Đồng nghĩa của satirical

Alternative for satirical

Đồng nghĩa: satiric,


Of, pertaining to, or connected with satire
satiric sarcastic caustic ironical mocking sardonic cutting cynical derisive biting disparaging mordant scornful sharp taunting acerbic disrespectful trenchant burlesque chaffing irreverent pungent bantering bitter farcical humorous incisive ironic keen lampooning mordacious paradoxical parodying pointed ridiculing spoof spoofing stinging tongue-in-cheek Hudibrastic Rabelaisian scathing acid corrosive acerb barbed snarky acrid scalding tart acidulous smart-alecky smart-mouthed acidic smart-aleck acrimonious vitriolic severe scoffing contemptuous sneering nasty critical harsh sarky venomous mean astringent dry jeering cruel spiteful virulent scorching malicious vicious hurtful contumelious brusque salty searing piercing unkind offensive wounding penetrating devastating carping derisory catty arrogant wry snide withering abrasive rude disdainful backhanded irascible scurrilous waspish savage razor-edged hostile evil poisonous fierce needling saucy twitting austere captious belittling ornery weisenheiming laconic insulting rancorous teasing jibing ferocious droll cussed derogatory disillusioned snarling double-edged unsparing abusive hateful poignant blistering witty polemic sour rapier-like unfriendly denigratory slighting sly heartless truculent callous dismissive detracting pillorying brutal subtle acute ludicrous demeaning wise twisted uncomplimentary ridiculous snidey stringent vindictive smart snappy pithy sharp-tongued churlish stern slashing drilling terse clear-cut unsympathetic impertinent quizzical unbelieving skeptical cynic misanthropic suspicious misanthropical pessimistic unblunted corroding burning merciless overwhelming overpowering strong hard aggressive telling degrading derogative decrying pejorative depreciative depreciatory deprecatory detractive denigrative rough hypercritical censuring condemning cursing violent bad-tempered ill-tempered unrelenting edged uncivil sceptical curt pitiless ill-natured contorted snappish snippy testy acetose short unpleasant disapproving sound rigorous sadistic grim evil-intentioned malevolent ruthless wanton provocative salt exciting racy forceful stimulating splenetic malign baleful malignant vengeful pernicious bilious highly effective sharp-worded angry thoughtless inconsiderate peppery ungracious extremely critical cold-blooded distorted crooked uneven deformed warped maleficent malefic clever implausible defiant contradictory exaggerated backbiting alert atypical curious spicy quick-witted pawky awry aslant askew skewwhiff pathetic silly cockamamy absurd laughable risible cockamamie comical preposterous deadpan scurril vituperative vituperatory scurrile opprobrious gally out-of-line flip cocky fresh cheeky sassy nervy crusty travestying mock comic deprecating waggish apathetic mock-heroic caricatural hudibrastic parodic for the birds matter-of-fact straight-faced low-key quietly humorous poker-faced crisp cold squint-eyed invective denunciatory defamatory insolent reproachful slanderous surly vilifying maligning libellous libelous reviling obloquious calumniating obnoxious gruff crabbed grouchy cantankerous injurious calumniatory censorious traducing ill-humoured ill-humored polemical piquant contemptible foul blunt vulgar berating unmannerly shrewish distrustful doubtful cross irritable insinuating jaundiced scolding touchy negative grumpy peevish prickly supercilious crabby tetchy ratty choleric castigating emphatic cranky disagreeable superior crotchety calumnious argumentative chippy curmudgeonly dyspeptic upbraiding humiliating narky short-tempered scratchy eggy despicable liverish crushing peckish soreheaded quick-tempered snaky full of contempt despiteful like a bear with a sore head condescending wicked controversial strict exacting zesty contentious rigid affronting savoury zingy pert tangy savory disputatious vigorous acetic tonic coruscating blasphemous damaging reproving castigatory mortifying blasting antagonistic impolite discourteous unflattering sulphurous sulfurous driving forthright clear scandalous pettish fractious diminishing deflating dishonouring unfavourable powerful effective explicit distinct snubbing blighting abrupt discrediting edgy potent unequivocal aspersive quarrelsome cross-grained stroppy shirty short-fused personal bad-mannered ill-mannered vitriolous invidious discreditable mud-slinging envenomed dour snippety saturnine brief on a short fuse vinegary offhand ranting debasing false untrue unfounded uncharitable vile abhorrent haughty razor-sharp minimising fault-finding dishonoring aspersing minimizing unfavorable dripping with malice bad execrable wretched annoying ignominious sordid ignoble currish dirty dishonorable base detestable low paltry overbearing sniffy snotty egotistic snooty mean-spirited evil-minded dishonourable low-minded low-down ambiguous oblique indirect accurate venomed antisocial equivocal pertinent unsociable meaty meaningful laid on the line right-on short-and-sweet right to it legit pregnant in a nutshell on the nose boiled down insightful calling a spade a spade on the button two-edged disbelieving doubting incredulous disenchanted hardened world-weary hard-bitten unneighbourly inhumane inhospitable uncongenial reclusive hard-boiled black bleak mistrustful sneaky underhanded fiery reserved selfish hating egoistic solitary standoffish egotistical narrow-minded eremitic nonbelieving querulous moody huffy impatient miffy sorehead passionate complaining spunky with tongue in cheek hot-tempered sharp-tempered


Not intended to be taken seriously
tongue-in-cheek amusing flippant funny humorous irreverent jocular whimsical comic comical facetious lighthearted playful witty farcical flip ironic joking wisecracking blithe jesting joshing laughable smart clever dry fun not serious pulling one's leg putting one on mischievous jokey silly waggish droll jocose impish roguish wry merry frolicsome sportive teasing pleasant light-hearted unserious puckish capering in fun tongue in cheek bantering gay high-spirited chucklesome in jest arch sprightly cheeky cocky sassy glib casual inappropriate smart-alecky saucy inane wise sardonic smart-aleck impertinent pert offhand sarcastic ridiculous fresh impudent cutesy dismissive rude frivolous disrespectful precious smarty-pants breezy cute mincingly clever lippy entertaining hilarious mirthful jolly diverting risible ludicrous sidesplitting uproarious rib-tickling side-splitting humoristic comedic riotous hysteric wacky hysterical jovial jocund cheerful absurd killing good-humored priceless screaming gleeful lively good-humoured antic slapstick blithesome zany sunny campy camp festive gelastic joyous happy cheery laughing crazy bright goofy slaphappy preposterous enjoyable sparkling rich carefree joyful glad delightful rollicking boffo daffy buoyant upbeat vivacious derisory a scream nutty light for a laugh fun-loving eccentric for grins scintillating prankish riot ludic quick-witted spirited stupid pleasing bubbly foolish jaunty quizzical as a joke to tease chaffing engaging beguiling derisible odd flakey flaky convivial optimistic animated hysterically funny chirpy untroubled killingly funny derisive a hoot a laugh chipper loony dizzy gagged up off-the-wall perky larking happy-go-lucky too funny for words scream har-har without a care in the world unusual mocking bizarre fantastic nonserious lightweight childish ribald joculous original pixieish tricksy scampish pixy pixie sly leprechaunish rascally devilish knavish wicked elvish grotesque pathetic cockamamy cockamamie clownish screamingly funny ingenious ribbing rallying fooling funning razzing kidding stimulating flirtatious ludicrous. laughable piquant epigrammatic kittenish clowning snappy gamesome recreative interesting quirky quaint brilliant hearty nonsensical asinine oddball a barrel of laughs fanciful trivial trifling good-natured novel cheering gratifying pleasurable charming gladdening crack-up laffer recreational fun-filled sharp-witted agreeable gut-busting enchanting sharp quick penetrating keen piercing intelligent flighty genial rejoicing jerky fool dippy fool-headed batty gump screwy goofus unsatisfactory inadequate embarrassing pitiful unimpressive a card a caution cut up in good spirits fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse zippy saturnalian unconstrained winsome rip-roaring zingy boon boisterous content zappy ecstatic mad pleased jumping rocking grooving exultant wild smiling grinning ebullient exuberant airy jubilant positive smiley peppy sparky peart gladsome jollying festal perk bouncy Pickwickian unworried of good cheer full of the joys of spring full of life bright and breezy as merry as a grig as lively as a grig bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans full of vim and vigour lots of laughs effervescent lightsome insouciant unconcerned debonair relaxed expansive resilient volatile feelgood daft devil-may-care laid-back laugh-a-minute off the wall


Pertaining to the works or period of Rabelais
Rabelaisian bawdy coarse exuberant raunchy broad earthy gross racy ribald uninhibited vulgar blue extravagant irreverent lewd lively parodic robust spicy vigorous disrespectful lusty unrestrained indecent obscene dirty smutty salacious filthy rude naughty suggestive crude off colour indelicate offensive improper X-rated near the knuckle raw saucy pornographic profane fruity foul gamy lascivious adult off-color risqué impure locker-room scatological nasty porny wanton scatologic licentious prurient sordid trashy gutter unprintable steamy titillating indecorous nudge-nudge stag sexy near the bone low porn porno scurrilous erotic foul-mouthed abusive vile unseemly salty rough off distasteful off-colored gamey wicked blasphemous colourful tasteless immodest outrageous inappropriate colorful base arousing scabrous explicit cheap obnoxious depraved juicy sensual hard-core Fescennine carnal soft-core scandalous sexual skin concupiscent bad-mannered malodorous sleazy libidinous unbecoming hot immoral uncouth lustful shameless lecherous close to the bone sooty embarrassing unrefined untoward off-colour taboo risque shady page-three unrightful ungodly unjust unrighteous unconventional wrongful unequitable reprehensible rogue devilish crass boorish barro daring out of line low-down and dirty sly rascally sexually explicit unblushing brutish callow lowbred impolite untactful ignorant awkward unsophisticated tactless tacky inelegant grody blunt provocative indiscreet sizzling lurid full-frontal mature undecorous ridiculous shocking foulmouthed ill-bred rank ithyphallic Cyprian XXX in poor taste grown up sexually suggestive vitriolic vituperative invective disparaging derogatory contumelious pejorative insulting denigratory deprecatory opprobrious aphrodisiac lubricious erogenous venomous scurril groundless vituperatory truculent scurrile infamous rousing stimulating erotogenic vituperous offending randy aphrodisiacal venereal kinky venereous fervid fleshly purple horny anacreontic sexually exciting sexually arousing sexually stimulating bad debased dishonourable odious dishonorable sneaking contemptible malicious disgusting slippery villainous discourteous repulsive outlandish unworthy fractious unchaste mean unwholesome degenerate detestable unclean loathsome unsavoury sickening unpleasant despicable abominable unsavory horrible shameful ignoble corrupt dissolute in bad taste disreputable debauched loose evil lowbrow repugnant libertine uncivil revolting sinful ignominious low-down abhorrent atrocious deplorable noisome wretched rakish appalling unscrupulous disgraceful nauseating unpolished sick unprincipled graceless discreditable reprobate hideous common low-minded nefarious scurvy uncultured execrable horrid beastly repellent unacceptable diabolical disagreeable raffish objectionable abject unladylike churlish unmannerly awful monstrous heinous lousy vicious degrading stinking roughneck dreadful yucky dissipated undignified unfitting ungentlemanly profligate unvirtuous wrong perverse gruesome ugly icky tawdry uncultivated poor grotty yucko God-awful perverted goatish incult snide currish paltry rugged dishonest uncivilized loutish shabby mucky fast unsuitable unethical horrendous displeasing barbaric fiendish humiliating voluptuous frightful profaned rotten nauseous dark hateful desecrated barnyard uncivilised sorry black shoddy unfashionable ill-mannered undiplomatic hellish egregious noxious disgustful terrible dire loathly ghastly out of keeping sick-making unstylish cruel savage brutal beyond the pale lubricous satyric passionate itchy hypersexual vulgarian questionable ungracious iniquitous illiberal insensible uncleanly fierce ruthless inhuman incontinent low-down-and-dirty decadent orgiastic ferocious corrupting underhanded bodily off-putting graphic exploitative lowdown and dirty unbefitting grubby merciless deceitful abandoned heartless remorseless bestial demoralized barbarous unpalatable exceptionable crooked uncensored corporeal exciting rough-hewn degraded worthless murderous vomitous unwelcome notorious galling bogging tremendous sneaky deceptive incorrect inapposite inapt unpleasing unspeakable infernal inhumane black-hearted butcherly brute sadistic inglorious gut-churning hellacious scummy repellant inept unfit incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos cruddy undesirable flagitious rubbish affronting inexcusable slimy unappetizing pitiless out of place unforgivable alarming distressing rancid fulsome demoralised creepy no-good godawful abysmal skanky festy not pure unsightly godforsaken vomit-inducing scuzzy yecchy out of the way insensitive ill-chosen barbarian toey disorderly base-minded groveling evil-minded profanatory illicit libellous libelous gaudy grovelling gruff seamy seedy dysphemistic bizarre ruttish squalid promiscuous fleshy forward bold amoral dirty-minded entertaining thoughtless sullied warped rakehell jackleg rakehelly crummy dubious suspicious suspect animal defiled Philistine fresh cheeky brazen grimy slavish humble servile petty menial brash tempting seductive oafish excessive strong sacrilegious despisable sour bitter uncongenial unlovely harsh unlettered annoying irritating mannish manlike tomboyish unfeminine unwomanly hoydenish blameworthy tainted farmyard in the gutter wild lowly pitiful plebeian wolfish dastardly dodgy funny iffy malevolent meanspirited lame brackish messy whorish physical unfair colloquial contaminated impious shy unrespectable knavish indefensible louche wounding hurtful exasperating slipshod ratty scabby disdainable malignant unceremonious wayward demeaning personal impudent vexing provoking impertinent slighting insolent sensuous of easy virtue unsettling intemperate flagrant vilifying drunken derisive unutterable serious underhand ill-advised debasing shaming belittling lowering cheapening mortifying trailer-park funky harrowing low-life contemptuous censurable sex grownup material amorous somatic corporal desirous grungy gnarly depressing voyeuristic rowdy ruffian hankering upsetting unhealthy longing cheesy adults-only itching from hell very unpleasant good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account insupportable horrific dowdy naff unpardonable grievous intolerable genital grisly horrifying uninviting unlikable putrid dismaying squicky rebarbative cloying surfeiting sleazeball macabre styleless bloodthirsty stomach-churning cringe-making stomach-turning ticky-tack ticky-tacky diabolic miserable damnable unlawful


Inclined to find fault too readily
overcritical cavilling captious carping fault-finding hypercritical pedantic pernickety hair-splitting over-censorious over-particular picky quibbling caviling critical fastidious faultfinding finicky fussy hairsplitting hard to please judgmental meticulous nit-picking over-exacting overparticular overscrupulous pass-remarkable perfectionist punctilious rejective analytical belittling biting calumniatory cavillous censorious censuring choleric condemning contemptuous critic cutting cynical demanding demeaning derogatory diagnostic disapproving discerning discriminating disparaging exacting exceptive harsh humbling judgy lowering nagging niggling nitpicking overnice particular penetrating reproachful sarcastic scolding severe sharp stern trenchant withering pettifogging nice persnickety condemnatory nit-picky criticizing negative criticising deprecatory scathing difficult to please choosy dainty judgemental difficult finical finicking delicate old-maidish choosey fussbudgety impossible to please castigatory denunciatory unfavourable complaining reproving griping bellyaching whingeing unfavorable over-rigorous over-strict scrupulous squeamish fine painstaking nitpicky overprecise tricky careful faddy stickling subtle querulous grousing grouchy moaning grumbling overrefined grouching whining overexact awkward overexacting pharisaic self-righteous bleating fussbudget over-fastidious faddish slighting berating damning kvetching pejorative fiddly detailed on someone's back mithering chuntering unforgiving deprecating unsympathetic dissatisfied discontented culpatory accusatory denouncing reprehending vituperative reproaching chiding severely critical irritable crabby touchy cantankerous peevish trivial testy perverse petty thorny acrimonious unfair contrary petulant unjust cross reprobatory overdelicate reprobative very critical assiduous full of reproof ultra-critical sedulous exact precise refined queasy thorough very careful easily disgusted conscientious selective rigorous strict prissy methodical heedful accurate prim diligent prudish correct strait-laced religious conscionable punctual attentive cautious inflexible proper studious ultra-careful laborious close puritanical sensitive perceptive acute judicious rigid mathematical complex stiff precisionist choicy elaborate literalist dogmatic literalistic formalist purist orderly scholastic casuistical casuistic sophistical sophistic niminy-piminy stuffy Victorian formal starchy keen deliberate schoolmarmish priggish circumspect thoughtful mincing select eclectic industrious stilted tough sticklerish fretful fuddy-duddy obsessive prudent vigilant exhaustive searching faithful conventional thoroughgoing discriminative observant loving strenuous minute unerring hairline opinionated by the numbers by the book complicated rough pure timid earnest persevering hard-working pinpoint stickler microscopic timorous niggly principled unswerving right overfastidious picky-picky old maidish systematic duteous zealous old womanish spot-on honourable high-minded honorable upstanding upright crossing the t's white-glove dotting the i's ordered controlled scrutinising hard-to-please scrutinizing uncompromising undeviating unfailing overcautious well organized moral ethical righteous right-minded stringent cultivated astute extremely particular decorous stiff-necked ceremonious fixed scientific tasteful loyal steadfast reliable considered shrewd insightful perspicacious old-womanish perfect civil seemly formalistic overconscientious polite courteous sagacious cultured discriminational discriminatory differential moralistic puritan ultra-fine exquisite fine-drawn dead on faultless incorrupted finespun skilful skillful definite winning superior nuanced nifty artistic aesthetic provident dedicated intensive full right on good eye old-maid governessy goody-goody demure mimsy narrow-minded nice-nelly overmodest schoolmistressy straitlaced straightlaced bluenosed wise with good taste individualising individualizing esthetic solid regardful concerned selfdisciplined discreet chary balanced rational logical pragmatic deep reasoned levelheaded reasonable in-depth simpering pretentious genteel narrow uptight affected Grundyish austere artificial bigoted offish square illiberal going to great lengths mature prim and proper well thought-out well-grounded protective shielding mollycoddling protecting patronizing overprotective patronising restrictive

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