Đồng nghĩa của pay dues


To fix, correct, revise or improve
correct rectify remedy amend emend right cure improve redress ameliorate better reform alter edit put right repair revise set right square adjust debug redraft rescript reword rework rewrite make good regulate sort out change clean up doctor help mend modify polish reclaim reconstruct remodel reorganise reorganize retouch review scrub upgrade clear up deal with iron out patch up red-pencil do over fiddle with fix up go over make over make right pick up set straight shape up straighten out touch up turn around clean up act get with it put in order set the record straight fix refine revamp restore resolve put to rights enhance recast renovate perfect adapt settle update retrieve make better overhaul rephrase recalibrate recondition make up for renew redo solve set to rights copy-edit meliorate tweak refurbish heal refashion vary remake enrich rehabilitate reshape rebuild raise restyle advance hone elevate boost develop pay one's dues make amends for redraw convert make alterations to make adjustments to finish rebrand brush up check recompense transform lift redesign dial back reorient remould proofread reorientate rearrange check over customize tailor permute fine-tune remold customise emendate harmonize launder harmonise cut ease modernize rehash redeem compensate blue-pencil compensate for smarten up patch progress transmute modernise straighten up transfigure permutate expiate increase tidy up cultivate atone for remediate check through make reparation for make amends make restitution for make up redact mitigate clarify refresh censor augment do up turn the corner balance tighten counteract service revolutionize change for the better rejuvenate even up benefit reconstitute turn things around uplift amplify redevelop reconcile analyse compose analyze delete regenerate promote tidy straighten set up pay for reinforce revolutionise neaten make restitution make reparation strike out sort revitalize revivify work on mutate resurrect see to atone rehab appease strengthen requite reorder evolve bring up to code reenforce look over refit transmogrify shift turn over new leaf revitalise retread face-lift remove errors spruce up diversify smarten turn make improvements to make tidy make recompense for make level switch over fortify tune up beef up do penance shift gears make good for make redress for subedit rise heighten expurgate bowdlerize sharpen purify recuperate remap put something to rights qualify bowdlerise make perfect make strides perk up take off avenge conciliate reward compare scrutinise scan scrutinize reexamine optimise optimize go straight do justice become aid make changes to fine tune phony up correct mid-course make different go through bone up spell-check alleviate become better step up build on offset end attend to restitute replace look through mark up put on the right track copyedit bring around transcend excel improve on remove eliminate facilitate bolster remaster square up clean up one's act take care of forgive absolve excuse purge relieve appreciate further diagnose untangle troubleshoot delouse unscramble unravel revive maintain fettle redecorate metamorphose assuage forward temper save fine moderate reanimate vitalize stimulate sustain get working cancel countercheck frustrate neutralise annul negate negative neutralize vindicate groom streamline doctor up re-create put back together restore to working order pay recompense for beautify make as good as new do away with get to the bottom of be the answer to put an end to be the solution to embellish square things do penance for level out balance out restore the balance even out contemporize answer complete consummate finalize fashion morph posh up make smarter tart up doll up make neater spruce jazz up brighten up gussy up rationalize innovate re-equip transubstantiate reshuffle shape rejig diverge transpose retool mold alchemize translate propitiate work the bugs out of rationalise metamorphosize modulate readjust make redress pay the price say sorry make recompense redeem oneself absolve oneself take one's medicine apologise apologize pay the penalty finalise sleek practice practise slick mature round bring up to date regularize equalize turn the tables affect denature stir up change completely rejigger reconfigure sing different tune switch mould make innovations interchange warp cook transfer commute turn upside down tune tamper with finish off arrange get the latest version of bring into the twenty-first century condense make improvement improve performance clean up your act pull your socks up get your act together mellow turn over a new leaf get it together uncurl put the finishing touches to put the final touches to assemble regularise equalise unkink align annotate shorten abridge restructure order uncoil unbend approve prepare trim draft splice publish assign draught report compile discard style excise feature butcher massage prescribe set make straight make plumb put vertical even level smooth down put straight organise put perpendicular flatten untwist put upright organize unfold boil down fly speck write over prepare for publication

Trái nghĩa của pay dues

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