Đồng nghĩa của defend

Alternative for defend

defends, defended, defending

Đồng nghĩa: protect, safeguard, shield, support,

Trái nghĩa: assail, attack, charge,


To protect or shield from harm or danger
protect guard safeguard shield secure screen shelter preserve cover bulwark forfend keep ward save fend fence harbor conserve harbour fortify prevent avert watch oppose resist house hedge uphold barricade garrison insure hold withstand look after keep safe watch over keep from harm ward off care for stave off give sanctuary fend off beat off guard against provide sanctuary repel danger take in be the defender of hold at bay take care of maintain inoculate mind police support ride shotgun afford protection to stand guard over tend escort shade foster assure insulate cushion immunize stand up for hide wrap immunise cover up conceal halt give refuge stop arrest thwart intercept foil stonewall occupy patrol oversee man overlook ensure stick up for haven enclose cover all bases preside over attend to repulse curb repel check provide protection for control go to bat for be in charge of relieve keep an eye on give asylum to safeguard from shield from provide refuge fight off give shelter to give sanctuary to provide a refuge for protect from hold back sustain salvage justify retain reclaim retrieve rescue cherish make invulnerable picket nanny mother chaperone roof shotgun chamber surround champion fight for rule guide supply with troops chaperon guard in transit give shelter give cover be responsible for have charge of cover for provide safety sentinel keep guard on mount guard on stand guard on cover up for persevere with minister to keep a lookout over take under one's wing stand guard save from harm take under wing manage take someone under your wing supervise run handle administrate govern operate superintend regulate direct steward tuck swathe cup enfold till conduct invest crown dress cap attend see to keep tabs on canopy clothe paper over reinforce hood overcast block forestall superpose superimpose dodge deflect divert put something on top of discourage escape parry baulk evade place under cover place something over duck balk head off hold off bottle up get back at defend yourself retaliate contain suppress push back restrain reply fight back repress counter put up a fight riposte turn aside shield against keep off put a stop to safeguard against secure against protect against defend oneself against keep at arm's length skirt round keep at bay pre-empt


To maintain or defend, as a cause or a claim, by words or measures
support back champion uphold endorse advocate espouse sustain bolster argue plead foster guarantee represent stand up for stand by stick up for back up be on the side of plead for go to bat for argue for come to the defence of speak up for thump for speak in support of stand for take up cudgels for come to defense of side with promote encourage favour favor be supportive of ally oneself with sponsor maintain abet be loyal to recommend stand behind stick by take up the cudgels for approve campaign for take the side of urge aid and abet plump for plunk for second vindicate prefer fight for sanction ally with associate oneself with patronize indorse countenance patronise lobby for approve of vouch for give one's support to give one's backing to take the part of protect sympathize with propose justify push for plug further speak for profess crusade for assert battle for boost press for insist on be in favour of smile on vote for ride shotgun stick with give a lift give a leg up adhere to be in favor of take to one's heart throw one's weight behind work for insist take someone's part side renounce aid help assist get behind rally round go along with throw in one's lot with throw in with advise validate ratify backstop prescribe verify confirm suggest commend grubstake angel ally prop up abide by cover for go to the wall for give as good as one gets stick one's neck out for give a boost stress establish contend push give one's blessing to advance tout reason press bless subscribe to stick to hold to stump for root for hold up one's end run interference for spread around build up brace up be in corner hold a brief for say so go for get on bandwagon hold with go with campaign on behalf of cling to contend for hew to keep to insist upon go to the wall hold a torch for put forward keep faith with remain loyal to be faithful to remain faithful to be on one's side be there for be true to stay loyal to put in a good word for adopt embrace accept welcome take to take up fall in with receive wholeheartedly receive enthusiastically go in for get into take on forward succour serve succor cultivate nurture facilitate expedite incubate nourish condone invite contribute to lend a hand give backing to be of service to hasten accelerate progress speed hurry step up hurry along speed up give one's approval to advocate for throw your weight behind be with agree with give moral support to announce one's support for give moral support formally support subsidize incite prompt benefact avail relieve stimulate cooperate with collude with spur connive with collaborate with work with mitigate minister alleviate connive goad prod subsidise give assistance to give support to lend a hand to give a leg up to bail out straighten out open doors for come to the aid of be in collusion with participate in connive at strengthen develop benefit guide give a push to set on put up to be hand in glove with egg on enrich foment make friends with feed proselytize tolerate look after befriend nurse proselytise cotton to keep an eye on make a friend of case out buddy up endure hack brook get in with hit it off take care of get chummy with come on to take up with affirm allow stomach permit bear take under one's wing swallow lend a helping hand to absorb stick meet take admit of go pocket bide handle wear stand abide thole approbate consent to agree to put up with grin and bear it put John Hancock on give the nod give the go ahead to bear with stomach something sit still for sweat out give the okay to sign off on applaud give the green light to give stamp of approval take kindly to give green light give the thumbs up to cope nod at thumbs up stick out live with agitate for pull for lend support to


To support, justify, or make an excuse for a (perceived) misdeed
justify vindicate support explain rationalise rationalize excuse warrant palliate exonerate exculpate argue for make excuses for give reasons for speak for plead for apologize for cover for prove a case say in defense make a case for give an apologia for speak in support of speak on behalf of give the rationale behind substantiate uphold maintain corroborate extenuate explain away verify validate legitimize account for legitimise bear out confirm establish give an explanation for sustain advocate endorse authenticate prove back assert whitewash answer for give grounds for provide a rationale for ratify sanction elucidate approve mitigate attest affirm clear up certify protest clear resolve claim contend argue attribute make acceptable stand by show to be reasonable give credence to lend weight to make allowances back up do justice to give a justification for make allowances for illuminate give an explanation show grounds for qualify come up with an explanation insist on swear by ground fight for swear to agree to approve of assent to consent to give substance to give proof of show to be true pretext cover appease alibi demonstrate evidence deodorize deodorise rehabilitate shield guard disprove protect refute second disculpate confute provide a justification for provide an explanation for offer grounds for bear witness to gloss over vindicate oneself exculpate oneself acquit oneself clear the air about exonerate oneself absolve oneself throw light on throw light upon gloze over give an excuse for give an alibi for shed light on give a reason for give a rationale for answer to reason excise intellectualise think reconcile intellectualize deliberate come up with an explanation for guarantee promise assure pledge cop out apply logic think through make allowance reason out give good reason for apply logic to cop a plea give alibi profess underwrite state aver undertake ensure avouch testify guaranty allege declare proclaim insure vow avow vouch pronounce secure stipulate insist purport swear delegate sponsor vouch for stand behind take an oath bear witness legitimatize legalize legalise legitimatise be answerable for show cause stand up for make good on show just cause for prove to be reasonable speak in favor of


To make strong and secure
fortify strengthen brace reinforce toughen support bolster buttress consolidate harden protect secure steel beef up forearm garrison indurate inure nerve poise ready season augment embattle shore up stiffen bulwark entrench gird prepare prop psych up safeguard wall hold up build up charge up punch up soup up step up make stronger uphold cement underpin maintain back up bolster up buoy up sustain bear undergird carry shore prop up stay confirm jack up jazz up encourage push emphasize underline spur invigorate boost galvanize intensify promote stress inspire foster drive champion heighten motivate enhance embolden deepen stimulate improve aid incentivize buoy corroborate reward empower help incentify assist incentivise substantiate enrich galvanise energize back envigorate highlight energise broaden emphasise spur on give a boost to underprop hold stand truss shoulder increase bear up keep up add to set cradle amplify enlarge upbear place extend tether take expand underlie rest subsidize cushion steady revitalize supplement stake withstand magnify swell revitalise redouble subsidise give support to accentuate make ready multiply brace up add fuel to fire amp up succor succour tense pillow resist fund finance underwrite stick strut wire suffer crutch pillar lie beneath tie up re-enforce stand up to endure be a foundation for keep from falling add force to feed gear up get ready bear up under widen pad add supply top round off top up eke out fill out make larger fill up make bigger heat up make greater raise develop escalate uplift inflate elevate hike stoke up advertise accelerate supersize aggrandize advertize compound hype rally jump lift hike up bump up put up make better crank up push up buck up boost up pump up fuel hearten vitalize renew restore establish mount harshen justify nourish rejuvenate sinew regenerate give strength to make firm wax give new energy to set up tone gee up make healthy tone up add fuel to


To give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory
argue contend assert maintain reason claim hold insist advance allege attest aver declare expostulate plead proclaim state testify avow certify challenge explain opine posit postulate propound question submit swear adduce advocate suggest asseverate depose imply move profess remonstrate appeal present prevail upon make a case make a case for give reasons for avouch vindicate support vouch cite respond put forward answer charges give evidence plea bargain cop a plea use as excuse use as an excuse affirm warrant protest purport pronounce tell urge debate justify rip prescribe zap enjoin dictate mix dispute charge cross say blast report go at light into jump on lace into have at come at take on lay into set to lock horns with let have it gang up on mix it up put up argument stick it to fly in face of sock it to one have bone to pick announce press propose convey stress emphasize emphasise lay down express utter voice disclose predicate admit repeat confess pass pop off bring forward volunteer articulate venture air put mention vocalize verbalize enunciate divulge word guarantee circulate vent reveal phrase talk promulgate intimate broadcast uphold communicate mouth impart denote inform asservate whisper publicize advertise deliver sound advertize speak reassert allegate reaffirm render mutter indicate publish shout cry recount intone verbalise modulate publicise vocalise offer speak out put across rumor get across talk about give voice to give utterance to put into words spell out give testimony make out come out with make public make known rumour bear witness give away confirm vow notify witness acknowledge represent validate champion put about that mouth off shoot one's wad shoot off one's mouth exclaim relate detail recite relay note remark outline address enounce spill spout blurt orate chatter mumble quote drawl jaw retell chirp summarise yak regurgitate clarify narrate lip signal gab gas perorate rehearse expose specify yammer murmur evince summarize translate pipe read declaim blab spiel soliloquize throw out put forth get off make clear reel off speak about sound out bring out pipe up with bruit about believe noise about speculate gossip tattle noise abroad spread the word buzz pass around bruit raise ventilate table annunciate moot disseminate broach couch discuss spread frame expound blare look trumpet import designate give formulate herald bespeak blazon hint connote inflect intonate insinuate clothe roar yell talk of set forth attest to put in words testify to pour out give utterance go into give expression to shout from the rooftops give out put over get over give expression point out give vent to bring into the open


Carry or possess firearm


To maintain, prolong, or keep something going
sustain continue maintain keep prolong protract support preserve bear conserve perpetuate retain back buoy carry on favor favour keep up keep alive keep going stay with bolster up hold up stand by keep in existence keep from falling uphold extend go on with lengthen save spin out draw out drag out persevere with persist with protect string out stretch elongate hold to outstretch pad delay stretch out extend the duration of keep something going continue with secure safeguard nurture cherish persist stall care for prolongate draw wire-draw look after make longer keep intact take care of drag one's feet manage renew keep on with carry on with control prop up project strengthen immortalize eternalize keep something up increase the length of run on fill hold keep possession of increase put rubber in let out let it ride hold on to put up eternize guard shelter cling keep to cling to be true to keep going with hang in disseminate propagate memorialize bolster commemorate spread shield nurse steward immortalise memorialise screen persevere harbour harbor cause to continue watch over keep safe give refuge give sanctuary last survive chug away plug away cool expand postpone defer procrastinate put on hold put off hold off drag on celebrate honour salute honor solemnize make immortal solemnise pay homage to pay tribute to keep alive the memory of remember observe recognize toast monumentalize acknowledge mark recognise admire venerate monument exalt enshrine glorify canonize ennoble deify apotheosize praise laud canonise

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