacked statutory irremissible fixed set enforced of moment presiding high lead supereminent fatal name-of-the-game world-shaking overbearing prior overmastering topmost sovereign sovran business-critical mission-critical coal-and-ice desperate major league earnest top-notch initial appropriate numero uno expedient preferred proper specified importunate emergency imperious drastic sore impelling extreme big time skookum top-drawer of high standing number-one terrible clamant driving crying parlous emergent of vital importance worthy extraordinary incumbent on name of game sustaining axiomatic axiological supporting substratal substrative grass-roots theoretical bottom underived groundlaying prevailing well-connected notorious prized controlling valued climactic a matter of life and death very great eloquent elevated incomparable signal first-class alpha rich memorable oratorical magnificent majestic royal upper exalted fabled marvelous towering authoritative cogent four-star successful magnific potent phenomenal glorious aristocratic upper-class VIP pertinent substantial good marvellous true large sweeping appreciable priceless very important built-in deep-down valuable precious severe sizable pronounced exceptional indigenous hardwired engrained congenital inestimable especial impactful historic striking worthwhile pointed heavyweight irreplaceable rare helpful choice overshadowing dangerous grievous of concern high-profile serviceable invaluable treasured acclaimed prodigious extremely helpful beyond price extremely useful worth its weight in gold public of mark well thought of in the public eye most important

Danh từ

A small part or portion of an object or of material
fraction division part piece section percentage portion ratio segment share subdivision bit proportion slice fragment sector allotment apportionment cut element helping quota ration allocation constituent lot measure scrap unit bite chunk end half ingredient module moiety selection whack quotient incomplete number allowance quantity take amount member component hunk sliver quantum parcel rake-off split wedge lump morsel divvy particle length slab chip splinter item number rate piece of the action shred speck block flake offcut sample shard instalment remnant percentile installment snippet crumb grain wing iota gob smithereen factor slice of the cake scale fifty percent assignment department appropriation entitlement interest degree partition due branch commission proportionality bar cake knob article tablet equation bisection extent size measurement stick extract excerpt partage wafer wodge mouthful brick quotum cube comparative extent comparative number feature mite atom subsection relative amount meed sampling dole piece of the cake hemisphere side piece of action compartment percent limit payment per cent dispensation bulk magnitude dimension range shiver office field slot tier wisp taste shot decimal break admeasurement capacity amplitude comparison shaving tatter paring cross section affiliation detail corner articulation lion's share contribution smithereens spall oddment skelf spillikin equity stake ace minim distribution aggregate serving dividend segmentation whole entity class cut of pie claim calculation count tally tutorial arm joint digit discrete item layer integer square link principle integrant fifty per cent equal part integral part plug-in essential component part makings building block board part and parcel fixins correlation relationship correspondence relation arrangement balance quantitative relation pay stipend grant reward fee salary remuneration provision compensation recompense stint batch premium consignment honorarium gift annuity kickback consideration remittance endowment wage payoff payback supply emolument investment bonus inheritance legacy return subsidy bribe profit prize chop proceeds gain sweetener backhander tip disbursement ante sum pickings budget earnings spoonful income area favour favor aspect account award benefit gravy tranche dowry output product contract cutting weightage subvention sharing property subgroup subcategory subclass subspace admensuration triangle rake off group drag store fixed amount thin piece perquisite dollop piece of pie province cross-section surplus job pension plateful extra requital brokerage plus agreement alimony bequest scholarship bounty aid permitted amount permitted quantity fellowship baksheesh commish perk something to sweeten pot skill dower talent plate gratuity rationing returns check guerdon coupon carrot royalty charge price cost subset settlement royalties pin money platter lashing load slew bowlful course factorage vigorish rationing out winnings wealth cut-in one's share toll compromise yield inducement bucket order spate fistful mountain finger meal involvement concern figure payola graft bill handout tariff enticement hire damage freight reimbursement revenue supplying sop incentive dues lucre takings receipts pay-off allurement produce net incomings profits fare handle subscription price tag expense house juice take-in financial interest acquisition attainment gainings bunce booty providing conferment issue bestowal issuing softener oil boodle adjustment stipulation buildup velvet issuance appointment hush money means funds dosage passing out giving out passing round dealing out resources money under the table indulgence doling out service kindness parcelling out courtesy sharing out dishing out handing out dividing out pool kitty deposit fund draught prescription hit pocketbook finances capital wherewithal total potion drench overdose fix draft dose dram fill lethal dose application nip slug nest egg planned disbursement spending plan

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