Đồng nghĩa của civil disobedience


A form of social protest, involving the active but non-violent refusal to obey certain laws, demands, or commands of an established authority, because they are considered to be morally wrong or detrimental


A feeling, act or declaration of disapproval or objection to something
remonstrance remonstration objection exception complaint protest demurral demur expostulation fuss protestation challenge stink demurrer reproach question rebuke difficulty dispute disapproval kick denunciation disparagement reproof condemnation opprobrium petition reproval captiousness carping caviling cavilling censure fault-finding criticism grievance opposition gripe outcry dissent cavil grumble moan grouse dissatisfaction squawk beef grouch doubt scruple quibble argument murmur niggle hesitation unwillingness disagreement whine formal complaint whinge wail uproar lament plaint declination disapprobation demurring kvetch disinclination odium disesteem discontent carp indignation griping miserere revilement reluctance dislike displeasure rejection whimper bleat problem repugnancy holler yammer shrinking grousing counter-argument fulmination howls of protest vociferation furore dissuasion misgiving grumbling peep concern annoyance flak declaration representation whingeing debate qualm furor clamour clamor hue and cry nitpicking railing inveighing chorus of disapproval howl of protest reservation bellyache squabble quarrel mutter word hostility accusation worry recalcitrance charge niggling compunction protesting yike boggling misgivings row statement of opposition cry whining murmuring moaning muttering outrage taking exception bickering chunter rhubarb revolt guff jeremiad statement of dissatisfaction twine rumble beefing uncertainty controversy twining bellyaching grouching mithering public outcry public outrage song and dance rallying cry confusion dubiousness contest contention dubiety defiance statement riot campaign knock blackball turmoil tumult anxiety confrontation interrogation exposition account big stink scepticism conflict contradiction work-to-rule bone of contention question mark explanation deposition allegation claim rebellion questioning of disobedience test of resistance argument against stand against difficulty with skepticism report tantrum outburst hysterics submission groan lamentation sob keen howl keening umbrage resentment sigh bone to pick distress weeping howling aversion ululation peeve axe to grind complaining whispering frustration squeal wailing anger exasperation irritation sobbing bugbear crying bone moans and groans vexation pettifogging ax to grind rancour pique trivial complaint trivial objection minor criticism hate rancor adverse comment crow to pluck disgruntlement pet aversion grudge injustice score injury pet peeve whisper pain outbreath mither affliction snivel sniffle grief mourning sorrow grunt grieving mewl grizzle rant harangue philippic tirade diatribe dirge exhalation aggravation blast case sermon berating malediction screed ranting invective lecture tongue-lashing vituperation inconvenience bane plaintive cry irk dread bother hassle nuisance headache yowl bawl irritant fear trial yelp scream bellow shriek roar caterwaul prevarication query nicety equivocation thorn in one's flesh thorn in one's side bane of one's life cry of pain cry of grief screech reckoning bitterness quiddity sophism sideswipe wrong animosity antipathy enmity duplicity subtlety subterfuge artifice pretense quirk nit-picker shift hair-splitter pretence venom animus turf war malice antagonism hatred spite down jaundice gall disappointment malevolence hateful object personal hate bete noire pet hate personal vexation malignancy hard feelings chip on one's shoulder spleen chip on your shoulder bad blood spitefulness ill feelings ill will maliciousness bad feelings discontentment unhappiness dismay disquiet disaffection regret malaise chagrin restlessness letdown disfavour restiveness disregard disgust discontentedness Weltschmerz fretfulness oppression discouragement malcontent trouble heartburn envy weariness desolation indisposition distaste boredom disfavor malcontentment disrelish uneasiness querulousness discomfort disliking hopelessness jealousy ennui

Trái nghĩa của civil disobedience

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