Đồng nghĩa của used to

Alternative for used to

Đồng nghĩa: used to(p), wont to(p),


Knowledgeable as a result of previous exposure to a given subject
acquainted conversant familiar up abreast au courant informed knowledgeable up-to-date versed well-informed apprised of at home au fait knowledgeable about abreast of accustomed advised aware cognizant in enlightened familiarised familiarized up to date well informed about well versed in genned up on hip to no stranger to plugged in to well up on wise to clued in clued in on cognizant of familiar with in the know about versed in at ease with at home with in the know experienced competent skilled understanding confident across sure proficient capable seasoned on top of things apprised cognizant savvy versant grounded conscious in control skilled in confident with proficient in conversant with au courant with competent at experienced in au fait with up to speed introduced mindful in on kept posted up on plugged in tuned in well up in with it knowing switched-on expert educated down sussed clued-up sentient witting learned in the loop well-read perceptive clued up on well informed schooled clued up genned up percipient sensible up with in touch ware discerning plugged into aware of apprehensive well-versed acquainted with in the picture apperceptive privy intelligent practised practiced observing erudite alive plugged-in posted trained well versed instructed enlightened about observant judicious sharp skillful skilful well-grounded well-educated genned up about clued up about great comprehending certain sophisticated literate switched on to brainy informed about awake keen apprized well educated well briefed filled in alive to alert to down with sensitive to sensible of on to on the beam up to speed on up to date on ware of hep to wary well-briefed into hep cool hip well instructed practised in appraised up to snuff cluey clued recognizant primed current up-to-the-minute in perfect in au parfum having your finger on the pulse illuminated briefed cultured well-acquainted accomplished clever brilliant bright smart abreast of the facts veteran slick crack consummate crackerjack ace good compleat professed qualified masterful virtuoso complete masterly adept master awake to informed of attentive tasty stellar noting watchful perceiving recognizing vigilant noticing assured remarking recognising partaking of wise privileged switched-on to party to advised of sharing in sussed of dynamite hot wide-awake responsive to mindful of regardful of recognizant of able to recognize seized of clued-up on percipient of practical well versed prescient well up alert omniscient appreciative leet top-shelf top-notch tuned-in with-it on the ball lettered tutored literary well-rounded switched on cultivated scholarly intellectual with a knowledge of know one's stuff with an understanding of polished taught studious bookish coached academic discriminating nurtured cerebral professional formed fitted developed well read shaped enriched intellectually aware corrected prepared finished initiated scientific well-taught sensible to up to date with


Was or were habitually accustomed to

Trái nghĩa của used to

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