Đồng nghĩa của thronged

Alternative for thronged

throngs, thronged, thronging

Đồng nghĩa: assemble, cluster, collect, congregate, crowd, gather, meet,


Past tense for flock or be present in great numbers
rushed streamed crowded flocked flowed swarmed trooped flooded poured pressed prest spilled spilt surged teemed piled packed crammed jammed crushed congregated mobbed clustered filled gathered pushed massed loaded squashed shoved charged overcrowded milled squeezed seethed congested gushed swept heaped squished huddled bunched brimmed chocked thrust sardined jam-packed filled up packed like sardines stuffed loaden marched shove shoven shave filed straggled walked emerged converged herded rolled cascaded sodden sod traipsed paraded occupied overrun laded coursed stormed jostled wedged sandwiched stocked rammed rushed together gathered like bees swamped beared stacked rushed forward shoehorned stuck thrusted sticked overloaded overfilled elbowed justled bundled deluged mustered moved in a crowd wedged oneself forced one's way filled to the brim filled to overflowing packed 'em in forced into topped off laden overran bore borne drave driven druv drove strode paced wandered rambled roamed tread tramped strolled stept stepped ambulated meandered roved sauntered trudged hiked prowled moseyed hoofed plodded ambled traversed promenaded padded stridden footed it pranced strutted patrolled maundered mooched drifted cruised trodden trod trekked advanced moved pootled gallivanted cantered proceeded perambulated gadded shuffled knocked about slogged footed lumbered toured rove hit the road legged it traveled on foot travelled on foot hoofed it went gone strayed galloped stravaiged tootled pounded crossed trotted footslogged walked up and down marched up and down toddled walked to and fro walked back and forth yomped stepped out galavanted batted floated ranged stomped stamped trampled shambled locomoted stalked stumped raced scuffed made your way plodded on minced kicked around gadded about tripped descended tiptoed ascended skipped wended one's way went on foot pressed on gone on foot schlepped moved forward took a turn took the air taken a turn taken the air taken a walk took a walk went down went up went forward went by foot gone forward gone down gone by foot gone up went in large numbers gone in large numbers


Past tense for to crowd into a place, especially to fill it


(round/around) Past tense for to gather tightly in a large mass of people
crowded clustered gathered flocked swarmed huddled assembled concentrated congregated came together come together collected mustered amassed accumulated foregathered converged met grouped convened rendezvoused rallied herded massed convoked teemed bunched packed mobbed ganged up forgathered gotten together got together congressed mobilized mobilised gathered together met up gathered round hung out flocked together corralled piled united associated hived clustered together bunched up ganged around made the scene collected together poured in prest pressed streamed squeezed milled trooped crammed jammed powwowed hugged cowered bended discussed bent consulted parleyed conferred organized pressed close huddled up thronged together crowded together snuggled up consorted conglomerated concentered banded together formed merged reunited harmonised connected combined organised mingled besieged concentred raised lined up linked joined brigaded showed up pulled together harmonized pulled rounded up aggrouped collated stacked compiled hung around piled up drew together drawn together marshalled marshaled brought together lumped constellated sat joined up set up met privately called together made contact entered in moved called summoned socialized heaped socialised appeared showed garnered hooked up sitten held ordered paired off made friends had a meeting held meeting touched brought in focussed called in encountered scraped together scared up met behind closed doors opened focused concurred arranged called up focalized shown driven drove saw each other took up with taken up with seen each other


Packed or filled tightly
crowded packed full busy congested cramped crushed jam-packed overflowing swarming teeming chock-full mobbed stuffed overcrowded populous overfull brimful brimming bursting chockablock chock-a-block chockful crammed fat filled jammed loaded overpeopled overpopulated wall-to-wall chocker awash clean elbow-to-elbow filled to capacity full to bursting huddled massed sardined SRO thickset bursting at the seams full house full up like Piccadilly Circus lousy with mob scene sold out stiff with topped off bulging at the seams fit to bust full to the gunwales standing room only up to here filled to the rafters up to the hilt replete thick abounding seething rife overloaded heaving crawling abundant packed like sardines cram-full choked thronging overrun flooded bristling alive multitudinous lousy solid flush plentiful crammed full full to overflowing dense hoatching fraught inundated gorged saturated plenteous full to capacity running over like the Black Hole of Calcutta up to the rafters numerous clogged populated glutted occupied stacked compressed overfilled bounteous stocked covered laden pullulating overwhelmed profuse well supplied well stocked complete bountiful burdened suffused padded plethoric weighted superabundant filled up filled to the brim spilling over jammed full full to the gills full of abounding in topped up chock-full of swamped fruitful full of commotion overbuilt charged pregnant humming deluged jampacked well-provided well-stocked well provided lined hopping infested bustling overfed lavish supplied luxurious permeated jumping heavily populated buzzing hoaching hotching full to the top full to the brim bundled tumid arranged rammed consigned chock wrapped sufficient blocked plugged obstructed to the roof imbued impregnated gridlocked blocked-up impeded thickly populated settled densely populated many multifarious peopled multitudinal legion voluminous several various stuffed-up packed out stopped closed jam-full occluded mucous stoppered blocked up stuffy stopped up heavily settled snarled up packed to the gunwales solid with people full of people close compact heavy tight copious deep serried lush heaped great generous crawling with cram-full of overrun by scaturient inundant torrential exuberant inundatory cornucopian like sardines having a considerable amount of having a copious amount of thick on the ground ample liberal prolific galore rich luxuriant aplenty plenty opulent inexhaustible comfortable lank bumper infinite prodigal no end a gogo considerable large unstinting huge a dime a dozen commodious substantial munificent abundant in excessive in abundance flowing extravagant fulsome boundless sizeable superfluous riotous bulging sumptuous handsome thick with flushed immoderate extensive extreme profusive openhanded countless big alive with broad fertile productive innumerable well-supplied myriad wealthy affluent teeming with fraught with no end of in plenty at full capacity frantic stinking with level with brimming with no end in sight loaded with replete with rich in entire surplus in excess overabundant extra groaning unabridged topfull unsparing encumbered dripping weighed down gushing rolling weighted down whole overburdened effusive filled with vast immense spacious stinking roomy unrestricted expansive capacious plenitudinous fecund with inordinate open-handed gushy unrestrained whopping rank princely tidy moneyed decent proliferous knee-deep lacking overprovided overstocked oversupplied mucho enough and to spare over the top flourishing stink with knee-deep in competent swimming unlimited appreciable enough improvident packed to capacity cram full completely full overloaded with well provided with rife with crammed with brimful with awash with well stocked with crowded with jam-packed with chocker with chock-a-block with charged with swarming with jammed with bursting with stuffed with overflowing with packed with well supplied with solid with more than enough


Widespread or common
rife widespread common general universal ubiquitous epidemic extensive pandemic prevalent abundant endemic everywhere global omnipresent plentiful rampant current frequent immanent inescapable insidious penetrating permeating pervading pervasive raging permeant permeative present everywhere prevailing suffusive many multitudinous numerous popular predominant profuse regnant ruling sweeping broad wide-ranging worldwide wall-to-wall comprehensive overarching unrestricted boundless unlimited total far-reaching all-embracing all over the place infinite ubiquitary international wholesale astronomical wide worldly deep full thorough ecumenical overwhelming all-present ever-present all-pervasive overall all-pervading undisputed regular all-over thoroughgoing diffuse catholic across-the-board all-inclusive persistent spreading infectious contagious catching epizootic indiscriminate mass communicable all over large-scale very common can't get away from empyrean whole cosmic cosmopolitan multinational mundane customary planetary celestial terrestrial all usual accepted generic stellar expansive extended complete exhaustive blanket rangy absolute outspread preponderate far-flung all-round out-and-out all-encompassing all-around all-out on a large scale across the board inclusive vast large ample encyclopedic countrywide immense interdisciplinary multidisciplinary nationwide cross-disciplinary encyclopaedic coast-to-coast in-depth panoramic big sizable great outright compendious umbrella significant roomy capacious spacious broad-brush expanded radical huge far-ranging scopic wide-reaching broad-ranging commodious sizeable generalized eclectic comfortable generalised scopious voluminous cyclopedic endless embracive generous omnibus limitless broad-based all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged broad-spectrum cover-all company-wide profound latitudinous outstretched open major airy palatial unspecified enormous collective uncrowded state systemic entire one-size-fits-all cavernous national spread-out spread comprising rambling thorough-going discursive unconditional unmitigated bird's-eye spread out straight-out enlarged systemwide widened intercontinental world copious vague bodywide simple high-ceilinged nonspecific panoptic everything encompassing substantial encyclopaedical encyclopedical unconfined important without exception obscure hazy nebulous momentous taken as a whole non-selective long lengthy statewide broad in content including all members including all categories unanimous protracted massive humongous life-changing ambitious whole-hog unselective exaggerated overstated overdrawn bulk quantitative detailed full-scale hefty regional influential weighty consequential broad-minded diverse liberal tolerant unsectarian unbigoted diversified clean unexclusive grand expanding stretching inflatable elastic dilating swelling in quantity in bulk of moment of significance flexible undogmatic interstate encircling containing integral plenary compleat intact perfect synoptic rolling immeasurable extendable stretchy enlargeable distending in the mass general-purpose multiculti open-minded world-wide varied all-purpose unprejudiced unqualified unspecialized of great import of consequence thick fat beamy wall to wall in depth the works from Land's End to John O'Groats all over the country dilatant unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed extreme lock stock and barrel the whole shebang the big picture of great scope indeterminate charitable receptive without end widely distributed reducible stereotypable far reaching wide physically wide-stretching wide-extending discernible apparent obvious observable evident far-stretched far-spread far-going far-extending all-encompassing all-embracing dispersed scattered generalisable generalizable unconcentrated diffused broad based disseminated not concentrated circulated thin separated strewn propagated radiated distributed broadcast diluted

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