Đồng nghĩa của rowdy

Alternative for rowdy

rowdies, rowdier, rowdiest

Đồng nghĩa: bad, boisterous, disorderly, naughty, rambunctious, rough,

Tính từ

Noisy and disorderly
boisterous disorderly unruly obstreperous rough loud noisy wild disruptive ill-disciplined lawless rambunctious riotous roisterous rollicking rumbustious turbulent undisciplined unmanageable unrestrained uproarious uncontrollable uncontrolled ungovernable badly behaved clamorous hell-raising irrepressible knockabout rackety raucous robustious loutish rampageous loudmouthed mischievous out of control out of hand rebellious roughhouse rude tumultuous wayward refractory violent disobedient recalcitrant fractious lively intractable difficult vociferous insubordinate contumacious clangorous resounding chaotic wilful mutinous troublesome incorrigible willful strident tough blaring anarchic defiant booming froward piercing deafening attention-seeking unbridled lawbreaking intemperate wild and woolly screaming headstrong troublemaking clattering thunderous rip-roaring misbehaving uninhibited thundering ringing naughty tempestuous harsh rugged blasting stroppy roaring sonorous impetuous clattery stentorian uncooperative earsplitting untoward plangent slam-bang exuberant ear-piercing termagant contrary high-spirited vehement animated delinquent excited demanding mean self-willed errant roistering romping shrieking spirited bad shouting energetic hard truculent cacophonous nasty unbiddable restive unyielding stubborn ear-splitting rash perverse playful reverberating trying frisky impossible active exasperating gruff vigorous brawling roguish rascally rioting wrong brutal vicious immoderate merry ugly jovial swashbuckling anarchical agitated stormy insurrectionary restless callous cheerful vociferant rebel recusant incompliant balky vocal severe rough-and-tumble criminal rampant incontrollable distracting aggressive passionate insistent frenzied seditious bolshie hysterical fierce stern forceful out-of-line belligerent pugnacious in turmoil ruffianly awkward out-of-order reverberant heedless reckless carrying uncompliant full-throated frolicsome heavy impulsive impervious ornery imprudent forward assertive quarrelsome drunken opinionated bawdy inexorable strepitous disturbed blatant inconsiderate emphatic deep out of line resonant intense ear-popping lusty powerful impish tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish sinful forte full fiendish gallus wanton impudent erratic full of mischief badly-behaved ill-behaved insolent devilish turned up indocile robust chattering swaggering cavalier rootin'-tootin unquiet overexcited bouncy brash talkative ebullient vibrant brusque gleeful unsettling disturbing upsetting obstinate inharmonious abandoned bawling confused thuggish rampaging limit dangerous jarring divisive antisocial two-fisted in high spirits importunate crazy nuts outrageous madcap insurmountable berserk deranged disorganised turbid hedonistic uncontained helter-skelter disorganized disordered revolutionary unlawful raging blusterous effervescent over-the-top radge insurgent non-compliant disrupting off-base full-on indisciplined clamorsome raising Cain unconstrained unchecked unhindered unconventional ungoverned uncurbed unbounded raising the roof overpowering unstable unfettered extrovert hardened drunk irregular rowdydowdy raunchy artful kiddish infantile ill-natured sly foxy bothersome thoughtless immature childish disrespectful ear-shattering dinning causing trouble explosive roller-coaster unsettled out-of-control licentious corybantic incautious profligate irrational echoing misbehaved fulminating strong crashing blustering rich big pealing wakes the dead high-sounding rotund full-mouthed loud-voiced threatening thrilled raving outspoken storming fiery shaking amusing perturbed demonstrative entertaining untamed funny bitter witty destructive overwhelming mighty extremely noisy tremendous almighty giddy flighty full of conflict full of confusion full of upheavals on-a-tear wicked impolite slapstick very loud joyous jaunty carefree hearty annoying farcical teasing worthless dysfunctional clamant cavorting sprightly sparkling jolly at full volume droll vivacious mirthful jocular full of ups and downs evil strenuous raw casual crude crass coarse offending devil-may-care sportive bad-mannered hectic frank earnest eager candid forthright open plain-spoken direct sinning rollicksome fun-loving lighthearted thumping ripping joyful happy glad head-splitting erring aberrant deviant socially impaired tiresome hot-tempered whiny pesky sullen cantankerous hostile undisciplinable problematic bellicose troublous maladjusted confrontational combative argumentative bold malicious unrestrainable irksome scrappy uncontainable peevish wearisome petulant harum-scarum yawping yauping ranting enthusiastic vociferating caterwauling loud-mouthed yowling squawking wacky culpable transgressing guilty full of beans frantic tiring exacting straying voluble shrill eventful arduous frenetic challenging clearly audible laborious exhausting unorthodox shifting stray hilarious deviating miscreant heretic devious fallible off straight and narrow unreliable meandering errable testing unsparing taxing flustering burdensome madhouse tireless furious bustling fortissimo sharp onerous full on wearing imperious busy action-packed bumpy strict uncompromising firm unfeeling cruel unfair abrasive ruthless unjust excessive unbending unkind unrelenting heartless rigorous insensitive unsympathetic savage curt extreme merciless obdurate disaffected noncompliant intransigent factious resistant dissident nonconformist debauched radical pigheaded indomitable mulish dissentient runaway bloody-minded unhampered inflexible insurrectionist unpredictable orgiastic depraved dissentious adverse anarchistic subversive iconoclastic saturnalian bull-headed traitorous contentious unrestricted militant mad insubmissive rabid antagonistic messy jumbled cluttered untidy disarrayed without law and order muddled dishevelled disheveled alienated mussy tousled disarranged messed mussed tumbled littered sloppy rumpled bacchanalian unkempt unfavorable unfavourable in disorder Dionysian negativistic malcontent treacherous disloyal stiff-necked dissipated pell-mell Bacchic higgledy-piggledy upside-down topsy-turvy hugger-mugger in a mess dissolute insuppressible treasonable malevolent unmalleable spiteful bacchic arbitrary unaccommodating capricious unstoppable unquenchable up in arms resistive immovable cussed mutinying warring disputatious cross thrawn resisting dissenting nihilistic crazed negative maleficent insoluble vexatious immoral self-indulgent contrarious renitent fervid warlike barbarous hotheaded nonconforming unpliable pervicacious irascible feverish inimical lacking self-control feisty incontinent haywire shambolic cross-grained perfervid passional orderless disrupted discordant arsey excitable touchy purposeless ready for a fight impassioned in disarray in pandemonium in uproar in chaos at sixes and sevens out of joint in a muddle every which way utterly confused quick-tempered in a shambles estranged haughty irreconcilable nonobservant unsubduable hard to handle existentialist pessimistic untrained renegade unsteady unschooled ferocious impotent side-splitting inconsistent unwilling unpersuadable maverick heretical uncomplying persistent resolved determined malign obstinately disobedient stubborn as a mule fickle untameable unrepressed apostate schismatic unresponsive bullheaded corrupt opposing withstanding disobliging unconcealed complex reprobate unprincipled misruled misgoverned freaked flyaway boozy revelling carousing blind tricky obstructive unhelpful shameless unreasonable unbearable undependable intolerable incurable daring provocative audacious armed sabotaging individualistic attacking bibulous dionysian sottish crapulous unadaptable beside oneself outlandish averse loath reluctant indisposed hesitant rock-ribbed problem contrariant paradoxical disagreeing impossible to cope with untrammelled untimely unfortunate wassailing wrongheaded antipathetic converse dilapidated neglected in a state messed up worse for wear irresistible strong-willed like a loose cannon hard-line pat thorny resolute tenacious pertinacious locked knotty inconvenient inopportune unlimited unconfined pig-headed sassy gutsy disregardful cheeky dareful unimpeded unsuppressed reveling unexpected unanticipated ill-timed hang tough locked in tough nut unsubmissive volatile revolting terrorist untrammeled running wild maniacal manic spoiling for a fight surprising unforeseen disastrous unusual unpredicted mistimed tyrannous despotic terrorizing uncultivated infringing piratical uncivilised heterodox terrorising unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized impatient hasty widespread hyper deliberate needless unjustified senseless epidemic not controlled unwelcome infelicitous inapt unsuitable inappropriate unlucky inauspicious irritating rife hot-headed short-fused easily provoked on a short fuse unprovoked carried away pandemic dominant rank fay sportful antic elfish larky prevalent flagrant pervasive gratuitous groundless motiveless malapropos badly timed unseasonable fervent obsessive irritable litigious hog-wild beside yourself luxuriant profuse disputative unjustifiable spreading exceeding bounds fecund extravagant spreading like wildfire flourishing rambling proliferating predominant extensive multiplying on the rampage growing captious choleric gladiatorial agonistic cavilling Saturnalian Dionysiac like one possessed misfortunate hapless luckless unpropitious unpleasant ill-starred star-crossed ludic skittish keen snappy buoyant willed unmotivated assaultive chippy querulous pettish controversial polemical polemic battling brawly fighting grouchy infatuated devoted ardent fixated dedicated obsessed ructious huffy arguesome wrangling bickering crabby brute sadistic inhumane aimless atrocious butcherly inhuman barbaric burning compulsive over-enthusiastic bad-tempered churlish war thin-skinned have chip on shoulder ill-tempered caviling sunny coltish double-crossing breezy dotty potty visionary hooked zealous gung-ho bubbly cheery zestful bigoted wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo chirpy upbeat peart peppy gladsome sparky chipper zingy gay blithesome blithe biased nuts for monomaniacal fanatical partial bugged domineering high on credulous fanatic possessed turned on addicted bubbling rhapsodical of good cheer full of life light-hearted as merry as a grig bubbling over

Tính từ

Resembling a lout
loutish boorish oafish rough uncouth churlish coarse ill-bred bungling gross ill-mannered unmannerly clodhopping gawky stolid swinish thuggish bullying classless cloddish clownish common doltish impolite lumpen lumpish philistine rude uncivilised uncivilized vulgar wild yobbish bad-mannered barbaric bearish cantankerous clumsy crass dense gruff hoonish loud lubberly ornery rustic slobbish uncultured uneducated unpolished unrefined crude uncultivated uncivil discourteous tasteless brutish unsophisticated inelegant inconsiderate ungracious unmannered graceless lowbrow barbarian ungentlemanly lowbred ignorant barbarous roughneck incult rough-hewn indecorous disrespectful raffish unladylike indelicate rugged savage low thoughtless Neanderthal blunt insensible impertinent primitive offensive awkward illiberal brusque mannerless ungallant raw uncalled-for impudent ungainly curt ungraceful unhandsome improper insolent unchivalrous sullen stiff Neandertal tactless surly heathen insensitive base abusive insulting raunchy heathenish natural foul-mouthed plebby lumbering harsh mean cruel audacious cheeky foul bawdy badly behaved unseemly indecent gauche obscene unpleasant provincial gawkish dirty filthy hick disgracious unworldly illiterate brash unsavoury lewd fresh benighted wooden impure loud-mouthed stilted shameless unsavory low-bred socially unsure socially awkward ribald crabbed dour vulgarian untutored irritable disagreeable presumptuous plebeian hooligan stupid uncharitable tacky cheap uncoordinated brutal profane derogatory bumbling blundering inept inhuman ill-humored ill-humoured klutzy earthy misbehaved uncomfortable uneasy butterfingered hillbilly ocker lippy contumelious underbred malapert backwoods ungenteel off-color immodest smutty nasty rustical maladroit offhand heavy-handed slouching corrupt outlandish short sharp all thumbs flip abrupt out-of-line lacking in social graces socially inept shambling ill-behaved subhuman blue unfeeling callous bad-tempered ill-tempered morose undiscriminating imperceptive ordinary low-minded bourgeois lowdown and dirty scatological loudmouthed parochial vernacular low-born nescient countrified inurbane unpoised troglodytic unkind mean-spirited sketchy untamed vicious merciless unread commercial unenlightened materialist ungentlemanlike baseborn native general tart rough and ready common as muck guileless naive ingenuous Philistine scatologic immature backward off blockish dorky blunderous undexterous stumbling obnoxious obtuse offish snippy cross-grained polite grumpy miserly unsociable grouchy truculent ill-natured unneighborly touchy ugly cussed crusty dozy anti-intellectual inartistic disparaging unfriendly arrogant foolish dull pert brassy uninformed undiplomatic cocky uncomplimentary uncontrolled outrageous ungodly unholy unconscionable wicked mouthy smart-alecky brazen smart alecky overbearing inaffable insubordinate disdainful ape-like nervous tough yokelish intrusive bounderish peremptory beyond the pale moody severe hard bluff bashful splay shy gangling nervy gangly inappropriate forbidding austere fierce roughcast grim stern in a state of nature unhandy bovine unwieldy inexpert unskilful hulking unco steely stark intimidating louring grievous explicit flinty artless onerous unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive ungentle heavy bad risqué tawdry unchaste naughty degrading colloquial vituperative unsettling derisive shocking affronting vile sickening unutterable salacious blasphemous sordid X-rated vilifying suggestive unclean unwholesome ham-fisted like a bull in a china shop ham-handed cack-handed murderous lowering trailer-park pornographic snappy lascivious gutter saucy unprintable off colour trashy locker-room wanton adult no-nonsense fruity terse near the knuckle immoral porny stag indiscreet racy short-spoken snappish brusk brief unsubtle brisk downright direct spicy steamy grave gamy serious unsmiling stony unbecoming sombre somber to the point Rabelaisian licentious impatient cavalier abrasive caustic malodorous impetuous cold unsuitable in bad taste broad simple laconic rash sober hardened crisp disapproving frowning hasty matter-of-fact untactful unfitting incorrect inapt outspoken horny carnal unfit untoward voluptuous fleshly aloof plain-spoken perverse inapposite incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos wrong frigid icy frosty titillating prurient porn porno hard-core boisterous scurrilous nudge-nudge in poor taste feral craggy sensual sour ferocious roughhewn snippety short-tempered spartan imprudent breviloquent monosyllabic undomesticated straightforward unbefitting nonliterate unpolitic injudicious frank sexy erotic solemn disgusting gaudy non-literate impolitic undignified bodily unacceptable unsympathetic glowering menacing saturnine upfront rough-and-tumble randy stringent rank sexual uninhabited lush mean-looking ill-advised out of place unworthy discreditable lustful lecherous poor devilish earnest arousing libidinous strait-laced sleazy grim-faced out of keeping distasteful skin low-down-and-dirty not afraid to call a spade a spade soft-core unlovely low-down salty corporeal close to the bone straight from the shoulder undecorous near the bone unfashionable unfinished basic unlettered homespun agrestic rollicking roisterous clipped succinct concise ferine fell bestial beastly testy large unscrupulous pithy pointed robust improprietous shoddy revolting irascible gritty decisive gloomy dismal ill-suited unsuited jungli undeveloped unwise inadvisable sooty petulant tight-lipped vigorous hard-skinned rough-skinned tough-skinned dreary unrestrained exploitative corrupting nauseating businesslike bald crotchety crabby taciturn aboriginal off-colour mature unthinking unperceptive uncommunicative poker-faced bizarre fast libertine evil-minded orgiastic incontinent ridiculous foulmouthed strict cross tetchy juicy rogue sick gruesome clunky purple untimely lacking in propriety unfair unworthy of undue uncomely unseasonable low-down and dirty sly scabrous off-colored out of line gamey rascally careless dusty formal unrighteous unconventional unequitable reprehensible unrightful unjust wrongful candid forthright open hearty flashy garish concupiscent rigorous precipitate pulling no punches unequivocal melancholic hard-faced dejected glum bleak sulky angry ostentatious flash showy good-natured genial approachable debased not mincing one's words speaking one's mind not beating about the bush calling a spade a spade reserved in the gutter lusty meretricious naff tatty friendly unrelenting chilly unemotional stuffy with two left feet kitsch honest blustering barefaced cheery sincere taboo inflexible distant exacting ornate useless hideous pretentious unsightly unclassy trivial artificial makeshift disreputable rigid unforgiving authoritarian unyielding unbending godless repulsive profligate cheap and nasty ignoble questionable remote solid ramrod speaking as one finds scandalous malicious rakish calloused unbroken physical animal odious depraved irreligious impious sinful colourful obdurate astringent inexorable mucky grubby grimy colorful unvirtuous hard-nosed hard-boiled epicurean irreverent atheistic shameful ruffian wilding pagan sacrilegious non-theistic sybaritic luscious hedonistic sensuous luxurious iniquitous fiendish demonic evil out of the way free appetitive Dionysiac unspiritual voluptuary untouched infernal satanic diabolical overgrown rampant overrun agrarian desert escaped neglected luxuriant indigenous waste desolate deserted animalistic moving hot stirring exciting tactile hedonic stimulating sensory delightful physically gratifying sharpened pleasing debauched malevolent unhallowed

Tính từ

Inconsistent with established standards of good form or taste
unseemly improper inappropriate indecorous unbecoming unsuitable disreputable indelicate unbefitting undignified unrefined indiscreet out of place unfitting unworthy amiss coarse discreditable graceless ill-advised impolite inapposite inapt incongruous incorrect inept infelicitous malapropos perverse tasteless unapt unfit ungentlemanly unhappy unladylike untoward wrong cheap crass crude indecent inelegant in poor taste malodorous out of keeping poor raffish rough rude ruffian shameful tawdry uncouth ungodly vulgar in bad taste out of the way inopportune unsuited untimely inexpedient unacceptable unseasonable ill-suited unfortunate ill-timed awkward undue inadvisable tactless injudicious incompatible regrettable undesirable ill-considered ill-judged inapplicable unfavorable misplaced inconvenient immodest unwarranted unfavourable disadvantageous inauspicious unpropitious discordant troublesome adverse out of order irregular imprudent ineligible inharmonious uncalled-for lacking in propriety offensive dishonourable objectionable unprofessional misguided unlucky disgraceful bad form irrelevant detrimental uncomely shameless unfitted erroneous discrepant bad inaccurate dishonorable inadmissible odd scandalous ill-fitted degrading immoral discommodious ignoble at odds calamitous ill-chosen impolitic ominous clumsy gauche destructive negative unpromising threatening false inconsistent disproportionate damaging abnormal preposterous ludicrous forward bold beyond the pale out of character inadequate opposed ill brazen out-of-place out-of-season off-base ill-adapted unsuitable for inappropriate to shocking fresh cheeky disagreeable demeaning outrageous debasing cheapening not good enough unceremonious shaming ignominious belittling lowering mortifying prejudicial unmannerly wrong-headed naughty humiliating inglorious inconducive contradictory counter harmful base maladroit premature unqualified harsh wretched illogical early incautious faulty hasty rotten confused low unfair extraneous flawed disparaging absurd out of line astray unworthy of erring gloomy insensitive inapropos dissonant jarring clashing awry adrift mistimed unhelpful foul contrary crooked unsatisfactory very bad intrusive haywire bothersome not proper not suitable not designed ineligible for inadequate for unfitted for difficult not designed for ill-adapted to not up to scratch unequipped for unprepared for unsuited to ill-suited to uncomplimentary impudent unblushing infra dig improprietous unequipped uncalled for saucy out-of-the-way unconventional suggestive sorry abject loose unvirtuous wanton ill-bred unhandsome tacky salacious unlovely beneath you lacking dignity risqué smutty unwholesome distasteful disappointing unwelcome funny off-balance boorish churlish ill-mannered discourteous untactful impertinent immaterial not done uncivil off-colour hostile illegitimate dishonest corrupt unethical irrelative unprepared stupid incompetent dull slow beneath your dignity inimical unscrupulous deplorable dreadful inexpert unmatched dissident interfering senseless disparate unreasonable irrational unhandy jejune undexterous insipid banal inexperienced unfacile flat inadept unmeet unproficient not up to snuff not qualified not cricket against the rules incommodious not pertinent not germane defective ridiculous meaningless pointless misjudged unprofitable discommoding unorthodox unfriendly tardy unadvantageous late antagonistic trying testing tough disastrous challenging prohibitive inconsonant off badly timed mistaken mismatched imperfect disobliging disobedient delinquent ornery unhealthy rebellious miscreant thrawn wayward aberrant uncontrollable obstructive fractious mean fallacious inefficient uncool useless ineffective off beam up not as it should be not right left-field ill-matched foot-in-mouth way off sick unlawful not equal to no good not good enough for contemptible out of its element glitched up undeserving beneath reprehensible inexcusable despicable conflicting precocious unforgivable unfitting to recreant valueless nothing blamable improper to unmerited no-good good-for-nothing pitiful vile no-account worthless disconsonant strange irreconcilable bizarre advance too early early on anachronistic out-of-date too late soon a bit previous before time overearly too soon early bird bright and early previous oversoon abortive off-key incoherent unbecoming to paradoxical ironic unrelated shifting unpredictable distorted jumbled rambling unconnected fantastic not in harmony divergent uncoordinated unbalanced lopsided unavailing uneven in opposition alien foreign incongruitous unintelligible twisted incongruent fitful unwise rash foolish not deserving not worth out of place with out of character with not fit sticking out a mile standing out a mile like a fish out of water short-sighted reckless thoughtless foolhardy overhasty ill-conceived ill-thought-out hare-brained unthinking undiplomatic crazy brash silly asinine crackpot careless badly planned irresponsible hotheaded risky daft crackbrained madcap inconsiderate half-baked cock-eyed off the top of one's head

Tính từ

Causing difficulty or annoyance
troublesome bothersome upsetting annoying inconvenient irritating worrisome worrying demanding difficult irksome taxing tiresome tricky vexatious distressing disturbing nagging perturbing vexing exasperating infuriating maddening niggling trying arduous concerning harassing oppressive pestiferous pestilential plaguy problematic aggravating awkward burdensome discomforting discomposing disquieting hard laborious nasty pesky thorny troubling troublous unsettling wearisome importunate pestilent alarming damaging dangerous disorderly heavy infestive intractable mean messy murder painful repressive rough tough ugly undisciplined ungovernable uphill wicked galling unpleasant onerous severe sticky exacting challenging frustrating disagreeable nettlesome hairy rankling knotty provoking toilsome carking abrasive riling peeving perplexing nettling chafing harsh harrowing stressful tedious delicate grievous wearing punishing strenuous rebarbative pesty plaguey exhausting weighty ticklish gruelling problematical grueling exigent crushing rigorous prickly formidable sensitive excruciating discommoding tiring grim brutal agitating complicated back-breaking displeasing testing dodgy intricate disconcerting nerve-racking fatiguing incommodious infernal cumbersome stiff complex daunting backbreaking distressful baffling puzzling traumatic dismaying involved rugged agonizing tormenting touchy wearying forbidding grave cussed embarrassing agonising ominous discouraging confounded Herculean hellish effortful disruptive serious convoluted controversial ponderous sinister harrying bitter murderous tense draining grating herculean sapping uncomfortable gloomy depressing tortuous torturous jarring threatening critical inopportune unnerving killing impossible unsuitable fraught unmanageable cruel untimely unsparing grinding foreboding unwieldy killer unwelcome dire sweaty stringent moiling catchy unhandy discommodious persnickety tricksy spiny operose inexpedient bruising startling frightening imperious pressing creepy unseasonable humiliating inappropriate vexed intimidating hellacious intolerable tall perilous unfavorable unfavourable antagonizing hostile enraging teasing discomfiting antagonising dicey ambitious bleak confronting dark nerve-wracking merciless mystifying fierce unremitting precarious intrusive consequential impeding elaborate irking awful enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall debilitating toilful uncertain incommoding compromising pessimistic vigorous unbearable laboured labored hefty unyielding bewildering knackering tight energy-consuming anxious unreasonable disappointing scary anxious-making unfortunate inhuman enervating cringeworthy mighty uneasy flustering hazardous obstinate cringey painstaking intense ill-timed searing hardhanded tangled chancy stubborn questionable iffy colossal extreme clunky cringe-making problem pressured demeaning labyrinthine unforgiving superincumbent dictatorial involute unfriendly obdurate sophisticated confusing unfathomable obscure byzantine titanic impenetrable tyrannical overbearing unpropitious involuted prophetic upstream fractious Augean gargantuan depleting shattering wretched fiddly aggressive pick-and-shovel solemn disadvantageous boring excessive charged persistent detrimental sour bedevilling immoderate unpleasing unamusing embittering clamorous troubled unfair afflicting objectionable gnawing quarrelsome shameful treacherous disobliging steep direful insistent dubious spartan suspect degrading uncompromising punchable uncongenial clumsy baroque daedal labyrinthian nail-biting dreadful Byzantine cumbrous crippling shocking risky bulky fussy austere intransigent bedeviling unrelenting discountenancing perfectionist time-consuming headache ungainly prohibitive hectic unamenable unaccommodating strict paradoxical pertinacious inflexible cranky bunglesome Gordian terrible querulous unbending hardheaded relentless toe-curling inauspicious high-pressure afflictive hypercritical immense unflinching staggering gigantic slavish detailed really hard very hard backbreaker gnarly temperamental rocky hard to please cryptic abstruse fancy pitiless inexorable incomprehensible confounding tough going inscrutable undecipherable enigmatic entangled recondite hard-line sombre difficult to understand full of twists and turns no picnic negative anxiety-ridden over-particular somber disheartening dismal difficile hard to satisfy restless nervous repugnant hurtful accursed lamentable deplorable exorbitant remote prejudicial emotive responsible apprehensive nauseating festering antipathetic provocative embarrassed echinated stimulating briery pointed unattractive unsatisfying thoroughgoing tender overtaxing overpowering plodding major infelicitous devastating a stinker of a like herding cats acid distasteful unpalatable plaguing tickly kittle bumpy dolorous insufferable nice devilish mistimed itchy scratchy distressed high-impact drudgy vicious worksome uphill battle hard-won marathon like getting blood out of a stone almighty easier said than done torturesome savage scabrous unendurable not easy ferocious discordant gut-wrenching off-putting unsteady unstable causing discomfort ill-fitting unmanoeuvrable changeable volatile capricious mercurial inconstant fickle variable unaesthetic grotesque inharmonious offensive ill-chosen devil of a very devil of a badly timed domineering autocratic no piece of cake despotic unjust undemocratic draconian shaming mortifying stridulous ill suited stridulent dry insensitive harsh-sounding tyrannous overwhelming violent authoritarian iron-fisted confused dirty anti-democratic punitive ruthless coercive out of place serpentine impractical filthy lumbering difficult to handle disputed menacing knotted jumbled mixed interlaced dense high-handed peremptory overweening adverse lumbersome Daedalian hi-tech Daedalean a nuisance dispiriting ironhanded depressive heavy-handed confining rough going graceless unclear unintelligible abstract minacious insoluble complicate unanswerable ignominious clamant urgent pugnacious debated contentious contested heavy-footed slow slow-moving an imposition mind-boggling hard to solve hard to explain mind-bending hazy above one's head beyond comprehension esoteric mystical thought-provoking ambiguous inexplicable profound deep rambling advanced enigmatical over one's head beyond one's grasp unsolvable mysterious opaque fathomless woeful ill-fated hard-pressed inhospitable joyless hopeless shadowy tortured harmful doubtful gray mournful black injurious chilling grey jeopardous morbid apocalyptic sad very bad cheerless bad straitened dour lurid morose undesirable full of hardship glum miserable strained ill-omened ill-boding doleful parlous nightmarish comfortless desolate clodhopping huge blundering uncoordinated massive maladroit bellicose moot debatable disgraceful discreditable barro dishonouring blush-making a devil tenacious indefatigable tireless unco lubberly elephantine ramified reticular mazy undetermined undecided unresolved unsettled unconcluded hard to use like a bull in a china shop substantial dishonoring equivocal unseemly distracting rattling dogged instant imperative burning crying emergent acute compelling persevering entreating necessitous in contention ongoing at issue in dispute afflicted open to question open to debate hot-button trouble avid solicitous pushy earnest forceful suppliant overeager recalcitrant open to doubt up in the air yet to be decided much debated hard-nosed pigheaded picky fastidious boorish rigid argumentative finicky full of problems strong-minded irritable bloody-minded testy perverse bull-headed steadfast choosy refractory captious snappy cantankerous uptight chippy headstrong resolute immovable disputative oafish bearish thrawn huffy stroppy froward opinionated dogmatic indomitable overcritical wrong-headed irascible obstructive particular bolshie ungracious grumbly single-minded set in one's ways finical unpredictable hard to handle invidious contrary fiendish ill-natured crotchety ornery uppity feisty discontented dissatisfied rude crabby stiff-necked contrarious impolite opinionative disputatious balky obstreperous beset by problems overly solicitous judgmental disapproving overexacting cavilling quibbling disparaging possessive sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling firm censuring cavillous cynical carping censorious high-maintenance over-rigorous fault-finding over-strict over-exacting over-censorious

Danh từ

A noisy and disorderly person
hooligan lout ruffian brawler tough troublemaker hoodlum ned rough tearaway thug yahoo yob yobbo casual bruiser bully gangbanger gangsta gangster goon gorilla hood keelie larrikin mobster mug plug-ugly punk roughneck toughie toughy bogan bully boy chav cougan hoodie roughie scozza boot boy bovver boy hellion terror lager lout delinquent hoon criminal vandal heavy brute rascal villain tsotsi miscreant radge yobo crook lawbreaker myrmidon desperado rioter hitman gunman tough guy bullyboy scoundrel hector boor rogue persecutor oppressor browbeater tormentor antagonizer coercer bulldozer tormenter harrier intimidator insolent pest annoyer mafioso racketeer assassin murderer outlaw robber charva hard man terrorist bandit juvenile delinquent gang member member of the family tearabout fighter pesterer harasser torturer daunter tease teaser defacer barbarian wretch tough person beast philistine strong-arm assailant attacker yardie savage bravo scamp hitwoman godfather yokel vulgarian pirate ravager thief despoiler destroyer pillager ruiner trespasser plunderer wrecker looter mischief-maker oaf gunwoman wiseguy killer mugger rebel reprobate recreant brigand Mafioso hit woman hit man clod yakuza dealer pusher juvie wrong 'un lubber gawk graffiti artist Yardie offender wrongdoer bumpkin bear lug hired killer cut-throat hired gun professional killer hit person wise guy member of a criminal gang hatchet man member of the Mafia JD young criminal punk kid first offender youthful offender clodhopper palooka churl Neanderthal dolt hulk lummox lump ocker tyrant clumsy idiot scourge subjugator young offender aggressor henchman attack dog domineering person felon marauder convict raider baddy con jailbird highwayman malefactor footpad black hat gaolbird sinner transgressor skelm fugitive knave crim infractor freebooter malfeasant scofflaw culprit baddie swindler mosstrooper fraudster reaver armed robber shark cheater cheat misfeasor shyster evildoer perpetrator evil-doer gunslinger cateran snaphance dacoit devil hound burglar shoplifter housebreaker lag scallywag rapscallion caitiff varlet conman fraud trickster rapist nazi meanie monster fiend scalawag scapegrace meany charlatan outcast yardbird hustler lifer yegg psychopath tief perp no-good lighty cracksman grifter sociopath violater peculator holdupper violator trusty chiseller defalcator transport confidence trickster filcher pilferer purloiner con artist blackmailer old lag tea leaf bad guy evil person drifter bad egg ex-con wanted criminal black marketeer public enemy number one malevolent universal foe hijacker renegade rustler face cutthroat swashbuckler forager highwayperson gunperson heavyweight muscleman pariah public enemy ladrone bandolero exile rider tobyman holdup person bouncer bodyguard wrong number absconder runaway land pirate thief errant road agent knight of the road sniper gunfighter liquidator gun hold-up man shootist stick-up man contract man torpedo trigger man triggerman scammer bioterrorist rorter hoaxer cyberterrorist exploiter suspect embezzler scamster phoney bilker defrauder narcoterrorist ecoterrorist finagler agroterrorist quack hellhound prisoner button man armed man deadbeat derelict immoralist muscle phony pretender con man bad actor guilty party guilty person slippery eel fallen angel rogue trader bunco artist smooth operator flimflam man confidence artist person responsible confidence man degenerate lowlife supervillain dastard heel scumbag vagabond mischiefmaker rat antagonist blackguard louse dog profligate snake stinker incorrigible rotter swine bounder libertine monkey sneak cad maggot liar urchin creep antihero nointer rake mischief nasty imp good-for-nothing nasty person bad character bad news black sheep mean person cruel person bad lot unprincipled person enfant terrible ne'er-do-well snake in the grass limb of Satan

Danh từ

A rough, bad-mannered, or generally reprehensible person
boor brute creep dork hooligan jerk rascal ruffian schmuck weasel barbarian buffoon clown cretin goon hick joker lout rapscallion rogue scoundrel scum scumbag sleaze slimeball thug cad chav clod dastard degenerate louse miscreant oaf rake reprobate scuzzball skunk sleazebag sleazeball slime slob stinkard swine vagabond varmint vermin weirdo wretch yahoo beast brawler bumpkin buzzard chuff clodhopper clodpole crud dirtbag dog fink hoon knave loudmouth peasant philistine pig rat roughneck savage scalawag scuzzbag slimebag slimebucket snake toad yob yobbo ape blackguard bleeder bogan boob bosthoon bruiser charlatan churl cougan dirtball fraudster gorilla heel hound lubber lummox lump Neanderthal pervert redneck reptile rotter rough rube skank stinker toughie trickster varlet villain vulgarian worm bear blighter bounder butthole cheat crumb cur deviant dingo dip hayseed liar mofo monster mother oik pill primitive rounder scozza scrote sleeveen spalpeen stinkpot swindler tough wastrel bully boy lager lout rat fink hard man so-and-so son of a gun bad egg nasty piece of work snake in the grass good-for-nothing bad lot reprehensible person dastardly person sly person unprincipled person evildoer baddy scamp devil fiend scallywag scapegrace caitiff nazi meanie heavy no-good meany baddie delinquent sinner hoodlum felon bully black sheep sneak criminal sadist wrongdoer ogre culprit offender convict lawbreaker crook outlaw malefactor cannibal transgressor evil-doer scally trespasser mischief-maker misfeasor malfeasant black hat loafer gaolbird outcast jailbird fraud vandal skelm shyster whippersnapper cheater lowlife pickpocket bootlegger drunkard wrong 'un racketeer troublemaker ignoramus troglodyte animal bigot ned illiterate heathen demon lowbrow wild woman wild man ghoul radge hun crude boot boy imp savage person monkey mischief horror disgrace perisher urchin tyke hellion rip pickle tramp mischievous person puck prankster beggar jester opportunist profligate grafter robber bum prodigal cardsharp recreant git idler tease pretender hypocrite crim con hellhound prisoner idiot imbecile dullard dolt moron doofus simpleton jackass dunce dimwit dummy dumbhead lamebrain nincompoop dumbbell meathead dope clot numbskull nitwit dodo noddy bonehead knucklehead nimrod nit goof loon donkey fathead turkey schlub numskull ninny birdbrain mutt clunk airhead pinhead mug blockhead stupid chucklehead clodpoll ninnyhammer prat chowderhead stupe bubblehead woodenhead deadhead mome dummkopf loggerhead shlub thickhead natural noodle saphead dunderhead lunkhead cuddie hammerhead schnook stock hardhead ratbag cuddy gander golem cluck dum-dum half-wit know-nothing yo-yo dim bulb plebeian pleb fool twit pillock halfwit yokel bozo baboon putz sap dweeb spud numpty klutz dumbo chump lamer muppet galoot wiener geek dipstick dill goofball poop nerd simp dingbat thicko eejit dingleberry booby stumblebum goose mompara wally drongo galah weeny boofhead poon cuckoo schlemiel tosser tit squarehead dildo muttonhead nong gawk featherhead charlie goofus loser lug alec blunderer gink wazzock palooka plank knobhead twerp hobbledehoy divvy plonker gobdaw charley prick lunatic hulk coot meatball gowk berk gonzo nerk witling zombie dorba mooncalf sumph spoony nutcase tomfool nyaff nut twonk skate schlepper balloon ox ding-dong dumb-bell wing nut ding-a-ling dumb cluck clumsy idiot stupid person pudding-head pea-brain dumb ox wooden-head lame-brain

Động từ

To engage in a physical encounter, either competitive or non-competitive
fight brawl struggle grapple scrap wrestle box contend tilt battle exchange blows joust clash combat scrimmage spar do battle feud row tussle assault each other roughhouse stoush swedge vie assault attack each other be at each other's throats clash with come to blows cross swords duel engage in conflict face off hit each other lock antlers protect punch each other race scrimmage with scuffle skirmish with traverse tug war against have a dust-up have a set-to lock horns spar with taste battle bandy with bear arms brush with exchange blows with flare up go the knuckle have a punch-up lay into light into ply weapons carry on war fight like Kilkenny cats mix it up race against race with take all comers take up the gauntlet take the field wrangle quarrel skirmish engage contest war attack argue dispute bicker compete wage war confront squabble conflict disagree tangle altercate have a fight challenge go to war take on jostle rassle strive encounter oppose be at odds bump heads duke it out face come into conflict rough-house go for each other come to grips have a dispute be at loggerheads struggle with rival start fighting tackle romp trade punches have a row be in conflict take up arms tourney cuff rumble differ bandy words chop logic engage in fisticuffs buck defend get to grips go up against put up a fight square off fall out have a scrap have a barney hassle fight for go at it hammer and tongs enter the lists break a lance engage in combat raise your fists resist broil meet have a ding-dong prizefight manhandle collide break give no quarter tangle with fight it out wrestle with cross swords with mix it up with fight to the finish quibble play off wage war on vie with fight a duel go out close with engage with battle with raise Cain caterwaul raise fists slug it out exert work strain essay grunt endeavor jockey do battle with tussle with scrap with slug spat trade blows endeavour mess be in the running be at daggers with fight like cat and dog tilt with be at daggers drawn mount an attack engage in hostilities make war butt heads to fight punch competitively argufy fight nastily run have a misunderstanding fail to agree be at variance fence come to blows with cut and thrust mess with take part take part in a race have a tiff have a spat deal square up come up against become involved cope close take fight over address yourself to struggle for knuckle with repel go for try to win lay a finger on challenge for set to compete for gang up on battle for contend for vie for withstand put up dukes strike rumpus try for break with tussle for lay out put on gloves cross sock

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