Đồng nghĩa của settled in


Past tense for to become adjusted to new conditions


Past tense for to live or reside in
occupied inhabited tenanted lived in owned own peopled populated settled dwelt dwelled dwelled in ensconced established kept lodged maintained moved into permeated pervaded possessed remained resided resided in sat sitten stayed stayed in used abode in ensconced oneself in established oneself in lodged in made one's home took up residence in taken up residence in lived roosted abided abode crashed indwelled parked bedwelt indwelt perched squatted located had your home in setted up home in made one's home in put up bided nested sojourned roomed boarded bunked hung out rested stayed over bode bidden stopped quartered had one's home housed tarried lingered had rooms stayed on domiciled sheltered harbored held camped roofed harboured waited bivouacked hanged hung hovered holed up had one's residence held the fort stopped over stuck around waited around stayed put held on hung about hung on hung round hung around sat tight accommodated nestled encamped chambered billeted billetted bestowed endured continued existed stationed lied holidayed prevailed persisted visited vacationed taken up residence took up residence sojourned in had as your home had lodgings set up home kept house established oneself set up house put down roots put down roots in were holden been was lasted stood cantoned rent hosteled rented tented inhered come took in taken in hung one's hat bided in bode in delayed took a room taken a room taken lodgings took lodgings made camp emigrated to become domiciled in hung out in clung stopped off spent some time clinged had established oneself in hung up one's hat had taken up residence in kept on established yourself pitched tent held over moved to setted up housekeeping in stayed behind bunked out had digs gone to live in went to live in taken root went to live became domiciled in took root gone to live comen came

Trái nghĩa của settled in

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