Đồng nghĩa của regulate

Alternative for regulate

regulates, regulated, regulating

Đồng nghĩa: adjust, command, control, correct, direct, govern, handle, manage, organize, rectify, remedy, rule, run,


(of a machine or process) To control or maintain the rate or speed of
control adjust modulate balance manage settle tune coordinate set synchronise synchronize time attune harmonise harmonize moderate fine-tune adapt modify alter change rectify reconcile fix correct revise revamp amend tweak calibrate fix up improve accommodate conform overhaul rework doctor reconstruct tailor reform rearrange set right renovate arrange remodel edit put right see to patch up mend repair organize vary readjust integrate emend fashion proportion recondition reshape rebuild make good tune up recast organise redraft reorganize refurbish refine reorganise make alterations to make adjustments to make over do up align convert conciliate condition fit restore tighten realign square order key redress mold straighten transform sort rejig mould rewrite patch reorient redo remake reorder reword remould restyle debug refit reorientate refashion redesign recalibrate retread set up clean up fiddle with rehash remold pitch put in order turn around standardize normalize jigger twiddle remedy normalise temper accustom standardise cure quadrate service shape transmogrify customize polish shift accord program switch evolve rehabilitate renew programme rescript fettle suit customise tailor-make set to rights revolutionize morph interchange bring into line face-lift upgrade reshuffle retool translate put in working order reconciliate tidy up scrub retouch reconstitute review put to rights put back together restore to working order touch up affect diversify rejigger reconfigure shape up go over compose revolutionise bring together make innovations iron out warp make as good as new regenerate permute make up set straight commute make different tamper with manipulate autotune reacclimate methodize gauge measure string dial give a face-lift get working again make improvements to collimate alternate remix shuffle become different tamper emendate freshen up replace tone gage inflect position orient transmute metamorphose transfigure reduce lower curb lessen restrain mutate true up make consistent redecorate acclimatize mesh correlate systematize groom tidy right tone down play down transubstantiate diverge transpose alchemize schedule spruce up beautify modernize acclimate assimilate familiarize metamorphosize develop update redevelop better ameliorate pool interrelate dovetail turn the tables turn denature turn the corner stir up change completely sing different tune switch over turn over new leaf permutate shift gears cook transfer turn upside down modernise make tidy posh up make smarter tart up smarten doll up make neater neaten spruce jazz up brighten up gussy up counterbalance compensate concert plan slot in fix a time for line up prearrange timetable diary pencil in book slate orchestrate sort out acclimatise familiarise reunite quarterback conduce systematise atune relate direct reclaim help check make agree red-pencil make right set the record straight clean up act do over clear up get with it pay dues straighten out pick up deal with fit together get it together reset rephrase condense be in harmony with be in accord with grow accustomed to be in tune with become used to pacify rehab heal censor copy-edit placate appease propitiate make changes to assemble redact cut get working annotate shorten abridge mollify approve arbitrate mitigate assuage get together on kiss and make up resolve differences between restore friendly relations between make peace between join mediate make matters up re-establish friendly relations between merge restore harmony between bring back together bury the hatchet re-establish intercede bring to terms come together bring back together again win over cool restore harmony patch things up prepare analyse trim draft finish splice publish assign strike out boil down prepare for publication draught analyze amplify check over report delete fly speck compile write over discard blue-pencil style excise feature butcher massage prescribe proofread enhance put sharpen focus troubleshoot grade make conform


To keep from exceeding a desirable degree or level
constrain check contain control curb inhibit bridle govern mitigate restrain stifle temper calm hold limit measure moderate restrict tame confine ease intern keep modulate rule trammel relieve pull in rein in hold back keep down tone down repress suppress subdue keep in check hinder hamper hold down hold in keep under control keep a tight rein on smother cap cool delimit circumscribe bottle up retard soften arrest rein impede keep within bounds stop keep the lid on master quell still discipline quiet fix peg curtail reduce freeze constrict cork set limits on impose limits on keep a lid on simmer down put the brakes on tranquilize withhold compose hem in hold up keep back slow down soothe handicap bound obstruct pacify tranquillize fetter diminish direct bar lessen halt decrease straiten hold in check cramp stay qualify get the better of choke back shut in put a brake on bite back hog-tie conquer interfere with settle keep lid on overcome lull collect lick water down adjust mellow demarcate delay keep in line hamstring guide muzzle modify chain detain thwart abate set specify frustrate prevent block demark imprison palliate stem deter gag delimitate define stall assuage terminate allay bind dispose muffle get a grip on gaol jail rein back slow relax put away pin down bring under control slacken tie down lock up cool down choke keep within limits fight back gain mastery over cut back put a ceiling on stem the flow of put half nelson on cool off tie up keep control of cork up keep on a string set a limit on baulk mothball immobilize immobilise bring into line incarcerate strangle lay down the law to someone prescribe encumber gain control over salve becalm lullaby quieten girdle entrammel shackle stymie ban lock in coop up fence in close in immure balk deny concuss deprive shotgun disallow necessitate hobble place a limit on put a limit on mince deaden break damp foil clog re-collect temperate box in handcuff neutralize pause manacle draw the line on mark off monitor keep tight rein on bring to screeching halt button up embarrass cut short catch squelch swallow interrupt mollify staunch bottleneck counteract lower weaken rally corner recover inspect gentle repulse discourage put a spoke in someone's wheel bring to a standstill pull up draw up play for time rebuff neutralise circumvent slacken pace brake stand in the way of nip in the bud checkmate fetch up humble tie mute placate resolve let up appease comfort reconcile console tune down balm solace ease up make up cow minimize extenuate stunt decelerate soft-pedal reclaim bust meet halfway play down cool out damp down set back discount minimise short-circuit mire lag retardate determine decide defeat loiter postpone procrastinate embog reef sway beat form condition dictate influence back-water hit the brakes lose speed lose steam let down flaps get in the way of cut down bog down wind down keep waiting anchor it overpower quash affect shape mould ration dampen vanquish alter touch underlie leash bit harness shrink inclose shorten narrow surround prelimit enclose encircle contract tether subjugate predispose directionalize mold act on incline work on shepherd debar dispatch dominate best triumph over surmount impact on exert influence on impound kill hogtie have an effect on be a factor in overmatch hegemonize manage keep in send up hang up cut down on clip someone's wings box up sit on pull back crack down have an impact on overbear upend get command end come down on put on ice prevail over get over skunk gain control of do down get around worst win against put the stopper on put paid to put an end to stamp out put the lid on clamp down on crack down on bring to an end bring to a halt throttle do for bring to a stop put a lid on put the kibosh on have on a tight leash


To exert influence over or dictate the outcome of
control manage direct supervise govern oversee superintend lead head administer command guide rule boss overlook administrate steward captain dominate influence tend domineer quarterback dictate oppress discipline predominate subjugate subject hegemonize affect micromanage regiment besteer bewield puppeteer preside over be in charge of head up be in control of call the shots run the show call the tune hold sway over rule the roost pull the strings be in the saddle reign over have authority over run things hold the reins deal with be at the helm be in the driving seat call the signals wear the trousers be in saddle be the boss have someone eating out of one's hand have someone in one's hip pocket have someone in the palm of one's hand have something in the palm of one's hand hold the purse strings have a hold over hold purse strings push buttons run conduct handle operate keep organize organise carry on steer pilot be at the helm of look after orchestrate mastermind order be in command of be responsible for take care of watch have control of chair exercise control over be the boss of be in charge care for be the leader of execute master watch over coordinate ride herd on carry out sway engineer manipulate maneuver manoeuvre helm officiate moderate tend to be head of be in driver's seat take charge of call the shots in take the helm be in power over be the head of have charge of sit on top of mind take over tyrannize maintain spearhead tyrannise chaperon inspect minister attend advise suppress observe host be in the driver's seat mediate arbitrate hold down call the tune in determine keep an eye on take the chair of facilitate be on duty guard overrule preside marshal marshall control strictly protect negotiate skipper channel front shepherd contrive drive defend wield plan honcho attend to police instigate hold office take the reins lead the way crack the whip pull the wires rule with a rod of iron keep a tight rein on keep in order take the chair call introduce see judge carry-on assume command over call the shots of own have wield baton survey ordain officer coach reign render officiate at address field monitor dispose manage people take hack rule over have control over occupy throne hold sway exercise authority assume command hold dominion call the play instruct treat work ply be at the controls of be at the head of till wear the crown serve the people be in power eye take forward have the say prevail over exercise authority over take the reins of assume command of exercise power take in hand sort out minister to be foremost umpire referee monopolize lay down the law herd call upon engage in safeguard shield control the affairs of have authority be in authority over hold dominion over preponderate point in the right direction put on the right track see to conquer monopolise baby-sit maintain order have power over be on duty at keep one's eye on trailblaze navigate beacon funnel coxswain point keep tabs on take control of concert deal with efficiently keep under control exercise strict control over allow little freedom to have command over systematize have a handle on have the upper hand over be pre-eminent over methodize keep in line keep on a tight rein systematise conceive devise frame arrange patrol stage-manage machinate wangle initiate forge finesse finagle create hatch originate bring into line generate work out put together dream up author come up with think up have the bright idea of think of be the brains behind decide keep watch on keep guard over inspire motivate keep the peace in keep the peace maintain law and order in make the rounds of prompt arouse bias win over form impact on rouse talk into bring to bear train get at be recognized have a part in prevail carry weight pull strings argue into act upon have an effect on seduce shape overshadow take charge fashion mould mold bully eclipse outshine overbear sit superabound hold power be monarch be sovereign be in control have one's way boss about walk all over boss around wield the sceptre occupy the throne play first fiddle be queen be king lead by the nose sit on the throne have upper hand ride roughshod over keep under thumb do the honors give directions commandeer be accountable for head something up be boss of reform occupy show the way outnumber be chairperson be in the chair at be chairman be chairwoman reign supreme rehabilitate correct make better change improve lord over detract from emcee serve dictate terms edit adjudicate call the shots on be responsible control the content of be chief of keep under one's thumb push act function transform be the editor of browbeat model take someone in hand bulldoze railroad pressurize style carry out official duties perform official duties jockey design pressurise outweigh lean on override try to control order around throw one's weight around lord it over give orders to give orders order about tell what to do throw one's weight about impose one's will on use strong-arm tactics on overpower carry most weight have the upper hand be dominant tell get the upper hand intimidate subordinate subdue vanquish pacify categorise pattern decree be in command push about have under one's thumb have ascendancy over have the whip hand over trample on push around keep under your thumb rule the roost in have the upper hand in have mastery over prescribe imitate decorate copy emulate categorize follow impose pronounce be in authority be number one enjoin demand promulgate lay down establish mandate set out choose set down state charge set walk heavy put foot down bid read the riot act have a bearing on


Arrange in order
methodize organise organize classify order systematise systematize group sort range dispose array file rank class systemize position align form tidy police spruce line up put in order clear the decks fix up police up put in good shape put to rights spruce up whip into shape arrange standardize marshal marshall standardise categorize lay out categorise codify adjust sequence plan tabulate assemble draw up sort out set out regularize design normalize catalogue formalize structure catalog place institute schematize establish normalise regularise formalise manage make uniform coordinate regiment adapt homogenize straighten up pigeonhole index distribute triage control rationalize bring into line devise project frame contrive homogenise fix settle straighten out grade shape up tighten up pull together get act together draft outline orient rationalise set up combine draught assign list tailor straighten spread out rate even out put together put exhibit present pose display stand put into order make the same gather muster put out seat prepare shepherd stabilize stereotype assimilate stabilise put on a normal footing make normal set situate clear up set to rights tidy up get in order line mass-produce neaten pattern streamline allineate even alphabetize conduct even up make parallel put in rows arrange in line make straight put in columns make even right space locate equalize institutionalize set in order put away graduate divide up measure arrange in a series proportion arrange in order separate compartment brand distinguish compartmentalise put down as relegate bracket assort typecast label regroup focus break down peg designate organize systematically compartmentalize colligate subcategorize portion reclassify recategorize tag bring together institutionalise equalise make comparable make consistent make regular mass produce compile shape constitute prioritize collocate mould fit consolidate inventory compose formulate correlate harmonize fashion mold prioritise construct harmonise put straight knock into shape lick into shape type digest tab mark divide characterize characterise button down evaluate put down for allot regard value identify size up collate specify allocate size collect log valuate score register judge gage analogize gauge match denominate define stamp describe consider chart segregate name partition compare liken slot equate docket record reckon cull figure accumulate estimate relate regard as identical regard as the same sectionalize term split tabularize suit typify nominate sticker finger bias mete appropriate apportion calibrate clepe deploy enumerate be title hold appraise assess part account include pick winnow choose riddle select comb screen sift queue summarize mark down ghettoize ordinate put a label on condense ghettoise put in shape summarise code aggregate place in order set forth type cast set in line couple yoke twin pair emphasize enter adduce anthologize form up emphasise respond post ticket gather together consign stratify examine check verify number calculate guess call suppose conjecture make enrol amass put into sets inscribe rank out take one's measure enroll book specialise insert garner specialize hoard edit concentrate congregate recapitulate glean abridge unite set side by side put down associate parallel connect equal metaphorize link make up approximate allegorize heap up get together pile up draw together set down draw an analogy mention in the same breath


To make (something that was previously illegal) permissible by law
legalise legalize permit allow approve authorise authorize legitimate licence license sanction decriminalise decriminalize validate accept admit legitimise legitimize ratify warrant countenance legitimatise legitimatize normalise normalize OK regularise regularize codify constitute decree enact formulate launder legislate make legal ordain pronounce lawful clean up give the go-ahead to say the word give the OK to give the thumbs up to give the green light to give the stamp of approval to tolerate declare lawful unban vindicate justify endorse condone support sustain declare legal grant enable empower pass agree to assent to consent to okay clear approve of accede to consent charter humor acquiesce concede humour have bless buy sign accede abet sanctify indulge give something the nod give leave give permission let pass give the green light thumbs up go for shake on say yes give the go-ahead sign off on take kindly to second greenlight homologate accredit confirm finalize approbate formalize give something the thumbs up finalise give your blessing to give something the green light say yes to give something the go-ahead give the thumbs up concur with go along with rubber-stamp favour formalise give your consent to favor let entitle suffer qualify give someone leave endure brook give someone authorization acquiesce in cause grant someone the right agree boost concur privilege franchise leave green-light admit of facilitate give the nod give your blessing give carte blanche wink at blink at acquiesce to


To distribute or apportion by (or as if by) lot
ration distribute allocate allot apportion issue allow assign deal dispense dole lot admeasure give out mete share out curb deal out divide out divide up divvy measure out parcel proportion prorate quota save share dole out hand out parcel out pass out divvy up mete out put a ceiling on divide dish out portion administer appropriate portion out ration out give grant designate shell out earmark measure cut consign slice split up split set aside devote award carve up budget bestow piece up partition disburse slice up appoint accord cut the pie disseminate send shift cut up disperse lot out fork out partition out hand over cut in break up fix part earmark for designate for determine budget for appropriate for set aside for specify set stipulate keep reserve hypothecate indicate relegate set apart prescribe decide on supply circulate fit up offer outfit begive pay out afford pass around provide deliver rig out accommodate yield arm dispatch diffuse fix up furnish stock provision present accoutre endow favour give away kit out fit out equip favor entrust confer commit delegate transfer pass round vest trust dedicate donate give over turn over commission leave intrust hand surrender charge confide task transmit apply consecrate refer impart pass name repose place set by give up to present to devolve pledge ordain sacrifice cast relinquish give over to hand round convey reassign dish up pass on vouchsafe confer on bestow on award to spare serve present with gift with move allot to endow with fork over invest enroll engage attach vow commend proffer burden cede recommend bequeath submit gift saddle nominate enrol tender authorize ascribe slot authorise extend make over accord to vest in donate to assign to allocate to hand on furnish with honour with commit to sign over impart to hand out to decorate with give round dole something out give something out assess put detail relocate scoop ladle produce serve up spoon inflict lay dish something out discharge halve hand something out find employment for advance divert find a job for install reward concern bind obligate install as lend second direct pin redirect give with depute occupy decree render will channel restrict come across with deduct remit slice the pie level concede crown give custody of leave with give custody give free rein deposit with trot out place at disposal entrust with instal charge with spread out regionalize reorganize scatter go fifty-fifty go even-steven create encumber load alienate deed alien change abdicate make available instate target aim constitute choose lay on grant to give out to extend to sweeten the kitty giving honor give to vouchsafe to separate broadcast label tag select decide mark flag propagate identify keep back lay aside volunteer lavish contribute establish pledge to maintain mark down put to one side put aside devote to tab mark out arrange distribute to bequeath to consign to invest in apportion to afford to decentralise decentralize reorganise come through honor with kick in put out lavish on render to entrust to heap on deposit hallow enshrine bless sanctify stake settle on agree on promise employ destine occupy oneself concern oneself provide with bless with supply with contribute to give up leave to

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