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Alternative for unbelieving

unbelieving /'ʌnbi'li:viɳ/
  • tính từ
    • không tin
    • không tín ngưỡng


Not believing someone or something
suspicious distrustful mistrustful disbelieving doubting doubtful sceptical cynical incredulous questioning dubious negativistic skeptical unconvinced suspecting leery faithless unenlightened freethinking nonbelieving show-me non-believing not born yesterday quizzical uncertain wary unsure hesitant chary cautious pessimistic scoffing apprehensive undecided cagey trustless unsettled lacking trust sardonic hinky mocking ironic derisive uneasy careful fearful jealous having reservations curious misanthropic sneering inquiring enquiring scornful sarcastic contemptuous distrusting misanthropical inquisitive searching probing aporetic wry circumspect jaundiced lacking confidence iffy lacking faith guarded nervous wondering uptight been hit before in doubt biting caustic dry satirical ambivalent rationalist irreligious nullifidian untrusting not believing tongue-in-cheek agnostic insecure hesitating anxious possessive mistrusting unimpressed unpersuaded unmoved cynic revolutionary anarchic destructive rebellious existentialist radical nihilistic have misgivings have reservations solicitous defeatist misbelieving Pyrrhonist minimifidian suspect unsatisfied prying inquisitorial interrogative nosy watchful ironical on the fence without faith without belief taking something with a pinch of salt supercilious teasing bantering passive-aggressive joshing funning baffled razzing amused perplexed joking mystified arch ribbing puzzled jesting rallying fooling kidding chaffing odd amusing queer surprised quaint unusual eccentric disillusioned negative disenchanted hardened world-weary hard-bitten hard bleak black hard-boiled mordacious scathing disparaging detracting heedful tentative alert conservative considerate safe unresolved gingerly irresolute wavering vacillating dithering prudent discreet indecisive calculating reluctant shilly-shallying in a dilemma in two minds of two minds blowing hot and cold mindful faltering restrained indefinite vague vigilant waffling attentive noncommittal on guard on the lookout shy fastidious teetering fluctuating divided uncommitted undetermined scrupulous reserved reticent torn unclear canny hazy equivocating shaky split oscillating aware equivocal observant measured politic on your guard with reservations in a quandary sitting on the fence on the horns of a dilemma betwixt and between like doubting Thomas playing safe hemming and hawing on your toes with eyes peeled on the watch running hot and cold not sure dissenting worried skittish delicate timid vexed confused pussyfooting squeamish dainty wobbling floating unassured swithering awake protective perceptive unhurried wishy-washy unfinished pendent deliberate hedging your bets in the middle ambiguous having misgivings having qualms non-committal halting diffident unconfident diplomatic unrevealing moderate controlled tactful overcareful overcautious judicious provident shrewd thoughtful discriminating forethoughtful precautious loath keeping a weather eye on walking on eggs belt-and-braces hedging one's bets on the qui vive watching one's step watching out all ears walking on egg shells thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves with one's eyes peeled taking it slow afraid averse frugal disinclined mean parsimonious stingy thrifty inhibited miserly constrained economical particular sparing unreliable conditional unpredictable problematical chancy dicey touch and go up in the air in lap of gods erratic fishy capricious whimsical in the balance fluctuant incalculable in the lap of the gods problematic risky


Not religious in nature
heathen atheistic infidel apostate irreligious agnostic pagan non-theistic nullifidian non-believing godless ungodly faithless impious idolatrous profane sceptical heretical unholy freethinking skeptical sacrilegious blasphemous disbelieving iconoclastic irreverent heathenish barbarian barbarous nonreligious sinful wicked doubting atheistical immoral recusant sceptic religionless nonbelieving unrighteous iniquitous bad impure heterodox reprobate perverted satanic separatist skeptic disrespectful paynim recreant heretic devilish fiendish infernal demonic diabolical without religious faith nontheistic unreligious paganistic incredulous atheous humanistic adiamorphic undogmatic debased irreverential ignoble savage uncivilized unorthodox barbaric dissenting nonconformist dissident ignorant natural uncultured rude Neandertal primitive uncultivated uncivil Neanderthal unenlightened philistine wild revisionist hypocritical undutiful unregenerate disobedient unsanctified defiling deceitful canting unfaithful wayward pietistical hardened diabolic unethical desecrative desecrating contrary unctuous scandalous unhallowed sanctimonious brutish schismatic uncivilised nonbeliever not religious sectarian renegade unconventional out-there dissentient maverick nonorthodox controversial dissentive disagreeing deviating miscreant differing misbelieving evil depraved degenerate vice-ridden corrupt debauched morally wrong sullied dissolute dissipated decadent unprincipled erring fallen intemperate peccable tainted undevout unspiritual free-thinking vile base wrong wrongful nefarious criminal vicious rotten sordid foul dishonest indecent unlawful villainous dark heinous obscene monstrous dirty despicable reprehensible black dishonourable unscrupulous warped crooked bent shady flagitious unsavory dishonorable unsavoury mean abominable atrocious hateful detestable shocking outrageous shameful contemptible odious damnable horrible execrable murderous low-down guilty infamous egregious stinking malfeasant wanton illegal illicit beastly dastardly low unblessed secular culpable lawless violating improper not cricket malevolent offensive unconsecrated lewd perverse defiled unwholesome demoralized lascivious immodest libertine rakish unclean abandoned pernicious blameful injurious harmful maleficent degraded underhand illegitimate roguish profligate demoralised scoundrelly rascally felonious deleterious indictable baneful blameworthy black-hearted amoral censurable blamable filthy uncleanly undecorous indecorous indelicate rough unseemly licentious unchaste vulgar profaned carnal desecrated crude coarse gross treacherous underhanded disgraceful notorious ignominious disreputable unconscionable devious aberrant errant demeritorious amiss sinning unrefined uncharitable wretched unbecoming undignified abject delinquent lawbreaking unfair cowardly abhorrent inequitable cheeky contemptuous unjust cruel nasty unworthy contaminated currish shabby lamentable caitiff disgusting snide inelegant menial servile scurvy paltry under-the-table condemnable risqué against the law not pure naughty smutty salacious apostatical execrative execratory profanatory polytheistic swearing paganish insulting imprecatory heathenistic cursing low-minded dangerous worthless damaging off-color lecherous loose lustful abased sick jackleg incorrigible nocuous adverse hurtful noxious mischievous prejudicial baleful heartless ill detrimental shameless dishonoured rakehell dishonored boorish rakehelly bad news discreditable unspeakable malignant malicious repugnant hideous loathsome hellish sinister no good


Disloyal, especially to a spouse or partner
faithless unfaithful disloyal false untrue fickle perfidious traitorous treacherous inconstant unreliable untrustworthy false-hearted adulterous deceitful double-crossing double-dealing doubting recreant two-faced cheating deceiving dishonest flighty Janus-faced two-timing undependable untruthful back-stabbing double-faced capricious changeable changeful dubious fluctuating sceptical skeptical unconverted unloyal unstable wavering duplicitous apostate insincere treasonable deceptive subversive treasonous lying shifty betraying fraudulent seditious devious renegade Punic unpatriotic wormlike unscrupulous mendacious crooked mutinous adulterine tricky sneaky shady underhand slick misleading insidious sneaking truthless undutiful hollow-hearted disingenuous hypocritical falsehearted underhanded unprincipled slippery guileful forsworn cunning fallacious perjured delusive dishonourable defrauding rebellious sharp low conniving wicked clandestine corrupt base snaky insubordinate dishonorable unchaste moonlighting snake in the grass fly-by-night heretical wayward sham backsliding defecting arrant dissident irresolute philanderous involved backstabbing of bad faith backstabby coquettish lubricious skulking vile extramarital breakaway specious chameleon-like philandering delusory unsound untrusty beguiling deluding illicit shonky dodgy iffy questionable trustless irresponsible fink adulterate extracurricular foul mythomaniac malevolent scoundrelly rascally venal malicious mean villainous illusory unsafe not true to immoral speedy improper fornicating glib unlawful not to be trusted not dependable not to be depended on fair-weather pretending fast and loose sly crafty wily scheming artful designing foxy calculating subtle bent dissembling Machiavellian counterfeit furtive astute knavish stealthy roguish slim indirect astucious shrewd cagey bluffing elusive disreputable canny intriguing ingenious plotting captious smart smooth cute cagy evasive clever unfair swindling rebel perjurious secret slimy cowboy unprofessional covert dirty unjust amoral criminal unethical illegal fly manipulative carny not to be relied upon equivocating fast malfeasant rogue skillful skilful nifty impish arch mischievous secretive hoodwinking sinister backbiting unctuous heterodox revolutionary reactionary outlaw runaway untraditional schismatic radical dicey deviant dangerous commiting perjury swearing falsely bearing false witness

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