Đồng nghĩa của comeuppance

Alternative for comeuppance

comeuppance /,kʌm'ʌpəns/
  • danh từ
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) sự mắng mỏ, sự mắng nhiếc, sự quở trách; sự đánh đòn; sự trừng phạt đích đáng


A negative outcome which is justly deserved
castigation chastisement correction deserts discipline due nemesis penalty punishment recompense requital retribution wrath retaliation reward deserved fate due reward just deserts just punishment what you deserve what's coming to you chastening reprimand reproof punition desert revenge criticism censure vengeance scolding rebuke what is coming to one telling-off rod punitive measures hell to pay reformation admonition disciplining return reform fate what one is asking for talion destiny condemnation blast put down destruction lumps bawling-out excoriation ticking-off penalties sanctions meed dueness what's coming to one poetic justice what is merited payback what is due dose of one's own medicine doom sentences retributive justice dressing down chewing out getting yours use of punishment a firm hand sentence justice penance sanction price rap medicine torture penalization infliction judgement damages amends consequences pain mulct stick gallows forfeiture suffering judgment fine sequestration deprivation victimisation jankers unhappiness reparation confiscation hammer victimization ostracism dues mortification amercement forfeit disciplinary action punitive action coercive measure punitive measure firm hand ruling suspended sentence deferment conviction decree deferred sentence sacrifice atonement loss redress time verdict determination consequence absolution charge fee denial stretch pronouncement compensation fall decision attrition cost prison term prison sentence financial penalty handicap aversive aversive stimulus penitence restitution negative reinforcement rule levy assessment payment slammer time imprisonment ban embargo restriction boycott control prohibition deterrent surrender relinquishment subjugation exclusion giving up finding order holding tariff barrier suppression controlling subduing losing surrendering injunction measure action writ command edict sleep dictum term knock book hitch vacation getup clock jolt trick restraint abasement denying coercive measures sacrificing abandonment ceding attainder yielding forfeiting result toll considered opinion sending up the river bird stint porridge drawback disadvantage downside snag bane minus affliction worry burden trouble torment tribulation trial disbenefit expiation life sentence penal sentence undesirable consequence propitiation compunction purgation jail sentence self-abasement self-mortification self-punishment self-flagellation


Revenge exacted for an insult, injury, or other wrong
vengeance retribution reprisal revenge retaliation requital repayment payback punishment counterblow comeback satisfaction counterstroke ultion avengement avenging nemesis wrath return vengefulness getting even lex talionis tit for tat an eye for an eye retributive justice measure for measure blow for blow eye for an eye settling of scores evening of score settling of score a Roland for an Oliver an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth quid pro quo a taste of one's own medicine redress recrimination counterattack reward reciprocation reply reaction response riposte a taste of your own medicine avengment wreak vindictiveness counterinsurgency counterplay attack paying back act of vengeance a tooth for a tooth recompense reckoning justice remedy reparation damages penalty wages restitution compensation amends revanche measure judgement atonement judgment poetic justice due reward just reward just deserts counteraction counteroffensive countermove reimbursement remuneration counterstrike indemnity indemnification settlement payment counterpunch quittance recoupment vindication counterassault reprisals tooth for a tooth money afterstroke retaliatory blow return blow sharing exchange complementation warrantability just punishment punitive action virtue rewarded interchange correspondence giving in return barter trade recaliation blood money as good as one gets gain yield accruement accrual proceeds take benefits income interest profit gate fightback a game at which two can play fate counter-attack doom penance propitiation redemption emolument expiation Doomsday apology solatium dues rebate day of retribution last judgment judgment day making good defence defense squaring things day of judgment rally neutralization neutralisation what is coming to someone discount give-back allowance refund consolation discharge kickback give-up money back acquittance rectification cure aid help ease relief correction assistance amendment rehabilitation reformation conciliation offsetting reestablishment renewal change remodeling reworking revision repair remodelling balancing remission


A formal expression of disapproval
reprimand rebuke reproof reproach censure scolding castigation admonition admonishment criticism upbraiding lecture remonstration reproval lambasting condemnation chiding wigging carpeting roasting rollicking earful denunciation rap excoriation blast rating row bollocking caning stricture objurgation rocket blame reprehension commination serve warning ragging grooming dressing-down telling-off talking-to tongue-lashing ticking-off bawling-out ticking off rap over the knuckles riot act slap on the wrist telling off hard time going over bawling out calling down oral punishment what for flea in your ear slap on wrist piece of one's mind berating rebuff disapproval remonstrance expostulation correction chewing-out slap in the face going-over kick in the teeth put down abuse tirade slating diatribe vituperation harangue broadside obloquy attack invective philippic flak knocking fulmination vilification rant disparagement polemic revilement verbal onslaught panning denigration vitriol objection stick jeremiad slur bashing contumely slamming stream of abuse brickbats fault-finding sideswipe recrimination slander dressing down slagging off slagging reviling denouncement opprobrium character assassination caution deprecation chastisement scorn contempt dispute scurrility defamation sermon insults billingsgate curses derision discourse screed aspersions aspersion verbal attack smear knock railing decrying roast nitpicking carping verbal cavilling caviling speech counsel disapprobation battering argument declamation exhortation libel brickbat insult discredit blowing-up spiel cursing traducement offense insolence swipe calumniation offence talking to calumny swearing expletives accusation bad press critique slam reprobation bad-mouthing mud-slinging slap hit sledge pan faultfinding chewing out swear words cavil captiousness foul language verbal disapproval nit-picking verbal blasting disquisition monologue a slap on the wrist dissatisfaction displeasure exchange screen debate controversy injunction caveat advice blowing up monolog onslaught disputation shame disrepute verbal thrashing odium slight stain outburst depreciation blemish ridicule derogation rap on the knuckles malediction anger ranting upbraid scold persecution flea in the ear flea in one's ear piece of your mind malevolence assault jab belittlement belittling disdain lessening mocking comment degradation jibe address debasement detraction confrontation bad language philippics rubbishing rejection pugnacity defilement mocking diminishment homily oration indignity blasphemy sarcasm execration counterblast epithet being put in one's place tick off haul over the coals tell off combativeness backstabbing underestimation backbiting disagreement belligerence peroration talk exception impugnment prejudice complaint protest demurral demur slights verbal assault fuss protestation challenge indignities jibes slurs barracking spouting teasing jeering pep talk reading out hectoring hassle stink rebukes demurrer slanging disrespect question rudeness difficulty a slanging match kicking around trash talk verbals pushing around name-calling verbal abuse put-downs quinine knifing hosing signifying kick petition civil disobedience torrent of abuse a bollocking a wigging a rocket a lashing a caning a rollicking a roasting animadversion examen quibble takedown arraignment notice critical remark cut call down bad notice


A significant or total loss of power, prosperity, or status
downfall ruin fall destruction undoing overthrow ruination collapse disgrace decline defeat descent end failure unseating vanquishing annihilation breakdown conquest crash death debasement declension declination degeneracy degeneration demise deterioration devolution ousting toppling comedown decadence degradation deposition eclipse elimination flameout labefaction nemesis Waterloo atrophy bane debacle doom loss of power loss of prosperity loss of status road to ruin rack and ruin down humbling humiliation downgrading mortification belittlement demotion reverse wreck pratfall flop dive blow lowering cropper letdown discomfiture downer reduction reality check loss of face downgrade ebb decay disintegration lapse dissolution affliction blight foundering drop weakening decaying slide misfortune calamity subversion curse scourge displacement worsening ebbing abasement retrogression disaster slump catastrophe enfeeblement debilitation sinking rout termination woe failing mishap fizzle shutdown crumbling break-up regression lack of success decrease misadventure slip adversity bankruptcy trial accident malfunction withering reversal depreciation folding tribulation waning disruption interruption hardship removal dilapidation halt distress cessation stoppage adulteration dethronement disrepair supplanting falling to pieces falling apart breaking down defenestration downturn burden tragedy plague waterloo trouble setback mischance removal from office vitiation pest devaluation lessening spoiling miscarriage harm grief visitation disappointment loss evil devastation difficulty fading disorganization rupture seizure tumble rotting nonsuccess disorganisation nonachievement bad luck hitch crumpling decrepitude extinction relapse ending car crash non-function falling down decadency aggravation depravation Götterdämmerung enemy ruining destroying spoliation rot dissipation diminution corruption upset loss of success buckling falling depression perdition disestablishment suppression check non-success liquidation insolvency closure knock vicissitude subjugation dispossession obliteration slipping frustration demolition decimation demolishment torment disturbance removal from power shrinking damage desolation problem ill luck snag despair dégringolade stagnation extermination wastage crackup hindrance impediment misery nuisance hard times havoc closing spoilation putridness wasting away wasting dwindling senescence dying mold consumption impairment falloff falling-off rust gangrene mould corrosion perversion dislocation degringolade torture break topple dismissal suffering pain menace cataclysm seizing up conking out fizzling out checkmate falling through bête noire cadence downcome discouragement meltdown backset bête noir nightmare bitter pill headache downward spiral shutting down close-down going under winding up overturning discharge weakness cross to bear bother annoyance irritation overturn shame ejection expulsion crisis fatal attraction apocalypse wretchedness ejecting expelling ouster stumble trip misstep destroyer miscalculation omission casualty flaw smash fumble error blunder fault curtains mishanter nakba reversal of fortune bale devastating blow cross underbelly sacking deposal firing bad omen faux pas drumming out impeachment unfrocking driving out throwing out installation forcing out dethroning last straw final straw reverse of fortune blue ruin the worst unholy mess holy mess turfing out stroke of bad luck weak point soft underbelly Achilles heel weak spot fatal flaw

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