Đồng nghĩa của warring

Alternative for warring

wars, warred, warring

Đồng nghĩa: battle, campaign, clash, combat, conflict, encounter, engagement, fight, strife, struggle,

Trái nghĩa: peace,


Fond of, or prone to, quarreling
quarrelsome argumentative contentious belligerent combative disputatious pugnacious confrontational antagonistic bellicose irascible irritable litigious petulant cantankerous disputative fiery fractious militant truculent agonistic captious caviling cavilling choleric defiant factious feisty gladiatorial hostile scrappy discordant snappy threatening aggressive assaultive battling brawly chippy controversial cross dissentious fighting grouchy hotheaded peevish pettish polemic polemical querulous warlike arguesome arsey bickering crabby huffy ructious stroppy tempestuous wrangling brawling churlish difficult excitable impassioned ornery passionate touchy turbulent unruly violent war ill-tempered quick-tempered thin-skinned bad-tempered hot-tempered ready for a fight have chip on shoulder militaristic hawkish warmongering sabre-rattling offensive martial on the warpath bloodthirsty military jingoistic aggers inimical contending fierce spoiling for a fight rebellious up in arms perverse provocative destructive battleful bolshie oppugnant prickly disagreeable hot-blooded testy naysaying unfriendly soldierly biffo gung-ho contrary sanguinary attacking adversarial malevolent inhospitable angry snarly tilting ferocious skirmishing wrestling imperialistic expansionist colonialistic carnivorous trigger-happy fire-eating ready to fight under arms assertive active vigorous pushy radical forceful ultra-active extremist combating two-fisted extreme embattled enthusiastic zealous fanatical revolutionary assertory warrish in arms mean salty nasty having a chip on one's shoulder antipathetic eristic spiky opinionated harsh rancorous unkind hateful spiteful vitriolic unsympathetic adverse sullen have a bone to pick surly ill-disposed loudmouthed courageous spirited spunky splenetic uncooperative malicious hot-button poisonous vindictive acrimonious opposing scathing ardent hot flip challenging negative opposed bitter virulent ill-natured cussed cranky hurtful wrathful persuasive catty at loggerheads resistant on the outs opposite have it in for awkward troublesome litiginous litigatious disputable determined plucky eristical dissentient miffy exasperated abusive narky grumpy disruptive rough bold outspoken uncompromising snappish soreheaded fretful mighty peppery short-tempered self-assertive itching to fight vicious looking for trouble ireful acrid venomous bilious savage anti averse against envenomed censorious malign pernicious obstreperous cruel resentful rude rational logical rationalistic dissenting crabbed indignant irate waspish hate-filled malignant unpleasant discourteous oppositional tough down on dead set against dissenting from at odds with acting in opposition set against in disagreement with at variance with itching sensitive dialectical ill insolent frightening deadly vituperous browbeating caustic terrorizing terrifying intimidating cowing terrorising trenchant sharp bullying mordacious mordant jaundiced dissident conflicting disapproving gutsy peppy gritty frisky mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly gutty zestful game hearty analytic unwilling unsociable reluctant adversative unreceptive uncongenial accusatorial oppugning go-getting full-blooded high-strung full of pep allergic at odds analytical dialectic


Simultaneously experiencing or expressing opposing or contradictory feelings, beliefs, or motivations
ambivalent equivocal conflicting contradictory doubtful fluctuating inconclusive irresolute mixed uncertain undecided unresolved unsure vacillating wavering hesitating torn clashing conflicted confused debatable equivocating hazy hesitant indecisive muddled opposed opposing vague iffy in two minds unclear in a dilemma in a quandary on the fence blowing hot and cold on the horns of a dilemma tentative dithering unsettled shilly-shallying dubious indefinite uncommitted in doubt waffling of two minds divided undetermined faltering teetering sceptical unconvinced skeptical noncommittal suspicious distrustful wishy-washy not sure mistrustful oscillating sitting on the fence borderline hemming and hawing split ambiguous hinky trustless halting doubting betwixt and between running hot and cold fickle open leery up in the air on-the-fence indeterminate controversial floating cautious disputable nervous disputed moot infirm dilly-dallying lacking confidence vexed diffident vacillant neutral perplexed contentious weak volatile changeable unstable pussyfooting agnostic faithless open to question humming and hawing weak-minded hedging your bets in the middle weak-kneed like doubting Thomas hot and cold hot-and-cold without belief wobbling shillyshallying inconstant swithering unfinished pendent uneventful astraddle unsteady impartial not definite confusing changing halfhearted shaky fearful wobbly settling nothing paradoxical double-edged proving nothing fluctuant insecure non-committal full of doubt argumentative disputatious polemical polemic unconfident unable to decide touch and go reluctant scrappy hot-button contended quarrelsome mixed emotions mixed feelings half-hearted two-edged marginal controvertible delaying stalling shy provocative critical havering timid hanging back chary wary circumspect apprehensive careful uneasy cunctatory having misgivings having qualms open to debate unclassifiable slow unwilling afraid uneager unpredictable dawdling averse lazy backward unbelieving cynical questioning incredulous disbelieving problematic arguable questionable peripheral frontier bordering cagey lacking trust dodgy inexact dubitable open to doubt lacking faith have misgivings have reservations anxious worried uptight troubled self-conscious edgy tense jittery antsy jumpy shrinking ill at ease timorous retiring hung up self-doubting quizzical nervy unquiet goosey perturbed upset atwitter aflutter bashful inhibited dithery unassertive queasy het up suspecting unassured queazy awkward disquieted embarrassed disinclined agitated on edge concerned on tenterhooks meek mousy strained restless guarded stumbling gauche fidgety jealous shaking negativistic broken stammering self-effacing uncomfortable not confident modest chancy unnatural sheepish untrusting disturbed scoffing keyed up introverted blushing reticent discomfited skittish frightened on pins and needles mistrusting unaffiliated independent unpoised scared cagy shamefaced twitchy non-aligned non-partisan undeclared vacillatory not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive unattached aw-shucks watchful show-me distrusting wondering stiff been hit before having reservations bothered flustered variable tottery tottering irresoluteoscillating unknown dissenting freethinking aporetic doddery doddering staggering possessive flickering trembling quivering solicitous in a flap withdrawn pendulous unimpressed unmoved unpersuaded permission-seeking attention-seeking validation-seeking non-believing all of a dither out of place clouded reserved unrelaxed restive on guard loath indisposed unsatisfied suspect rationalist irreligious nullifidian unassuming unconfirmed jaundiced constrained unpresuming submissive lacking in confidence wimpy lacking assurance excited loth discombobulated fazed stilted affected mannered artificial ill-at-ease unsavoury untrusty fly-by-night unsavory unobtrusive without faith not born yesterday mousey scary fearsome fainthearted ashamed humble coy demure abashed recessive in question out of countenance unsure of yourself like a fish out of water agog quiet flinching rabbity mim blenching stuttering cowardly tremulous unenthusiastic grudging resistant imperfect approval-seeking alarmed neurotic panicky stressy trepidatious foreboding terrified stressed resisting antipathetic laboured disjointed frozen lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies in a cold sweat in a sweat worried sick having cold feet in a dither having a funny feeling angst-ridden non-fluent recalcitrant demurring bumbling inept unhandy lumbering ham-fisted labored ham-handed wooden clumsy claudicant maladroit uninvolved nonpartisan free nonaligned free-floating apathetic casual fence-sitting restrained free-spirited uninterested laid-back indifferent unforthcoming not involved middle ground middle of the road cut loose don't care Delphic touchy choked hanging by thread on thin ice


Of, pertaining to, or exhibiting opposition
oppositional repelling adversarial adverse allergic antagonistic anti antipathetic antithetical antonymous averse battling clashing combating conflicting confronting contrary controverting counter crossing defending defensive denying disagreeing disputed disputing dissentient enemy exposing facing gainsaying hostile incompatible inimical irreconcilable objecting obstructive opposed opposite protesting restrictive rival against the grain at cross-purposes at odds in opposition up against opposing contradictory different disparate competing contrasting divergent combatant differing dissimilar oppugnant polar poles apart at variance discordant incongruous inconsistent discrepant dissenting unsuitable inharmonious inconsonant unharmonious incoherent factious antipodal offbeat jarring repugnant whale of difference inconformable inconstant mutually exclusive unadapted diametric converse reverse diametrical antipodean unlike unalike unrelated mismatched dissonant distinct diverse varying deviating contrastive variant unequal contrasted antithetic out of keeping separate distant irregular diametrically opposed paradoxical inverse obverse incongruent distinctive ill-matched nonidentical unconnected unsimilar streets apart non-identical in conflict unsuited nonconformist out of line not in keeping out of sync out of step at loggerheads on the outs heterodox dissident unorthodox heretical rebellious anti- independent antonymic incomparable cross out-there rebelling heretic complaining nonorthodox unconventional iconoclastic maverick negative revolutionary non-compliant diverging disharmonious recusant against various disconsonant anomalous distinguishable unmixable incompatible with opposed to contrary to conflicting with inconsistent with other foreign uncongenial contradistinctive contradistinct at variance with at odds with like chalk and cheese in disagreement differentiable antipathic extreme counterbalancing antitypical opposition ill-assorted heterogeneous polar opposite dichotomous oppositive contrarious schismatic unfriendly irresoluble reluctant hateful contrariant unfavorable unfavourable ambiguous nullifying contradictive ornery counteractive con negating agin self-contradictory untypical unnatural off-key atypical factional uneven nonconforming rebel sectarian incommensurate asymmetric off-balance lopsided unjust misallied one-sided inequitable unreconcilable particular nothing like not alike uncoordinated discrete reversed no go quarrelling frictional quarreling contrarient acrimonious not the same single like night and day altered otherwise contrapositive violative bipolar rejecting alien on a sour note as like as chalk and cheese another alternate incommensurable unmistakable distinguishing unassociated differential discriminable alternative refusing flip-side polarized irreconcilable with contradictory to alien to hostile to foreign to adverse to in conflict with unacceptable to antagonistic to oppugnant to unusual for repugnant to inimical to out of tune out of harmony at outs disproportionate directly opposed to polarised divergent from differing from contrasting with different from different to prohibitive prohibitory confining contending remote removed contradicting irrelevant to incompatible to incongruent with unequal to incomparable to immaterial to unrelated to corrival dissentious emulating competitive contesting in competition vying challenging emulous equal cutthroat striving in the negative


Acting at variance with one's own principles or former behaviour
inconsistent changeable inconstant unpredictable unstable variable capricious contradictory erratic fickle irregular fluctuating uneven unsteady mercurial unsettled varying changing paradoxical volatile changeful conflicting contrary flighty incompatible self-contradictory unreliable whimsical chameleonic chameleon-like discordant ever-changing flickery fluid incoherent incongruous irreconcilable mutable protean skittish temperamental uncertain undependable discrepant fluctuant labile vagarious dissonant illogical incongruent lubricious shifting at odds up and down blowing hot and cold in conflict at variance out of step wavering vacillating fitful impulsive kaleidoscopic patchy random wayward spasmodic quicksilver intermittent sporadic mobile flakey up-and-down flaky up in the air movable unequal excitable moody turbulent desultory bipolar scattershot irrepressible yo-yo spotty giddy active elastic full of ups and downs unfixed oscillating irresolute waffling fragmentary unsystematic occasional haphazard episodic discontinuous unmethodical jerky episodical roving swaying variational floating flexible iffy moving peaky dynamic everchanging wild alterable eccentric nonuniform freakish casual aperiodic choppy versatile spastic arbitrary entropic dubious adaptable shifty wandering rambling fractal alternating deviating on-and-off non-linear impermanent non-uniform faithless unbalanced broken always changing evolving fluky bitty quirky tempestuous checkered chequered inexact chancy irrational polymorphous many-sided multiform stayless untrustworthy flickering unequable ungovernable faddish altering slippery ambiguous unsound suspect weaving doubtful chance not constant developing growing unsteadfast crotchety meandering directionless adjustable indefinite ever-shifting vicissitudinous not fixed ephemeral transitory dicey undirected incalculable nomadic explosive knife-edge transitional restless variant irresponsible vagrant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible indecisive frivolous subject to change likely to change momentary transient fleeting in a state of change short-lived periodical cyclical freelance outsourced seasonal periodic outside all over the place on again and off again part-time on and off in fits and starts disconnected indiscriminate shaky infrequent designless aimless catchy unpunctual unconsidered purposeless hit-or-miss off-and-on non-periodic interrupted disturbed disrupted incomplete troubled free not settled herky-jerky on-again-off-again off and on wobbly rickety insecure tottering precarious rocky unsafe teetering tottery wobbling unfastened doddery unsecured bockety ticklish dizzy wiggly weak not secure tricky risky


A hostile or argumentative situation or meeting between opposing parties
confrontation conflict contest face-off battle encounter fight clash head-to-head set-to brush duel showdown skirmish collision crisis engagement meeting tangle combat competition contention dogfight dust-up fighting grapple hostilities incident match rivalry run-in strife struggle sweep-stake sweepstakes tug-of-war war warfare afters boilover rencounter shindig shindy affray ball game dispute high noon hostility tussle fracas scrap brawl row scuffle fray donnybrook melee scrimmage hassle broil rumpus scrum riot dustup rift rupture embroilment spar argument altercation quarrel disagreement wrangle free-for-all feud squabble ruckus spat bust-up dissension falling-out battle royal ruction tiff rumble punch-up fisticuffs biffo bagarre barney ruck rammy exchange disturbance contretemps misunderstanding controversy bickering war of words commotion discord ding-dong difference of opinion argy-bargy friction schism bout difference division rough-and-tumble miff disputation bicker rhubarb tumult brouhaha disunion action shouting match dissent variance swedge dissidence dissonance inharmony disunity discordance uproar disaccord argle-bargle kickup imbroglio slanging match fuss discordancy bunfight threap disharmony collieshangie attack infighting armed conflict dissention flap scrape cross fire stoush assault roughhouse campaign words bloodshed rough and tumble brannigan disorder antagonism passage of arms opposition scene turf war duke out split stand-up exchange of blows breach of the peace bad blood crusade matchup tracasserie tracasseries agitation falling out wrangling debate sparring match enmity knock-down-drag-out trouble bit of argy-bargy emulation feuding breach game joust estrangement scrabble fist fight tension alienation challenge bangarang square go tournament armed struggle barrage shoot-out separation faction to-do beef quarrelling bitterness argumentation rough house striving dissentience quarreling power struggle onslaught offensive bad feeling onset slugfest blitz siege conflagration stooshie incompatibility clashing passage at arms throes fistfight meet sortie blitzkreig angry exchange animosity clamor vying clamour ill feeling boxing match severance vendetta blowup physical encounter nasty fight race wrestling match military action disaffection static break-up go difficulty squabbling hullabaloo military operation unrest factionalism mix-up dissonancy divisiveness acrimony tug of war back-and-forth inharmoniousness resentment mill free fight jostle fixture smackdown strike snarl violence velitation clash of opinions fireworks raid contradiction outbreak of violence blow-off scramble armed confrontation armed clash bovver wrestling bout spot of bother knock-down drag-out round aggro pageant championship hot war clashes shock competitiveness jump shuffle blood feud kerfuffle stew ruffle prize fight field stramash collision course petty quarrel undertaking jam grind antipathy grudge revenge mix up confusion sharp words disruption disparity unharmoniousness bother battle royale brush-off candidacy sport event jealousy contestation nonconcurrence dissensus uprising ado hubbub racket upheaval furore mishap bare-knuckled boxing hand-to-hand combat duking it out barehanded boxing hand-to-hand fight bare-hand boxing bare-knuckle boxing backbiting cyberwar arms strategy counterinsurgency blows culmination shootout unfolding climax exposé ill will gulf crossfire talking-to family feud restlessness furor cold war firestorm bad vibes conflict of opinion rebellion sour note flak internal strife athletic event keeping up with the Joneses one on one divergence chasm divorcement divorce bustup breakup parting divided loyalties scission big scene press carnage movement bombing push break military fight parting of the ways deciding event moment of truth breaking point significant contact upset whirl turmoil try


Contending for a title or championship
in contention challenging competing contending contesting striving struggling vying battling fighting grappling in competition tussling up there in the running in with a shout combating combatting clashing feuding campaigning quarrelling quarreling attacking wrangling engaging tilting encountering going to war taking the field conducting a war taking on coming to blows making war shooting setting to crossing swords marching against bearing arms carrying on hostilities bombarding joining battle taking up arms grappling with waging war clashing with locking horns engaging in hostilities engaging in combat skirmishing with taking the field against campaigning against doing battle fighting like cat and dog brawling opposing scrapping disputing arguing wrestling confronting squabbling bickering scuffling disagreeing rivaling rivalling sparring rowing jostling altercating facing racing skirmishing conflicting dueling duelling tangling controverting scrimmaging pushing countering quibbling spatting falling out having a dust-up meeting jousting debating exchanging blows jockeying having a fight jarring hassling bandying words jockeying for position bumping heads resisting tackling assaulting differing rassling withstanding playing argufying having a row having a punch-up colliding having words going at it hammer and tongs chopping logic going up against going for defying repelling running locking antlers playing off disaccording discording dissenting boxing roughhousing tiffing brabbling matching coming into conflict contending with bucking oppugning discepting objecting to vying with engaging in conflict scrambling for coming to grips going for broke failing to agree having a dispute pitting competing with taking issue with having a tiff putting up a fight competing against having a set-to mixing it up addressing crusading manoeuvring maneuvering romping agitating squaring off tourneying working coping taking emulating questioning contradicting gainsaying scrambling essaying having an altercation having a disagreement objecting bandying having at it striving against having a spat going head to head going for the jugular traversing fighting for taking issue tugging striking laying into litigating having a scrap getting to grips picking a bone coping with defending going for the gold breaking with protesting against having a barney having a misunderstanding standing up to entering the lists tangling with fencing taking part taking exception going after breaking a lance cuffing flying in the face of struggling against dealing trading punches raising Cain contending against breaking slugging closing duking it out manhandling mounting an attack fighting a duel going out meeting head-on addressing yourself to nonconcurring demurring trading blows taking part in a race raising fists starting fighting going for each other slugging it out messing argy-bargying going at it speaking pressing lobbying cutting and thrusting butting heads finding fault having it out caviling disapproving getting tough with embroiling carping varying complaining caterwauling bumping dividing cavilling charging coming up against messing with becoming involved squaring up discussing trying to put out rushing trying to extinguish hastening fighting over matching yourself against sweating straining exerting grunting endeavoring setting against ripping into each other setting as rivals contradicting each other putting in opposition jumping on zapping letting have it haggling paltering jumping on one's case talking over canvassing exchanging views kicking around thrashing out batting around mooting hashing over tossing around canvasing hashing out having an argument arguing against quarreling with endeavouring laying a finger on trying for putting up dukes ganging up on knuckling with contending for competing for crossing laying out trying to win battling for struggling for tussling for putting on gloves vying for challenging for socking handling managing contrasting putting up a fight against speaking against opposing action arguing with putting up an argument setting your face against taking a stand against making a stand against sparing no effort standing up and be counted against showing showing jump juggling braving fielding negotiating scrabbling making haste disporting sporting contenting against going one on one with going eyeball to eyeball with going toe to toe with facing off against mismatching interfering disharmonizing dallying frolicking rollicking toying skylarking denouncing hacking manipulating swinging treating assaulting each other swedging stoushing screaming at differing from diverging from querying plying weapons scrimmaging with bandying with protecting taking all comers racing against sparring with carrying on war hitting each other taking up the gauntlet warring against exchanging blows with punching each other racing with going the knuckle fighting like Kilkenny cats lighting to tasting battle attacking each other flaring up brushing with matching strength trying going up against in contest participating in matching wits pitting yourself against pitching oneself against seeking prize running for attempting trying to beat pitting oneself against bidding assailing refuting calling out rebutting doing battle with fighting with undermining impugning calling in question facing down demurring about dissenting from rebelling against feuding with enquiring interrogating coming to blows with testing accosting calling into question disapproving of negating throwing down investigating taking exception to rallying against remonstrating denying impeaching demurring against inquiring disagreeing with fighting against disproving launching waging war against battling with entering into combat with mounting an attack on taking up arms against wresting with falling on joining battle with setting upon waging war on scrapping with coming to close quarters with giving battle to beginning battle with recreating engaging in participating threaping going for jugular pushing for shooting at nominating yourself giving one's all knocking oneself out putting up with putting yourself forward mixing it up with having at standing giving all one's got dealing with going for it making play for shooting for

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