Đồng nghĩa của recompense

Alternative for recompense

recompenses, recompensed, recompensing

Đồng nghĩa: compensate, pay, reward,


Compensation or reward given for loss or harm suffered or effort made
compensation indemnity reparation restitution indemnification redress remuneration requital damages meed payment reward amends atonement consideration quittance recoupment reimbursement remittance reprisals satisfaction solatium emolument expiation guerdon repayment payback propitiation redemption salvo quid pro quo something returned pay fee wage return honorarium salary stipend settlement allowance retribution reprisal profit gain earnings deserts premium bonus benefit retaliation prize take bounty perquisite payoff income award just deserts wages commission hire refund dividend reciprocity penalty price bread penance take-home paycheck incentive packet proceeds money cut accolade offset advantage desert due gratuity counterclaim defrayal pay envelope gravy scale interest fees reckoning emoluments perk tip inducement gift justice handout punishment revenue honour dues percentage right share merit honor rate pay-off carrot perks claim crown take-home pay salt meet shake coverage remittal winnings comp reciprocation revenge setoff grant correction vengeance charge profits sweetener apology purse takings portion entitlement gross pay comeuppance nemesis net pay garland goodies slice appreciation plum merits restoration present fringe benefit reparations costs feather in cap fine returns decoration rectification chastisement remedy lucre castigation discipline wrath forfeiture rebate yield comeback aid judgement defrayment endowment damage bacon judgment gratification sum pension annuity subsidy part scholarship expense alimony amount squaring things measure due reward prize money kickback measure for measure piece end piece of the action tit for tat bite poetic justice what's coming to you what you deserve just reward eye for an eye need prerogative rights grease cue privilege card refund penitence prem vindication deserving retainer blood money donation rewards purgation accrual gate accruement benefits perquisites pickings payroll reinstatement replacement substitution expenses forfeit koha lagniappe largesse mulct something in return chargeback barter making good earned income net gross pot advance down amortization amortisation acquittal support cash outlay title lex talionis tooth for a tooth rightful treatment fair treatment act of contrition whack cost stake extra quota complimentary fee baksheesh commish boon plume kudo distinction allotment sanction sentence stakes allocation lot instalment installment bribe toll slice of the cake ruling figure stock spiff store value discharge give-up discount give-back money back acquittance consolation ration something to sweeten pot bill tariff account just punishment deserved fate regard conviction punition decree verdict determination proportion stint freight ante backhander payola graft cure help ease relief helping limit apportionment enticement blue ribbon handouts condemnation rule fare rake-off handle subscription price tag house juice take-in chunk assistance sop remitment cheque disbursement giving paying bequest permitted amount inheritance legacy taste budget permitted quantity pin money quantity fellowship stipendium pittance allurement reworking rehabilitation reformation conciliation reestablishment change remodeling remission amendment renewal remodelling offsetting revision repair balancing monies rap pronouncement decision softener oil boodle revanche counterblow avenging avengement transmittal transfer hand-outs hush money punitive action retributive justice negotiable instrument transfer of funds money order an eye for an eye an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth money under the table plus


A tip given to a waiter, taxi driver, etc
gratuity tip bonus gift perquisite present reward donation boon baksheesh benefaction largesse perk handout lagniappe pourboire bounty cumshaw dividend donative douceur extra gravy throw-in bonsela fringe benefit guerdon alms bit extra contribution extra payment gravy train little extra offering salve sweetener token little something service charge goodwill gesture grant endowment benefit charity subsidy bequest award stipend freebie largess premium advantage hand-out plus privilege giveaway allowance payment incentive bestowal scholarship freebee consideration favor favour inducement allocation aid appropriation assistance help gain presentation concession prezzie goodie allotment asset compensation lump honorarium godsend prize fellowship koha dole additional benefit plus point bribe fairing subvention legacy handsel remuneration blessing merit upside windfall value pay souvenir comp fee philanthropy gifting annuity pay-off backhander entitlement appanage settlement beneficence memento profit payoff carrot price pension pro funding admission dispensation sponsorship added extra treasure keepsake commission investment emolument feather in cap remembrancer conferment subscription kickback virtue money write-off winnings meed giving cut take resource provision pittance purse relief compliment stake bestowment service addition honour courtesy inheritance dropsy enticement gratification sop goody ice hand graft golden hello amenity fix boodle bursary honor helping hand hand-me-down good point tribute good advantageousness good thing saving grace conveyance transfer assignment tips benevolence transferal dowry expenses salary packet paycheck hire wage tithing vail support generosity almsgiving lap of luxury life of Riley life of ease submission fund oblation offertory free sample backing bequeathal income revenue smalls bonsella widow's mite complimentary fee percentage finance return munificence liberality requital free meal free gift convenience expediency decoration devise hereditament utility beauty expedience attraction alimony subsidisation financial aid financial backing indemnity subsidization leg up pay envelope frosting benediction bonanza manna apanage felicity luxury small change nest egg trust property desert repayment benison added advantage attractive feature boot money perks usefulness indulgence strength mileage strong point good fortune piece of good fortune break stroke of luck charitable donation garland goodies crown accolade acquisition signing bonus sign-on bonus unexpected extra pay supplement special compensation additional compensation golden parachute something extra payola helpfulness use deal little something extra prize money bung venture buy acquirement worth cream steal bargain purchase egg in one's beer sling plugola drop allurement schmear good buy accretion good deal possession procuration holding envelope feedbag sweetening reward for treachery corrupt money buyoff hush money influence peddling contract blackmail protection lure grease bait corrupting gift ration a hand doing one's part heritage birthright patrimony welfare heirloom conferral estate reminder trophy grace succor remembrance memorial patronage succour commemorative monument valuable charitableness dues family treasure pledge mercy deed granting relic promotion share symbol accordance abetment kindness sustenance dower grants portion testimonial kind act good turn good deed emblem act of assistance act of kindness memorabilia graciousness zakat altruistism disposal brotus tilly pasella financing funds thoughtfulness lubrication payment grease payment goodwill tendering conferring advancement antique something inherited input gimmick altruism memorandum knickknack role supply devisal bequeathment reversion donations contributions gesture of goodwill olive branch friendly gesture one's part handouts tradition primogeniture heritance trial offer special offer gifts free offer product sample free go free lunch complimentary ticket free pass presents scholarships subsidies endowments bursaries turn presenting awarding boost donatives benefactions financial assistance financial relief alms-giving quota dispensing furnishing delivery entrusting according offerings gift-giving superannuation assist tax offer delivering investiture extending deliverance comfort lot IRA retirement pension retirement fund retirement account fixed income social security retirement income welfare payment furtherance salvation skill slice talent duty measure amount charge piece end proportion stint part handing over handing out levy impost helping limit apportionment remittance bite permitted amount taste budget interest permitted quantity pin money quantity customs ransom toll sign mark evidence index indication expression homage tariff excise manifestation representation badge demonstration proof note token of remembrance something to remember someone by something precious earnest clue recognition attestation warrant sample warning pawn presage symptom significant gesture omen indicia security


To make restitution, especially through payment
compensate indemnify repay reimburse requite atone remunerate comp expiate redress satisfy square counterbalance counterpoise countervail fix offset overcompensate propitiate make good atone for make up for make amends make amends for make amends to pay for make reparation to make restitution for make restitution to pay money to pay back refund return make restitution pay recoup reciprocate settle up with balance reward remit restore redeem retaliate settle pay off give in return square accounts with compensate for make reparations even the score give tit for tat give back make reparation return the compliment make recompense redeem oneself make up respond match rebate guerdon repair repent revenge avenge restitute get even correct pay damages equal hit back counter do penance get even with return like for like settle accounts with pay dues get revenge square accounts return the favour return the favor do penance for pay someone back in his get your own back settle the score make reprisal get back at pay the price pay the penalty make redress for redress the balance give as good as one gets put back make whole make it up to replace relinquish rectify recover honor a claim make repayment feel in return put to rights make reparation for square up give money back award accord shell out pay compensation pony up pay costs pay up settle up answer correspond exchange counteract reconcile interchange swap neutralize pay the price for apologise appease apologize retort make redress do the same cancel out do the same in return respond in kind nullify absolve yourself say sorry take one's medicine even cancel equalize annul negative even out equilibrize even up obviate balance out be equivalent equalise charge outweigh allow for negate neutralise set off equipoise counterpose counterweigh account counterattack react quit make restitution venge get your own back on take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth turn the tables on revenge oneself pay someone back in their own coin give someone their comeuppance pay out be revenged avenge oneself give someone a Roland for an Oliver wreak vengeance turn upon give as good as you get take revenge give someone a dose of their own medicine rise to the bait have one's revenge exact retribution settle accounts fight back get even for wreak revenge let someone see how it feels strike back take reprisals return fire get back at someone settle a score take an eye for an eye give someone a taste of their own medicine put up a fight exact revenge


To make amends to or reward someone for (loss, harm, or effort)
redress compensate for make amends for make good make up for make reparation for make restitution for rectify correct remedy amend square mend put right repair fix retrieve resolve cure improve compensate right adjust settle set right better ameliorate balance sort out make right pay for deal with dial back pay dues put to rights recalibrate make amends restore turn around solve straighten out straighten avenge make better patch recondition fiddle with reward set to rights do justice fix up set straight reconstruct scrub overhaul go straight launder clean up put in order debug doctor emend shape up reform ease regulate harmonize heal relieve redeem cancel balance out even out patch up turn over new leaf harmonise vindicate make restitution countercheck change negate level out neutralise recompense for even up restore the balance annul frustrate turn things around counteract revise negative neutralize make reparation atone for offset appease excuse absolve forgive purge atone expiate square things make good for make redress for do penance do penance for make recompense for red-pencil alter rewrite modify rework redraft help upgrade enhance edit reword refine rescript retouch pick up clean up your act touch up polish clarify remodel rephrase copy-edit recast emendate renew revamp meliorate go over raise perfect enrich set the record straight clear up straighten up rebrand redraw tweak elevate update adapt qualify redact subedit mitigate make up aid lift expurgate censor bowdlerize benefit square up take care of attend to put on the right track boost alleviate bowdlerise end reorganize review reclaim reorganise redevelop rejuvenate eliminate remove advance promote reinforce iron out requite revitalize revivify do over make over renovate restitute resurrect replace get to the bottom of do away with be the solution to be the answer to put an end to get with it reenforce remaster revitalise become better make improvements to step up counterbalance doctor up re-create invalidate counterpoise countervail cancel out nullify equilibrize obviate counterweigh lessen contravene stabilise halt counterwork counter reduce go against stabilize buck cross respond


Rebuke or reprimand severely
chastise scold berate reprimand lecture rebuke castigate upbraid censure chide reprove lambaste carpet admonish criticise criticize reproach bawl out blame correct discipline dress down tell off nag pull up rate chasten chew out monster baste blow up at bollock bring to book flay hammer jaw keelhaul lambast rag ream out score take to task tick off tongue-lash trim give someone a dressing-down give someone an earful give someone a telling-off haul over the coals objurgate remonstrate with reprehend visit call down ferule find fault with give a rocket give someone a caning give someone a roasting give someone a rollicking give someone hell pummelled pummel rant at rap over the knuckles ream skelp spank throw the book at give someone a mouthful give someone what for have a go at let someone have it give a talking-to give someone a bollocking give someone a rating give someone a wigging give someone some stick lay into lean on rail against rail at read the riot act slap down tear off a strip climb all over give someone a row come down on like a ton of bricks blast condemn lace into pitch into tear into excoriate rap slate denounce attack wig slam come down on knock row revile flame pillory abuse blow up slag off vituperate roast pan diss savage bash put down disparage send someone away with a flea in their ear rake over the coals crucify rubbish bag vilify jump on put on the mat fulminate against denigrate tear a strip off harangue deprecate slash scathe punish rail cane malign cut up trash slap on the wrist belabor reprobate belabour skewer pull apart inveigh against bad-mouth blister penalize lash give a piece of one's mind slag rip rollick assail run down pick holes in potshot penalise find fault jump down one's throat arraign call on the carpet fault slap someone's wrist dis asperse scorch impugn give someone a bad press light into pull to pieces yell at go on at sledge besmirch sail into check slur exprobate denunciate judge dispraise pick to pieces rip into cast aspersions on pour scorn on nitpick about cut down give a bad press to take down take to the woodshed scourge take to pieces come down hard on caution derogate decry accuse cavil disapprove of lesson monish disapprove carp at zap skin vituperate against talk to animadvert on nag at nit-pick lay down the law let fly call to account pick at smear deplore fustigate contemn carp growl hit rake maul execrate slang clobber animadvert nitpick slug jawbone remonstrate cavil at preach strongly criticize get after tear apart draw the line trounce go for the jugular throw brickbats at pass strictures upon give a going over slap on wrist rap on knuckles hit out at give flak to tell a thing or two expostulate oppose speak to throw shade bag on get at give some stick to give one hell jump all over criticize severely scoff at have someone on the carpet give the business do down tear to shreds nitpick over find lacking reprimand severely round on lash out refute exprobrate attask cudgel slap deride shellac call over the coals strike smother ridicule lampoon warn harsh threap adjure advise counsel take disciplinary action against harass recriminate taunt discredit argue with assault verbally ding notice glue forewarn hoist defame moralise moralize speak tear to pieces take apart disagree with fry lash into scorn backbite rebuff incriminate ostracise ostracize objurate chew afflict repress soften try suppress subjugate pile in dress-down rake over coals pass judgment give tongue-lashing strafe jack up sit on put on the carpet jump down someone's throat dishonor dishonour disgrace start on shoot down start in have words with rave at read out look askance pick apart criticize harshly rank on give going-over give a tongue-lashing take on tear someone a new one give someone a dressing down give someone a telling off have words rap across the knuckles severely reprimand take down a peg give a hard time get on burn one's ears give someone a carpeting eat out criticize hatefully shout at cuss out carp on sound off go after have your knife in keep after jump on one's case bite someone's head off snap someone's head off lay on give comeuppance explode give piece of mind whip express disapproval of criticize strongly tear down mete out punishment to be hard on rag on teach a lesson make an example of pick on fluff slog beat call to task point the finger at flog thrash anathematize scarify drub give the devil burst out lash out at give someone stick bring to account complain about skin alive do a number on give bad press cut to bits frame pronounce depreciate belittle proscribe name adjudge keep nothing back erupt with anger insult send up give something a bad press put away slander calumniate send someone away with a flea in his lower the boom give the dickens point finger at hang something on blow whistle on thumbs down on pin it on traduce send up the river lay at one's door vilipend curse rap someone the knuckles drag over the coals lay out rile give vent to one's emotions lose one's temper with give free rein to one's emotions object to frown on cry down tie into think wrong be against not support beat up on throw shade at bark at look askance at discountenance take exception to not believe in object pass on zing disfavour discommend detract disfavor negate remonstrate against disesteem express a poor opinion of raise an be hostile towards diminish minimize dismiss discount dump on talk down do a hatchet job on trash-talk slight minimise play down poor-mouth speak ill of write off kiss off stigmatize drag through the mud detract from undervalue underrate mock stigmatise libel underestimate trivialize downgrade speak badly of marginalize deflate torment pooh-pooh marginalise blacken the name of throw mud at sneer at trivialise speak evil of fulminate demean opprobriate needle contradict bully treat lightly disdain take issue with minify misprize hold cheap thunder reject declaim inveigh degrade downplay lower impeach jeer at mudsling bother give something a battering rage dispute be critical of kick up a stink about make light of victimize controvert make fun of argue against spread lies about persecute tyrannize cut down to size brand bring into disrepute gainsay blacken the reputation of sully the reputation of tease intimidate despise gripe about conduct a smear campaign against get angry with question give a bad name protest against be hostile to discriminate against badger rant speak out goad protest charge bait jeer fume whine about carp about indict tyrannise victimise moan about grouse about grouch about quibble about oppugn make a stand ride provoke adjudicate demonize understate challenge prosecute bellyache about whinge about beef about badmouth demonise offend complain blacken outrage sound off about laugh at laugh off mouth off about downcry be down on vociferate go on about expostulate about tax mortify humiliate sneer declaim against kick up a fuss about dig sell short deliver judgment call into question give opinion poor mouth take a swipe at pooh pooh have a down on have it in for swipe at let fly at lam into wade into make a fuss about cast a slur on affront stick it to be malicious about be spiteful towards be unkind about abhor speak of with disfavour blacken the character of detest bring under fire sling mud at hit out satirize rebut be anti find unacceptable satirise review unfavorably have a pop at take heap squash squelch destroy misrepresent devalue snipe at debase hold forth against sully lessen devaluate cheapen compromise mistreat caluminate voodoo cuss jinx mark down take away crush make little of frown blacken someone's reputation show someone up sour grapes back-bite gossip about take a dim view of snipe be in opposition to quarrel with take swipe at throw stones at humble clamor against spurn look down on think little of weigh into give someone bondi shame snub comment negatively shoot full of holes cut to the quick show up charge with set upon rap knuckles harry grumble at bedevil rip up take dim view of not go for backstab frown upon give a black eye put a whammy on expose to ridicule take a dig at to denigrate put hooks in hold up to shame single out discourse orate perorate express strong disapproval of think badly of express disapprobation of express disapprobation protest strongly thunder against rage against dig into assault tuck into storm hold someone to blame complain to query protest strongly at remonstrate about rant about make a protest mouth off spout bluster huff rave hold responsible hold accountable make a stand against raise objections to kick make a protest against complain vociferously about oppose strongly complain bitterly about speak out against kick up disagree violently with put up a fight against kick against take a stand against take great exception to contravene traverse doubt negative resist disaffirm break contest cross disavow deny tar take a stand menace criminate animadvert upon vociferate about heckle hassle chaff swear at debate argue hold at fault lay charges against bring someone to trial have the law on bring charges against bring a charge against bring a case against prefer charges against inculpate put on trial take to court rib guy haze make mincemeat of make short work of rip to shreds rant and rave gibe gibe at twit domineer pester hector cast doubt upon cut to shreds cast aspersions upon throw doubt on pin on thumb nose at make sport of scout poke fun at flout jab quiz tantalise twitter rally tantalize lout take the piss out of niggle hound dog irritate browbeat fuss bug declare unsafe declare unfit be on at someone punish repeatedly and unfairly henpeck peck at wound pique vex displease take issue irk hurt disrespect gall anger disgruntle annoy rankle scandalize disgust distress put put out upset give a zinger confront scandalise hit where one lives give the cold shoulder put your back up make somebody's hackles rise ruffle one's feathers raise your hackles


To penalize someone for wrongdoing
punish discipline penalise penalize chastise chasten correct castigate abuse beat cane get lash mistreat murder scalp sentence thump wallop whip batter flog harm hurt injure misuse oppress scourge manhandle visit admonish blacklist cuff debar defrock dismiss drop on execute exile expel fine immure incarcerate lecture mete out punishment to paddle rebuke reprimand reprove skin skin alive spank switch tear down train bring to book come down on make an example of slap someone's wrist attend to beat up do in give it to someone give someone what for rap knuckles crack down on give a lesson to give someone the works give something a going-over knock about rough up teach a lesson give a going over throw the book at come down on like a ton of bricks punish severely have someone's guts for garters fix someone's wagon reprehend scapegoat tan someone's hide whip someone's hide thrash belt hammer strike whale hide tan birch baste lick pummel lambaste pound bash drub buffet hit maul pummelled pommel whup leather flagellate lambast lather slate bludgeon thresh work over slog whop tromp whap scold curry chide flail bung up flay mess up belabor horsewhip strap pelt belabour club give someone a hiding bat lace slash fib do upbraid berate take to task punch out smack attack clout clobber whack censure lay into beat the living daylights out of objurgate reproach cowhide rawhide excoriate punch slam cudgel slap condemn tell off call down criticize carpet knock deal with trounce dress down trash bruise tongue-lash larrup tick off smash give someone a dressing-down criticise afflict amerce lace into have a go at rake over the coals paste rag destroy crush thwack assail keelhaul rate assault score jaw rap break rap over the knuckles give someone a roasting scorch pulverize sock trim slug lam rant at give a rocket bawl out whomp shellac smother bang rail at give someone a good hiding chew out rain blows on ream out pitch into haul over the coals rail against maltreat read the riot act box let someone have it pulverise sanction curse torment dock overwhelm rout mulct torture denounce remonstrate with blast impose defeat judge bullwhip revile terrorize harass slaughter annihilate diss deck bollock vituperate smite scathe best quirt flame terrorise hit with exact a penalty from slap with wreck marmalize cream bury fulminate against put on the mat massacre worst flatten smoke demolish disable blister roll crucify tank tonk biff welt bop drum pan lacerate ram swat skunk bomb dust own plug give someone a drubbing defeat utterly give someone a telling-off slag off blow away take a stick to be victorious over put down snow under give someone a bollocking blow out rip into walk all over make mincemeat of tan one's hide lay one on walk over knock around bring someone to their knees run rings around maim beat hollow triumph over blow out of the water blow up at do over give a talking-to give someone an earful mutilate wipe the floor with get the better of mash jump down one's throat mangle take to the cleaners win a resounding victory over take a strap to tear off a strip kill give someone a rollicking knock into the middle of next week turn inside out tear into sort out ground crack chin yerk flop flutter flap ferule harangue tap fill in paddlewhack dust someone's britches warm someone's seat wax yell at have words rap across the knuckles severely reprimand thong stripe discipline someone for repress soften exprobate try suppress subjugate smear deride call over the coals roast lash into have your knife in strafe wound damage slipper disfigure contuse cripple lame deface brutalize dash against aim blows at brutalise tear a strip off have someone on the carpet impair scud skelp incapacitate gash graze give someone a hot bottom put over one's knee give someone a licking put someone over your knee blip flax warm someone's bottom scratch put out cause pain to total cut bang up pinch scrape cause injury to take disciplinary action against handicap blame inflict plague put on the carpet imprison decry reprobate wreak befall lay down the law devastate disparage deplore deprecate trouble harrow impose penalty inflict a penalty on impose a sentence on inflict handicap slag dis dispraise anathematize execrate disapprove inveigh against fault bump ruin ravage impact bother arraign find fault with award a penalty against impose a penalty on put at disadvantage jerk shake whisk send up point finger at frame pronounce hang something on depreciate belittle denunciate blow whistle on proscribe give something a bad press send up the river thumbs down on pin it on name put away give someone a bad press lay at one's door adjudge descend on avenge descend upon force upon pain bring down on wear out beset burden bedevil charge levy put exact cause suffering to sting assess sconce impose a fine on pay through the nose throw book at make pay confiscate extort punish by fining seize tax sequestrate monster savage wig row rail potshot ream scarify pull up give someone a caning give someone a mouthful give someone a wigging send someone away with a flea in their ear slap on the wrist give someone hell criticize severely give someone some stick jump on rap someone the knuckles drag over the coals slap down give someone a row lay out give someone a rating lean on

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