Đồng nghĩa của counteraction

Alternative for counteraction

  • danh từ
    • sự chống lại, sự kháng cự lại
    • phản tác dụng
    • sự trung hoà, sự làm mất tác dụng


To act or contradicting or denying the truth of something
contravention contradiction refutation repudiation negation rejection conflict dispute opposition rebuff disavowal denial dismissal disclaimer incongruity paradox inconsistency disagreement incongruousness dichotomy clash variance mismatch aporia antinomy confutation antilogy oxymoron ambiguity flaw defiance bucking illogicality dissension discrepancy challenge difference disputation lack of congruence contradiction in terms disallowance renunciation rebuttal abnegation retraction forswearing refusal nonacceptance gainsaying declination veto disapproval dissent abjuration renouncement turndown disconfirmation denegation nix disowning disaffirmation cold shoulder cancellation nay negative nullification prohibition abrogation brush-off annulment cancelation refutal adjuration disproof repeal repulse reversal dismissing renegement rejecting repudiating refusing controversion refraining thumbs down counterstatement no way revocation no abandonment knockback snub nonconsent spurning repulsion declension voiding denunciation protestation pass knock-back eschewal exclusion countering abolition rescindment quashing abstaining noncommittal dissolution casting off avoidance disclaiming abolishment abatement defeasance invalidation relinquishment retractation abstention disfavor regrets non-acceptance discountenancing giving up brushoff ban proscription noncompliance disfavour interdiction writ forbidding enjoinment statement abnegation statement casting aside turning down kick in the teeth disaffirmance lack of acceptance opposite traversal antithesis recantation unacceptance demurral declinature negative response resignation surrender refuting disproving countermanding declining annihilation abdication overthrow undoing rescinding voidance discrediting slap in the face bounce bum's rush elimination kick in teeth hard time no go the old heave-ho nothing doing no dice disproval forgoing waiving self-denial waiver demission choice withholding self-sacrifice eschewing yielding signing away sacrifice self-abnegation remission forbearing the elbow recall withdrawal volte-face about-face contraversion backpedaling unsaying renouncing reneging backtracking backpedalling disacknowledgement refusal to acknowledge


A contest held to establish someone's, or something's, superiority or supremacy
competition contest match tournament championship clash event battle bout game duel sport conflict encounter race trial trials war confrontation contention dogfight fight fixture matchup struggle warfare combat concours grapple heat league meet playoff prizefight round scrimmage stakes strife tourney candidacy derby drive engagement meeting quiz face-off ball game head-to-head athletic event pairing off sweep-stake sweepstakes tug-of-war one on one one-upmanship one-upping horse race do or die rivalry skirmish challenge set-to tussle final fracas scuffle collision affray run-in rally test rencounter feud scrap fighting fray hostilities dustup pageant tie split playdown play-off showdown joust gala games battle royal attack hostility bloodshed sports event hassle action brush sporting event sporting competition armed conflict mill series friendly cup run sports semifinal marathon running siege blitz discord boilover playoffs conflagration striving emulation go knockout tiebreaker scrum dispute shoot-out cup tie regatta armed struggle test match shootout competitive event boat race competition battle royale vying argument puzzle stake match up bat tilt scramble offensive discussion trying proving testing local derby performance competitive fight tangle crisis quest conclave convention gathering matches sports meeting debate warring dust-up incident boxing match convocation clashes duels vendetta hot war controversy counterinsurgency blows arms strategy rematch replay shindy shindig afters field flap mano-a-mano muster congress hunt matchups contests onslaught onset assault melee round-robin heptathlon set pentathlon decathlon athletics ultramarathon biathlon sudden death triathlon cup final beef shock static brawl altercation rumble wrangle row band association group high noon single combat duello mix-up brush-off cyberwar cold war military action turf war monomachy biffo play off finals gunfight fencing field meeting campaign military operation judicial duel sword fight affair of honour armed confrontation armed clash quarterfinal affair of honor meeting for satisfaction of honour final round sprint chase relay dash scurry pursuit rush Cup final tie-break championship fight final match grand final title fight last leg Super Bowl knockout round final game decider course time trial time-trial relay race steeplechase


Conflict or animosity caused by a clash of wills, temperaments, or opinions
friction conflict discord disagreement disharmony dissension opposition strife disunity hostility rivalry wrangling animosity bickering dispute dissent resentment variance antagonism arguing argument clashing contention disputation quarreling quarrelling antipathy disaccord discontent discordance enmity feuding fighting squabbling acrimony bitterness discordancy dissention dissidence dissonance disunion division grievances grudges infighting inharmony schism war warfare bad blood bad feeling falling-out incompatibility jar faction factionalism flak hassle hatred ill feeling ill will quarrel row ruckus rumpus set-to tension trouble sour note bone to pick clash difference difference of opinion feud controversy altercation squabble animus spat misunderstanding wrangle rancour fight hate rancor confrontation aversion rupture malice split venom spite malevolence malignity tiff gall loathing spitefulness detestation grudge jaundice bicker rebellion alienation argy-bargy debate run-in brawl fuss competition battle royal divisiveness dislike odium abhorrence dissentience fracas battle disaffection estrangement struggle resistance combat detachment contretemps barney nonconcurrence difficulty imbroglio kickup donnybrook rhubarb scrap argle-bargle divorce falling out war of words bone of contention words turf war affray exchange cross fire anger oppugnancy sedition breach virulence needle rift disrelish contest insurrection objection unrest contestation dissensus shouting match dissonancy backbiting divergency disconnection divergence disjuncture disjunction protest firestorm separation emulation inharmoniousness vendetta disapproval lack of agreement internal strife beef nonconformism engagement encounter misbelief power struggle bad vibes ill feelings resentfulness turbulence adverseness inimicalness tumult velitation displeasure unease argumentation hard feelings lack of concord clashes tussle tangle foeship malignancy enemyship uncordiality spleen daggers enemyhood unfriendliness upheaval strain isolation conflict of interest peeve disparity unharmoniousness antagonization mutiny extreme dislike scene unorthodoxy dispeace independence static blowup striving snarl quarrelsomeness sectarianism no love lost partition severance breakup parting sparring hostilities divided loyalties rammy afters jarring irreconcilable difference problem tug of war palace intrigue slanging match ding-dong brouhaha flare-up embroilment hubbub miff conflict of opinion crusade campaign armed conflict skirmish defiance vitriol hurt vindictiveness savagery indignation ferocity viciousness palace politics demur remonstrance nonagreement insubordination nonconformity bile poison pique nastiness strained relations refusal denial vexation asperity umbrage choler bone clinker sharp words antithesis aggression contradistinction incongruity contrariety vying competitiveness duel tug-of-war face-off sweep-stake dogfight sweepstakes match grapple race matchup tournament event bout game jealousy candidacy challenge sport ball game athletic event one on one keeping up with the Joneses repugnance disgust revulsion abomination ire execration distaste cattiness wrath contempt irritation repulsion maliciousness horror annoyance pugnaciousness bellicoseness bellicosity truculency outrage militancy meanness pugnacity exasperation disdain malignance acerbity truculence despite rage fury hatefulness combativeness offense huff anathema offence passion virulency contentiousness warpath militance belligerency inimicality belligerence repellency scorn revenge vengefulness dudgeon acidity cynicism rancorousness dissatisfaction grievance rankling embitterment irascibility peevishness repellence vehemence temper disapprobation argumentativeness unkindness aggressiveness disgruntlement acridity acridness tartness irritability perturbation exacerbation coldness maleficence mordancy mislike acidness corrosiveness disfavor disfavour bother chip on your shoulder sourness envy disinclination down fog rise frost petulance indisposition ill humour chagrin disesteem combativity ill temper mordacity evil blame prejudice aggravation allergy opprobrium waspishness despitefulness wickedness irritant bugbear gripe pain nuisance feistiness bete noire nasty look black beast disliking bad feelings avoidance repugnancy scrappiness disputatiousness militantness discrepancy iciness tantrum madness stew assaultiveness ill-will impatience storm infuriation contrariness frustration acrimoniousness conniption shame condemnation violence distemper soreness rudeness causticity slow burn hissy fit cat fit blow up ill humor churlishness ignominy vengeance criticism censure bad will inhospitality reproach unsociability discountenance vituperation score grief evil intentions revengefulness surliness evilness rebuke crossness averseness evasion aloofness furor angriness tetchiness testiness lividness lividity wrathfulness deprecation phobia mean-spiritedness birse nausea frostiness coolness martiality dread yuck factor harsh feeling hateful feeling dander despisal irateness furore warlike nature oppugnation ill-disposedness distrust balefulness perniciousness shock bitter feeling offensiveness discontentment mind spirit warlikeness provocation botheration contemptuousness invidiousness devilry devilment escape dyspathy eschewal oppugnance intimidation dirt malintent bane cruelty implacability mischievousness bad chemistry blood feud personality conflict mutual hostility despisement indignity poisonousness complaint injustice injury venomousness broil depravity abrasiveness strong dislike hurtfulness evil intent harshness disloyalty agitation pet peeve uncharitableness ruthlessness retaliation bête noir pip aggro lather pungency reluctance pet hate cantankerousness bad temper pettishness wounded feelings fume remoteness hardness of heart misprision disagreeableness ferociousness restlessness embitteredness tizzy snappishness moodiness bad mood sullenness querulousness touchiness crabbiness unpleasantness strong aversion intense dislike grudgingness unwillingness road rage high dudgeon dyspepsia air rage biliousness souring insurgence fractiousness litigiousness destructiveness inconsistency fear shunning distaste for dislike of disrepute obloquy discredit infamy disgrace disillusionment apathy willingness to fight denigration disparagement ridicule disrespect scornfulness derision disregard lovelessness milt melancholy lien grumpiness caprice whim depression illogicality dishonor reprobation humiliation notoriety dishonour stigma hang-up having no use for mood castigation mad blur onus spot stain brand slur unpopularity blot dispprobation complex neurosis terror fright irrationality thing bee in your bonnet paranoia obstruction denunciation irreconcilability uncongeniality disparateness ill repute obstructiveness scolding reprimand admonishments reproof chiding trenchancy sarcasm non-compliance black eye bar sinister loss of face astringency demurral raps stick reprehension sideswipe knocks brickbats crabbedness crankiness prevention defence negativism action con contraposition violation fray defense brush antinomy counterattack confronting opposure fire dressing down nasty behavior civil disobedience

Trái nghĩa của counteraction

counteraction Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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