Đồng nghĩa của crashed

Alternative for crashed

crashes, crashed, crashing

Đồng nghĩa: break, shatter, smash, strike,


Past tense for to decrease or fall to a lower level, especially sharply or suddenly
declined decreased diminished dwindled fell felled fallen lessened plunged sank sunk sunken dropped plummeted plummetted slumped shrank shrunk shrunken dipped regressed tapered waned abated ebbed flagged lowered reduced tumbled dived dove drooped eased nosedived receded downturned went down gone down dropped off fell off fallen off went downhill gone downhill de-escalated nose-dived took a nosedive taken a nosedive descended cratered skidded collapsed subsided pitched sagged set toppled come down depreciated slipped dropped rapidly settled dropped down slid hit the floor caved in came down relented relent foundered tailed off fallen away fell away fallen sharply fell sharply become lower decremented slidden attenuated fell steeply fallen steeply cascaded disintegrated crumbled crumpled depressed keeled moderated devalued remitted landed deteriorated rocketed ditched smashed collided let up grounded ground tapered off died down died out gone into a tailspin went into a tailspin ratcheted down phased down hit the dirt cast down got lower tumbled down gave way given way became lower fallen down crashlanded fell down tripped stooped stumbled decreased rapidly precipitated gravitated sounded contracted sprawled descended rapidly dumped flung downgraded lurched relapsed crushed staved stove tottered lapsed lost devaluated dragged backslid cheapened palled trailed buckled drug spiralled spiraled grown less grew less crash-dived keeled over flopped fell in fallen in got less bowed out drained away retrogressed shot plumped fell headlong fallen headlong taken a dive took a dive died away dunked run floundered plopped turned down lost value fell to pieces got quieter marked down run down gone downwards stove in taken a header staved in jumped down slid down got softer become softer decreased in value broke down crashed in went through the floor folded up tipped over declined in price touched bottom took a header come downwards become quieter gone through the floor moved down went downwards dipped beneath the horizon given gave threw thrown sloped backslided backslidden crash-dove broke broken brake grown smaller grew smaller shotten gotten smaller got smaller ran wrote down became softer written down became quieter broken down fell prostrate ran down fallen prostrate went lower went under the surface gone under the surface gone to the bottom went to the bottom came downwards gone lower sank inwards sunk inwards


Past tense for to fail, collapse or stop functioning, especially suddenly
collapsed folded failed died flatlined foundered flopped stalled broke brake broken fizzled conked out cut out gave out given out went under gone under broke down broken down went bump gone bump caved in folded up went belly up gone belly up went bust gone bust bit the dust bitten the dust came a cropper come a cropper went to the wall gone to the wall stopped working packed up malfunctioned ceased to function bombed stopped developed a fault seized up ceased to work yielded went kaput gone kaput played up went wrong gone wrong jammed gone on the blink went on the blink gave up the ghost given up the ghost imploded gone phut went phut crumpled tanked seized flunked cratered acted up shrunk yold yolden flamed out had had it busted shut off cut short went down gone down halted cut off stopped functioning gave given buckled missed closed quit struck out washed out fell in fallen in come unstuck ground to a halt run aground went gone ceased terminated went haywire gone haywire vitiated spoilt spoiled idled given up gave up compromised damaged shrank shrunken paused endamaged weakened attenuated discontinued degraded interrupted fallen over fell over tumbled flagged gave way given way snapt snapped aborted expired pauperized impoverished misfired floundered quitted felled backfired gone down like a lead balloon went down like a lead balloon packed in not worked lost money fell flat fallen flat petered out lost power stopped short fizzled out run down faded away miscarried sank without trace come to grief met with disaster come to a halt come apart gone belly-up missed the mark ran aground flummoxed sunk without trace come to nothing came unstuck faded out went belly-up stopped dead gone out of control went out of control gone to pieces went to pieces gave in given in fell fallen came to a halt did something badly done something badly ran down fell short came to nothing came apart came to grief nose-dived fallen short gone out fallen down fell down went out not succeeded fluffed lacked success come to naught suffered defeat turned out badly not come up to scratch screwed up fallen through fell through tripped up slipped up came to naught hit rock bottom fouled up come apart at the seams hit the skids went astray not came up to scratch gone awry gone astray went awry disappointed ended lost languished underperformed slipped wallowed missed the boat plunged blundered failed miserably not made the grade laid an egg fell by the wayside wrecked underachieved fallen by the wayside not passed came apart at the seams submersed went by the board gone up in smoke gone by the board went downhill fell flat on your face went up in smoke gone pear-shaped went pear-shaped fallen flat on your face gone downhill went to bottom gone to bottom went out of business gone out of business blew it blown it


Past tense for to go bankrupt
went bankrupt gone bankrupt went into liquidation gone into liquidation went into receivership gone into receivership ceased trading became insolvent become insolvent went broke gone broke shut down collapsed failed folded flopped closed down closed ceased production shut foundered come to a halt caved in folded up gone under went under shut up shop flatlined ceased activity gone bust went bust gone bump went bump ceased operating went to the wall gone to the wall went out of business gone out of business come a cropper went belly up gone belly up stopped trading came to a halt fizzled ended finished defaulted declined dropped miscarried retired plummeted bombed plummetted toppled languished slumped buckled terminated crumpled perished tumbled busted bellied up came a cropper lost big shriveled up not succeeded ground to a halt lost one's shirt closed one's doors liquidated dropped a bundle abandoned ceased stopped dropped the curtain packed it in called it a day closed up closed out wound up went gone fallen through fell through fallen down fell down given up gave up gone on strike went on strike went wrong gone wrong gone belly-up went belly-up fizzled out come to grief aborted broke down come to nothing come to naught came to grief misfired failed to happen broken down gone awry went awry came to nothing fluffed tanked not come off floundered flunked flagged cratered came to naught flamed out tripped up turned out badly fouled up screwed up gone down like a lead balloon slipped up come unstuck lacked success missed the mark come apart at the seams went down like a lead balloon not came off fell flat fallen flat fell short fallen short gone to pieces went to pieces fell by the wayside came unstuck fallen by the wayside came apart at the seams


Past tense for to cause significant damage to something
smashed trashed wrecked demolished destroyed pulverised pulverized annihilated devastated mangled pranged ravaged shattered creamed damaged totalled totaled wasted wracked broke brake broken disintegrated fractured fragmented smashed up wrote off written off broke up broken up cracked up dashed to pieces wracked up ruined desolated decimated razed nuked vaporized pulled down vaporised extinguished burst split broke down rubbed out crushed torpedoed battered torn down tore down exploded levelled leveled dismantled busted cracked impaired felled shivered splintered effaced dynamited knocked down broken down bombed snapt rived snapped did in done in razed to the ground put out of commission damaged beyond repair cast down upset spoilt spoiled sabotaged imploded dented bashed bumped vandalized desecrated defaced marred dismembered disrupted flattened dilapidated shipwrecked injured bursten brast gutted blasted bulldozed crippled undermined vandalised fell scourged excised erased removed fragmentized disabled smashed to smithereens exhausted rent scrunched crunched rended smattered spoliated mutilated overcome deleted marauded unbuilt ravished obliterated expunged maimed riven rove wiped out extirpated messed up tore up taken out took out teared up reduced to rubble pulled to pieces severed run onto the rocks rifted subverted wiped from the face of the earth toppled crushed to smithereens struck out made hash of left in ruins spilt unmade mowed down divided separated piled up capsized scratched out finished off reduced eradicated scattered spilled sundered knocked to pieces busted up parted made mincemeat of laid waste overturned zapped sunken sank sunk blown out blew out broken into pieces broke into pieces threw down overthrew thrown down undone blew down blown down overthrown undid taken apart took apart smote smited taken smit smitten took ran onto the rocks blew apart blown apart blew up overcame blown up blew sky-high blown to pieces blew to bits blown sky-high blew to pieces blown to bits exterminated despoiled abolished wreaked havoc on defeated put paid to eliminated stamped out liquidated killed snuffed out brought down canceled cancelled blotted out wrought havoc wiped off the map cleaned up consumed devoured pillaged sacked rooted out blacked out swept away cut down put an end to depredated wiped off the face of the earth put the kibosh on quashed burnt burned blighted scuppered laid waste to wrought havoc on beat overwhelmed destructed disfigured slaughtered scotched left desolate dashed nixed abated vitiated squashed put a stop to plundered put down harmed defiled botched weakened scratched loused up brought to naught hacked down ransacked chopped down disassembled hewed hew raided did away with done away with terminated cleared thrust blemished massacred depopulated hurt raped incinerated ruinated butchered reduced to ruins trounced obscured dispatched finished depleted scorched flawed compromised tainted tarnished sullied suppressed banjaxed put in toilet put at risk wreaked havoc endamaged dished smirched wiped off map offed scrubbed crabbed corrupted undercut queered axed faded scored out crossed out inked out cancelled out canceled out corroded cut tumbled played havoc with made a mess of blocked out blanked out brought to ruin fouled up screwed up put out of action cut a swath through laid in ruins KO'd put the lid on washed out weeded out knocked off cut out brought about the downfall of offset mucked up shot down blew blown gotten rid of got rid of done for blew a hole in did for blown a hole in looted lowered ended spent mowed robbed havocked trampled prostrated overrun benothinged hewn engulfed rifled harried beaten avenged tormented destabilized struck taken down took down wiped bankrupted thrusted propelled forced waxed cooled wolfed torched made desolate emptied enveloped drained absorbed expended absorpt supplanted unsettled wiped off purged scrubbed out reaved reft ousted dissolved dethroned disestablished deposed unseated gobbled up ripped down concealed squelched neutralized prejudiced besmirched nicked executed mullered grounded ground floored thwarted chastised chastened poisoned cruelled euchred bodged kayoed trimmed blue-pencilled eroded edited blue-penciled scalded combusted sapped wrenched frustrated foiled shocked hindered hampered obstructed chopped blown away blew away stained wound wounded bloodied played out used up brought to an end checked uprooted exsected carbonized cremated carbonised rendered ineffective blotted disfeatured incapacitated covered over covered handled roughly lacerated scathed dirtied abused wronged maltreated teared discoloured gnawed infected discolored rotted knocked rusted laid low dumped on outmanoeuvred smoothed away bleached stabbed contaminated cleaned out knocked to the ground tampered with banged up reduced to nothing committed genocide whited out made waves outfoxed marked out burnt to a crisp crazed worked against bowled down played merry hell with skinned caused to fall knocked out outsmarted stymied brought to the ground rained on someone's parade offsetted wore away invalidated spray painted reversed removed all traces of destroyed by fire wreaked havoc upon had burned to a crisp rebelled impoverished caused detriment to worn away clear-cut brought to nothing depressed neutralised wiped off face of earth cramped overreached polluted superseded killed off destabilised rubbed away crossed up inverted caused injury destroyed root and branch outmaneuvered rubbed off ballsed up crimped reduced to ashes overran stricken driven drove drave druv burned away burnt away torn to pieces tore to pieces saw down lay low taken away took away gnawn torn tore gnew did mischief to done mischief to blued pencil drawn down drew down thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of did damage to done damage to drove a nail into the coffin of driven a nail into the coffin of clear-felled been through gone through went through burned up burnt to the ground burnt up burned to the ground burned down burnt down


Past tense for to move or proceed forward by force
bulldozed pressed prest pushed bored bore jostled bulled elbowed muscled squeezed jammed shouldered thrust shoved forced thrusted rammed shove shoven shave hit bumped nudged hustled plunged knocked propelled barged bundled manhandled prodded swept crowded poked shot drave driven druv drove rushed stuck sticked butted barreled barrelled smashed impelled railroaded struck heaved moved hove banged sent jolted plowed slammed smacked set in motion thumped hurried put in motion pushed aside careered cannoned hurtled bucked shotten careened lurched run hat hitten inched threaded budged flung crammed steamrolled strained winded wound gored steamrollered ploughed boosted shifted stricken compressed packed wedged dug buffeted buffetted bunted worked jockeyed struggled wrought launched into pressed on crushed against moved forward bended bent hooked pushed hard pushed forward rested on strong-armed plonked fought scrambled rough and tumbled exerted pressure on shoehorned crushed sandwiched squashed pushed violently pushed suddenly made your way worked one's way made one's way threaded your way shunted tamped compacted tupped parked forced one's way scrunched squished strangled choked moved quickly horned collided bashed ran thridden thrid stuffed blew blown foughten bore down on borne down on threw moved suddenly thrown suddenly moved jabbed jogged punched charged stabbed tapped piled burst filled loaded touched heaped brimmed thronged bustled surged spurred goaded jam-packed frogmarched thrust forward held mobbed gouged packed like sardines overfilled chocked depressed sunken sank sunk carried marched streamed swamped lunged inserted justled jarred stowed flocked loaden joggled pricked wadded whisked beat pushed roughly pushed down pressed down held down bumped against powered filled to overflowing overcrowded wedged oneself sardined filled to the brim filled up holden bludgeoned mashed flooded blazed teared dashed ramrodded scuttled shaken shook tumbled elbowed one's way pushed one's way taken took belted jerked humped lobbed expelled pumped attacked advanced pitched bursten brast blustered padded lined drilled dabbed rapped stirred rolled overstuffed upholstered accompanied tipped drummed climbed lodged blocked cannoned into collided with knocked against bumped into knocked into ploughed into punted poled pinioned thumbed pinned clogged up choked up loaded with dislodged transferred slid locomoted removed fixed fixt bunged barrelled into yanked hitched used elbow grease actuated massed beared clogged confined pushed against bore down borne down levelled leveled tacked bumped heads pushed around swarmed huddled trooped bunched congested deluged clustered gathered mustered congregated overloaded pinned down leaned on packed tightly packed 'em in whacked caused to move hurled weighed on changed position moved forwards forced down bunged up forced into topped off weighed upon run into torn tore beaten banged into clumb clomb borne slidden beared heavily ran into gave way given way gotten going got moving drove forwards got going gotten moving driven forwards


Past tense for to stay somewhere temporarily
stayed sojourned bode bided bidden resided tarried boarded dwelt dwelled inhabited lodged roomed put up stayed over stopped over lived settled abided abode roosted nested bunked squatted perched visited stopped quartered parked hung out had rooms domiciled sheltered housed harbored camped roofed harboured occupied located lived in had your home in holed up had one's home accommodated holidayed vacationed encamped rested chambered billeted billetted bivouacked tenanted bestowed stationed dwelled in lodged in had one's residence had lodgings made one's home resided in indwelled possessed bedwelt indwelt remained populated lingered nestled cantoned rent hosteled rented established oneself come to stay taken lodgings took in stopped off settled in existed kept house tented took a room taken a room spent some time made one's home in taken in stayed at took lodgings pitched tent setted up home in stayed in hung one's hat taken up residence bunked out took up residence had as your home had digs abode in stayed with sojourned in taken up residence in took up residence in came to stay bided in bode in stuck around hung around waited stayed put endured continued hanged hung hovered held the fort stayed on put down roots waited around held on hung about sat tight hung on hung round held persisted sat refuged lasted stood paused prevailed provided refuge lied sticked stuck peopled delayed set up camp kept on established yourself put down roots in set up home stayed behind put your feet up set up house were been was camped out sitten had a break relaxed loitered owned dallied awaited inhered halted outstayed lagged clung sweated it out clinged had established oneself in ensconced remained behind had taken up residence in moved to stayed out kept pervaded made camp permeated emigrated to become domiciled in hung out in established pitched a tent ensconced oneself in moved into used hung up one's hat maintained held over setted up housekeeping in established oneself in broke broken brake own gone to live in went to live in taken root went to live gone to live became domiciled in took root took it easy taken a break took a break taken it easy


Past tense for to strike or collide with a loud noise


Past tense for to strike or hit something, especially repeatedly


No longer functioning or operational
stopped not working packed up worn-out out of commission out of order given up the ghost busted inoperative unusable defective broken malfunctioning faulty incapacitated down inactive unserviceable kaput damaged knackered shot bust unsound gone kaput playing up broken down conked out gone phut on the blink acting up out of use out of service had it out of kilter gone haywire broken-down non-functional out of action done for gone bust stopped working out of whack not functioning non-functioning not in working order up the spout in disrepair inoperable wonky duff on the fritz dud on its last legs flawed imperfect nonfunctional useless finished nonfunctioning nonoperating jiggered kaputt haywire ineffective impaired bad amiss blemished ruined shoddy weak cracked warped deficient scratched deformed torn incomplete unsatisfactory conked-out disabled out not in operation dead not in use not in service bonkers kerflooey ineffectual inefficacious buggy not functional buckled worn out unavailing off idle substandard spent fallible unavailable for use unfinished gone run-down gone wrong sick injured fallen apart gone to pieces in the shop in a state of disrepair on the shelf in need of repair on the bum old failed dilapidated rumpty done in worthless distorted clapped out wrecked valueless chipped done inoperational unoperational non-operational inconsistent invalid doomed sunk smashed S U unworkable no good nonactive unavailable unproductive dysfunctional scrap doesn't work bootless unfunctional abortive null and void wracked in repair decommissioned hors de combat exhausted feeble unable to be used not operative non-active futile screwed up coming unstuck coming unglued awry gone to pot inefficient confusing silent turned off incorrect astray askew inappropriate problematic poor abnormal seconds unhealthy unreliable subnormal wrong not right unfit inferior unsellable second-rate unsaleable shabby below par partial limited crummy tenth-rate below standard immature lousy patchy undeveloped rubbish inexact ropy rudimentary sketchy disfigured not up to scratch inadequate minus junk vicious garbage lemon not up to snuff faultful low schlocky few bugs two-bit not much cop bottom-of-barrel marred

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